High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 17


The sound of a door closing woke me from a restless sleep. My eyes focused across the room on an empty bed. A small folded piece of paper resting where my twin vixens heads had rested when I closed my eyes.

Standing up I glanced at the clock beside the bed. Eleven forty five the glaring red numbers read. Picking up the paper I waked into the hall wondering if Francine and Kay were in the living room. I unfolded the paper and read Kay’s words.

“Allen I’m borrowing your car to take Fran home. If you read this please wait for my return before going back to sleep. We love you…Kay”

I needed a cigarette and stepped out on the balcony just as my car exited the lot and headed toward the cross street. For a moment I thought it was a little forward of Kay just to take my car but I knew if she’d have asked I would have agreed so I wouldn’t make an issue of it when she returned. Besides she’d just given me something I’ve fantasized about since I was a young man and there was no way I was going to say or do anything that might upset her upon her return.

An hour later Kay quietly returned. Stepping through the door she said. “I hope you’re not angry with me. You were resting so comfortably and we decided not to wake you to take Fran home.”

“Oh course not and thank you for leaving the note.” I replied.

Kay sat beside me on the sofa and put her hand on my thigh. “She an incredible lover.” Kay remarked about Francine.

I kind of turned toward her and asked a question that had been in the back of my mind ever since the two of them came out of my bedroom earlier. “How did you ever get the sexy lingerie you two were wearing earlier?”

Kay smiled and leaned closer to me. “I have a small confession to make Allen.”

My raised eyebrow let Kay know she could continue.

“Fran and I have known each other for over a year and are good friends.” Kay explained then continued. “She’s been a customer long before you moved in here at Kurtz House.”

“Is that so?” I asked.

“When you and I first met I mentioned you to her and said you worked at Harper. Well Fran knew right a way who I was talking about.” Kay went on.

“That’s some coincidence.” I interjected.

“Fran knew about your divorce and well to make a long story short we decided to kind of lead you toward what happen earlier tonight.” Kay admitted.

I smiled then said. “So that’s why after working together for four or five years Francine suddenly began to flirt so seriously with me.”

I felt a little silly all my planing and scheming to get the two of them together was just playing into their plans.

“And can I assume that tonight wasn’t the first time you and her made love together?” I asked.

Kay immediately replied. “Oh no tonight was the first time. We’d talked about it but never actually made love before.”

“Okay I believe you. But how could you be sure I’d go for Francine as the third in our three some?” I asked.

Kay’s smile sorta answered my question. But she said. “I let that up to Fran.”

“So when I told her you had asked me to the company picnic we knew you’d be introducing us. I had her bring me that sexy lingerie she wore tonight and I just brought it over with me.” Kay said.

I laughed then asked another question. “And you air conditioner?”

“Working perfectly.” Kay said with a giggle in her voice.

“Please don’t be upset with me.” Kay said. “Fran and I knew how much you fantasized about a menage-a-trios and we agreed that if you were setting it up the experience would be heightened.” Kay continued to explain.

I smiled widely at her letting her know I wasn’t the least bit angry. “And exactly when were you two planning on our menage-a-trios happening?” I asked.

“Well Fran’s really got the hots for you and I’m so looking forward to it also. We talked on the way to her place tonight and decided that tomorrow afternoon was long enough to wait.” Kay said.

My shit eating grin obviously told Kay that the next afternoon was perfect. I replied rather curtly “That’ll work for me.”

“We already have it set up babe.” Kay explained.

Trying to at least turn the table on her a little I said. “Guess I better hit the sack then I’m gonna need all the stamina I can muster for tomorrow then.”

Kay jumped up and went bounding off toward the bedroom. “Race ya to the sack!” She exclaimed.

I let her win taking time to slide the balcony doors closed and turn off the lights.

As I pushed the bedroom door open Kay was already in bed but it didn’t look like we’d be turning in anytime soon.

She was completely naked her soft ripe breasts rising and falling slowly as she breathed. Her legs were kinked to one side showing off one very sexy hip.

“Come here.” She whispered.

As I approached she lifted both legs straight up sexy toes pointing toward the ceiling and stopping me in my tracks.

Her soft delicate hands slid up the back of her legs until she couldn’t reach any higher. Every guy who’s ever been to Starzbet a strip club knows exactly was happens next.

