Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 16

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Chapter Sixteen – “Now What Should I Do?”

After watching Joey blow Stephen and Stephen blow Ralph, after watching them cum in one another’s mouth, I was as shocked, as much as I was disturbed by the sight of two of my best friends having gay sex. Now what should I do? Should I rat on them? Should I tell the guys that Joey and Stephen just gave one another a blowjob? Should I tell them that they’re gay lovers? They’d never believe me. I still don’t believe it myself.

Should I tell them that they were jerking off one another before giving one another a blowjob? Should I tell them that they were making out and French kissing? What should I tell them, if I should tell them anything at all? Or should I keep quiet and let them stay in the closet, until they admit their sexual preference and tell everyone themselves that they’re gay and had gay sex? Being that they were still my friends, albeit gay friends, I decided to keep their shocking secret.

Suddenly, I felt myself maturing. Maybe it’s none of my business what they do behind closed doors, but they were out in the open, as if hoping to get caught. Maybe, they were just experimenting. Yeah, that’s it. They were just experimenting. Sure, a first time for everything, only, I never experimented with gay sex. Yet, what the Hell does that even mean anyway? Just as I never kissed another guy, I never gave a guy a hand job or sucked another guy’s cock. I never wanted to experiment with another man. I’m happy being a straight guy and can’t even imagine being a gay guy.

Maybe, in the moment, after Kathleen had gotten them so aroused by giving them both a blowjob, their first blowjob, they were caught up in the moment of receiving a blowjob and were curious what it was like to give a blowjob. Yeah, that’s probably it, but I was aroused, too, when Kathleen gave me a blowjob and I didn’t feel the need to blow one of my male friends. Then, I thought, what if this wasn’t the first time? What if that wasn’t their first blowjob?

What if they had sucked one another off before? What if they had sucked off other guys before? What if, when they’re not with us, they hang out around train station and bus terminal restrooms, as in that novel, the Midnight Cowboy. I read the book in ’65 and read recently that they were making a movie from the book with Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight? Wow. Suddenly, Harry Nilsson’s Midnight Cowboy theme song, Everybody’s Talkin’, endlessly played through my mind. Suddenly, I pictured Stephen wearing cowboy boots with a big cowboy hat and Joey playing the part of Ratso Rizzo. Suddenly, I thought of the both of them wearing black leather and nipple clips or one of them dressed as a woman Stop it!

Nah, I’m being crazy. Just because they’re gay doesn’t mean they’re perverted and would have sex with anyone for the sake of having sex. Does it? Joey is a pervert, though, but that was when he was a straight pervert. What does that make him now, normal or a gay pervert? All of this is so confusing. Not being gay myself, I didn’t understand any of it. Barely still a virgin, I’ve only had sex the one time with one woman.

I caught movement in the mirror and stepped back out of the reflection. Until I thought this out, I didn’t want them to see me and them to know that I knew their dirty, little secret. I didn’t want them to know that I saw them blowing one another. I waited a few seconds, before leaning back in to see their reflection in the mirror. They switched positions and were sitting upright now. Moving out of Ankara bayan escort the way just in time, I was glad that I moved out of my reflection. Surely, they would have seen me standing there. How could they not? Without doors on any of the rooms, it wasn’t that big of an apartment.

I took a step and leaned forward to look in the mirror to see what they were doing. They were just talking. Only the fact still remained that they just had gay sex and are gay. Suddenly, I envisioned them both hanging out in gay bars and loosing contact with their neighborhood buddies, the guys they grew up with, and disowning us all for their gay friends, Chad, Todd, Bruce, and Jeremy or whatever. Suddenly, I was sad. I imagined Joey becoming a famous hair designer and Stephen a fashion designer or both going in business together as home decorators. Suddenly, I was out of my mind nuts with stupid thoughts. They’re gay. So what?

I wondered what reaction the guys would have. I mean, I’m fairly opened minded, but I was stunned. Having known them most of my life, I never figured Joey and Stephen were gay. Watching them together sexually was the most unbelievable thing I had ever seen. I never would have guessed that horny little Joey, who always fantasized about his mother jerking him off and blowing him was gay and Stephen, who always talked about seeing his sister naked was gay, too. I don’t think Ralph and Anthony would be as understanding, as I was about such worldly things.

