At Last


Waking up snuggled against a warm body and her cheek resting on the chest of someone, Julie froze for a minute in panic. She’s used to always waking up alone and it took her a moment to remember that the man in her bed was Steve and he had just gotten into town the night before.

They had met online and talked through chat, emails and on the phone for almost a year before he had a chance to come out and finally meet her. There had been a lot of erotic moments between them in the past year and the first thing they wanted to do when his plane landed the day before was rip each others clothes off and get to know each other carnally. But they had decided that his first day and night in town they wouldn’t do that and actually spend the time talking and getting acquainted, and even though it was a blissful torture they managed to spend their first night together in bed with…well a lot of teasing and some blissful torture but not consummation.

Julie smiled into his chest and thought All bets are off now though, her hand lightly traced circles on his chest while she felt his heart beat under her cheek. He was deep in sleep and when her hand slowly slid down further, dragging a nail lightly she was thrilled to find out his cock had hardened with a mind of his own. Her hand slowly circled his thick cock and started to stroke it softly and she was rewarded with a faint moan from him in his dream.

Unable to resist she shifted carefully so as not to wake him and lightly started to lick and kiss her way down his body until she had positioned herself between his legs. She rubbed his cock over her soft lips and moved her head down to slowly lick his balls while she kept stroking his cock. His cock started getting harder as she paid attention to it, finally she slid her tongue from the bottom all the way to the top of his cock and then sucked the tip into her mouth and swirled her tongue all around it. She let out a soft moan as she finally got to taste the cock she’s been dreaming about for a year. Hungrily she slid the cock further into her mouth, sucking firmly and pressing her tongue tight up Starzbet against him while one had went down and grabbed his balls, massaging them in her palm.

She went on like, this sucking his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, feeling her pussy get wetter by the second. Suddenly she felt his hands slide up her face and curl themselves into her curly hair taking handfuls on either side.

“G’morning my little cocksucker,” he said with a dreamy smile on his face while he started pumping his cock in and out of her wet mouth, forcing it to slide in deeper and deeper with each thrust. She gazed up at him from between his legs and let out a louder moan as his cock started sliding into her throat.

Unable to contain himself Steve gasped a bit as he felt his cock enter her throat,

“Fuck, your mouth feels so good on me baby,” he groaned as he pushed his hips up faster. Invading her mouth and enjoying the wet tongue flicking against him rapidly. “I don’t think I’m gonna be able to hold out… you wanna taste my cum baby?” He gasped out as he felt himself rising to the brink

Her eyes lit up and she started bobbing her head to meet his thrusts even faster, sucking as hard as she could and taking him deeper and deeper into her throat with each pass. She wanted to taste his cum so bad, feeling his cock get even harder in her mouth before it finally started to throb and his load of hot cum splashed down her throat and into her mouth. Greedily, she swallowed and swallowed mewling for more deep in her throat while his hands tugged on her hair tightly as he came.

When he finally stopped shooting his load down her throat she reluctantly pulled his cock out of her mouth and started to lightly lick it. Cleaning up any last bit of cum she might have missed, then she slowly slid her way back up his body and tossed herself down beside him and grinned.

He blinked at her a couple times then rolled over and planted his lips on hers in a deep passionate kiss, dipping his tongue in and out of her mouth. His hand immediately cupped her soft breast Starzbet Giriş and he felt her nipple poking his palm like a hard little pebble.

When he finally ended the kiss and looked into her eyes she winked at him playfully while arching her back slightly to push more of her breast into his hand.

“G’morning.” She let out a giggle that quickly turned into a moan as he tweaked her nipple and then sucked it into his mouth biting it lightly, with his mouth occupying her tit his hand slid down to her neatly trimmed pussy. He teased her and ran his fingers around the lips of her pussy lightly while she spread her legs even more and pushed her hips up to his hand.

Finally one finger slid smoothly into her wet cunt and immediately slid up to her clit where he drummed a tight rapid circle around it. Groaning deeply she thrust her hips at him and pulled his head down harder on her nipple, finally saying

“Mmm I need you to fuck me so bad, slide your cock in me Steve…let me cum all over you,” Steve grinned into her breast and moved so she could feel his hard again cock against her leg.

Julie rubbed her leg up against his cock and moaning out when he slid two fingers deep into her pussy hard and fast.

“Please Steve? I need your cock inside me so bad… I need you to fill my pussy up, oh god please?”

Steve smiled and let her nipple go from between his teeth, slowly he pulled his fingers out of her juicy pussy and then maneuvered himself between her legs rubbing his cock up against her pussy

“Is this what you want baby?” He asked with a grin on her face while she wrapped her legs around his waist and tried to pull him in. Her hands reaching up and playing with her hard little nipples and a wanton look on her face

“Mmmmm god Steve I’ve wanted to feel you in my pussy for so long now… Please fuck me!” She groaned out trying to grind her wet pussy against his thick cock.

Finally, in what seemed like ages he put both hands on her legs, spread them as wide as possible and then rammed his cock into her tight little Starzbet Güncel Giriş pussy in one motion. His cock is fairly long and has a good width… feeling him completely fill her up in one movement made her cry out as she moved her hips up to meet his.

He started fucking her deep and hard and fast then, pistoning his cock in and out of her, feeling her warm wetness wrapped all around him. She was thrashing underneath him. Grinding her hips up to his, running her nails up his back and crying out. Soon her orgasm started to build from his deep poundings into her cunt and she cried out for him to fuck her even harder and to make her cum

As it overtook her she threw her head back and closed her eyes, arching her back up to him where he bent down and sucked a nipple hard into his mouth which made her body stiffen even more as she yelled out she was cumming for him

Feeling her already tight pussy contracting around his large cock, hearing her moans and groans as she came hard all around him Steve started to lose control. He could feel his cum rising for a second time this morning. He pushed it aside and waited for her to come off her high, still thrusting hard and deep into her super wet pussy.

Finally, she opened her eyes and smiled at him whispering “Cum for me!”

Groaning he fucked her as fast as he possibly could. When he reached the edge of his orgasm he pulled her cock out of her pussy and moved up to her face where she wrapped her hands firmly around him and started jacking him fast and hard. Licking the tip of his cock on each stroke.

Steve closed his eyes and urged her on and then felt the release as his cock throbbed as he started to shoot loads of cum all over her pretty lips and tongue which licked at and begged for more.

Once his orgasm finished again she promptly cleaned all of her juices off his cock with her tongue and captured any last pieces of his cum that she could find before she let him collapse on the bed beside her.

After a couple moments of silence they looked over at each other and grinned before kissing deeply

Julie winked at him and said, “Thank God we have a whole week…if you didn’t lie to me about this on the phone then I’m sure all the other stuff you wanted to do is gonna make my head explode.”

Then she laughed and snuggled closer to him sliding her hand down to cup his soft cock until it became hard again.