Cousin Maggie Ch. 05


Summer 2000:

I rented a home just outside Buffalo, NY that was on a dead end road and we could walk to our mailbox at the end of our driveway and strain our eyes and just barely see the nearest mailbox down the road. We couldn’t see the home that owned that mailbox and no one could see us. This gave ultimate privacy and was the reason for choosing that house.

When I say “we”, the other part was my Cousin Maggie. A very beautiful young woman 22 years old going on six. She had been born mentally challenged, yet was able to function quite well outside the group home where she lived for a time. I, her “older” male cousin took very good care of her – in and out of bed! At this point, our family had accepted and condoned the relationship and Maggie and I had been living together for about 1 year. 1 year of nearly non-stop sex!

On the particular day I am remembering, I was in the back yard on a lounge chair in just a pair of small tight men’s bikini briefs. I was on my 4th beer and it was about 11:30 AM. I was thinking about going in for lunch when Maggie came out totally and completely bare ass naked with a tray of sandwiches.

Maggie was tall and thin and blond all over. Her patch of fur (and it was as thick as fur) was also very blond. Late Uncle Stew had had brown hair, so I assume that his first wife (Maggie’s mom) must have also been a goddess. Thankfully she looked nothing like Stew (picture Rob Reiner as he looks today). Maggie had the picture perfect breasts that could have earned Hefner a few extra bucks had he discovered them. There wasn’t a scar or pimple Gaziantep Escort İlanları or flaw anywhere on her. Expect the mental thing which was easy to ignore. Once the temperature had hit 70 degrees, the clothes had come off and were only put back on when we had company – excluding her friend Denise who also would strip down. I always stuck with the briefs, because nothing hurts more than a sunburned cock. Put a hot dog in the microwave for 2 minutes and see the damage. I made the mistake once – but you don’t want to hear about that…

Maggie set down the tray and came over and sat on my crotch. I reached up and squeezed both breasts at once and she smiled. Maggie had the most fantastic smile. She laughed and one second later, I felt fluid running all over my briefs and even puddling in my belly button.

Maggie had pissed on me! Don’t be concerned – I love that sort of thing and having the freedom to run around naked brought out the playfulness in both of us. I couldn’t remember the last time either of us had peed in a toilet. If you looked closely at my wooden fence, you could see where I had signed my name in pee just a few minutes earlier. I pulled Maggie down into the puddle she’d made and kissed her.

Maggie consented to the kiss, but then jumped back off me and brought me a sandwich. While I ate the bologna and mustard on rye of which I liked none of the ingredients, Maggie pulled down my briefs and began licking my poor limp pissed on dick. We’d had sex twice the night before and twice that morning – I’m getting up there in age and don’t bounce back as quick as I did at her age. Maggie proceeded to lick and nibble and even stuff my entire cock into her mouth – but it wasn’t getting hard. This didn’t set well with Maggie and she must have thought it had something to do with the beer – she poured the remainder of my cold beer all over my dick.

“Hey! Your wasting the beer!” I cried. This was to distract her from the fact that I was a limp middle age man.

“Noooo. I’m going to lick it off you. So, she pulled the briefs down the rest of the way and tossed them aside. Then, she proceeded to kiss her way back up my leg. When she got to my balls, she began sucking them. If you have never had your balls sucked – get it done at least once before you die. There’s nothing like it. While you’re at it – pay a few extra bucks and have the hooker chew the area behind your balls. Oops, did I say pay? Well, if you can get it done for free or barter – that’s great, too. Besides, in the long run – a relationship costs more than a whore. But, back to the ball sucking….

Maggie did like to chew back of the balls and she even slid her finger deep into my ass hole. She was stroking my dick and finally getting a response. Old stiffy was waking up! When she discovered this, she popped him into her mouth and kept up frigging me in the ass with her finger. I was about as hard as I was going to get! I think Maggie knew this. She stopped the sucking and proceeded to kiss my pubic hair and slowly inch her way toward my face. Halfway there, she licked out my bellybutton – still wet and half filled with her urine. I tasted her urine strong on her breath with the kiss when it finally arrived.

I wasn’t sure that the lounge chair would see the end of Summer. It wasn’t designed for a fucking couple. Maggie shoved my dick into her pussy and started rocking and bopping on top of me. What a life! I had a beautiful horny woman and food and beer and I didn’t hardly have to move a muscle while having sex with her!

Stiffy was living up to his name and the boner was rock hard and Maggie was slamming him into her at a fevered pace. I think she was trying to get off on just the fucking since I wasn’t stimulating her clit or even playing with her nipples. Hey, I had a sandwich in my left hand and I had popped another beer with my right – I was busy in my way and she in her way.

I felt some squeezing down below and that throbbing usually meant an orgasm coming for Maggie. She was also starting to get that throat chortle thing going which always ended in a scream. I was rock hard, but stiffy was just along for Maggie’s ride. And then came the orgasmic scream…

It probably scared all wildlife within a quarter mile, unless they had heard it yesterday. I was getting used to it. Then the damn lounge chair broke! Just like the last one. The metal ripped away and it sank to the ground. Maggie and I tumbled out “stage left”. I lost half a sandwich and half a can of beer as we tumbled into the grass that needed mowing. Maggie never lost a hint of her smile. She had mud on her ass and right side and even in her hair. She was a mess – a beautiful satisfied highly sexual mess!

She stood up and looked me in the eye, “I want to get married!”

I couldn’t see giving any of this life up, so I said, “OK”.