Helping Linda


I had helped Dawn put the kids to bed, do their bedtime stories and so forth, before wandering back downstairs. Dawn was preparing dinner and we sat at the table to eat in peace. Dinner was nothing special, pleasant but ordinary. We made small talk as we ate before Dawn went into a big long explanation about her sister, Linda.

Linda was a bit scatty but totally harmless and was married to Jim, an odd guy to say the least but, again, totally harmless. They were as barmy as each other and deserved each other. Both had good jobs but lacked common sense and judgement in my opinion. Having said that, I am hardly Mr University Challenge myself!

Linda and Jim, it appears, were having some trouble in the bedroom area, mainly in the area of conception. Linda was desperate for a baby but they had been unable to conceive. They’d been referred to a specialist and it appears Linda was firing on all cylinders but Jim lacked the necessary ingredients inasmuch he had a low sperm count.

Poor Linda was beside herself and the cost of private treatment was well beyond their financial means and state health care put them at the bottom of the list, given their ages and priority level. Dawn and Linda had discussed for some time the potential solutions and, between them, they’d devised a plan.

It seems that although they could probably find a sperm donor, they wanted someone they knew and could trust, especially as this was a bit of a sensitive matter, they did not want to involve a total stranger, nor did they wish to be in a position of embarrassment.

“So tell me about the plan” I said, swallowing my mouthful and reaching for my steaming hot mug of coffee.

“She wants to use your sperm” Dawn said as I sipped my drink. I almost choked, spitting and dribbling coffee all over the table and my plate.

“You what?” I yelled.

“She wants your sperm” Dawn said calmly, happy that none of my coffee had been spat in her direction.

“You cannot be serious” I said, regaining my composure.

“Why?” she asked, the seriousness in her eyes quite dis-concerning.

“Why?” I replied. “How do you plan to get the stuff into her?”

Dawn explained that I was to produce the semen on my own into a pot, Jim would then use a baby feeding syringe to squirt it inside his wife and, hey presto, instant pregnancy.

“No way” I said, “Anyway, I don’t want to be chased for maintenance payments if she and Jim divorce. He could legally state the kid wasn’t his” I offered. Dawn just scoffed and accused me of being selfish. She didn’t speak to me for a couple of hours, partly because she was pissed off with me and partly because she was on the phone to Linda.

Having been married for a few years, I was used to being given the silent treatment so after I’d checked my emails and loaded the dishwasher, I pulled a cold beer from the fridge and switched on the satellite box to watch the end of the twenty20 game.

Ten minutes later, Dawn had hung up and came and sat next to me.

“Sorry about earlier” she said, giving me a tender kiss on the cheek. I looked at her and I noticed her pretty face. Her eyes showed an element of slyness and I guessed she was up to something. I turned my attention back to the TV.

“I guess the syringe idea would never have worked” she went on, cuddling up to me, lifting her knees onto the sofa. “I mean, it would have trouble being directed deep enough” she said. I kept quiet, watching the umpire signal a wide delivery.

“They still desperately want a baby though” she continued, “It would be so nice to help them”. I was dangerously assuming she wanted us to lend them the money to seek private treatment and I was going to say no. I had plans for our savings and it didn’t involve Linda and Jim. Dawn was on a different agenda.

“So they’ve decided to wait for a couple of years then?” I asked, both eyes still on the TV.

“No” Dawn responded slowly and I guessed the punch line was approaching and I braced myself. I need a drink to calm my nerves I thought and I took a big long gulp from my can of beer.

“Linda wants you to inject your sperm direct from it’s source” she said. Backtrack a couple of hours where I all but choked on my coffee, I now found myself choking on my beer.

“You’re all nuts” I said between coughing fits as I tried to regain my composure.

“Linda said she’d like you to ejaculate inside her as deep as you can get so that the sperm has a greater opportunity to reach it’s goal” she said, triumphantly.

Now lets put something into perspective here. Linda and Dawn are sisters and they have many similarities, one of which they are both incredibly horny to look at. Linda was a few years younger but being attracted to Dawn for her looks and body, it was not difficult for me to be attracted to Linda. My wife was actually asking me to fuck her sister, in so many words. This could work to my advantage, I thought to myself but I did not wish to appear too keen. Besides, I still wanted to know some of their plans.

