Controlling Brother


I used to tease my brother Tommy. That was until he forced me to have sex with him. Now I can’t seem to get enough of his cock. When my parents are away we go straight to my bed and he takes me. The last time we did it he stripped me down and pushed my legs to my chest.

Tommy then gave me his enormous cock. Even though he is just eighteen he really knows how to make me go crazy for his cock. I love when his mushroom slides in past my folds. He teases me sometimes and he won’t push it all the way in until I beg him to. When he does give me all of his cock I go crazy. I tell him to push it in as deep as he can, right to the bottom. He circles his big prick around inside me and makes me cum like mad.

“You’re mine Ellen,” he tells me.

To be honest, I don’t want anyone but Tommy. He makes my pussy so wet as he works his cock in and out of my oozing pussy. I love to feel his big ball sacs hitting my ass cheeks as he stretches his legs out and feeds me every hard inch he has. I always get loud in bed and I hope the neighbors never hear us fucking.

The Gaziantep Escort İlanları best part is after we end up fucking in bed. We will go into the bathroom and shower together. It normally ends up with more fucking there. With the water hitting us, I will put my arms around Tommy’s neck and he will lift me up. He pushes me up against the shower wall and then fills me with his cock. I love to be held like that and feel Tommy shove his pole up into my belly.

Tommy will sometimes just rest his cock in my pussy. My pussy will go into convulsions and I end up begging him to continue thrusting his thick rod into my body. Feeling all eight inches sliding into me makes me squirt all over him.

Sometime he will wait until he feels my pussy spasming. He knows I am having a big orgasm and then he unloads inside me. I go nuts feeling his seed flooding my belly. I know we should use protection, but we never do. There is something about hot cum splashing around inside you, I just need to feel that.

The bad part is when our parents are around. We have taken some chances at night. One night Tommy came to my room and was on top of me when my mother knocked on the door.

“Are you alright, Ellen?”

Tommy quickly got off of of me and slid onto the floor opposite my door. My mother cracked the door open to check up on me. I hate when she does that. Thankfully I managed to pull a sheet up over my body. It was dark and my mom couldn’t see much. Had she looked closely she might have seen my nipples were all hard and erect. Tommy had to stay on the floor for nearly fifteen minutes until the coast was clear.

Once he stood up I slid to the side of the bed and I took his hard cock in my mouth. He later told me his prick was so hard from almost getting caught. I took Tommy deep down my throat. Tommy always puts a hand on the back of my head. We were so worked up that night. I had every inch of Tommy’s cock in me. His balls were hitting my chin as he thrust into me.

It didn’t take long that evening. Tommy fucked my face like a wild animal. I wanted him to explode and he did. I soon felt hot sperm at the back of my throat. I just kept drinking him until he was spent. After that night we knew things would have to change. I made a plan to move out of the house and get my own apartment.

Tommy and I wanted to fuck too much and it was getting dangerous at home. Besides, I needed some freedom from my parents always being around. I soon found a place and Tommy was practically living with me. We are fucking nearly every day now. It seemed that once we didn’t have our parents to worry about. Tommy just took me as his sex slave.

My brother now shows up after I get home from work. We head straight for my bed and he takes me like some whore. Once he enters my pussy I just go crazy. I wrap my muscles around him and he pounds my wet pussy for an hour or more. Tommy gets me so worked up that my orgasms make my body shake as I he spews his cum deep into my body. There is something about feeling a man shoot his load that I just can’t get enough of.

I know that not using protection will eventually catch up with us. I just love feeling my brother seed me with his raw cock. We will keep going until that fateful day.