Beth’s Summer Break Pt. 10

BETHS’ SUMMER BREAK Part 10 – Brighton Rock

As Gina heads off to New England with Mick, Beth has some fun in the stables and with Izzy before a steamy weekend in Brighton gives her many more new experiences.

Chapter One. It’s Thursday Tomorrow!

I waved one last time and put the car into drive. Gina disappeared into the terminal building dragging two huge suitcases and I pulled away from the drop-off point and set off back to Amberdown.

A week on my own in Sycamore Avenue. What terrible misdeeds could naughty little 21 year old Bethany Hamilton get up to when left to her own devices?

Plenty, as it turned out!

It had all happened so suddenly. Mick was back in Boston and had been working non-stop for months and had decided to take some well earned leave. Now Dad was out of the equation, Gina had nothing on that she couldn’t put off for a few days, so had booked herself a nice little business-class flight to New England. A few nights in Boston, a few days in Cape Cod and a rather large helping of the divine Michael Anderson into the bargain.

Lucky old cow!

I had offered to drive her to the airport – Gatwick is fairly easy to get to from Amberdown and it would save her booking a taxi. Besides, I had never seen her BMW move from the drive since I got to Sycamore Avenue and was dying to have a go at it.

That was when she made a small confession.

She can’t drive.

She bought the car two years ago in a bid to force herself to learn to drive, thinking it would help her get up to London for her regular trips. Then one day she sat in the back of a taxi from the station to her apartment and really looked out for once instead of staring at her phone. The chaos of the traffic made her mind up for her; she abandoned any further thoughts of learning to drive. She kept the car insured for any driver and Dad had used it a few times when they were together, but otherwise it was an expensive decoration to the front of her house.

When I offered, she was mortified that she hadn’t thought of letting me use it earlier, but at least I now had a very nice mode of transport to get me through the last month or so of what was turning out to be a very exciting summer break indeed.

I had also landed myself a job.

Not a very glamorous one, but it was certainly paying dividends and had some nice perks. Such as being close to Josie and Izzy Napier-Jones; anything that kept me in the orbit of those two stellar bodies was always going to meet with my complete approval.

Ok, a delivery girl for a boutique cake making company is hardly the stuff dreams are made of, but the money was handy, the nice little tin of blow that Izzy had procured for me was very welcome, and I got to travel round the surrounding area in a fetching little pink van with an elaborate logo stating that Confection Confidential made rather nice cakes. I gave thanks that there wasn’t a matching uniform and hat, though once I mentioned it to Josie, she began to think it may be a good idea, just to humiliate me, of course. However, my pink polo shirt, one of Izzy’s cast-offs, was almost humiliation enough.

As well as being hot as hell and drop-dead gorgeous, Izzy was undoubtedly a genius. Her skills were amazing and the elaborate designs she and Josie came up with had to be seen to be believed. So far, amongst other things, I had delivered cake versions of a Star Wars Stormtrooper, a cricket match, a replica of someone’s Labrador dog and Minions.

Lots of Minions. Minions were popular with kids and Izzy reckoned if she had to make up one more batch of bright yellow icing she’d scream. I had to run fast when I asked her to make me a Homer Simpson cake.

Luckily for me there were no deliveries today, so once I had deposited Ms Harcourt at the airport, Josie had another little job lined up for me – one I was looking forward to very much indeed. I was taking Sasha, her lovely palomino out for a hack. She allowed him to be ridden by some of the more experienced riders that used the stables, but he had not been out for a few days so I was pressed into action.

It hadn’t taken long to get back to the stables from the airport, once I had negotiated the terror of the roads that surround it, and I parked up in lovely sunshine. I was thanking goodness that this time I had arrived under my own steam, and not on the back of Josie’s Kawasaki.

As I headed towards Sasha’s stall, I glanced around, hoping to see Daisy. I felt I had unfinished business with her after our brief encounter a week or so earlier. Something about her intrigued me and after the almost pristine perfection of Gina and Josie, I quite fancied a little bit of rough and tumble with this down to earth Yorkshire lass. I hadn’t dared take her up on her offer of a meet-up in the Tanners Arms – Josie had scared me off that idea, but I was willing to come up with a counter offer of my own if the chance arose.

I peered into Sasha’s stall and he snorted at me. I hoped it was in recognition. We got on well the previous time when Josie was riding her Arabian, Shadow. I was armed once again Ankara escort with apples and mints. He took my presents gratefully and chomped away merrily, tossing his golden mane.

