Fun in the Miami Sun


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In the beginning of my sophomore year at college, I started having an affair with an older white married man.

Now his real name is not what I am about to say, obviously protect his identity so for the purpose of this story his name is Chris Galloway.

I met Chris while I was interning at a law firm here in the Washington D.C. area, he and I instantly hit it off when his secretary switched jobs and he needed a quick replacement, and it was an offer I could not refuse.

We just recently started having the affair, and I can assure you it gets hotter and hotter each and every time we find various places to meet each other for marathon sex.

Chris is strikingly handsome for a man who is in his late 40s he keeps in great shape by running nearly 7-8 miles every weekend.

He stands at 6 foot 2, with light blonde hair slightly graying on the sides, crystal blue eyes, and not to mention that he is hung like a horse and for a white male he is the definition of well endowed.

Unlike sleazy good for nothing college boys my age, he can last for hours upon hours without getting exhausted or cumming way too quickly.

Sometimes, I’ll surprise Chris and just hide under his large wooden desk completely naked in just 5-inch jet-black stilettos, soaking wet with trepidation while I anxiously wait for him to sit down on his chair.

By now, Chris knows that he and I have a hard and rough fuck session in the office, and I am going to give him head while he sits at his desk he has to go commando.

I do the same, whenever I wear tight dresses that hug my curves or a shorter than average pencil skirt with heels.

Recently, I have enjoyed going commando since I get to flash him my shaven, silky smooth cunt if we happen to be in a meeting.

My daily work environment is filled with gorgeous, and attractive not only single but also white married male attorneys.

With a tempting surrounding such as mine, it’s hard to be just fixated on Chris but since he wants me all to himself but it does not mean that I cannot tease and tempt the other attorneys.

My cunt cannot stop thinking about what the two of us were going to do next, and surely this was only the beginning.

Chris told me that he’s been having affairs with various women of different races and ethnicities for over 15 years so it was obvious that he knows how to keep things extremely discreet between him and I.

Lucky for me, I’m the first Iranian-American woman he’s fucking and I find it so arousing that he’s never been with a woman as exotic as myself.

Us middle-eastern women are truly exotic with our alluring dark features hypnotizing movements, and not to mention our alluring dark eyes will give any single or married man a throbbing hard on.

Now to be clear I am not prejudice or racist in any way, but ever since I could remember dating back to yes, the pre-pubescent years of elementary and middle school I was and still am only attracted to white men.

Being born and raised, growing up, and attending schools where it was not so ethnically diverse, had gotten to the point where it was 90 percent white American and 10 percent minority which included myself alongside a few black and Asians thrown into the mix.

From what I see now a days, it has become a bit more diverse than the 80’s and 90’s so it’s a blessing that I was hired as a paid intern to work for such a prestigious firm like this one.

Happy hour with Chris is always a fun thing to look forward to, every Thursday and Friday nights if we happen to not have a shit load of cases and mergers laying around for briefing which means I can flirt with a few of his good looking and attractive business partners.

Sometimes I wonder if Chris knows I’m also screwing not only his best friend Cole Michaels who is another married soon to be senior partner and just like Chris, a Harvard Law School Alumni.

But also, Parker Adams who happens to be single he’s only 32 years old, Columbia Law School Alum who is practically fighting with Cole neck and neck for the senior partner position.

Just like Chris these two men are not only extremely attractive but surely know how to fuck me to the point where I’m sore for days on end afterward.

Cole stands at 6’1 short dirty blonde hair slightly graying on the sides, emerald green eyes, and complete with a perfectly toned and muscular body to absolutely die for.

And not to mention, a cock that screams to be lodged balls deep in my mouth and shaven cunt and much to my luck I seem to attract men who are rather large anything ranging from 8 ½ to nearly 10 inches

Also not to mention all of them were circumcised to which I prefer since foreskin is god Picture upload awful and annoying as hell when it comes to condom usage.

Parker stands at 6’2, with short jet-black hair, crystal blue eyes, and a body type similar to Cole’s and Chris’s but he’s a tad bit more, well built and broad shouldered.

