Christmas Entanglements Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: The fill in Santa

It was mid-morning on the last Saturday before Christmas when Anna and her friend George pulled into the parking lot of the local community centre. They were there to help out at the Christmas art and craft activity day. It was essentially child care to give parents a break to do some shopping or to take care of Christmas preparations without having their children underfoot. As part of the event, the community centre also organised a small Santa’s village where the children could see Santa and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Anna and George would be playing the roles of Santa’s helper elves. They had gotten involved through Anna’s mother who was heavily involved in a lot of community groups. Anna often got asked to help with her mother’s projects but she didn’t mind doing the Christmas activity day, she enjoyed seeing the children being excited for the holiday season and she got to hang out with George all day.

As Anna and George got out of Anna’s car, George quickly began to shiver.

“Jesus, it’s freezing.”

Anna laughed, “I told you that you should have put some extra layers on.”

George was mostly dressed in her elf costume, she had on some bright red leggings, a long sleeve forest green t-shirt, pointed elf shoes and an elf cap. The only concession she had made to the cold temperature was a black leather jacket she insisted on wearing despite the zipper being broken.

Anna was wearing practically the same costume but with green leggings and a red long sleeve t-shirt. However she also had on over the costume a thick coat and sweatpants, she was still feeling the cold but not to the extent that George was.

Anna opened the door to the back seat and retrieved a bag with the remaining parts of their costumes. When she locked her car she turned to George who was bending over and rubbing her legs for warmth. Through the open front of George’s jacket Anna saw that her nipples were poking through her t-shirt, “George, your nipples are showing. Are you even wearing a bra?”

George stood up and looked down at her chest to confirm what Anna was saying. She then laughed and looked at Anna with a grin on her face. “Well shit. I am wearing a bra though. I guess it just isn’t thick enough to hide them.”

Seeing the worry on Anna’s face, George chuckled. “Relax, the kids won’t be able to see them once I put the rest of the outfit on. The tunic will be thick enough to keep my nips from poking through.”

Thinking about it for a moment, Anna nodded, “Plus it will be warm in the hall so they shouldn’t stay hard.”

George looked at her sideways, “About that. It’s not just the cold that’s making them hard. I’ve been really horny lately. I think it’s something about the weather, I just want to press up against some guy and have him fill me with his hot dick and if I can’t find a decent guy, curl up in bed and finger myself to a couple of orgasms.”

Anna blushed a little at how frank George could be about sex but it wasn’t like she was particularly innocent herself.

“How about Mr Fischer? Would you take him up on one of his propositions?”

George made a disgusted expression, “Hell no! If he wasn’t so harmless I’d have slapped his beard right off his face. In fact, if he ‘accidentally’ touches my ass again I will hit him.” She chuckled, “That would be good for the kids to see, an elf slapping Santa Claus for being a creep. It would give them a lesson for life. Don’t let creepy old men think they can get away with shit just because they’re in a position of authority.”

Anna laughed, “I’m sure everyone will appreciate you pushing a ‘take no shit’ message at a time of year meant to be about peace and forgiveness.”

George grinned, “That’s how the Man keeps us all down, by selling false narratives of togetherness so we don’t question the rampant consumerism fuelling the decay of society.”

That reminded Anna of the things one of their old high school teachers would occasionally say. The only response Anna could make to George’s exaggerated anarcho communist impression was to shake her head and laugh. It did make her think though, while George was joking around she generally wasn’t a big fan of Christmas. However for the past few years George had agreed without any hesitation to join her in being Santa’s helper elves for the community centre’s Christmas activity day.

“How come you keep agreeing to volunteer to do this with me?”

George was caught by the unexpected change in conversation and took a moment to reply.

“Well, I wouldn’t leave you to do it by yourself. Anyway it’s not that bad, there’s free food and I get to hang out with you.”

Anna smiled, “Thanks, It’s really great getting to do this with you.”

When they entered the community centre they were soon greeted by Jan, one of the centre employees.

“Hi Girls, it’s good to see you both.” Jan looked at Anna, “Your mother’s in the back office with the substitute Santa.”

Anna and George looked at each other in surprise. Anna turned back to Jan, istanbul escort “What happened to Mr Fischer?”