“Don’t Bycasino be daft. Jim’ll feel totally pissed off” I said. Dawn shook her head and explained it was actually Jim’s idea. His plan was that I would bring myself to a certain point before inserting myself and leaving my cargo of tadpoles. And as her high risk time of ovulation was nearing, Dawn had invited them to stay this weekend in the spare room. It was arranged and I had no choice.

I negotiated with Dawn.

“Firstly” I said, “I am not getting myself to boiling point on my own. She’s your sister so you’ll need to help”. Dawn was a little taken aback but she nodded.

“Secondly, Linda will need to be ready as I don’t fancy having to force entry” I said in the politest way possible, “So Jim’ll have to pull his finger out!” I didn’t realise the poor terminology at first. “You know what I mean” I added as way of an apology.

“How do you want me to help?” she asked. I put down my beer and switched off the TV.

“You can start by removing your top” I said, pulling at the hem of her blouse.

“OK” she said, “Tonight but not when Jim and Linda are here” she said. I stopped and reached for the remote control.

“Fine” I said, “If you don’t want to help Linda, you can explain to her” and I went to switch on the TV again. I’d lost interest in the sport and knew if I played my cards right, this could be an excellent weekend.

“OK” Dawn agreed, reluctantly “but nothing else”.

“No. I’ll need to get aroused and ready to climax so I’ll need to fuck you, I’ll just move my cock from your pussy to Linda’s pussy as I approach climax” I said.

“But that means Jim might see my…… know?” she said, shyly. I grinned inside.

“Your what” I asked, enjoying her obvious discomfort.

“You know” she said, blushing like a school girl.

“Come on” I said, “You had sex with other guys before we met. I’m not the only one who’s seen you naked. It’s for your own sister”. I was pulling the right strings and Dawn was definitely torn between sisterly love and her own ego.

“We’ll see” she said. I reached for the remote control again and she took my hand.

“OK!” she said in a resignedly sort of way.

“Fancy a practice now?” I said, cuddling her close and placing my hand on her breast. She smiled and kissed me.

“Sleepy?” she asked. I shook my head.

“Wouldn’t mind going to bed though!” I replied. She smiled and lead me upstairs.

The weekend arrived and Friday night saw the arrival of our two guests. Both casually dressed, Jim arrived with several cases of beer, probably to give him some Dutch courage at the potential ordeal of seeing his betrothed being fucked and getting pregnant.

The kids were given an early night and Saturday night, they both had a sleepover planned. Linda had brought a DVD with calming and relaxing music with video footage of sunsets and rolling waves. Jim also had a handful of DVD’s which consisted of lesbians, whips and chains and a range of other extreme sex, none of which I would have found particularly erotic.

We chatted for a couple of hours and Jim was hitting the beer big time. I couldn’t really blame him, it must have been agonising for him and this was partly why I had planned for Dawn to be a little bit of an exhibitionist. But mostly, I had planned this because I found wife sharing and exhibitionism erotic. I now know I am not alone in this little pleasure but at the time, I did feel as though I was a little perverted.

Linda put her dodgy music and sunset DVD on and, to be totally honest, I’d have found the cartoons more erotic. Hell, it was dire!

I consoled myself in the knowledge that, hopefully, I would soon have my dick buried not only into my wife’s pussy, but also the lovely Linda’s pussy as well.

I told Jim that he’d need to get Linda aroused and if he found the need, he could arouse her by having sex with her in front of Dawn and me. Either way, she’d need her skirt and panties off. She looked very embarrassed but as I started to make out with Dawn, they began to chill.

Dawn kissed me but began to freak a bit when I pulled at her top.

“Come on sweet heart” I whispered. “Linda and Jim are relying on our help”.

“I can’t do it” she whispered. I kissed her and stroked her hair.

“You can. For Linda’s sake” I said and I pulled at her top again. This time she offered no resistance and she was sat on the sofa with me with her top off. I unclipped her bra and again, she showed no resistance. Her lovely tits were exposed to the atmosphere and although she had her back to Jim, she felt very self conscious. I began to kiss her neck and help to chill her out, knowing what she liked and despite her obvious uncertainty, she responded. I glanced over briefly at our guests and she was already removing Jim’s briefs, him totally naked and her down to her undies. They had fewer inhibitions than Dawn.