They blew one another. They really blew one another. They’re both cocksuckers. I was still in shock. First, I couldn’t believe I saw Joey and Stephen kissing one another, French kissing and making out. Then, I couldn’t believe I saw them jerking one another off, stroking one another’s cocks. And now, I couldn’t believe that they blew one another and ejaculated in one another’s mouths. I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t believe it. With gay sex trumping first time sex, seeing Joey and Stephen together superseded what happened between Kathleen and I.

I guess it wouldn’t have bothered me as much, if they weren’t my childhood friends from the neighborhood. It may not have bothered me as much had I not witnessed it and had I had time to become accustomed to and understand the idea of them being gay. It was just a shock. Of all people, Joey and Stephen, I never suspected them as being gay lovers.

Now that they were done, now that I witnessed the whole thing, I didn’t want them to see me, as much as I didn’t want to look at them. I didn’t want them to know that I knew their dirty, little secret. I didn’t want to embarrass them and ruin a friendship by being party to and having the closeted knowledge of them being gay. Taking a deep breath of the testosterone, I walked back in the room where Ralph and Anthony were taking turns fucking Kathleen. Suddenly, glad that I was a straight man, I could feel my testosterone welling up inside me and hardening my cock, by the mere sight of Kathleen naked. Even though there’s nothing wrong with being gay, thank God I’m not gay. I have enough problems being Italian.

Even though I’m not gay and/or don’t have any thoughts about being gay, watching my two friends give one another a blowjob gave me an erection. Now, I wondered if I was gay, too. So as not to have their gayness rub off on me, being that I was an 18-years-old virgin, just a few hours before, what did I know? I convinced myself that my erection was from watching Ralph and Anthony with Kathleen, which it may have been and, hopefully, Escort bayan Ankara it was. The three of them were going at one another like dogs in heat and really having hot sex.

I walked in the room, just as Ralph collapsed in a chair. Now, Anthony was fucking Kathleen doggie style. She was bent over the bed with her ass wiggling way up in the air, while Anthony, slamming his cock inside of her, fucked her really hard. I slid across the bed and down between Kathleen’s arms and immediately, we started making out.

I loved kissing Kathleen. She made me feel, as if I was kissing Maureen O’Hara. She blanked my mind when kissing me, which was exactly what I needed, after witnessing the gay sex between Joey and Stephen. Even after all these years, she’s still number one, as the best kisser on my list of all the women I ever kissed. Always comparing one woman to the other, it’s funny how my mental list of best kissers survived, after all these years.

Then, I eased myself further back on the bed until my erect cock was in sucking range of her mouth. She teased me with her tongue, hand, and lips before immediately taking my erect cock in her mouth and sucking it, really sucking it. Man could she suck cock. If there was an award given for the best cocksucker, she’d win. Yet, even while she was blowing me, I couldn’t remove the thoughts of Joey blowing Stephen and Stephen blowing Joey.

When she started making all those loud, slurping, cock sucking sounds, while sucking my cock, she focused my attention from Stephen and Joey to her. Then, she started talking dirty, real dirty to me with things that no woman would ever dare say to a man. Heating up my manly libido, glad to be a heterosexual man, definitely, she was making me feel a lot better.

“I love sucking your big prick, Freddie. Stick that hairy cock in my mouth. Do you like it when I suck you? Do you like it when I take your whole cock in my mouth and deep throat you? Do you like feeling my tongue swirling around the head of your prick? Do you like it when I talk dirty to you?”

“Oh, God, yes, yes, yes, and yes.”

“Do you want to cum in my mouth, again?” She asked moving my cock from her mouth to speak.

“Yes, Kathleen, I really want to cum in your mouth,” I said putting a hand on the back of her head and gently pushing her down, while I fucked her face with my hips. I could feel her take my cock deeper before she released it and did her magic with her twirling tongue around the head of my cock.

