Dreams Ch. 02

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Back down in reception, Carrie-Anne is smoking my joint. “Good timing. Brunch is ready. Did you enjoy that?” I take the joint from her and smile.

“I surely did. Guess I passed, right?”

She hops off the counter, takes my hand and leads me to the restaurant. “You passed. With flying colours”.

Well, of course I did. We sit down in comfortable leather chairs for a drink before our brunch arrives. “What are you having?” Carrie-Anne asks, walking seductively over to the bar.

“A tall gin and tonic, thanks.” She fixes our drinks and I light a cheeky spliff.

“So, what do you think comes next?”

Carrie has a clipboard, which she checks down carefully. “You’re with Class J, chemistry, Room 40. I think you’ll like them. Mostly eighteen-year olds.” I smile and sip my drink. Our food arrives – piles of French toast and spicy fried rice. I tuck in hungrily. Carrie makes a show of parading between the bar and our table, her very slightly see-through black leather exposing her luscious curves for a tenth of each second.

“That’s a nice trick. Could you just stop there for a mo…”

She cuts me off. “Not a chance, flyboy. Eat your brunch.”

I smile and continue eating. The restaurant is similar to the lounge of a London gentleman’s club – lots of dark wood, thick carpets, leather sofas and armchairs, and a long, curved, oak bar top. The bar itself is spectacular – I’ve never seen such an array of drinks – and I make a mental note that I could get enjoyably spannered down here later on. And then instantly sober up if I wanted. I light another joint. Each one gets me nicely high, not excessively, just enough. This one is one of my favourites – Laotian Sensimilia. Great stuff.

I finish my g&t, stretch and take a look out of the window. It is still a gorgeous day. Carrie-Anne picks up her clipboard. “Off you go, then. Use the elevator, if you want. Your task is to suck half of the nipples in the room. If you see what I mean. Feel free to do anything else you like, but that’s the bottom line. Success will grant you… all kinds of cool shit. Enjoy.”

She disappears and I’m left in the restaurant, which is catching some nice light from outside and has brightened into attractive light-wood colours. There’s a spectrum spread across the bar top, which is extremely neat. When I put my hand through it red, purple and green photons slide off my fingers and onto the floor, extraordinary izle like a tiny waterfall of light. I could do this all day.

The elevator was fun, but I’m going to try a new method of ascent. Leaving the restaurant through its conservatory, a beautiful open space next to the green lawns, I walk over to the wall, pick my window and climb the vertical building like Spiderman. I try not to look down, but since Spiderman never gets vertigo, neither do I. Half way up, I pull out a spliff and light it. The Stoned Human Spider. This is great fun. Ah, there’s my window.

Class is in session and the girls are doing their usual, highly attentive yet stunningly attractive thing. I melt through the window and emerge into the classroom, trading my Spiderman suit for jeans and a baggy t-shirt as I go. The thing about Spiderman, though, is that while he saves loads of lives and was instrumental in reducing crime, he never (according to what we know) had unfettered access to twenty-three pairs of the most lusciously gorgeous breasts in existence. And I do.

I survey the scene again. The lecturer is explaining about covalent bonds, which is ironic, because they helped me to climb the building. The girls are just amazing. Where to start? I pick a stunner on the edge of the back row and give her a cuddle from behind. She’s warm and soft and gorgeous. The girls are all wearing button-shirts, so there’s going to be a bit of handiwork for each one, but I don’t mind. I’ve got all day, after all, and the reward’s sure to be worth it. The good news, however, is that they’re not wearing bras. I unbutton her shirt from behind and lean into her, rubbing my crotch against her back. Once her breasts are free, I squeeze and fondle them, licking her neck. I step around her, kiss her check and shoulder, and suck lightly on her left nipple. It stands up pertly, cutely. I love the sight of that. I decide that I will fuck the girl with the nicest breasts in the class. I’m going to be so damned horny by the time I finish this that I’ll definitely want to come.

The third girl in the row is especially pretty, an Asian girl with small, firm breasts and a warm pussy, which I stroke lightly through her panties. I am rock hard and decide to free my erection. Sucking in her nipples, I rub my cock against her panties, feeling her warm wetness. She comes and kisses me to say thanks. forecasting love and weather izle The girl next to her is a blonde goddess straight from a fashion magazine. Her breasts are on the small side but they’re still a nice mouthful. My cock reacts with pleasurable jolts at being rubbed against her lacy underwear. I make sure she comes, kiss her tenderly, and move on.