I was watching him with such rapt attention, I jumped as I heard a voice behind me. “Afternoon, you must be Josie’s friend Bethany.”

I turned to find a rather matronly lady in her late forties. She held out her hand, smiling, and I shook it. “Megan Downes.” She waved her hand around her nonchalantly. “I own this little acre or so. Any friend of Josie’s is welcome here. Come on, let’s get you kitted out.”

She took me into the tack room that had previously seen the brief orgasmic liaison between me and Daisy and this time the kitting out was a little less exciting.

As we walked back towards the stalls, Sasha was being led out by a handsome blond haired lad of about nineteen.


Who I had last seen taking Josie Napier-Jones from behind over a bale of hay in one of the empty stalls behind Sasha’s soon after Daisy and I had brought each other off in the tack room.

Megan fussed about Sasha making sure everything was present and correct and helped me up. “Right, I need to take one of the horses over to another yard, so my nephew Leo will see to you when you get back. Bloody miles away, so another late night!” She shrugged resignedly and started off across the yard. “Have a lovely ride – perfect day for it.”

Her nephew? I assumed she didn’t know the extra work he did for Josie then! He was smiling up at me unaware that I had seen him and Josie going at it like rabbits. My love balls were in place and I always feel horny after a ride. As Mrs. Downes was going to be away, maybe I’d get a tumble in the hay myself!

She was right – it was a perfect day for a ride and I followed the same track Josie and I had taken previously. To be honest, I think Sasha was taking me rather than the other way around – he knew the way better than I did and I could feel him pulling as we reached the point where Josie and I had galloped. Even without his pal Shadow to race, he went like the wind and it felt utterly exhilarating to be riding this gorgeous animal at such speed.

After a wonderful couple of hours I reluctantly turned him back towards the stables and trotted him back into the yard. Leo came out of one of the stalls and helped me down. He had lovely pale blue eyes and despite his handsome face and lithe body, he seemed a little shy and nervous.

We got Sasha unsaddled and I went into the tack room and took off my helmet and chaps. Leo put the saddle back in its place and made to leave. “Hope you had a good ride. He’s a lovely horse – Josie loves him. Bye!”

The yard was deserted. I was hot and horny. He wasn’t getting away that easily. “Leo…”

He turned in the doorway.

I stood with my hands on my hips. “Don’t I get the same ‘debriefing’ as Josie?” For once in my life, I mimed the quotation marks and inwardly shuddered at my own crassness.

He blushed bright red and began stammering. I walked towards him purposefully and held out a hand. “Come on you – I know a perfect little hay bale. It has a nice little dent in it that is Josie Napier-Jones shaped.” I gripped one of his tight buttocks. “I’ve seen these in action, Leo. And this.” I stroked his groin, feeling him hardening at my touch. “I saw you two at it last week, Josie bent over in the hay, your cute little bum pumping away!”

He looked completely non-plussed. I daresay he was expecting to see to Sasha and then lock up for the evening when suddenly the rider of said horse had decided she was going to have him in one of the vacant stalls.

He was making a lot of noises, but none of them resembled English, poor lad. As with Sam, my bull-in-a-china-shop approach had him completely befuddled. Subtlety is not my strong point, and when I go for something, it stays gone-for, if you catch my drift.

He looked at me, I hope not believing his luck, but maybe that is just my spin on things. “I’m Bethany, by the way. I really do get all hot and bothered after a nice ride, just like Josie. I hear you’re rather good at cooling things down?”

He swallowed hard and his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. “Sorry, just a bit unexpected! We’ve done it a couple of times, me and Josie but-“

I kissed him, still stroking his cock through his jodhpurs and he responded, running his hand down my back and gripping my buttocks. “But what, Leo?”

He stammered again as we broke away. “Oh my God, what happens if my Aunt comes back?”

I looked into his lovely blue eyes. “She said she’d be late back. It’s only five o’clock. Don’t worry; I’m much gentler than Josie. Come with me…”

At five minutes past five I was sitting on the hay bale he and Josie had used and had his erect cock in my hand. Unlike Josie, I had made him take off his trousers. He wasn’t going to ravish me with them down around his ankles. I took him in my mouth, the first since Mick, and it almost felt strange to be going down on a normal size again. Leo moaned and put his hands in Ankara escort bayan my hair. He began to push against me, and I could see why Josie had been left frustrated the previous week; he wasn’t going to last long. Oh well, I can be persuasive and I hoped he’d make a quick recovery.

