As the Sun Rises

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Daylight’s first golden fingers slip effortlessly between the gaps in the curtain and give the room a faded yellow glow. In an odd way I felt almost decadent being able to wake up this early, knowing I could go back to sleep. With my eyes barely open I lightly grazed my fingertips up her arm until the light groan indicated she too was awake.

“Good morning,” I said, pulling her in closer to me. “How did you sleep?”

Another groan was my answer but the slight movement of her hips told me she was more awake than she was letting on. A sly grin playfully crossed my lips before I placed them delicately against her skin. Light, teasing kisses moved along her bare shoulder before I buried my face in her neck.

“Good dreams?” I asked before nibbling her earlobe.

A content sigh and her hand moving and back to run through my hair as I kissed her neck once again. Her skin almost seemed to glow in the early morning light. As the soft breeze from the open window moved the curtains the light danced across her skin in an enticing blend of light and shadow.

I moved my hand slowly down her arm and intertwined our fingers, lifting them up so I could kiss her palm. The feel of the warmth of her body pressed up against mine was intoxicating and soon I was lost entirely. My want, my need, for her only grew and soon became obvious from the low chuckle as she let go of my hand to grab my hip. Pushing her own hips back hard against mine she started to slowly grind as I wrapped an arm around her waist. The difference in size between us was never more obvious than now. With her free hand she grasped my forearm and squeezed it hard. We both knew I could lift her with one arm, and had done so in the past, and now that barely contained power was focused entirely on her and her needs.

My hand now moved slightly as I adjusted my forearm so my fingertips glided down to between her legs. My middle finger slowly running circles around her clit as a soft, low moan escaped her lips. My right hand now moved reluctantly from hers, the motivation for that separation being where it was going.

Fingertips lightly traced the outline of her breasts, lazy patterns being drawn as they went. My hand slowly moved around to cup and caress first one breast, and then the other. All the while I placed soft kisses along her shoulders.

Carefully adjusting my position I moved my hand up to place bahis siteleri a finger under her chin, turning her head slightly as I leant round so finally our lips met. The kiss started softly, a light reminder of such moments consigned to the past. As the seconds moved by though it became more passionate, hunger and need driving us both and she’d turned fully round and I had my hand at the base of her back.

Gripping her tightly I rolled onto my back and took her with me. Her legs spread to straddle me as her hands moved through my hair, one gripping it as if to stop me from moving away. I groaned in delight as I felt her thighs grip me tighter. Whether she knew it or not her hips had started to move slightly and it was almost more than I could take. I grasped her hair and pulled back just enough to break the kiss and bury my face in her neck. The scent of her skin driving me wild and ensuring a deeply animalistic growl rumbled up and out from deep within me.

Her hands pressed against my broad chest and as I lightly bit her neck her fingers flexed slightly and her nails dug in just enough to register the sensation. I pulled away and looked deep into her eyes. The desire so easily seen there, as I’m sure it was in mine. She arched her back in an almost feline way before her hands slid down to my hips as she sat up.

Her hand moved and lightly gripped me through my boxers, eliciting a sudden inhale from me. She stayed like that for a moment, staring intensely into my eyes as she held onto me like that, the thought behind the action so obvious. I feel the breeze from the open window yet it does nothing to cool my skin. Indeed I barely even register it I’m so focussed on her. The way the light duels shadow across her skin as the curtains billow in the breeze. The sensation of her thighs tightly gipping mine. The softness of her skin feeling like an invite to a series of actions I know all too well she would enjoy. For now though I wait, I wait for her to act, or speak or really do anything and yet if she did nothing from now until the stars blinked out one by one I would not complain.

I barely had time to even register the deft movement of her hand before it had completed its task. So quickly it had moved inside my boxers and wrapped around my cock that my first warning was my involuntary tensing in response to her touch. Her eyes never broke contact with mine. Slowly she canlı bahis pulled my cock out from my boxers and paused for a moment before letting go. Leaning forward she gripped my shoulders tightly and then she brought her hips forward as well.

