County Fair Ch. 01


Note: How many of you have ever gone to a County or State Fair? Well once you get by the smell the food is delicious. Except for the deep fried Twinkies because they will stop your heart quickly. All rights reserved.


“There is absolutely nothing to do in this hick town,” eighteen year old Amy Teller whined from the back seat of her family’s SUV. They passed the tiny movie theater and one of the two gasoline stations on their way to her Grandmother’s house in Winford, West Virginia.

“Hey, over there is a movie rental place that has a video game room,” her 19 year old brother Jake laughed. He had to take off a week from his studies in order to attend his Grandmother’s sixtieth birthday. As he listened to his Ipod, he periodically peeked next to him at his cute sister’s tanned thighs peeping out from under her short denim skirt.

“Don’t worry your cousins will keep you two busy while you are here,” Annette Teller said back to her two children.

“Elmo and Betsy,” Amy chuckled. “Our country cousins who probably don’t even have teeth.”

“Now please don’t say any bad things about hillbillies while you are here,” their father Jim said as he turned down a small road leading to his parent’s property.

They all sat up as the big car swerved dangerously around the narrow curves. In the distance behind a grove of trees they saw the two houses sitting close together. “Is that Uncle Bill’s house?” Jake asked.

“Yes, my brother didn’t move away from home like I did,” Jim smiled.

Five minutes later they pulled up to Jim’s parent’s house and got out of the SUV. “ANYBODY HOME?” Jim yelled. Suddenly they saw a red headed girl running around the house wearing cut off jeans and a tube top.

“UNCLE JIM!” Eighteen year-old Betsy Teller screamed as she took three hops and jumped up into his arms.

Amy leaned over to her bother. “A real Daisy Mae.”

“Nice ass too,” Jake whispered back. Amy smacked his arm but then turned to see her cousin Elmo running up to them.

“Hey Yawl,” Betsy’s older brother Elmo grinned. He moved to his Aunt Annette and gave her a big hug.

“ELMO PUT ME DOWN,” Annette gasped as she felt her dress being pulled up in the back.

“Whoa Mom,” Jake laughed when her pink boy shorts panties appeared. He didn’t know his Mom wore sexy undies and he definitely didn’t know her ass was that nice.

“Sure,” Elmo grinned when he saw Amy. “This can’t be my skinny little cousin Amy.”

“Yep that’s me but not skinny anymore,” Amy chuckled.

“Nice boobs,” Elmo grinned as he moved over and pulled her into his stout frame.

“Elmo behave yourself,” Betsy blushed. She moved over to Jake and watched as he put out his hand to greet her. “Sorry but we are family,” she giggled as she hugged him into her soft breasts.

“Well looky here,” Bill grinned as he came out onto the large porch. “My favorite sister-in-law.” He jumped off the porch and also picked Annette up while he hugged her into his hard frame. Again her dress flew up and again they all saw the pink sexy panties.

“Bill!” She gasped as she tried to reach back and cover her nearly bare ass.

As Bill moved to the others Bill’s wife Annie walked out wearing jeans and a tight blouse. The jeans looked as if they were painted on. “Hello,” she smiled as she moved down the steps and up to Jim. “How have you been?’

“It’s been a while,” Jim said realizing that she looked basically the same since he dated her in high school years ago. It was with her that they both lost their virginities. She moved into Jim’s arms and leaned up to whisper, “I can’t wait to get you alone.”

Jim quickly moved away as she welcomed Annette and their children. “Where is Mom?”

“She’s down at the store getting some extra food.” Bill said to his brother.

“We told her not to bother,” Jim said. “I noticed you have a few more eating places.”

“She likes to cook,” Bill answered. “She will be glad to see you.”

“Let’s go over to the house and get settled in,” Jim said to his family. “What the schedule for today and the rest of the week?”

“Nothing until tomorrow’s birthday party,” Bill answered.

Jim looked at his watch and noticed it was around noon. “What is the best place to eat around here?”

“At our house,” Annie grinned. “I have some fried chicken and corn ready for yawl.”

“Yummy,” Jake grinned. Since his mother and sister were both veggie eaters he normally didn’t get a whole lot of meat.

“We can eat corn,” Annette whispered to her daughter as they carried their bags to the house next door.

They walked upstairs in the house and Jim stopped by the first bedroom. “I’m sorry but you two will have to share a bedroom.”

“Jim they are too old for that,” Annette said.

“Na, we can do it,” Amy grinned. She noticed her brother before checking out her legs during the trip and wanted to tease him some more.

