Cutty Ch. 10

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Sex Education

“Come on,” Ms. Brendan said as she practically jumped out of the car. “This going to be fun!”

“Fun for who?” Donna thought, as she got out a little bit slower.

“Ever been in a sex shop?” Ms. Brendan asked as if she brought a child to a amusement park for the first time. “You’ll like it!”

“I’m not so sure about that,” Donna thought as she looked worrisome at her own clothing.

“I’ve seen a few already, Ms. Brendan” she said. “How can she let me in such a place dressed like this? It’s not me…”

“Really?” Ms. Brendan smiled with disbelief, “And, did you buy anything?”

“Well…” Donna replied. “I don’t need the things they sell, Ms. Brendan”. She wanted to make sure Ms. Brendan understood she was not at all interested in a sex shop, let alone buy items.

“Relax, Cutty,” Ms. Brendan put her right arm around Donna’s left arm and squeezed her hand. “I just want you to see the stuff they sell, broaden your horizon once again.”

That did not really calm Donna down. She entered the shop nervously, not knowing what to expect.

It was true she had seen shops like these before, especially when preparing bachelors parties, but that was just for fun. Now she felt she really entered it for sex, especially dressed in her slut outfit, with her pussy still wet from her forced masturbation.

The shop itself was rather big. When they entered Donna was quit surprised by its size, her previous trips had been to much smaller shops.

“This is one big outlet, indeed.” Ms. Brendan smiled wickedly at Donna’s surprised face.

“They have almost everything here.” Ms. Brendan started to walk through the racks filled with adult dvds, toys, clothing etcetera. “This is the dvd section, divided into American, European and Asian. I personally prefer the European right now, if you stay away from the gory German tapes.”

Donna looked at all the dvds lined up. On the ceiling she saw cages filled with plastic fuck dolls, and models dressed in sexy lingerie, leather etc. The whole hall, which it actually was, was darkly lid with lights, and some soft music was playing. On the walls big pictures of woman and man in all sorts of positions, and everywhere promo material for movies, sex toys, web sites etc., lightened by small powerful spotlights. It all made for a very descent environment to do some private shopping. For that matter; Donna did not see any other customers.

“Ever seen a porn movie?” Ms. Brendan asked.

“No, not really…” Donna recalled. “Once I started to look at one with some girlfriends, but it was just not what we found interesting.”

“…Ms. Brendan,” she added.

“Well, or you all were just too shy, hiding your sexual desires, as most young women are taught to.”

“No, I found it disgusting,” Donna thought, but wisely kept her mouth shut.

It had been one of those days she and her teenage friends had nothing to do. Her friend Brenda’s brother had one tape stashed, and Brenda knew where. They all looked at it, but it was just a disillusion in manhood for the girls. They really couldn’t understand what men found exciting at seeing them fucking in clear detail. It was the time in their lives when they were dreaming of prince charming, and love forever, not to have a dick stuck up in their asses and cum all over their face.

“Not convinced, ‘ey?” Ms. Brendan saw. “Well we’ll see a few in the coming weeks, maybe I’ll change your mind.” They walked through the long row of dvds. Just by passing by Donna got the same feeling as when she saw her first porn movie. “How could a man possible like these filthy movies?”

They stopped at a counter in the middle of the hall, where a middle aged man looked them over.

“To your left is the sex toy section, to your right the fetish and other kinks,” Ms. Brendan said to Donna.

“Well hello there, Ms. Brendan,” the man behind the counter said. “Good to see you again, I’m glad you still know my place.”

“Just lookin’ around,” Ms. Brendan said. “Showing this girl what’s in store.” Ms. Brendan winked at the man who started to chuckle.

“Come on, Cutty,” Ms. Brendan said pulling the shy Donna away.

“Whenever you need some explanation you just call me Ms. Brendan, I’ll be happy to show you and the sexy lady how it all works.”

“He likes you,” Ms. Brendan said teasingly to Donna.

“Who cares?” Donna thought. She really didn’t feel at home, and that creep just added to her discomfort. Repulsed she followed Ms. Brendan, who had decided to walk to the sex toys department.

“Dvds we don’t have to see. Those we will look up at home: I’ve got broadband internet so I download everything in an instant.” She said to Donna as she clicked her fingers.