The lecturer has given the girls a theoretical assignment, for which they’re using laptops. I’m half way down the third row back when I think I find the girl I want to fuck. She’s amazing, with an innocent, virginal look. She has on simple, white panties, which I pull off. Her skin is pure white. The shape and curve of her breasts is absolutely perfect. I undress her completely and strip off myself, leading her to a spare, broad desk at the back of the classroom. I sit her on the edge of the desk and cuddle her. She kisses me tenderly, her legs around me, my cock only an inch from her entrance. I hold her close, one hand on my penis, and place my tip at the wet aperture of her pussy. Sucking deeply on her nipples, I join us with a deep, confident push. My penis opens her lips, eases through her pink entrance, and slides into the warmth of her vagina.

She buries her head in my shoulder and gasps slightly at the fullness she feels between her legs. Her pussy is heavenly, soft and just slippery enough. Her ankles lock behind my back and we are so intimately making love that we don’t notice that the class has stopped to watch us. Most of the girls are masturbating. Half of them have opened their shirts and revealed stunning breasts. One by one, they come with little gasps, moans and whimpers. Then, one by one, they approach us, let me suck their fingers, and kiss us both gently. As they kiss my girl, I suck their nipples and fondle them, tickling their thighs, stroking their round, soft buttocks, occasionally slipping a finger into their wet little pussies. I taste each one in turn. I love the taste of pussy juice. I could spend all day with it on my tongue.

My girl has come a dozen times, the angle between us just perfect. I’m taking my time, not wanting to come too fast, but keeping my strokes even and deep. I decide to give it to her slowly. I bring myself to the point of orgasm, kiss the girl deeply and passionately, slide all the way inside her and, with freeridge izle that final deep thrust, spurt an endless torrent of hot semen into her body. As I come, her pussy squeezes me, rubbing the underside of my cock and milking my balls of a huge load of sperm. It’s so incredibly satisfying that, once I’ve finished coming, I decide to come again straight away. There’s a lovely girl watching us, so I withdraw, kiss my girl in thanks, and lift the second girl onto the table top. She parts her legs, smiling, and reveals a shaved, tight pussy. I cuddle her close, lift up her skirt and ease my newly-erect penis straight inside her warm little cunt. She comes, her vaginal muscles tensing around me, and helping me to another wonderful build-up. Her breasts are released, luscious and pert, and I suck deeply on them while I fuck her. I’m almost ready to come when I feel another girl embrace me from behind. She’s naked and the warmth of her body is simply gorgeous. Her skin is electrifying.

She holds me, licks my back and neck, while her hands slip down to the moist junction between my cock and my girl’s pink slit. While the head of my penis is massaged by the girl’s strong, climaxing muscles, she gently masturbates my root and plays with my balls. My orgasm is going to be huge. She cuddles me closely, her hands working magic on my cock, while a third girl crouches under us and steadily licks from my inner thigh to my balls and sucks them warmly. I can feel her tongue licking the underside of my penis whenever I withdraw far enough from my climaxing lover’s pussy. This is just perfect. I let her make me come, withdrawing almost all the way and letting her lick my fraenulum until I begin my orgasm, then push deeply into my girl’s pussy and shoot another vast load of my come into her. It overflows immediately, too much for her tight young cunt to hold, and the girl beneath us licks it from her lips and my shaft. The girl behind me squeezes my balls as I finish coming, which is the perfect time. I withdraw and let the third girl suck me clean. When she’s finished, she licks the semen-covered pussy of my girl. Everyone is watching, masturbating and coming.

I find myself dressed, refreshed and feeling fantastic. I only need to fondle the lecturer, and I’m done here. I walk over, apologise for the interruption, and she smiles as I unbutton her beige blouse, suck both of her nipples and quickly bring her to orgasm with my fingers on her clit. She soaks her panties with thick pussy juice, kisses me warmly, shares her juices with me by licking my fingers, and then continues with the lesson. I wave goodbye to the girls, who look freshly-fucked and wonderfully youthful after their experience. They wave, blow me kisses, and carry on with their chemistry. My cock feels incredibly satisfied, as do I.

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