“If she gets bad I’ll have to spank her,” Jake chuckled. They moved into the bedroom and saw the two twin beds. “Shucks I wanted to share a bed with you,” Jake Gaziantep Oral Escort whispered.

Amy smacked his arm. “Just because we are in West Virginia it doesn’t mean you are going to get into my panties.”

“Are you wearing any?” Jake asked as he reached down and lifted the back of her skirt. All he saw was pink round buns. “Shit you aren’t.”

“I am so,” she said as she reached back and lifted the shirt higher until he saw the waistband of her red thong.

“Jesus you have grown haven’t you?”

“Don’t say you haven’t already noticed,” Amy smiled. She pushed down her skirt and threw her bag on the bed close to the window.


“That is a bad idea,” Annette said again to her husband as they unpacked their bags. “In case you haven’t noticed Amy has filled out recently.”

“She’s taking after her mother,” Jim grinned. He reached under her arms as she leaned over the bed and cupped her 36D breasts.

“JIM STOP!” Annette cried out. She looked back at the door and noticed that it was still open. “The kids are next door.”

“They’re old enough,” Jim laughed. He pulled down on the shoulder strap on her right shoulder and grabbed onto the bra strap on the way down. Seconds later he cupped her bare breast and pulled lightly on the hard tip.

“OH GOD!” Annette yelled. “JIM STOP!”


Jake and Amy heard their parents at the same time. Amy moved to the wall and put her ear on it. “I can’t believe our parents really have sex.”

“Well, we know that they did it at least twice,” Jake laughed. He moved up behind Amy and lightly pressed his front side into her softness.

Amy froze when she first felt his manhood against her virgin ass. She had touched her boyfriend back in Pittsburg but he seems small compared to what was jabbing her at the moment. “Is my brother being bad?”

“Yes,” he answered. “What do you think they are doing?”

“I don’t know,” Amy replied. She pushed her butt back and felt his long length against her butt crack. “I’m not that experience.”

“Are you a virgin?” Jake whispered. His hand moved to her waist just above her skirt and below her blouse.

“Maybe,” she answered feeling light headed. “Maybe not.”

As Jake’s fingers moved alone the ridge of her skirt and around to the front she leaned back to give him more room. He found the snap on the skirt and pulled it until it popped open. “Maybe I should find out.”

Amy knew it was wrong but not even her boyfriend had touched her bare pussy yet. Hearing her parents and feeling his hardness allowed him to pull open her skirt and glide his fingers downward until he touched the elastic band of her thong. She felt his fingers moving under the silk and then heard footsteps in the hall. “Stop.”

Elmo beat his sister up the steps and made it to the bedroom just as Amy zipped up and reconnected her skirt. He saw her move her ass away from Jake and knew that they had been doing something nasty. Betsy ran up behind him and pushed him into the bedroom.

“Watcha doing?” Betsy asked her two cousins.

“Nothing,” Jake said as he continued facing away so they wouldn’t see the hard bulge in his jeans. He glanced back at Elmo and saw him wink.

“I need to get out of this skirt,” Amy said blushing. “When I get my jeans on maybe you can show us around.”

“Can we watch?” Elmo asked as he sat on Jake’s bed.

“I don’t think so,” Jake said before grabbing his cousin’s hand and pulling him downstairs.

Betsy closed the door. “OK, now it’s just us girls.”

Amy had undressed many times in front of her girlfriends but she was nervous doing it in front of Betsy. She pulled out her jeans and faced away as she removed her skirt.

“Wow, is that a thong?” Betsy asked. “God, it looks like your butt is naked.”

“Uh..yeah it’s a thong,” Amy answered. “Don’t you wear them around here?”

“Na, sometimes I don’t wear any underwear,” Betsy laughed. “It drives the guys crazy.”

“The guys in your school.”

“No Daddy and Elmo,” Betsy laughed.

“Oh my God, they’ve seen you without panties.”

“Sure, we are family you know,” Betsy grinned. She didn’t want to mention the County Fair just yet.

“Have….have you seen Elmo…you know…his…”

“Oh yeah, he’s hung like a horse,” Betsy smiled. She knew that Amy was hot on every word.

“But you’ve never….you know…”

Betsy moved closer. “Fucked?”

“Uh yeah…that.”

“Nope, not yet. I just turned 18 a few weeks ago so we still have time. Have you fucked anyone yet?”

“Uh…no..not really.”

“Not really….meaning you were close?”

“Not that close,” Amy answered. She pulled up and snapped her jeans.