I fondled my wife’s tits and they felt as gorgeous as ever, soft Bycasino giriş and warm, the nipple hardening nicely in my fingers. Dawn’s kisses became hungrier and I responded, allowing my hand to fall to her skirt. Dawn was beginning to lose herself in her sensations, vaguely aware that her kid sister was a couple of feet away sucking on Jim’s erect cock. Dawn’s skirt was swiftly removed, her panties following almost immediately and I removed myself from her kisses, moving my lips and tongue slowly down her neck (something she’d always found erotic), kissing her shoulders before moving down her torso, making minor detours on the via the area I referred to as Dawn’s alpine region, her ample breasts like a pair of mountains ready to be conquered.

I noticed that Jim had removed Linda’s bra and her tits were every bit as fine as Dawn’s and I imagined it must be a genetic tendancy. I was hoping Linda was every bit as horny with my cock inside her as her bigger sister was. Linda was already sopping wet and Jim’s idea of foreplay was to slap her bottom a couple of times before entering her from behind. Linda groaned so loud, I feared it would wake the kids! Linda moved in perfect rhythm as Jim slapped his 5 inches of meat into him. I was pleased with this because whilst I was a mere average 7″, it was bigger than his!

Dawn had released my erection from my briefs and her hand began to massage it’s length, slowly and tantalisingly, teasing me with her hand, her tongue finding mine as we kissed, exchanging bodily juices.

Linda had started to moan as Jim picked up his pace. I reminded him that he should not cum inside his own wife as it could water down my own semen and make the likelihood of conception less likely. He looked at me like he wanted to throttle me, but I buried my face in Dawn’s freshly trimmed pussy. She squirmed as my tongue hit her more sensitive areas, triggering her first orgasm on my tongue. Desperate for greater stimulation, she made it clear what she wanted.

“Fuck me. I need your cock” she murmured. I got this perverse idea and I knew it would work.

“You want some cock buried deep inside you, do you?” I replied, teasing her with the tip of my erection against her moist pussy lips.

“Give it to me, now!” she said, pressing herself against my hips. I moved backwards, avoiding entry. She moaned in frustration. “I need your cock”.

“I’ve got to save it for Linda, remember?” I replied, followed by “But I know how you can get some cock. Kneel down.” She knelt down on the carpet, leaning towards the sofa and I snapped my fingers at Jim, signalling for him to join me. He instantly realised what was going to happen and he seemed pretty eager. Like me, he’d always fancied his wife’s sister as they had many similar traits and when I offered him the opportunity to fuck Dawn, it was like Christmas and Birthday come together.

“You want some cock, you’ve got some cock” I whispered to Dawn and Jim began to enter my wife. My brother in law was now fucking my wife and I had encouraged it. Dawn didn’t realise it wasn’t me at first until Jim’s cock stopped short.

“What’s happening?” she questioned, a little confused. Then the penny dropped.

“It’s only fair that you get some cock if I’m giving mine to your sister” I said. Linda had crawled over next to me and had lowered her mouth to my groin. The first I knew of it was when I felt her warm breath on my erection, followed by her warm wet tongue licking the very head of my dick.

Jim was now going for it and, despite his miniscule size, he was giving my wife a fairly good time, his fingers giving her clitoris plenty of stimulation, his cock sliding in and out of her.

Meanwhile, I’d taken the opportunity to reach out to Linda’s lovely tits and squeezed them gently together, my little fingers wiggling so that they stimulated her nipples. I moved my cock from her mouth and laid her on the carpet on her back, laying gently between her legs. I gently kissed her right tit, avoiding the other which was still covered in Jim’s saliva. Linda moaned in pleasure and she was approaching an orgasm as my nipple nibbling continued, my other hand stroking her inner thigh area, my hard throbbing cock gently rubbing against her nicely flat belly, her bushy pubic hair was nice and dark in total contrast to the ivory skin below her bikini line. I realised that her breasts were as tanned as the rest of her and guessed she was no stranger to being topless in public. Another thing she and my wife had in common.

Looking over at Dawn, I saw her thrusting back into Jim’s pumping hips, he had now reached forward to grab her tits. Dawn then moved herself and laid Jim on the floor, taking his tool in her hand and lowering her self onto him. Instantly, he raised his hands and placed them again on my wife’s tits and squeezed, she riding his cock slowly and deliberately, one hand stimulating her clitoris. She moaned in pleasure as her second climax built.

Linda regained my attention. She pulled my face Bycasino güncel giriş towards her and kissed me.

“Make me pregnant” she asked, politely. “Make babies with me”.

“I’m not ready to cum just yet” replied, “But if you want, I can enter you now”. She grinned and grabbed my cock with her hand, forcing my cock towards her love channel.