“…But toys, that’s a different story. Once you’re addicted to using toys during sex, you almost can’t do without them!” She looked at Donna with a malicious grin.

“Here comes the inevitable question” Donna thought as they walked through racks and displays filled with Dildo’s bahçeşehir escort and other stuff.

“Let me guess: you never ever used a dildo, nor any sex toy for that matter.”

“No, Ms. Brendan,” Donna said.

“Probably not even a ribbed condom. You really need to be educated.”

And Ms. Brendan really took to that part. The next hour she explained Donna in a rather childish way what every different toy she pointed at was used for. She even questioned Donna after each toy to see if she had paid attention. Donna, although not interested, inevitably learned all disgusting things people did with various toys. From the simple dildo stick, to the more advanced vibrating models, to the even pulsating, rotating, double dildo’s. They went on to discuss the sybian, venus vibrators, butt plugs, beads etc. All was explained in detail how it worked, how it achieved pleasure, and Donna was forced to listen, and sometimes even repeat.

Donna was actually amazed at the variety in toys, and how they vary in their sexual stimulation. She learned about extenders, penis pumps to enlarge the dick of a man, vibro balls, the different gels. In the past Donna only glanced quickly at them, usually let the others kid around with the toys, but now, after the lessons, she began to feel more like an expert.

“We’ll take this book for you to read and learn more.” Ms. Brendan said as she picked up a ‘Sex toys for Dummies’ kind of book. Donna looked through it and saw it was indeed explanatory, and very explicit. In all she was not aroused, but she was intrigued at the new sex world she got to know. “Maybe you can even use it to educate your children later.” Ms. Brendan suggested as they left the section.

Donna did not like that remark. She wanted her children to know about sex, but going beyond the basics was not her idea. “She should stay away from my family, especially my children, they will learn about love.”

“Just because I like the way you say it, Cutty, how do you use a butt plug again?” Ms. Brendan asked the dreaming Donna.

Donna sighed. “First you use the KY-gel both on your asshole, and on the plug itself. Then you bend over as far as you can, and gently push and turn the plug up your ass, until the rim of your asshole shuts around the plug, leaving the handle outside so you can always remove it, Ms. Brendan.”

A laugh stirred Donna. They were walking passed the counter as she had rephrased her lesson. Donna didn’t look up, but turned beat red in one second.

“And that’s the hard part!” Ms. Brendan laughed, “Oh Cutty, it is so nice to hear you tell this in your inexperienced way. It totally turns me on!”

“Oh no,” Donna worried. “I hope she is not going to get freaky with me right here. What will that man think of me?” She hurried away from the counter, into the fetish section.

“This place usually gets busy after 6,” Ms. Brendan explained as she saw Donna looking around for other people when they arrived in the empty section. “People that come in during the day usually are pro’s.” She gave Donna a teasing elbow at that remark.

Donna politely smiled back. She was still embarrassed from the scene at the counter. She looked around and found they were standing in the middle of racks filled with bondage gear, latex suites, leather suites, whips, etc.

“Here there is so much I have to show you, but we have so little time.” Ms. Brendan said. “I’ll just run you through the basics. When you’re ready we’ll come back and really dive into this beautiful world of extreme sex.”

Donna looked at Ms. Brendan, dressed in her normal business suite. “You would never imagine from first sight she would be as perverted as she is,” Donna thought. “She wants to push me into this type of perverted sex, but I won’t let her. We’ll see who’s the strongest…”

Ms Brendan ignored the slightly provoking face Donna gave her, and just started to explain the various objects in the racks. They covered the light bonding, “It helps to get those annoying hands out of the way…” To the clothing, “Most of the suites accentuate the female body in a sexual type of way …” And finally even up to light torture, “No pleasure without pain, Cutty!”

Ms Brendan showed Donna pictures of the various items, using advertisement material or books, to explain to her how they should be used.

“I’m glad she doesn’t try all on me.” She thought, “I would refuse, but still…”

“Maybe that is why she only shows them to me, she knows I will refuse to have this all used on me.” Donna was pretty sure that was the reason why Ms. Brendan did not bother to use her body right then and there. It gave her a

Ms Brendan did make sure Donna was paying attention to her as she educated her. She never let Donna’s mind drift away for too long. And as she did with the toys, she let her repeat the lessons every now and then.