Jake and Elmo moved outside and sat on the porch. “So it looks like you and Amy are real close,” Elmo grinned.

“What? Uh…no…not really.” Jake realized that Elmo had seen more than he had thought.

“Betsy’s a prick tease too,” Elmo sighed. “She’s given me a lot of woodies.”

“She’s got a nice built,” Jake grinned.

“Yeah, I didn’t know until her birthday at the County Fair.”

“What? You checked her out at the County Fair?” Jake sat up.

“Your dad never told you about the County Fair?” Elmo asked in shock. “My dad said that it was the family tradition.”

“No, shit man…tell me.”

Elmo looked around and saw his father walking towards the house. “Later.”

“Annie said the food is ready,” Bill grinned at the two young men on the porch. They looked like him and his brother growing up years ago. “What are you two talking about?”

Elmo leaned forward and whispered. “He doesn’t know about the County Fair.”

Bill laughed. “Jim has been gone a while. I’ll have to remind him about it later.”

“Shit, tell me what it is,” Jake begged.

“I think your father needs to tell you,” Bill smiled. He had hoped to get Jim and his family to do a County Fair but wasn’t sure if Annette and the kids would go for it.


Annette crawled from under her husband’s body and hands and pulled her bra and dress back over her breast. “What’s gotten into you?” It had been weeks since they last made love.

“Must be the country air,” Jim grinned not wanting to say it loud enough for her to hear. He walked over to the door and closed it before unzipping and pulling out his hard seven inch cock. “Maybe you can help me?”

Annette had never seen him this carefree and nasty before. “You’re joking right?

“We have time. Maybe just a hand job or maybe you know you could…”

Annette knew he wanted a blowjob but it was something she had only tried once. “I need to get my jeans and blouse on,” she said as she turned and pulled off her dress. She knew that he was behind her when she felt her bra being released. “We don’t have time.”

“Shhh,” he whispered after dropping the bra on the floor and then pushing down her pink panties. “Bill got a good look at these today.”

“He…did?” she asked feeling him removing them. She kicked them aside and turned showing him her sparsely covered blonde pubic mound.

“Yes and if I know my brother he will be trying to get into them this week.”

“Are you joking?” She asked as her hand moved down and captured his stiffness. She remembered Bill’s strong and hard body from the hug before. “But you will tell him that I’m off limits right?”

“It won’t do any good,” Jim whispered. He reached down and over to cup and caress her warm and soft titties.

“Ohhh,” Annette moaned as she closed her eyes and imagined it was Bill’s fingers toying with her raised nips.

“He’s always been that way with my girlfriends,” Jim said softly. “But I always get even.”

“You…….you shared your girlfriends?”

“Yes,” he answered while pushing his long middle finger down between her thighs to discover her pussy was dripping wet. He heard her moan and knew she was imagining it was Bill finger-fucking her. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Nooo…please keep touching me,” she whispered. “I’m so close.”

Jim knew they had little time. He quickly rubbed over her swollen clitty and felt her body let go.

“OH YES! NOW!” She climaxed and quickly stoked him faster and faster. Suddenly his cannon exploded and his hot spunk splashed against her stomach.

After cleaning up Jim tossed her back her panties. “Put these back on because I’m sure Bill liked them.”

Annette figured he was just teasing. “He won’t be seeing them again.”

Jim smiled and waited until she was dressed before they moved down for dinner.


Jim’s mother Helen walked in when they came down stairs. “My baby is home!” She said running to him for a big hard hug.

Annette had noticed how the family liked to hug at their wedding but never thought anything of it until Jim mentioned to her about how he had shared girlfriends with Bill. Now she could see her husband’s hands low on her mother’s back. And then she saw the lingering kiss on the lips.

“Uh…hi Helen,” Annette said feeling nervous.

Helen pulled her lips away and turned. “Well, you’ve fill out but rather nicely in the right areas.” She moved to Annette and pulled their bodies together.

Annette glanced over at Jim and saw his grin. She felt Helen moving her head back and did the same as they looked into each other’s eyes. Suddenly Helen’s mouth move forward to hers and her soft lips parted just enough to feel the moisture from within.

Jim grinned as he watched their mouths press harder until Annette shifted hers to the side. Helen grinned and moved back. “Well let’s get over to Annie’s because she has the food ready.

Everyone was in the kitchen when they arrived and Helen greeted Jake and Amy. “Just as handsome as your father,” she whispered to Jake while her soft mounds pressed into his chest.

“Jim will you help me get some ice from the basement?” Annie asked as Helen continued to hug Jake and then move to Amy.