The feeling of her wet pussy sliding teasingly up and down my aching shaft made me groan both in delight but also frustration. An exquisite sensation tinged with that deep frustration. There was no mistaking my enjoyment though, both in the feeling, as well as the situation as a whole. Indeed as she slowly moved her hips I felt my muscles loosening, my tension evaporating and so lost in that I didn’t notice her raise her hips slightly and with one hand guide me inside her.

The moment I felt that it was like a lightening bolt through my body, one that radiated out and was felt from my toes to my scalp. I ran my hands up her thighs to her hips and held her as she slowly lowered herself down. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as her breathing became deeper. She started to rise back up before sliding back down, repeating this movement but each time taking a little more. I ran my hands gently up and down here thighs, squeezing occasionally, feeling the soft flesh under my fingers that only drove my desire further. When she finally came to rest at the base of my cock she slowly exhaled and I took her arms and pulled her down to kiss me. This time it was much gentler than it had been before. Not because that hunger had died down, far from it, but more that it had evolved.

As we kissed she began to carefully grind her hips back and forward. My hands held her against me, one at the base of her back, the other happily lost in her hair as we continued to kiss. At the best of times she was all that mattered but in that moment she was all that existed as far as I was concerned. Her feelings, her comfort, her pleasure, everything that could affect how she enjoyed that moment with me, that was all I needed to think about.

Her pace started to increase and soon our lips parted as she placed her hands on my chest again. Bracing herself as she started to rise up before coming down and grinding her hips forward. She threw her head back as I savoured every sound she made. Each movement of her head caused her hair to twist and jump like silk in the wind. I couldn’t help but marvel at her as I drank in the sight of her.

How much time had passed güvenilir bahis I couldn’t say, nor was I interested in the answer. The intensity of her moans had increased and now she alternated between staring at me intently and screwing her eyes shut as she cried out in pleasure. I could feel her starting to clench me, yet she didn’t let up. Her fingers curled again and her nails dug in a little more so in response I squeezed her thighs tightly. Her eyes shot open and a wicked grin flashed across her face. Her nails dug in a little more, a direct challenge, daring me to act.

I held her gaze for a moment long before grabbing her, half rising as I rolled and before she could say anything she was on her back as I used a hand to balance myself above her. My hips didn’t break the rhythm as I continued where she had left off. Arcing my back down to kiss her as she moaned into my mouth. Feeling the changes in her body that told me she wasn’t far from cumming. Reactions I’d seen and felt so many times before and yet they never ceased to be a heady medley to me.

My lips moved down her jaw and to her neck again, a favourite spot of mine for so many delectable reasons. Only as I felt her so achingly close did I realise I was as well. I admit a momentary panic shot through me at the idea I might cum before she did. A thought rapidly silenced by the knowledge that even if I did, she would cum as well, I would ensure that.

I need not have worried as that thought had barely finished as she tensed and cried out all of a sudden. Swiftly burying her face in my shoulder as she quivered, trying to grip me with shaking thighs. Her body twitching before eventually relaxing as her head falls back into the pillow.

“Please.” Comes this soft voice of in a mixture of need and serenity.

I kiss her again and our lips have barely met before it’s my turn to tense as I cum deep inside her. Her arms are wrapped around me, her hands spread across my back as those last tentative thrusts see me utterly spent.

Grabbing her again I roll back to the way we were before. Her head rests against my chest. My heart is still hammering and I can feel my pulse throughout my body. After a few deep breaths I raise my hand and start to gently stroke her hair. Reaching down I grab the kicked off duvet and pull it up around us, kissing her lightly on top of the head. As my breathing and heart rate return to normal I notice her fingertips trailing across my chest and I can’t resist taking her hand in mine.

After a few minutes I can tell she has drifted off and with my own eyelids feel heaving I close them and follow her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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