His is closer to 9 inches, luckily not too thick, but it’s just the right amount of thickness for stretching out the tight confines of my slutty cunt.

This year the firm has this huge three-day convention down in South Beach, Florida to which is rather boring considering the fact that we’re going to be constant meetings for almost the entire time, but it doesn’t mean it’s not enough time to get into a little bit of trouble.

I’m imagining joining the mile high club with not only Chris but with Cole and Parker. Perhaps Chris could finger me to an orgasm on the plane while he pushes me into the bathroom and fucks me like a bitch in heat.

Then shortly afterward, I’d deepthroat Cole while he eats tongue fucks me to yet another orgasm and just before the plane lands I could “accidentally” spill a drink on Parker then fuck him six ways from Sunday in the bathroom.

Waking up from my daydream, Parker signaled me to join the rest of the team for our daily 11 am meeting.

It’s still quite humid here in the District so today I’m wearing a shorter than average tight black pencil skirt, with a sheer lavender top which shows off an ample amount of my cleavage and I’m donning my 5-inch nude heels.

Chris loves it when I dress like this, and well he is certainly not the only one in the room, whose eyes widened the second I walked through the door.

Sitting down next to Chris and Cole, Parker sat adjacent to the three of us and I quickly noticed that he was undressing me with his beautiful blue eyes.

Smirking wickedly at Parker, I bit my lower lip and fondled with my pen while I ever so slightly traced it over my lusciously exposed cleavage.

His eyes got bigger and I could tell he wanted to crawl under the desk to devour my freshly shaven cunt.

A part of me wanted to get on my knees, to worship his cock like a good little slut that I am and I could care less what the other attorneys would say or do because nothing would stop me from giving his circumcised manhood a good cock sucking.

Snapping back into reality, Chris whispered into my ear “After this meeting, I am going to fuck you senseless over my desk. Do you understand?” I couldn’t say a word, but I nodded ensuring him that I got the message loud and clear.

I thought to myself and instantly blocked out the director who was giving some sort of speech about one of our high dollar mergers.

What if Chris saw what I was doing with Parker and wanted to punish me for it? My mind raced all over the place but on the bright side my cunt juice is practically soiling my thong, which will be ripped off once this meeting is adjourned.

The director dismissed us from our meeting, and I picked up my briefcase and iPhone and was slightly startled when Chris smacked my ass firmly, causing me to turn around quickly to make sure no one saw and luckily no one did.

He quickly grabbed my right hand and led me into his spacious office quickly locking the door behind us, and pulling down the blinds to ensure no one would end up becoming a peeping tom on us.

It was unnecessary to pull down the blinds on the panoramic windows since we are nearly 32 floors up and not a single soul can look into his office.

Without hesitation, Chris bent me over his desk, ripped off my soiled thong and placed it up to his nose inhaling my sweet cunt juice.

Placing his left hand on my shaven, silky smooth cunt lips and slapped it, which caused me to jerk with arousal and excitement.

My cunt was practically dripping wet, since I wanted to be fucked, and this is Chris’s idea of teasing me to the brink until I just could not take it anymore.

I don’t really have a say in this since he loves to be dominant and my submissive nature is loved by almost all the single and married white attractive lawyers in the firm.

He grasped my left leg and placed it over the edge of his glass desk, as he bent down and began to bury his clean-shaven face inside of my cunt and without mercy, he ate out my tight snatch like no tomorrow.

I moaned loudly, but was quickly reminded that I had to keep quiet or else I would receive a firm spanking.

Unzipping his slacks and pulling down his briefs, Chris guided his delicious hard on straight into the opening of my cunt, and with one hard vigorous thrust he buried himself deep inside of me.

Before I let out yet another loud moan, he silenced me as he placed his left hand over my mouth causing me to get more and more dripping wet. Chris pounded my cunt methodically until he shot all of his hot creamy spunk inside the tight confines of my pussy.

Chris and I quickly fixed up, and just in time since Parker decided to “accidentally” stumble images upload into his office. Nosey pervert probably heard what we were doing and was hoping to join in on the action.

