And Megan Makes Three Ch. 4


Put two girls together in a room, light the room with candles, spray the bedsheets with sweet perfume, ignite the fires of love with wine, and the ingredients are there for a wonderfully romantic evening. Add in a mixture of one more girl and the night will be set on fire. That’s exactly what happened the night Linda and I
met the sexy Megan.

She had been yearning for the first real spanking of her life all evening. She had
already seen my ass reddened and the look of pure pleasure on my face when it was over. And Megan’s sweet ass was made to be spanked…

“But,” said Linda, “I think we need to cool off with a shower first. I think it would be fun!”

We rented house primarily for one reason—the shower stall was huge. In fact, it had two showerheads in it, and Linda and I had frolicked for hours in it. It was certainly big enough for three, and we were about to find out just how easily the three of us fit into it.

As soon as the water turned nice and hot, three naked women were in the shower, giggling and carrying on like teenagers. We washed each others’ bodies and sucked each others’ nipples to our hearts’ content. When it came time to clean dear Megan’s pussy, Linda and I took turns. I soaped my finger and cleaned her
vagina for at least ten minutes, then had her turn around. Her ass was gorgeous.

“We need to be thoroughly clean—everywhere!” I said excitedly.

“We can’t be too clean back there,” echoed Linda.

Megan knew what was about to happen. She spread her legs wide, then bent over far enough to offer her sweet ass to me. Linda reached over the girl’s hips and pried her cheeks apart with four fingers of each hand. The view of her lovely puckered anus drove me wild. I ran my middle finger all over the bar of soap until
was completely coated with an almost sticky goo.

I touched the outer edge of the anus. “Ohhhhhhhh,” Megan cooed.

With only the slightest of pressure, I broke the sphincteral plane and eased my finger into her. She gripped my finger tightly with her anus and moaned loudly as I explored the depths of her ass to my heart’s content. The walls inside the warm canal were soft and yielding. Even Megan’s hubby had never taken the time to find out if his wife might like some anal magic. Linda and I discovered she didn’t just like it, she loved it! When I started fucking her ass with my invading finger, her moans turned to loud groans. Her breathing became more and more ragged as she churned her buns around my finger.

When I completed my chore, Megan turned to me, smiling sweetly. She opened her arms to me, and our bodies melted into each others’, breast to breast, the warm water cascading over our heads. The wonderful embrace became even more sweet as our lips meet and her syrupy tongue stole into my mouth. She wasn’t as good a
kisser as Linda, but she was darn close. Her lips were unbelievably pliant. She was hotter than a firecracker, and she knew it.

“Nice show, ladies,” panted Linda.

Megan and I broke the warm embrace and looked deeply into each others’ eyes. In that wonderful moment we both knew that this new relationship amongst the three of us would go on for a long, long time.

I have no idea what made me think of it, and it was probably the wildest idea I had ever had. I asked Linda to kneel in front of me. When she did, she looked up at me, the warm sprays of the shower splashing all over her face. I opened my legs enough to give her a nice view of my bald cunny.

“Close your eyes, babe, and give me your hand.”

Linda closed her eyes. I took her hand and brought it between my legs, just beneath my sex. “Feel my love for you,” I whispered, then let go with a warm stream all over her upturned palm. Megan looked down at the scene, wide-eyed. Linda opened her eyes and watched in amazement as the yellow liquid ran over her hand.

“Omigod!” she stammered.

I smiled down at her. It was such a spur of the moment thing that it seemed almost surreal. I wondered what her reaction would be. In an instant, Kadıköy Escort she told me, wordlessly. She looked up at me and smiled. A smile that said she understood how much I loved her.

“Save some for me!” cried Megan.

I held off the stream and looked at our newfound friend. “Are you serious?”

“Please…” she half-begged.

Megan exchanged places with Linda. I held her hand, palm-up, between my still spread legs. “Look at me,” I said.

With splashes of shower water falling upon her pretty face, she had difficulty keeping her eyes open. I smiled down at her. At first I had a little difficulty getting things going again, but I relaxed and let it happen. Her smile brightened my night.

“Wow!” she exclaimed as she felt the warm flow on her hand.

In a few brief but wonderful seconds it was all over. It was something I might never do again, one of those things that you do just to say “I’ve done it.”

I cleaned my own pussy one last time, the exited the shower stall first. We all dried each other off, none of us saying a word until Linda took my hand and whispered into my ear, loud enough for Megan to hear, “That was sweet, darling.”

I smiled. There was nothing more that need be said.