Her hands circled around and slipped between her knees. Slowly she pressed outward opening her legs and the soft warm folds of her vulva to my lustful stare. At first the lips stayed together but as her thighs spread they parted revealing the moist pink flesh they covered.

“You can rest tomorrow night.” Kay whispered then added. “Right now I want your lips and tongue here.” Her sexy fingers sliding in and spreading her pussy wide open.

I moved to the bed mounting the satin alter of lust from the bottom. My lips first encountered one sexy foot. Lifting it just a tiny bit I softly kissed the outside of one big toe lightly licking the smooth flesh toward the arch of Kay’s foot.

Kay giggled and whispered. “That tickles.”

My lips moved to the soft skin in the arch gently kissing toward her heal. Kay moaned soulfully as my kiss slid up around to caress the inside of her ankle. My fingers moving along with my lips.

Kay straightened her leg as my lips slowly climbed over her shapely calf and around to lick and kiss her knee cap. Reaching the mid point to my ultimate goal I slowed my progress lingering on the inside of her thigh for several moments.

One hand slid long the soft smooth flesh above my mouth while the other gently followed below my gently kissing lips.

Kay drew her hands from her sides and cupped her ripe breasts in the delicate palms. “I love how you kiss my skin.” She whispered.

My leading hand reached its goal and I slid it over her steamy loins to lay flat on her pubic mount the butt of my hand resting very near Kay’s erect clit.

As my lips neared the end of this erotic sensual journey I lifted them from her soft flesh and let my trailing hand catch up with the other. My thumbs touched as I looked up over her soft sensuous form. Her hands continued slowly massaging the twin spheres of pleasure while her slim delicate fingers and pale pink nails tweaked the rock hard nipples at the center of her lovely orbs.

Dropping my hips to the satin bedding I slowly slid my hands up to gather hers in mine then drew them down to her quivering vulva. Kay instinctively used her soft fingers to spread her self open to my oral advance.

Her fore fingers lifted the hood of swollen flesh covering her clit exposing it’s hard pulsing bud to my lips.

“Suck it please.” Kay moaned.

I lowered my lips toward the quivering bud forming a perfect circle to capture it. Kay cooed with delight as I drew it completely between my lips. My tongue flicked at its hard core causing Kay to press harder around the hood forcing it deeper between my lips.

I sucked hard on the pleasure center of her loins as I lifted my mouth. Her clit slipped from my oral grasp with a resounding pop.

“That feels so good.” Kay exclaimed. “Please do it again!” She added.

I repeated the same process sliding my tongue around the hard nub before sucking it into the O of my lips then suckling hard on it as I lifted to let it pop from my mouth.

“Yes!” Kay exclaimed.

She adjusted her fingers so that the index and middle finger of one hand slipped on either side of her clit freeing her other hand to lace into my hair and guide my lips over her throbbing loins.

The musty scent of sex fluids wafted from her and teased my nostrils. I could hardly wait to have my taste buds experience the taste of my lovely mature vixen.

As I snuggled my face deeper between her soft shapely thighs I slid my hands across her belly to capture the soft breasts above. My tongue dipped between swollen lips as her erect nipples slipped between my fingers.

She tasted like sex sweet and sour at the same time. Her swollen flesh grasped at my tongue as it slipped and slid over every inch of searing pussy it could reach.

Oh god yes! Eat Me!” She urged her voice trailing off as she extended the last letter of her words.

My tongue lashed at the slippery tight fuck tube and I nuzzled my nose against her twitching clit.

Kay’s hips began moving almost involuntarily lifting to meet my oral plunges inside her steamy pussy.

I stretched my self using my hands to grasp and massage her soft breasts and very erect nipples. My mouth lips and tongue pleasuring her heaving loins. If I could have figured a way to pleasure her with my feet I would have.

Kay moaned deeply the urged me on saying. “Please don’t stop.”

Her hips lifted in perfect unison with my oral plunges toward her sexual center.

“Yes baby you tongue fuck me so good.” Kay exclaimed.

I knew from the way she exclaimed and by the intensified pace at which she thrust up off the satin bedding that my beautiful mature lover was nearing orgasm.

My hands went from caressing to groping her tits squeezing the soft flesh harder pressing the hard nipples firmly into my palms. My mouth clamped down on her fuck tube and I drove my tongue as deeply as I could.

Kay Starzbet Giriş screamed. “I’m cumming!” Her hips bucking wildly up against my mouth. She pressed hard on the back of my skull burying my face in her quivering loins.