Finally, they wrapped things up. “We have to go to the hotel, to get ready for dinner,” Ms. Brendan informed. “Unfortunately…”

Donna bakırköy escort on the other side just couldn’t wait to get out of there.

When they passed the counter, the man addressed her. “Excuse me miss,” the man said politely.

Donna, feeling something awkward was going to happen replied suspicious, “Yes?”

“A gift from the house,” the man said, as he gave her a box wrapped in brown paper.

Donna wanted to refuse it.

“Go on, take it and thank the man,” Ms. Brendan whispered in her ear.

Donna took the gift. “Thank you,” she said and turned around to walk out of the store. She could hear the man chuckle as they walked to the exit through the dvds section. The box had a loose item in it so it rattled when she shook it. She didn’t dare to open it, but had an idea of what was in it…


Another luxurious restaurant, and another mixture of feelings. They just finished their soup and were waiting for the next round. Again Ms. Brendan had arranged for them to sit in a discrete corner. Donna had been told to wear one of her new business suits; “It’s going to be more like a business meeting.” Ms. Brendan had explained, and so she did.

Donna however sat uncomfortable, as she had her free butt plug up her ass. Luckily it was a small one, a ‘beginners plug’ as Ms. Brendan had said. Ms. Brendan had ‘helped’ her put it in, though she said she would only help her once.

“I’m getting in way over my head,” Donna thought as she drank her second glass of delicious red wine. She needed the drinks to cope with the situation. “How will I get out of this? It is so unreal, here I am, sitting in a business suite, discussing, talking about my future work, and Ms. Brendan’s past, and in the mean time I have a butt plug stuck up my ass, just because she ordered me to.”

“No, not just because,” Donna corrected herself. “Because she is blackmailing me and my family. And I don’t see an easy way out.”

“So, I found out that being a woman, a good looking woman, in a world otherwise totally occupied by men was an advantage,” Ms. Brendan explained. “It is amazing how stupid men get when they meet a mixture of brain and beauty. The only ones you have to watch out for are the gay, and the other scarce females.”

Donna focused her interest back to the conversation. It was interesting to hear this powerful women recite her history.

“I surrounded myself with men, powerful men, and from there on the ball started rolling. Being a lesbian helped: I didn’t need those men at any time, so I could flirt with them without fear f loosing myself in the game. People underestimate the power of sex in the business.”

“Even in her business she is indulging in sex all the time?” Donna wondered.

“But it is the brains that do the dealing, never forget that, Cutty,” Ms. Brendan answered her thoughts. “You must always think win win, but with your own win a little bit more. And plan ahead; what will be the next deal? How will this deal result in progress?”

Ms. Brendan went on and on explaining Donna all her thoughts on doing business and explaining how she came to be so influential.

“It’s all about differentiating your businesses. Most business men stick to one market. I developed several at the same time. If one went down, I ‘capsuled’ my companies in that market awaiting better times, and focused on developing the business in the other markets. With the money you make in one, you can survive in the other, while the competition dies off.”

Donna was after a while so occupied with Ms. Brendan’s stories, she just forgot all about the plug, or her situation in general.

When deserts came, she was full, pretty drunk from all the wine, and did not shift around anymore with her ass. Her plug was pushed deeper, but she didn’t feel it/cared anymore.

“To finalize, Cutty,” Ms. Brendan said as she scooped her ice cream “I want you to join my real estate company. As a management assistant at first. I want you to learn everything there is in that business, especially in the renovation part. I need to renovate a lot of old buildings, and I want government support for it etcetera. It’s a hassle right now to go through all that paper work.”

Donna nodded interested. Very interested.

“Your marketing background should help you market my business to those government people. They need to know me, and support me in my projects. That will be your responsibility.” Ms. Brendan explained.

“But first, to get you started, I let you work on some charity work I do to protect, restore the monuments of the city, out heritage. It is in the line of the work you will do eventually and will bring you into contact with the right people. After that your career is ready to go!”

“I am excited about it, Ms. Brendan,” Donna told Ms. Brendan honestly “You really have great confidence in me.” Donna really wanted to know why she was doing this for her.

“Cutty, from the moment I saw you I knew başakşehir escort you had potential. I am a woman after all, we sense those things,” Ms. Brendan smiled. “I think you will make an excellent employee. If your cooperation in our relationship is just a slight hint of what you are capable of, you will not disappoint me!”