We used a blow-dryer to dry each others’ hair. It was fun, getting used to the three of us together. Touching from time to time…giggling…laughing. The coral-colored nipples on Megan’s conical breasts stood out invitingly. Almost off-handedly, I suckled one, then the other, while Linda’s hand played sweet music between my legs. It all seemed so natural, and maybe it was. I know I didn’t feel like what we were doing was kinky or sordid or unnatural. It was three women enjoying each others’ company. Three women who were maybe falling in love…

Tossing the towels on the bathroom floor, the three of us went back to the bedroom and jumped under the covers, naked and excited, long enough to warm up after our shower. I was the middle ingredient of a sandwich, Linda and I breast to breast and the lovely Megan digging her pebble-like nipples into my back. We stayed like that for several moments until our bodies were heated
sufficiently to allow removal of the sheet.

“Okay,” said Megan excitedly, “you guys promised!”

“A spanking?” you mean, I innocently asked.

“Yes! C’mon!” she replied.

“How should we do it?” asked Linda.

I looked at Megan with a devilish look in my eyes, then turned to Linda. “Let’s give her a ‘special’.”

“A special?” asked Linda.

“Ice cubes can add a lot of fun to a spanking,” I replied.

Linda bit her bottom lip, a look of amazement on her face. “You are soooooooo bad!” She hopped out of the bed and ran off to the kitchen.

Megan asked, “How do you want me?”

“Mmm. Let’s see. Over there on the floor, bent over, hands on your knees, ass presented nicely.”

Megan hopped out of bed gleefully and assumed the sexy position, her buns proffered, her lovely tits hanging down nicely. Linda soon returned with a tray of ice cubes and a devilish smile on her face. She placed the tray on the dresser and looked back at me.

“The leather paddle?” she asked.

“I think that would be good for starters,” I replied.

“For starters?” asked Megan, somewhat nervously.

“We like to build things up, hon,” I softly replied.

Linda dug into the nightstand and retrieved the black leather paddle. It wasn’t the worst little instrument of pain we had, but it was good enough for a first time experience for Megan. Linda moved in front of the bent-over girl and grasped her hair. She pulled Megan’s head up and forced her to look up at her. All of a sudden things became serious.

“Are you sure you want this?” asked Linda.

Megan paused for a moment, her mind racing. “Y-yes,” she replied. Her heart was beating a mile a minute.

“Kiss the paddle, baby,” she said, offering the black leather to Megan’s already pursed lips.

Megan kissed the paddle, just as Linda had had me do Kadıköy Escort Bayan so many times.

“Lick it!” demanded Linda.

Megan complied, wetting the soft leather with her tongue, as I jumped out of bed and moved behind her. Her waiting split pumpkin was a sight to behold. Linda handed me the paddle, still wet with Megan’s saliva.

“Where do you want the ice?” asked Linda.

“On her nipples first, while I am spanking her. Then her clit.”

“Omigod!” muttered Megan.

I looked down at Megan. Her fingernails dug into her knees tightly, anticipating what was about to happen. Her puffy pussy lips peeked out prettily between her opened legs. Did I see a little wetness between those lips, or was it my imagination? I thought of the first time Linda had paddled me, how petrified I was, yet how excited I felt about offering her a part of me I had never offered to anyone.

Linda reached over to the tray and removed one rectangular ice cube. She reached under Megan’s body and brought the cube to the downward pointing right nipple. At the first touch of the cold wetness on tit, Megan gave out with a shrill scream.

“Easy, baby,” I said softly.

“Oh, it’s so cold!” she cried.

I gave Megan no time to get used to the freezingly cold cube. I reached back with
the paddle and brought it smartly against her creamy, smooth, alabaster buns. The sound of the leather meeting her warm flesh and scream, more of fright than pain, resounded throughout the room. The cheeks of her ass rippled beautifully. The sound was sweetness to my ears, but I was afraid the young girl’s screams would wake the neighbors.

“You will need to be more quiet, young lady, or we will have to gag you,” I said.

The combination of the ice cube pressed tightly against her nipple and the rippling affect of the paddle against her ass sent shivers along Megan’s spine. Despite the fact that I had not delivered the first blow with any real force at all, the moment was wonderfully magic for all of us.

“I’m sorry,” said Megan. “I’ll be more quiet.”

“Are you okay?” asked Linda.

“Do you want us to stop?” I added.

“I feel like I’ve lived my whole life for this moment,” she replied softly. “I’ll be fine. You can do it harder if you want.”

“I think we all have lived for this moment,” I said, then ran the soft leather over the already reddened buttocks in a soothing motion. Then, suddenly, I reached back once more and delivered the next stroke a little harder, over the middle of her ass crease. The loud THWACK reverberated around the room once more, but this time the little honey was stoically silent, emitting only a throaty grunt in response to the growing pain.

Linda switched the cube over to Megan’s left nipple, leaving the right nipple to drip the remaining liquid onto the floor below. Megan shivered once more as the coldness enveloped her already hardened protuberance.