“Yes oh god yes!” Kay exclaimed as the tidal wave of pleasure nearly drowned her.

Her steamy pussy flooded with creamy juices and I sucked hard to drink as much of her sweet climactic flow as I could.

Over and over she ground her loins against my mouth. I timed my gasps for oxygen to her hips sucking air in through my nose each time it slid up over her quivering clit.

Kay rode my face up and over the pinnacle of sexual pleasures then slowly used my lips and tongue as a bobsled of lust as she let her orgasm subside.

Her hand fell from my head her hips went silent and her breathing wet from excited gasps to a slow easy pace as she basked in the glow of climax.

I lifted my mouth from her loins, lips and cheeks coated with her juices, to rest my head on her soft thigh. Her scent was intoxicating an even stronger musty heady scent that told of a woman completely satisfied.

Eventually Kay pulled softly on my hands as she whispered. “Come lay with me.”

Like a sensual snake I slithered up her body keeping as much contact as I could with her soft glowing flesh.

Nestling in beside her Kay turned her head to mine and slipped an arm under my head. She drew me toward her and those shimmering full pouty lips. We kissed a soft delicate kiss at first then increasing in intensity tongues probing deep, lips suckling their mate.

Her low sensuous moan signaling her complete satisfaction with my oral talents. I broke our kiss and lay my head on the her chest. Her fingernails traced through my hair gently soothing my temples.

My hand rested gently on her flat stomach as we cuddled together recalling the events of the evening. Eventually Kay’s breathing became shallower and shallower. Her soft breasts barely lifting as her lungs filled with only the amount of oxygen needed during a restful sleep.

I closed my eyes thinking only of the wonderful woman holding me in her arms and how lucky I was to have had her invite me to share in her life. Sleep came easily that night a blissful rest brought on my knowledge that Kay would be in my life forever.

I was quickly becoming accustomed to waking up to the smell of brewing coffee each time Kay spent the night. I slipped into my terry cloth robe and headed toward the smell. Unlike last time I happily found her puttering around in the kitchen.

“Morning sweetheart.” I said as I entered the kitchen.

Kay was wearing white satin robe. She turned and as she walked across the room let it fall open showing me that she hadn’t bothered to put anything else on. Her arms wrapped around me and her soft body welcomed me from a great nights rest.

“I’m so sorry I fell asleep last night.” She whispered as her breasts pressed against my naked chest.

I kissed her lightly on the lips and said. “You had a hard evening.”

“Wasn’t that incredible?” Kay asked wiggling her shoulders causing her nipples to slide against my hairy chest.

“I couldn’t have scripted it any better.” I remarked.

Kay grinned knowing I’d enjoyed myself immensely then said. “And this afternoon should be even better.”

I couldn’t agree more since the anticipation of me joining the two lovely ladies in a menage-a-trios apparently built while I was sleeping.

“I woke up thinking about that.” I admitted.

Kay took a step back and with a sorrowful look on her face teased me. “You didn’t wake up thinking of moi?”

I smiled and replied. “You’re the most important part of my menage-a-trios fantasy.”

“I would hope so.” Kay answered.

She turned and as she walked to the counter said. “Let me service you this morning.”

A strange choice of words I thought. Perhaps she had something besides making coffee in mind.

“Let’s start with this.” Kay offered as she turned and held out a mug of steaming hot java.

Start with this. Hmmmmm I thought she did have something else in mind.

I sat down at the kitchenette table as she placed the mug in front of me. Kay sat to my left at the small square table.

I sipped the first sip of morning coffee then said. “This hits the spot.”

Kay is probably the most quick witted woman I’ve ever known. Sometimes it’s scary at how quickly she comes up with a snappy response.

“I have another spot in mind.” Kay quipped as her hand slipped under my robe and between my thighs probing for my flaccid cock.

I smiled as her hand found what it sought her delicate soft fingers circling my limb dick and lifting it up. Unlike yesterday when she dashed off to open her shop today there would be time for more than a quickie.

“Enjoy your coffee while I make up for falling asleep on you last night.” Kay said.

I looked in her eyes and said. “You don’t have to do that.”

As Kay slipped off her Starzbet Güncel Giriş chair and scooted mine a little sideways she grinned and replied. “Oh yes I do.”

