Best Friend’s Ex Becomes My Bitch

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I couldn’t believe I was there, in the bedroom of my best friend’s ex-girlfriend Laura. She was 2 years younger than me, but mature as any one I ever knew. She was short, with long blond hair. She was just a tiny bit “chubby”, that is to say, she wasn’t completely skinny, but almost all the weight went to her breast. They were natural, and full, quite bouncy and appealing. She started at me, with a silly grin and I noticed her cute nose ring before she spoke to me.

“John, why wasn’t I good enough for him?” she asked. I was puzzled, but knew she was speaking of my friend Jack. “Aren’t I smart enough? Nice enough? Honest Enough?”

I assured her, she was indeed intelligent, kind, and honest. So she lead to her next question. “Aren’t I sexy enough?” I had to laugh and assure her, she was incredibly attractive. She however, didn’t seem to believe me.

“How about my boobs? Are they good?” she asked, and I tried not to look to much, feeling awkward, but she shook them in my face as I nodded yes. “You can’t even seen em well, here,” she said as she pulled off her tight little shirt. I gazed at her chest, which was barely concealed by a black bra.

“Still think they’re good?” she asked sheepishly. In awe, I assured her they were amazing. Then she reached behind her and let her bra slip off, falling to the ground. “How about now?” she questioned. I stared, unsure of what to say, but nodding joyfully finally seeing her massive bouncy breasts. She even shook them close in my face to give me a better view I guess, but I dared not touch her, because she was after all still my best friend’s ex.

“Hmm, then it must be my ass,” she blurted as she bent over. She was wearing Çankaya Escort tight jeans, and her round butt looked spectacular as she looked back at me for approval.

“No it couldn’t be your ass, looks great to me Laura,” I said with a grin. Predictably, she slid down her jeans, exposing a black thong and a perfect plump little ass. She once again looked back for approval, and I merely said “wow.”

She blushed a little, and turned around again. With a little grin, she grabbed her tits, shaking them around. “So my tits are good?” she asked.

I nodded and exclaimed “They’re amazing.”

She patter herself on the ass and said “and my butt is fine?”

I stared at her near naked body and told her, “it’s spectacular.”

“Then you would fuck me?” she inquired.

I started to say “Well.. yes, bu.”

Then she interrupted me while sliding out of her panties, “but what?” I stared in awe at her pussy, which was shaved perfectly smooth. I somewhat stuttered out and explanation as she started reaching toward my pants. She undid them, and slid both them and my boxers down exposing my large erection. “Well, looks like maybe I’m sexy enough after all,” she giggled.

With a wink, she got down in front of me and took my balls in her hand which was a bit cold, causing me to jump a little. She smirked and started rubbing them, as she put her other hand on my cock, and grinned up at me. Thats when she went down on me, her tongue moving up and down my cock with her tongue ring sliding against it. She bobbed up and down ever and over getting it in deeper and deeper before becoming content to merely suck Keçiören Escort on the head.

After that, she got up, and bent over the couch making it clear I was in for more than just a bow job. “I want you to pound me,” she said, with a serious tone. “Make me your bitch, make me scream, use me.”

I timidly moved behind her, and put my hands on her ass. I eased my cock inside of her pussy from behind, and started pumping slowly. A few faint sounds of pleasure escaped her before she turned around, and blurted “you call that making me your bitch?” Unsure of what exactly to do, I spanked her softly, only to get a laugh in return. “Gonna have to be harder than that,” she exclaimed. I tried to meet the challenge, spanking her harder and harder as I pumped my cock inside her. “Is that all you’re gonna do?” she taunted me, “slap my bum a little?”

I could see she really wanted more, so I gave her a good full fledged spank with a crack that echoed the otherwise empty house. A sound escaped her lips, at first I was afraid, until I realized it was a sound of pleasure. I spanked her again, and started pushing my cock into her harder and harder. “Mmm yeah, now you’re my bitch baby,” I told her. Then I pushed her head down into the couch cushion holding her there as I rammed my cock inside her, groping her breasts with my free hand.

After awhile of that, I pulled her hair back, lifting her head, and moving her around on the couch, so she was laying back. “I’m going to fuck my little whores tits,” I told her. I pushed my dick between her breasts, closing my eyes as I thrust it between them over and over.

“Think Etimesgut Escort you can deep throat my cock?” I questioned. She opened her mouth to answer, but before she could even say a word I stuck my dick inside her mouth, and grabbed the back of her head, pushing her down on me. It went into her deeper and deeper almost to my balls before she started gagging, and patting my leg to let her go. I eased off and she backed off my cock, eyes watering, but a huge grin on her face. I made her try several more times, until she finally got all my cock inside mouth.

Then I decided, my cock was probably wet enough to fuck her ass. I pinched her nipples a bit, and told her bend back over for me. When she did, I showed my approval with a spank. Without warning, I started driving my cock inside her ass. It was so tight, I could barely get any in, but I kept pushing deeper and deeper.

Eventually, I pulled back on her hair again, telling her that my cock wasn’t wet enough. She quickly put it in her mouth, licking it all over, even though it had just been removed from her ass. I was impressed. With a chuckle, I patted her on the head, and told her bend over again. She obeyed, and I proceeded to continue fucking her ass, with the occasional spank. I continually called her my slut, skank, whore, and bitch over and over. Each insult made her moan louder and louder. She moaned “oh yes, I am your nasty slut, your skanky bitch, keep fucking me.”

Continually fucking her ass harder and harder, eventually I closed my eyes as my cock throbbed in pleasure. I pulled out of her ass and started rubbing my cock, as I pulled back on her hair again. She knelt in position and kept telling me to cum all over her. I grinned, as I finally climaxed, shooting my load all over her tits and face. I sighed in relief, and stared down, enjoying the site of my new personal slut, licking off the cum I covered her in.

She got up and said “thank you John.”

I laughed and spanked her on the ass, replying “go take a shower… bitch.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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