I immediately scurried out of Chris’s office so that the two could discuss “business matters” with one another. I could feel his hot cum dripping down my inner thighs, as I sat back down at my desk and all I was looking forward to was the business trip to Miami this Friday.

Fast forward to Friday morning, it’s a cold and rainy early morning here in the D.C. area. As per usual around fall it always get rainy and the weather drops significantly.

This time of the year happened to be my favorite since it meant I could start wearing more dresses and heels around the office, plus not to mention the company’s annual Christmas eve party at the CEO’s mansion in Virginia.

Our flight was scheduled to leave around noon, and it was only 9 AM that meant I could squeeze a quick morning orgasm before getting ready for the short haul flight, with all of the hot attorneys and the CEO himself.

I reached over and pulled open the drawer of my nightstand where a few of my favorite vibrators and two rabbit vibrators were, and decided to use my favorite vibrator of all time, and that is my maroon vibrating tongue, which has three different pulses for achieving an intense and quick orgasm.

Placing the vibrating tongue on my clit, I chose the medium vibration which was not too intense but also not mild either.

I began to buck my hips back and forth almost as if I was getting fucked senseless by Chris, and before I knew it my body began to perspire as I was approaching my long awaited orgasm.

My moans bounced off the walls, as they began to get higher and higher until finally I collapsed back into my bed utterly satisfied after a profound morning cum.

I quickly jumped out of bed, and immediately into a hot shower for about 15 minutes before frantically trying to find something to wear.

I thought to myself “Is slutty casual a thing?” giggling to myself, I opted for a short jet black faux leather skirt, a sheer cherry blouse, and my 4-inch jet black heels.

Quickly grabbing my suitcase, I decided to bring along my vibrators, just in case things get a bit lonely in the hotel room or the fact that I am just an insatiable slut.

Finally heading out of the door, the limo driver was waiting and already filled with the rest of the interns and was en route to the airport.

In about 15 minutes we arrived at the Virgin America gate, gave our luggage to the front desk attendant and received our boarding passes.

Myself and two other interns were in First class alongside Chris, Parker, Cole and the CEO and the rest of the interns and a few other attorneys were in business class.

Parker and Cole sat in the seats next adjacent to Chris and I. The CEO sat with his immensely nervous assistant, Sarah. She was a recent NYU law school grad, with features that proved she was from an Irish background.

Mr. Eric Hawthorne is the CEO of this prestigious firm and I could see why he chose Sarah to be his assistant.

Her long and wavy auburn toned hair, porcelain white skin with zero imperfections, killer legs, and a figure to die for with curves in all the right places.

The entire office swooned for her I only wish she wasn’t so nervous and I knew exactly how to break her out her shell on this trip.

I fastened myself into my seat and was offered some champagne and a small snack before take off, but quickly glanced back at my friends in business, class slightly frowning at the fact that I was further away from them.

Not only were Chris’s eyes fixated on my outfit choice but Parker, Cole, and Mr. Hawthorne’s were as well.

I blushed a dark shade of crimson and immediately imagined giving Mr. Hawthorne the best blowjob he’s ever received only to have him shoot his married seed down my throat.

Snapping back into reality, Chris placed his left hand in between my legs and gently parted them my cunt was practically dripping wet from the second I sat down next to him, and now my cherry red lace thong was soiled with my juices.

He whispered into my ear with a firm, yet demanding voice “Remove your panties now, you insatiable slut.” I tried to keep quiet but it was such a risky move that Chris was making me do, especially in front of the CEO of the freaking law firm!

I did as I was told, but with an extremely cautious eye on Mr. Hawthorne as I removed my soiled thong. Chris’s eyes were fixated on my panties, as he held out his left hand for me to give them to him.

Turning around, I saw that luckily all three of the men were fast asleep as Chris began to sniff my sex juice covered panties.

Blushing a dark shade of crimson, and biting my lips almost instinctively his eyes were locked with mine and he could sense the fervor and eminent lust that was in my dark brown eyes.

It was almost radiating back and forth between the two of us, and I could not wait for him to get his hands on me when we land in Miami.

About almost an hour into the flight, my cunt juice was practically dripping down my leg and I could begin to sense the flight attendants knew that I was surely not wearing my panties anymore.