“Make love to me” she whispered. This was it, I was going to screw my sister in law with my wife watching whilst she fucked my brother in law. I heard Jim talking dirty to Dawn.

“Fuck me, fuck me” he said.

“Squeeze my tits” she moaned. “Squeeze them harder. Pinch the nipples, Ooh yes” she said. Linda was getting well horny her self and she joined in.

“Jim, you fuck my sister whilst I fuck my brother in law” she said. I was amazed because whilst Linda was no stranger to sex, she was a little reserved and talked about making love. Now she was talking about fucking. I slid my erection into her warm sweet pussy. She’d been used to Jim’s measly 5 inches so I guessed I’d better not go too deep as it might hurt her. She’d only ever had sex with one previous partner before Jim and may not be used to different sizes. I needn’t have worried, however.

“Give it to me large!” she said. “I want all your cock, deep inside me. I need you to come inside me as deep as you can. I need your spunk on my eggs. Take me. Have me. Fuck me” she said, building up a crescendo that ended in her orgasm.

Linda was reaching another climax, mostly through her clitoral stimulation, but Jim was nearing his climax, too.

Dawn was not on the pill and we use condoms when we fuck, but Jim was riding my wife bareback.

“I’m going to spill my load” he groaned, his ecstasy rising.

“No. I’m not protected” Dawn said.

“He can’t get Linda pregnant. You’re safe” I uttered, feeling the delight of Linda’s tight pussy on my cock, her orgasm receding and her grip on my dick relaxing. I thrust deeper into Linda again and she continued with her positive encouragement.

“God, you’re so big. Fuck me big boy, fuck me!”. I’d never been called big boy before and my ego grew as big as my erection.

“Jeez” Jim screamed from behind me and his actions told me he was ejaculating inside my wife, his creamy white cum being pumped deep inside my beautiful wife’s pussy. No one else had screwed that pussy for at least 9 years and no one other than me had ever screwed that pussy without protection. Ever!

“Deeper” Linda urged and I returned my attention to her, nibbling her neck and ear. She couldn’t get enough of me and she hooked her ankles into the backs of my knees, pulling my buttocks into her, her nails digging into my soft bum flesh, causing a bitter sweet pain.

I repositioned myself so that her legs were over my shoulders, allowing me deeper penetration, again her ankles were wrapped around the backs of my legs, her arms holding my hips and pulling me in deeper. She could barely breathe as she reached another climax, her whole body going as rigid as my cock. Her pussy muscles tightened around my cock and as I endeavoured to thrust into her, I could contain myself no longer.

“Shit, I’m cumming” I said through clenched teeth and sprayed the inside of her pussy with my cum. Dawn had not let me fuck her since I agreed to make babies with Linda, so there was 3 or 4 days worth of spunk flowing out of my dick into her waiting womb.

After I’d ejaculated in her, I used her pussy to milk every last drop out of me into her and she lay on the carpet, twisting around so her legs were resting on the sofa. I’d got her a cushion to put under her hips, allowing for better gravitational pull for the semen to find the right spot.

Dawn wouldn’t look at me for a bit but Jim had a smile like a Cheshire cat. Yes, he was over the moon.

Jim did the gentlemanly bit and went and brought in some cold beers, remembering to bring in a soft drink for Linda who might, at this very moment, could well be pregnant. I opened the can and drank greedily, noticing Jim sit on the sofa with my wife sat on the carpet in front of the sofa. Jim was now taking liberties, he’d sat on the sofa and put his arms around my wife’s shoulders, with a hand on each of her tits, gently and openly tweaking her nipples. She responded to his arousal by turning around and placing his small dick on her tongue.

Not to be out done, I sat next to Linda and began stroking her thigh until she slapped my hand away.

“Don’t you want a second helping?” I asked her. Linda shook her head.

“I need to be like this for a while” she said. I crawled over to my wife who was on all fours sucking my brother in law but she wriggled away from me, engrossed in her own little world. What a bummer!

We eventually retired to our own beds with our own partners but not before Jim had had the blow job of his life from Dawn. It was just as well I’m not a jealous man, but he was a lucky bastard!

Next day was pretty uneventful, busy with the kids until lunchtime when we took them to their friends’ house for their sleep over. Mid afternoon we got the barbecue ready but sadly, mother nature invited some rain clouds to visit around the time the coals were lit. So an evening indoors was the plan and more cold beer.