What Kay meant was oh yes I want to. I took a sip of coffee

She straighten up and opened her satin robe fully. Her lovely soft tits exposed to my early morning stare. I laughed and said. “Sure beats coffee and the newspaper.”

Kay grinned and leaned forward taking my flaccid cock in her mouth soft lips circling the head then slipping all the way down to nuzzle into my pubic patch. In my flaccid state Kay could engulf the entire thing easily and she massaged my dick with her wet tongue and soft lips.

Her soft fingertips and perfect nails lightly scratched at my scrotum sending early morning tingles through my loins. Her warm mouth slowly sucked my cock causing it to surge and swell as my erection grew.

“Hmmmmm I love feeling it grow in my mouth.” Kay whispered while holding my cock in one hand.

Kay used her flattened tongue to give the swelling shaft long leisurely licks and gently slapped the head against her moist tongue.

I set my mug down and stared intently at her as her oral magic transformed my soft limp cock into a hard erect fuck tool.

She leaned forward and pressed the shaft between her lush ripe tits slowly dry humping me with their fullness.

“God that feels so good.” I said.

Kay let my cock slip from her cleavage and gave it a long lick from base to tip. “I want this beautiful cock buried in my pussy.” She moaned.

I slid my hands under her arms and helped her rise off the kitchen floor letting my fingers tease along her sides as she rose. Once they’d reached her hips I slowly pulled her toward me.

Kay moved her legs apart standing with one foot on either side of my hips.

“Bury it.” I said hoarsely as I guided my cock head to her soft vulva.

Kay moaned deeply when she felt the tip slide across her moist lips then slowly dropped her hips taking my cock deep inside her velvety pussy.

It was so very warm and equally wet eliciting as soulful groan from my throat as she buried me completely in her perfect pussy.

“God I love how we fit together.” Kay whispered in my ear as she settled down on my lap.

I slid my hands up along her naked flesh under the satin robe that hung loosely on her shoulders pressing my hands against her back bringing her soft ripe breasts against my chest. Her erect nipples digging into the curly hair covering my skin.

“Kiss me.” Kay whispered bringing her lips to mine as she spoke.

Our lips touched with an electric sensation passion sparks jumping between my beautiful mature lover and me.

Her tongue darted toward mine and we began a slow erotic sensual kiss heightening our mutual state of arousal.

Kay’s shoulders moved with the expertise of a exotic dancer grinding her taut nipples against my chest. Her hips ground back and forth rubbing her clit against my pubic bone.

As our kiss intensified so did the movement of her hips. I could feel her internal muscles softly massage my cock soaking inside her hot fuck tunnel.

I let my hands slid back down until they rested on her flaring hips. Moving my hands in tune with her hips I encouraged my awesome lover to hump my throbbing cock faster and faster.

Kay broke out long passionate kiss moving her soft moist lips along my jaw kissing toward my ear. When her lips reached my ear lobe she gently bit it then whispered in my ear. “You fill every part of me. I love how it slides across my g-spot.”

Her hips lifted just a little and then dropped back down to grind toward my body.

“God your pussy feels so good.” I murmured.

Each time she lifted off my cock she went a little higher but still made a sensuously slow plunge back down until my cock head rested against her cervix and the flaring corona massaged her most sensitive of spots inside.

Kay’s hips continued the slow passionate humping on my dick as I slipped my hands between our bodies and up to cup her lovely breasts lifting one taut nipple toward my lips.

As I circled her erect nipple Kay moaned deeply then whispered. “Yes suck it.”

My lips clamped onto her hard nub of pleasure holding it firmly between so I could flick the tip of my tongue against the very tip.

She cooed with shear delight as my oral pleasuring of her lovely tits and erect nipples lifted her to new heights of arousal.

Kay’s hips began moving with more speed as we fucked there in my kitchen. A slow sensuous fuck using more time then we needed to bring each other to the edge of orgasmic pleasure.

Her pussy swelled grasping my pulsing cock tighter and tighter with each passing passion filled moment.

“Suck the other.” Kay pleaded her delicate fingers guiding my lips and tongue to the mate of the nipple I’d been pleasuring.

While I suckled her other nipple Kay slowly drove me deep inside then stopped letting my throbbing member soak the the searing heat of her swollen pussy.

She whispered. “I want you to fuck me from behind.”

With that Kay pulled her tit off my mouth and slipped off my lap to stand in front of me. My raging hard on standing erect from my loins glistening with her moisture.