“Sure,” he said noting that Annette was too busy watching her mother-in-laws body rub against her children’s.

“Over here,” Annie said leading him to the far corner.

“But the freezer is over there,” Jim said as he turned to point. He felt her grab his hand and knew he was in trouble.

“Shhh,” she whispered as she turned him and pulled his head and lips down to hers. He hesitated at first but when her tongue dashed out his met it.

Jim closed his eyes but they opened a few seconds later when her fingers found and grabbed onto his soft but growing covered cock.

His mouth moved away. “Annie we can’t do this.”

“Sure we can. You know that Bill doesn’t mind as long as it’s you. I’ve been so horny waiting for you to get here.”

He felt her lower his zipper and move inside until her fingers found his pulsating hot flesh.

“Look it missed me. Does Annette give you blowjobs?” She asked before dropping to her knees and engulfing the now swollen tip.

“No…ooooo,’ he moaned. It had been so long since Annie had provided him oral pleasures that it only took her twenty seconds to get him off. “OHHHH!” He glanced down at his thick cock in her lips as he filled her mouth with his hot spunk. Her lips locked tight as she sucked and swallowed every drop.

Anne wiped her lips as she stood. “You were never that fast before. That should do it until tomorrow night at the County Fair.”

“Oh no…..we can’t do that,” Jim gasped. “Annette will never consider it.”

“Let me and Bill work on her,” Annie whispered. “And Elmo and Betsy will work on your kids.”

Jim had never considered the possibility of the kids playing the game. “They can’t play.”

“Why not?” Annie asked while she moved over to the freezer and pulled out a few bags of ice. “We introduced it to our kids at Betsy’s birthday and they both loved it.”

“You did……with your own kids.”

“Jim,” she laughed. “Think about what you just said.”

“Ah shit you’re right,” Jim said while grabbing the bags of ice and following her cute butt up the stairs.


Annette noticed that Jim was gone but didn’t know he was with Annie until they walked back in the kitchen. It didn’t bother her too much except that the zipper in his jeans was down. She stared at him but he quickly looked away.

“Well this is going to be one hell of a week!” Helen said as she stood up to toast. “I might be 60 tomorrow but right now I feel like I’m eighteen again like Amy and Betsy.”

Dinner went over well and after two rounds of some local wine they were all feeling a buzz. “Let’s take a family walk to the Rock,” Helen said after the dishes were done.


As the family took off down the road the young ones ran off ahead while the older ones hung back. Annette had the wrong kind of shoes on so she ran into the other house to put on her sneakers. When she came out she found Bill waiting for her. “They all walked ahead.”

“Oh…OK,” she said somewhat nervously because of what Jim had said about Bill coming on to her. After being married for twenty-one years she was rusty on heading off the advances of a man.

“Slow down,” Bill said as she took off quickly. He grabbed her hand and held it tight to prevent her from pulling away.

“We…uh…need to catch them,” Annette said trying to slide her tiny fingers from his large rough ones.

“Nope, you have to stay with me so we can get to know each other better.” He changed her left hand to his left hand which left his right hand free to move around her waist.

She gasped when his right fingers squeezed her upper hip and side. “I know what you are trying to do.”

“Is that right? What is it that I’m trying to do?”

Annette felt light headed and totally turned on. The others were out of sight so no one would know if he did anything. “You…uh ..know…Jim told me about…how you shared girlfriends.”

He laughed and pulled her hip into his. “Did he also tell you that Annie was his girlfriend before she was mine?”

Annette stopped walking. “She…was?”

“Yes, I wasn’t the one who took her cherry. Jim’s the only man you’ve been with..isn’t he?”

“I…uh…that’s none of your business.” She felt his hand drop lower until her right buttock was covered and he was gently squeezing it.

“It’s not right…..we are both married and…” She looked up as his face moved downward. Her eyes focused on his lips until they pressed against her own. She tried to pull away for about five seconds until her body went limp. She couldn’t remember the last man, other than Jim, that she had kissed.

Bill took his time and teased her soft mouth with tiny nibbles. He bit into her lower lip with his lips and pulled outward until her mouth open and her teeth moved against his upper lip.

Annette’s mind went blank and her body took control. It was her tongue that crossed the line and ventured outward to taste him first. She thought of Jim’s zipper being down and how Annie was her husband’s girlfriend first. She then thought about how Jim had seemed OK with Bill coming onto her. Her hands reached up to grab onto his shoulders which lined up her soft breasts to his chest and his lower hardness into her soft tummy. The wine was the trigger to lower all resistance to this hunk of a man.