Without a hint of what was coming, I smacked the offered ass three times in quick succession, each a little harder than the other. Megan almost slipped forward, but she held her stance. This time she shook her head wildly, but she greedily accepted the pain. Did we have a pain slut on our hands?

When Linda leaned forward and brought the ice cube between Megan’s legs, I heard a loud gasp and a muffled cry. Linda easily found the clit that protruded from Megan’s pouty lips and pressed the ice into it. Megan’s breathing became radically more labored, interspersed with quickened pants of short breaths.

“Oh, that’s so cold!” she cried.

I ignored her long enough to deliver the hardest blow yet, on her right buttock. Without waiting for her to recover from this blow, I mirrored the stroke on her left side. The last lash drove her forward into Linda, who caught Megan before she fell, she ice cube falling to the floor between her outspread legs.

“She can’t take it; we are going to have to stop,” I said.

“No, please!” she cried. “I don’t want you to stop!” Her Escort Kadıköy voice was almost begging.

“It’s Linda’s turn, then,” I said. “What do you want to use on her, sweetheart?”

“The short, eight-stranded whip,” Linda replied excitedly. I almost cringed. It was a whip that could be wielded against almost any part of the body—ass, breasts or pussy. Whatever the area, the result was amazing.

I rummaged through the drawer and found the little stinger. I knew it would be a test of Megan’s courage and her resolve to continue this little scene. Linda and I switched places. I had Megan kiss each of the eight leather strands, one by one, then handed the whip to Linda.

I looked down at Megan. The back of her neck was wet with sweat. “This one is going to sting a lot more than the paddle,” I said oftly. “Linda and I use the safeword ‘mercy’ when things get too rough. If you say the word, she stops.”

“Yes, ma’am,” she replied. “But don’t expect me to say it.”

The little darling was really getting into this. I sensed a profound proudness in her
words. “I like her style,” I said to Linda.

Linda looked at me, her eyes filled with lust. “Let’s see if her words have any

I reached into the ice tray and retrieved two cubes. Holding them between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, I brought them to each of Megan’s already beleaguered nipples. She shivered noticeably when I pressed them against her. Hardly had she had time to adjust to the pain on her nipples when Linda brought the first stroke home with a sharper sound than the paddle had made.

Megan literally jumped off the floor and lurched forward. I caught her shoulders in the crook of my arms and helped her maintain her balance. This time she didn’t scream, but she hissed loudly, fighting to hold back her tears.

“Mmmm. She is streaking nicely,” said Linda.

I think Megan even surprised herself with her acceptance of pain. Everyone’s threshold is different. After two years of building mine up from Linda’s relentless offerings, I had built mine into an almost limitless threshold. I had come close on several occasions to using our safeword, but somehow steeled myself into
avoiding it. I sensed that Megan had the same mental make-up as I did.

Linda was harder on Megan than I was, testing the girl’s resolve. I was surprised at both Linda’s persistent strokes and Megan’s acceptance of everything that was being done to her. Linda’s brow filled with sweat as she delivered at least a dozen hard lashes. When she finally stopped, Megan fell to the floor, exhausted, in a fetal position.

We helped her onto the bed and laid her on her back. Her face was flushed a bright red. The dark hairs of her pussy looked particularly inviting between her slightly parted legs. Linda and I moved to either side of her. I sensed, somehow, that Megan was in a state of pure ecstasy. Without a word, the two of us moved to the pretty girl’s breasts and each of us took a still turgid nipple into our mouths.
As we suckled, Megan squirmed in enjoyment. I moved my hand to Megan’s abdomen, just above the forest of curls, and stroked the area lightly with my fingernails. Reflexively, Megan opened her legs wider. I curled my fingers in the
thick hairs and she moaned softly. Emboldened by her moans, I moved my hand between her legs and pressed into the puffy vulva.

Little by little, still sucking, teasing and biting the rock-hard nipple, I eased my finger into Megan’s slit, quickly discovering a lake of moisture that I easily delved into. My finger stole into her warm pussy as she moaned approvingly, raising her hips to meet my hand. I finger-fucked her for a few moments, then took my juice-coated finger and placed it over her hardened clit. Within moments, Megan’s moans turned to loud pants of breath. When I entered her again, hard and fast this time, she came all over my finger, writhing in pleasure on the bed as Linda and I continued to enjoy her excited nipples.

Needless to say, the three of us finally fell asleep in the early hours of the morning. Linda and I had entered a new chapter in our lives, one that would take us into areas we had never even dreamed of. As for Megan, though she
steadfastly denied that we had played any part in it, she divorced her husband and moved in with us. Am I complaining?