I looked up at him, his eyes fixed on me. “Hey, slow down. No rush. I’m not here for a Josie speed-fuck.” I waved a pigtail at him. “Look, I even took my helmet off!”

“Sorry,” he panted. “She is a bit… urgent.” He stroked my cheek as I sucked on him gently, stroking the shaft.

“Does Josie do this for you?” I gave a little lick around the head, teasing him. He shook his head, his breathing now ragged. “No we just… what you saw.” He gasped the words out, throwing his head back. “Oh God, that feels so good.”

I let him mouth-fuck me gently for a minute, trying to slow him down, and then gripped his buttocks and pulled him in hard, taking his length easily. I had been practising with dildos since my abject failure to take anything more than half of Mike’s monster, and I felt Leo’s balls hit me on the chin. I pulled him out and went to work on the head, sucking and licking, nibbling at it with my teeth, making him shudder. He was breathing hard, almost not daring to make a sound. I could hear wind in the rafters of the barn, some gentle whinnying from the yard. I could smell the hay, the earthy smell of the stables. It felt wonderful with his hot cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I tasted salty pre-cum. He was nearly there.

“Oh God, I’m going to…”

I grinned up at him as he tried to pull away, anxious not to come on me. “I know you are…” I gripped the base of his cock and took the head back between my lips, clamping down. He pushed in hard and I felt the pulse down his shaft a split second before he exploded into my mouth. He was so deep inside me most of it went straight down my throat. I sucked him until he went limp and let his cock slip out of my mouth, swallowing the last of his load. Only as I did so did I realise that he had my head in a vice-like grip, inadvertently twisting my pigtails and it was starting to get quite painful. I prised his hands away and sat back, smiling. I was getting very wet and looking forward to lying back and feeling him work on me.

He was trembling in front of me, unable to take his eyes off me. He seemed mortified that he had come in my mouth and was reddening with embarrassment. “Sorry – I just couldn’t help myself. I didn’t mean to… oh shit… so sorry… are… are you ok? “

I stood up and put my hands on his shoulders. “How old are you Leo?”

He looked puzzled. “Nineteen…”

“First time?”


I touched him on the nose, smiling. “Is that the first time you’ve shot your load down a beautiful girl’s throat? If I hadn’t wanted you to, there’d be a little puddle in the hay. It felt wonderful, Leo.” I ran my tongue around my lips and swallowed again, letting him see me relish the feeling.

He seemed to relax as he realised I was fine with it. He shook his head, his eyes bright and wide, his face still red. He touched me on the mouth as if not believing what had just happened. “First time, yes – not even with an ugly girl!” He stammered again. “Not you – not ugly I mean. You’re beautiful… not ugly… oh shit, sorry – I’m talking rubbish here. I’ve dreamed about it…” He trailed off, staring at me. “Sorry – just trying to make sure I burn an image of that gorgeous face and mouth into my brain forever.” He closed his eyes and smiled. “Got it! Thanks Bethany, I’ll never forget it.”

I laughed and kissed him, hoping I had got rid of all of his cum. “I should hope not! Right, well this not-ugly girl is quite partial to having her pussy licked by a lovely young guy while the hay tickles her arse. By the time you’ve worked me up nicely, we’ll see if I can coax some life back into that.” I took hold of his flaccid cock and stroked it gently, “Then we can see if we can make a Josie-sized dent in the hay into a Bethany-sized dent!”

It didn’t take me long to realise why Josie had kept her clothes on – the hay was bloody uncomfortable and didn’t so much tickle as scratch and prickle. So sooner had poor Leo gone down on me, I was stopping him so I could slide both our pairs of trousers under me. Leo was about to go back to work when he got up again quickly. “Just a minute, got an idea.”

He ran half naked into the next box and came back with a blanket. “Should be clean, Aunt Megan only put them out today. Not been used yet.” We laid the blanket over the hay bale and he got back to business and I felt much more comfortable.

He was obviously inexperienced, but enthusiastic and soon had me nicely worked up. His tongue felt nice against my pussy lips but after my ride and the blow job, I was really craving something more. I was making appreciative noises, encouraging and leading him but all I wanted was to feel his hardness filling me up. His callowness felt strange after all the experienced partners I’d had recently and it was hard to believe Escort Ankara he was only slightly younger than me.