My mind kept wandering about how to seduce Mr. Hawthorne, Parker, and Cole and my plan by the end of this trip, is to make sure all three of them leave Miami sexually satisfied.

Glancing over at Chris, I noticed that he had stuffed my red lace panties into his suit pocket possibly to either gag me with it later or to use for his own pleasure.

The captain announced over the intercom that we were about 10 minutes away from Miami International and that we preparing for landing.

Before fastening my seatbelt, I noticed Mr. Hawthorne and the others had awoken from their short slumber and looking outside the window to see if we were there or not.

Mr. Hawthorne and Parker both developed a sly smile on their faces almost devious in a way since they both knew this was their “freebie” weekend.

Chris took his hand in mine as we landed safely in Miami, ah finally a sigh of relief washed over me since to be honest I hate flying.

No matter the distance it always scares the crap out of me after watching final destination and among other movies where tons of innocent people died on an airplane or by a freak accident causing the airplane to crash.

The airplane pulled into the gate, as the captain announced that it was now okay to release our seatbelts and to grab our luggage from the overhead compartments.

Once we all grabbed our belongings, the entire team was headed for the carousel to pick up their luggage.

I did not personally bring much since it was only a 3 day excursion, and for the first time, I was traveling lightly just carrying my handbag and carry-on alongside a smaller suitcase that I checked in.

I had noticed that the rest of the team had checked in 2 huge suitcases, which made me wonder if I under packed but quickly remembered that they were attorneys and I am just an intern/personal secretary.

2 black Cadillac’s were waiting for us to depart the airport, and I decided to head into the one with my friends and a couple of attorneys, as well as Parker, decided to hop into ours. Chris’s face turned an angry shade of crimson and his chiseled jaw pressed into a hard line out of jealousy.

Hopping into the car alongside my friends, and Parker we were off to the Ritz Carlton in South Beach. It was about a 20-minute drive to the hotel, but since there was traffic it was going to be a bit longer than that.

At last, we had finally arrived at the luxurious hotel overlooking the beautiful blue-green Atlantic Ocean and it was just minutes away from the Miami Beach nightlife.

The drivers hauled our luggage to the front desk where we checked in to receive our room numbers and room keys,

I was luckily rooming with my best friends Nadia and Olivia but I believe the room arrangements were purposely made this way, because for some reason Mr. Hawthorne’s Suite was adjacent to our suite and Chris’s room was next door to ours.

When the three of us questioned both of them, they both said it was “not their fault that the rooms just happened to be assigned this way” Giving Chris a yeah right look and saw him signaling Mr. Hawthorne some sort of innuendo that I quickly ignored.

The three of us decided that since we had almost all of the day to ourselves, we quickly changed into our bikinis and decided to head to the pool to tan, before our first important meeting later this afternoon.

About an hour later, it got scorching hot so I decided to take a quick dip in the lukewarm infinity pool and told the gals that I would be back in about a half hour since I needed to go upstairs and grab a few water bottles and some light snacks for the three of us.

Making my way back into the spacious hotel, I pressed the button for the elevator and it was surprisingly quick to arrive.

I pressed the 8th-floor button and made my way up to the floor and I quickly noticed hearing a voice quite similar to Mr. Hawthorne’s as I was headed back to the suite.

Hiding behind an enormous plant, I noticed that he was going into OUR SUITE! I thought to myself “What the fuck could he possibly want in our room?”

But then I quickly thought to myself that he probably wanted to pervert around or something in that nature.

Being a brave individual, I decided to go ahead and open the door to our suite and see what the nosy bastard was up to.

But, before a word even came out of my mouth Mr. Hawthorne was sitting very patiently on my bed, with a sly smile on his face as if he was hiding a very dirty secret that he wanted to share with me.

Standing there almost half naked in my skimpy bikini and sheer cover-up, Mr. Hawthorne’s emerald green eyes traveled up and down my body and he made sure that I was aware of his every notion.

He placed his pointer finger over my mouth to further silence me, and clearly he thought I was going to run away or something but instead my body was almost under his spell, and I was completely his in that exact moment of time.