A concerned look appeared on Jan’s face. “He’s come down with some kind of cold or flu. When he called to say he wouldn’t be able to come today he had a horrible cough. I hope it isn’t anything serious and he gets well soon.”

Both Anna and George nodded in sympathy. From a glance at George, Anna saw that she looked like she was feeling guilty after having called Mr Fischer a creep and saying she might hit him. Anna then wondered who had taken Mr Fischer’s place.

“You said there was a substitute?”

Jan perked up a little, “Yes, I called your mother with the bad news about Mr Fischer and she immediately started looking for someone who could fill in.” There was some hesitation in Jan’s expression before she continued speaking.

“She arrived not long ago with the man she’d arranged as the replacement Santa following shortly after. I have to say, he seemed nice but I’m not entirely sure he’s suitable to be Santa.” She then shrugged, “But I guess we can’t be too picky given the short notice.”

Anna found Jan’s statement curious and wondered who her mother could have found. She and George headed toward the back office of the community centre. There they found Anna’s mother Gayle sitting on the edge of a desk looking at her phone. She looked up when Anna and George entered and smiled warmly.

“Good timing you two. Did you hear that Mr Fischer isn’t feeling well?”

Anna and George nodded in unison before Anna asked about Mr Fischer’s replacement.

“Jan told us you found someone to fill in. Who did you get?”

Gayle practically beamed with satisfaction, “You’ll find out soon enough. He’s just trying on the Santa outfit. It was lucky I was able to get someone this late, it would have been a shame to cancel Santa and disappoint the kids.”

There were some footsteps behind them, Gayle’s gaze shifted and then her smile grew broader.

“Ah there you are Christian, your elf helpers are here.”

Anna’s eyes widened. She and George turned around to see a man wearing a Santa outfit with a large belly trying to comfortably position a beard over his mouth. The beard looked good but the elastic running from the sides of the beard around the back of his head were an obvious sign it was fake.

The man’s eyes flashed with recognition at seeing Anna, “Hey Anna, good to see you, how have you been?”

When Gayle had said his name Anna knew who had been coerced into filling in as Santa. With the beard and outfit on she hadn’t recognised him, there had been a moment of doubt that it was who she thought it was but his voice confirmed it was Gayle’s friend’s son Chris. He was going to university out of town but always came home for Christmas with his mother.

She smiled, “Not bad, it’s good to see you as well. When did you get back?”

Chris was about to answer but was interrupted by George speaking out first.

“Church boy, is that you?” There was a slight frown on George’s face.

He turned to her, “Always a pleasure to see you Georgia.”

The frown remained on George’s face but was joined by a slightly nasty smile.

The smile on Anna’s face at seeing Chris faltered slightly, the insincerity in Chris’ voice was hard to miss. While Anna, George and Chris had all gone to the same high school, Chris hadn’t been part of Anna’s friend group. However because his mother was friends with Gayle, Chris had spent a lot of time at Anna’s house and was a constant presence at her family’s events. Even now, Chris and his mother came over for Christmas dinner each year. She liked Chris and had always gotten along well with him. However, he and George had always been kind of uncomfortable with each other. Anna didn’t think there was actually animosity between them, their personalities just seemed to clash. To be fair Chris never instigated things, it was George who couldn’t help needling Chris and he would never just let it slide.

George looked Chris up and down, “I can see why you would get asked to play Santa. It looks like you’ve let yourself go these past few years.”

Gayle actually laughed at George’s insult. Anna winced, it wasn’t a great sign that George had started with a remark about Chris’ appearance. With the fake beard on she couldn’t tell how Chris had taken it. She was surprised to hear him chuckle before he took a shot back at George.

“I’m surprised to see you dressed so colourfully. Did they not let you be an emo elf?”

It seemed like a weak comeback but it hit a sore spot for George, there was a very good chance that she didn’t own non-work clothes that weren’t black. People would often comment on how she would look better if she wore something with colour.

George narrowed her eyes and took a step toward Chris. Whatever she was going to do or say next was halted by Gayle.

“Ok, let’s not get started you two.” Gayle stood up and walked over to Chris. “As amusing as this is, both of you need to just let it go. I don’t escort bayan want to hear any complaints about you snarking at each other in front of the children. Got it?”