I pulled my t-shirt up over my boobs and began tugging gently on my rings. He had found my clit and with a little encouragement was nibbling nicely on it, two fingers gently probing me. I let him work on me for a few minutes, getting me nicely prepared for what was to come. Eventually, I decided it was time to check out the state of play, so I pulled him up on top of me and got him to work on my tits as I reached down and took him in my hand. He immediately started to respond and I felt him grow in my hand as I stroked gently. I was pleased that he had recovered quickly.

With my free hand, I reached down into my shoulder bag, which was on the ground next to the hay bale, and felt around for a moment until I found what I was after. I always like being prepared and carry a few with me at all times. I prefer it without, but the middle of a stable yard was not going to be the easiest of places to clean up, so I took Josie’s lead and soon had Leo under wraps. I laid him down across the bale and straddled him. It was the perfect height and as I sank down on his hardness he pulled me forward and kissed me gently, moaning into my mouth as he did so. I started a slow burn, rotating my arse against him, grinding and tensing my muscles to grip him, squeezing down and then relaxing. Each time I did it he let out a little gasp. It’s one of my favourite ways to fuck – slow and dirty; Sam and I had kept it going for what seemed like hours when we got back together. I took Leo’s hands from my hips and put them on my breasts, urging him to pull gently on my rings.

His finger traced my tattoo and he ran it along my little inscription. I’ll take you so high you’ll never want to come down. He looked up at me and smiled. He whispered, “You already did!”

I leaned forward and kissed him tenderly. He really was a lovely sight, his curly blond hair, blue eyes, handsome face. “Make me come, Leo. Now you can fuck me like you did Josie. Hard, fast, let me feel you fill me up.” I pulled off him and lay over the hay bale, presenting my arse to him. I felt him go in hard and he held it there for a moment. I pushed back against him and clamped down hard, making both of us gasp. This time, instead of a helmeted redhead, it was a pigtailed brunette getting slammed over the bale. Having already come once Leo lasted longer, and where Josie had been left wanting more, I was biting my lip so as not to yell out in ecstasy as I came, his hands on my hips, thrusting hard. He slowed slightly and he gasped out as he shot his second load into me.

Again he seemed embarrassed and started to dress quickly. He didn’t seem to know what to do with the condom and I had to suppress a giggle as he put it in his pocket. I just hoped he did his own washing. He stood awkwardly, not knowing how to respond to the situation. I kissed him one last time. “Thanks, Leo. That was a very enjoyable afternoon. And thanks for the blanket!”

He touched my face gently. “You’re much better than Josie. Much nicer.”

I smiled at him. “She’s a great shag, honestly. Don’t be scared of her. You were great today. I’ll tell her to be gentler with you in future!”

He looked horrified. “No please, don’t say anything to her!”

I relented. “Ok, but next time ask her to use her mouth. Go down on her. Don’t let her dictate terms. She can be selfish but she can also be very generous. Imagine looking into those green eyes as you blast off!”

He smiled ruefully and reddened again. “You think I haven’t already?”

Any further conversation was cut short by the sound of car tyres crunching on the gravel outside. He looked scared. “Oh shit, not my Aunt back already?”

It didn’t sound big enough to have been a horse box but it was best not to risk it. He pointed me to the side door of the barn and jumped over a rail into Sasha’s box. I worked my way back round to the front of the yard via the tack room to find Daisy leaning on a rail next to a beaten up old Ford. She was feeding hay to one of the horses.

She slowly shook her head as I approached and I could see Leo furtively coming out of Sasha’s box, heading for the farmhouse behind the tack room. “Not you as well. Leave the poor lad alone. You and Jones – fucking cradle snatchers!”

I smiled at her nastily. “Evening Daisy. I’d say I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about, but you’ve probably been watching again. Jealous are we?”

“No not really. Pretty obvious blokes don’t do it for me. Lucky lad though, what wi’ Josie and now you. I won’t tell his auntie if that’s what yer worried about. I’ve been shaggin’ in stables and farmyards since I were fifteen. And before yer ask, yes there were some blokes involved. In the early days, before I realised I preferred the female species.”

I leaned on the rail alongside her and took some hay to feed to the horse, a large roan. We made small talk for a few minutes about my ride with Sasha, my dalliance with Leo seemingly forgotten. Her straw coloured hair was piled up again, but less of a mess than the last time I had seen her. Her rosy cheeks seemed less weather-beaten. I liked the way she filled her white cotton shirt and if I hadn’t just been seen to by Leo, I may have been offering her a roll in the hay. When she deigned to smile it lit up her face and her eyes sparkled.