Donna looked smiling at Ms. Brendan. By now she was so excited about her future career she didn’t mind the ‘relationship’ with Ms. Brendan that much anymore. “After all, it is she loving me, and I am just a victim. Next, she’s a woman, and she herself has indicated men don’t care if their women go strange with other women…

“But weird it is. And I need to set limits to what she does to me. This butt plug thing is already going very far, next…” No, she didn’t want to think of what’s next.

“Let’s have a last tequila shot to go,” Ms. Brendan said. “The night is young, and I have something exciting planned for you! To celebrate the new job.”

And so Donna, already tipsy, took, as it turned out, a few tequila shots. She was pretty drunk when she was lifted by Ms. Brendan and gently guided out of the restaurant. Donna giggled all the way, feeling happy, too happy.

The strip club

When they exited the car, Donna found herself standing in front of a strip club called “Hungry Girls”. She looked around the scenery, wobbling on her legs, while Ms. Brendan got out behind her. The obvious red lights, the brick wall, no windows to see what was going on inside, the three bouncers eying her, the dark street. “Somehow these clubs always end up in a shady part of town,” she thought. “And the last time I was in one was for some male stripping show with my girlfriends more than five years ago.”

The wind was picking up and it became chilly right away. She embraced herself feeling her nipples harden a bit more. “Fuck, my appearance must be slutty,” she thought as she eyed herself.

She was standing in front of a strip club, dressed as a stripper herself. The very short red skirt, the black stockings the black high heeled 6″ open shoes, the blouse with the large v-cut in front, the flimsy slutty flowery adornments on the blouse, and the push up bra which left her nipples free, pocking through the thin blouse.

“And above all, I’m drunk again”.

Ms. Brendan had changed her in the car on the way over. Donna, drunk, didn’t put up much of a resistance. Actually, the tequila had made her horny, happy and dizzy, and she had slipped into the new clothing without any protest. When instructed to masturbate she had not hesitated, and within seconds she had come.

Donna smiled happily when Ms. Brendan laid her arm around her as she was standing in front of the club. She gave Ms. Brendan a kiss on the cheek. “Why did I do that?” she wondered right away. “Must be the damn alcohol, combined with the love making in the car. That’s what I find most embarrassing right now, being wet upon entering a strip club.” Donna however still smiled and cuddled up to Ms. Brendan for protection against the cold wind, as she was guided into the club.

“Good evening, Ms. Brendan, good to see you again,” one of the bouncers greeted them, as he held the door open. “Enjoy the show.”

Donna was guided passed the counter through the next door where she found herself in a large room, with 5 – 6 girls dancing on different podia, mirrors everywhere, everything half lit with red lightning. The cough, chairs were all in various shades of red. And the floor was covered with a thick red carpet.

“A typical strip club,” Donna thought looking around.

“Let’s sit over there,” Ms. Brendan said, and they walked towards a rounded couch with a separate small podium in front of it. “That is my favorite place”. They sat down and immediately a young girl, half naked, wearing just a short skirt stockings and high heels came by. “What will you girls drink?” she asked smiling a bright smile.

“I’ll just have a coke for now, she will have a margarita, the special one,” Ms. Brendan said to the girl. “You’ll love that drink,” she said to Donna.

Donna just smiled. “She wants me drunk again,” she thought. “I must drink slowly, this is not the place to get drunk, not dressed like this.” She looked around. “Too many thugs,” she concluded. She forgot in her state of mind she already was very drunk.

The audience was indeed not really the cream of the top. Some biker-like man had taken over a corner, and were admiring a beautiful young girl with platinum blond hair sensually dancing around her stage wearing some blue lingerie, stockings, and white high heels. She expertly teased them and collected a lot of dollars. “A pro,” Donna concluded. The men obviously enjoyed the sight, and where constantly cheering with their beers at every move the girl made. It made the money flow.

Scattered around the place where some creepy men looking up at the other dancing girls, also spending dollars. Donna observed them and felt repulsed to be in the same room as them.

“You’ll always have those figures,” Ms. Brendan said, as she saw Donna looking at the dirty skinny man sitting close by. Glaring at one of the dancers in front of him, fumbling with dollar bills. “But this is still my favorite strip club in this town. They know me well and have some good features, as you will see.”

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