Chris nodded meekly, “Yes, Mrs Taylor.”

When Gayle flicked her gaze toward George she also nodded, “Got it.”

Gayle then held a hand out to Chris, “The beard isn’t working with the elastic. You’re going to have to glue it to your face. I’ll take the elastic off the beard.”

Chris took the beard off and handed it to Gayle. Anna smiled when she saw the face she recognised, he caught her gaze and smiled back.


Anna turned to George who was looking at Chris with her eyebrows raised in surprise. At first Anna wondered what could have surprised her and then it clicked, this was the first time George would have seen Chris in over three years. The Chris she knew had been a lot chubbier. During his time away at University he had somehow gotten into healthier eating habits and exercise. When he had come back the first Christmas, everyone in Anna’s family had pretty much the same reaction George was having now.

Chris had also seen George’s surprised expression, “Is there something I can help you with?”

A scowl appeared on George’s face, “No, I was just surprised to see that despite going to university your stupid face is even stupider than before.”

Chris raised an eyebrow but didn’t get a chance to reply. Gayle looked up from working on the beard with a stern expression. “Christian, leave it alone. George, there was no reason for you to lash out. I thought you were more mature than that.”

George looked away, her face slightly red. Chris held his hands up to show he would behave, he then looked down at his fake belly and frowned.

“Mrs Taylor, Is it okay if I take some of the stomach padding out? It feels awkward having a stomach this big and all the padding is really trapping the heat in.”

“That should be fine, but don’t go overboard. Remember, you need to look jolly.”

Gayle nodded in satisfaction as she finished working on the beard. “Christian, I’ve removed the elastic from the beard and I’ve put the spirit gum and the adhesive remover on the desk. Be gentle when removing the beard, I’d like to keep it in case it’s needed next year. Also, your face would hurt like hell.”

Gayle got up to leave, “I’ve got a whole bunch of other things I need to get done today so I’ll leave you three to it. Anna, I’ll be picking up your Aunt Kim and her family this afternoon. When you’re done here can you please head straight home and get the spare bedrooms ready and make sure that the house is clean?”

Anna looked to George and rolled her eyes but answered her mother in a polite tone, “Sure, I can do that.”

Gayle nodded, “Good. Oh, I also have a chicken in the fridge for tonight’s dinner. Please put it in the oven when you get home.”

When Gayle was gone Anna and George looked to Chris who was adjusting the padding underneath the big jacket. He no longer looked like he had a huge belly, he appeared to have moved a good amount of the padding up to his chest and now kind of looked like a beefy weightlifter.

George looked at Anna with a raised eyebrow. It seemed like they were thinking the same thing. Chris’ Santa looked completely different from how Mr Fischer looked as Santa. Anna frowned, “I’m not sure that’s the right look for Santa. The kids are expecting an overweight grandpa not a bouncer at a biker bar.”

Chris looked down at his outfit. “I think it’s fine like this.”

Anna remained unconvinced and Chris could see it on her face. He sighed, “If I take the padding from the chest that should be good enough right?”

“We’ll see.”

Chris frowned and opened the top of his coat before pulling out a folded towel from the thermal vest he was wearing underneath. He saw Anna and George looking at the towel with puzzled expressions, “It was the only thing your mother could find to use as padding.” When Chris was done he was the right kind of shape but thinner than Mr Fischer was. He looked up at Anna for her approval.

Anna was happy with how he looked now but couldn’t resist stringing Chris along, “You’re still too skinny.”

“Come on! It’s not like I’m Jack Skellington Santa. If I put more padding in I’m going to overheat.”

Anna and George laughed at his frustration before Anna put Chris at ease, “Sorry, I was just joking, you actually do look okay now.”

Chris grumbled as he took a seat by the desk and picked up the pack with the spirit gum and removal solution so he could read the instructions.

After checking the time Anna realised she and George should really start getting into costume, she grabbed the bag with the remaining parts of their costumes and pulled out a couple of dark green tunics. After checking the sizes she passed one to George. Anna looked toward Chris who was sitting there casually watching them. She felt a little awkward changing in front of Chris but didn’t feel the need to go to the bathroom as it wasn’t like she and George escort istanbul were actually getting undressed. First she slipped off her elf shoes and pulled her sweatpants down, revealing the leggings underneath. She was self-conscious of how the leggings clung to her body, showing off the curves of her small round ass. When she checked to see if Chris was still watching she saw that his eyes were on George.