“Do you want me to swallow your cum?”

“Yes, swallow me, Kathleen. I want to watch you swallow my cum.”

Because Anthony was so proactive in fucking her from behind, Kathleen was being jerked forward and every time she jerked forward, she’s bounced me on the bed. It was an incredible feeling to be part of a jerking and bouncing threesome sexual chain of fucking and sucking.

She was so freaking pretty. She was my Maureen O’Hara and every time I thought of Maureen O’Hara sucking my cock, my cock got harder and I got hornier. Every time Kathleen jerked, she’d tightened her lip lock around my cock and sucked harder. She didn’t even have to stroke me with her hand because she was stroking me with her mouth and lips. The feeling was incredible. I loved it when she looked up at me with her big, bright blue eyes and gave me a smile with my cock in her mouth. Seeing her looking up at me like that was an incredible sight, the sight of seeing Kathleen with my cock in her mouth, and one that I never tire of reliving Bayan escort Ankara even after all these years.

Just by her kisses and the way that she looked at me, I could tell then and there that she liked me, really liked me. She made me feel different from the other guys and I still felt a little bit like her special boyfriend, even though she blew my four friends and fucked Ralph and Anthony to exhaustion. She treated me better than she did them. She was more rough and impatient with them and more gentle and loving with me.

Not to mention, while Kathleen was blowing me, really sucking my cock, and making all those cock sucking sounds, I was in direct contact with my favorite parts of her body, her C cup tits. She had beautiful tits. I loved her big breasts and couldn’t get enough of them. Within arms’ reach, I loved feeling the weight of her big breasts, while playing with her erect nipples.

I reached both my arms forward and cupped a breast in each hand, while my fingertips were in constant contact with her big nipples. There’s something about feeling hanging breasts when getting a blowjob and her breasts were so full and so firm. Her tits were so firm and so shapely. Maybe because she never had kids and because she was in shape, her breasts were still very high up and didn’t sag at all.

Remembering it, as if it was yesterday, instead of more than 40-years ago, she had these big nipples that really popped out when she got excited, as she was now. When I pulled her nipples from my mouth, after sucking them, they made a noise, as if they were champagne corks being released from a pressurized bottle. It was a turn on to feel her hard nipples. She loved it when I fingered, pulled, and twisted her nipples, the harder the better. Matter of fact, weird that she was into a little bit of BDSM, I couldn’t squeeze her tits hard enough for her liking. Maybe, because I loved her tits and there was no way that I could abuse her beautiful tits, I was a bit too gentle with them, which is why I couldn’t squeeze them hard enough to her liking.

Then, I discovered that if I raised my foot up and angled my big toe back, by bending my knee a little, my big toe was in direct contact with her clit. She was so wet that it only took a gentle but firm touch to get a reaction from her. I was so glad that I had trimmed my toenails that morning. I never knew my toe was so flexible. As if I had another hand with a big thumb, the surprised look on her face, when I first touched her clit with my big toe made her quiver. She shot me a big, sexy, blue eyed smile. She was even prettier when she smiled and when she smiled at me and flashed her big, blue eyes at me, she melted my heart.

She loved it. She really loved my big toe. Now, with Anthony fucking her pussy doggie style, she blowing me, and me playing with her tits and nipples, while rubbing her clit with my big toe, every time Anthony humped her making her jerk forward and bounced me on the bed, this back and forth and up and down action was the perfect formula to get us all off and it did, all at the same time.

I heard Anthony yell that he was cumming and he did. He was having violent spasms, while cumming off inside of her, while Kathleen was having an obvious orgasm from my big toe massaging her clit. I don’t know if it was a chain reaction or the excitement of her blowing me, while looking at me with her big blue eyes or Anthony cumming off, but I shot a load of warm, oozy cum in Kathleen’s mouth, nearly the same time that Anthony unloaded himself in her pussy and Kathleen had an orgasm. I watched, as she took all my cum and swallowed. With her first blowjob just an incredible memory that I’ll never forget, the second blowjob was even better than the first blowjob.

To be continued…

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