George had slipped off her jacket and put it over the back of a chair and was now pulling the tunic over her head. Anna noticed that despite being in the heating of the community centre George’s nipples were still hard and visible through her t-shirt. However Chris’s attention was focused on George’s butt, without her jacket he had a good view of how the leggings were practically molded to her taut ass. The way the leggings were sitting in her ass crack and lack of a visible panty line meant that George was probably wearing a thong. When George pulled the tunic down over her ass Chris looked away and saw Anna watching him, he then immediately turned his eyes back to the spirit gum and the removal solution. She didn’t think less of Chris for looking, even she had to admit that George had an amazing ass but she did smile at the flash of embarrassment on his face when he realized that he was busted.

After putting her shoes back on Anna took off her coat, looking down she was relieved to see that her nipples weren’t poking out. When George had said that she was horny earlier Anna hadn’t wanted to admit that she was a little horny as well. That would have led to George saying something about Anna’s boyfriend Aaron and she hadn’t wanted to have that conversation. Once she had the tunic on she turned to look to see if Chris had been looking at her, she found herself a little disappointed to see him frowning as he looked at the beard and the spirit gum.

Anna then pulled some elf ears from the bag and passed a pair to George. With the ears on, the only thing remaining to do was put on some finishing touches with some glitter make-up. After inspecting each other and nodding their approval, Anna and George both looked toward Chris to get his opinion.

For some odd reason Chris was moving around on his chair, adjusting the way he was sitting and touching his fake belly. George shot a bewildered look at Anna before turning back to Chris. “What are you doing?”

Chris looked a little sheepish, “Uhh, this sounds stupid but how should I sit to see the children? This belly feels like it’s going to get in the way.”

George grinned, “Let’s find out.” She then walked over to Chris and dropped herself onto one of his legs. With his fake belly there wasn’t much room for George to sit without her body pressing against him. With half of George’s ass perched on Chris’ knee, it didn’t look particularly comfortable for her. George placed her hand on Chris’ shoulder and pushed gently.

“Lean back in the chair a bit so your belly isn’t over your lap so much.”

Chris followed George’s directions, giving George some more room on Chris’s leg. George shifted off his knee, “Yeah that’s a lot better.” She then grinned mischievously and moved so that she was sitting right up against Chris, practically on top of his crotch. Chris protested then suddenly straightened up, sliding George off his leg. “Okay, I think I’ve got it.”

George didn’t say anything about the sudden way Chris had pushed her off his leg. She stepped away with a slightly puzzled expression which changed to wide eyed shock. Chris stood up, adjusted his belly and coat and then picked up the beard and the spirit gum. “I’m going to go to the bathroom to put my beard on.”

When Chris left, Anna looked at George accusingly, “Did you do something to Chris?”

George was still slightly wide-eyed and she shrugged in response, “Not really.”

Anna suppressed a sigh, she really hoped that George and Chris could keep it civil today. “Come on let’s get our makeup done.”

In the bathroom Anna and George stood side by side in front of the mirror as they put on their costume make-up. After being silent for a while George met Anna’s eyes in the mirror. “Have you ever seen Chris’ dick?”

Anna barely avoided putting a wide streak of glitter across her face as her head jerked to look at George directly. “What? No! Why are you asking me that?”

“I was teasing him a bit, hoping to make him feel uncomfortable but I got a lot more than I expected.”

Anna raised her eyebrows but didn’t say anything, waiting for George to further explain herself.

“When I pushed my butt against his crotch I felt something firm press back against it. I wasn’t sure what it was at first but it must have been his dick.”

That didn’t seem like such a big deal to Anna, she shrugged “So? Shouldn’t you have expected that when you put your ass on his crotch?”

“Anna, it felt like he had a yule log in his pants.”

Anna almost snorted with laughter but she saw that George wasn’t grinning, she just had a sort of amazed look on her face. Anna thought of Chris and pictured him with a massive erection, she quickly started to feel unsettled and shook her head to clear the image from her mind. She looked back toward the mirror. “We don’t have time for this, let’s get our makeup done.”

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