His Touch Ch. 02


I didn’t know what to expect. All I know is that he looked like he was going to hurt me. With his weight holding me down and my wrist trapped in his large hands I was powerless. During the struggle my shirt got scrunched up just below my 38D breast. I closed my eyes willing him to be gone. Willing this to only be a dream. When I felt his hand rubbing across my belly I knew this was no dream. He trailed lightly from my bra to the top of my pants. Stopping at my pants he leaned back and undid my button and zipper. I squeezed my legs closed tighter. Smack! Don’t do that, he said. I started to fight, twisting and turning. Trying to get out of his grip. I brought my knees up to throw him off balance, it worked. He went head over heels off the bed. I jumped up and made just out the door when he caught me .

He yanked me back into the room and on the bed. With no air in my lungs I just laid there while he ripped my clothes off me. I laid there in my naked glory. Normally I would love the look on his face but not this time. That’s when he saw them. I tried to cover myself but he slapped my hands away. Waiting for the look of horror to cross his face, I cringed. I have nasty, angry scars all over my breast down to my tights. He let me go and I rolled over to hide. He just looked at me. I just laid there crying and telling him to go away. He didn’t go but laid down to hold me while I cried. Exhausted I drifted off and slept while he held me for the rest of the night.

I awoke the next morning with him wrapped around me. I just laid there thinking. I had so many questions. Theres the “why” question. Why me? Why didn’t he just rape me and get it over with? Why me? Why is he trying to torture me? And the biggest question, why did he want me so bad? Why did he stop last night? Did he find me repulsive after he saw me? All this crying and thinking gave me a headache. Plus I had to pee.

When I finally got up, I found some clean clothes and went to take a shower. I know hes awake and watching me to see if I would run. I’m tired of running. That’s all I did for the past three years. This time I don’t care what happens. I would sell my soul just to make him go away. If sex is what he wants he can have it. I’m just to tired to care if I lived or died this time. I hopped in the shower and let the hot water melt the tension away. As I was washing Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort he came in to relieve himself. Neither on of us said a word. I came out fully dressed to find breakfast laid out on the dresser. I sat down to eat as he got up to take his shower. He turned to say something, looked at me then went to take his shower. There was an unspoken truce between us. As I sat there eating I wondered what was on his mind. What was he thinking and why didn’t he just leave?

I was startled when his hand pulled me back against him. I never noticed that he was out of the shower dressed, only in his pants, and sitting behind me on the bed. I tried to pull away but he only pulled me tighter against him.

“Why did you run?”

“I didn’t want to die”

“I told you that I wouldn’t hurt you”

“I’ve heard that one before”

“Not from me and I mean it. What happened to you to make you so afraid of me? I have never raised my voice to you and always treated you with respect.”

“Respect, is that what you called it at work by my car or when you broke into my house trying to force yourself on me. I told you I will never have sex with you. Why don’t you just go home and leave me alone.”

“I just wanted to scare you not hurt you. If I wanted to hurt you I would have done it the first time I followed you home three years ago.”

“Why do you follow me home?”

” I heard you were having problems with some guy and wanted to make sure you were safe. Who do you think saved you that night? I’ve always came in and checked up on you at night or during the day. Why do you think your dog didn’t attach me? It just became a habit of following you home all the time. I know everything about you.”

“Not every thing.”

“Yes I do.”

“If you did you would have known not to attach me. You would have known I would fight. If I couldn’t fight I would run.”

“Yes I knew and what a good fighter you are. You actually surprised me a couple of time at how strong you are. I know I have to watch out for your legs. If they can throw me, I know how strong you really are.”

We just sat there in silence. He was just rubbing my arms and shoulders. Every time he reached around to grab something to eat off my plate I tensed up. He kept telling me to relax but that was easier said than done. As he was eating, very now and then he would kiss my neck or the back of my head. He would rub my thighs or my arms as I squirmed against him. I also noticed that he was getting a hard on.

“Stop squirming or I’ll have to relieve some tension.”

I stopped immediately. I tried to get up but he stopped me.

“Where are you going?” He asked

“Away from you.” I said.

“There is no place for you to run anymore, plus you said you didn’t care anymore.”

“We can’t stay here cooped up plus you have to get back to work tonight.”

“Nope, I took the rest of the week of the same as you but for different reasons mine was personal, you put in for vacation.”

Great now what am I going to do. I can’t stand to be in the same room with him. I can’t wait to get out of his embrace yet I ache to be touched I thought.

He came up behind me and said “Then let me touch you the way you want to be touched.” I was horrified, did I say that out loud. I must have. Goodness knows I want him to touch me. To show me its ok to want to be touched, loved, and fucked without being hurt. He started to rub my arms, across my shoulders, down my back, then across my belly. Every muscle tensed in my body down to where my bones ached. It felt good just him touching me. I could hardly breathe. My lungs hurts every time I tried to inhale. His hands slipped inside my shirt and I leaned back to rest against him. He cupped my breast and ran his thumbs over my nipples. “Is this what you want?” he asked. I didn’t answer him, I didn’t have to my harden nipples gave him his answer. His hands slipped under my bra and started to squeeze and pinch my nipple. I moaned softly as he rolled them between this fingers. “So you do like it, lets see what else you like” he said. He started kissing my neck, running his tongue over my skin. He’s starting to drive my crazy. His hands slide down my belly and start to undo my jeans. I whimpered my protest and my hands flew to his. I started begging him to stop and he bit my neck, started sucking on it harder. My grip lessened on his hands and he undid my zipper. His hand moved down inside and he palmed my clit. I started panting and moaning. I started to get dizzy and my defensives started to buckle. I was trying to fight it but it was a loosing battle and he knew it. I leaned back and just let it happen. His hand would speed up and slow down. Just when I’m ready to cum he would slow down or lighten his touch. I whimpered every time to let him know not to stop.

“Tell me what you want, I will do anything to give you pleasure.” he said.

He moved his hand down and tried to insert two finger and I cried out. “Does that hurt?” he asked. I shook my head yes. He tried just one finger. “Damn your tight” he said. He moved his hand back up and started to rub circles around my clit. “Let me hear you don’t hold back” he said. With his other hand he moved my leg over his and I did the same with the other. “That’s my girl, just enjoy it.” he whispered. He shoved down my jeans around my hips. I just leaned against him thrashing my head back and forth, my moaning grew loader. I louder I was the faster his fingers moved. I was almost there I tried pushing his hand lower, for him to finger me but he didn’t under stand. “What do you want?” he asked. I just keeping pushing his hand lower. He put a finger in me and started to slide it in and out. “Is this it?”

“No” I said.

“Show me.”

He moved his hand and I took over. I heard him chuckle and slapped my hand away. “No I’ll do it. This is for me to do. You just enjoy the ride.” He put his hand exactly the way I had mine. The heal of his hand on my clit and his finger just inside my pussy, not all the way in, making circular movements. I told him harder and he did. I was gone at this point not caring I just wanted to cum. I just keep telling him hard and faster. I felt the tension built and the tingling started.

All of a sudden I was yelling,”Don’t stop. I’m there. Please God don’t stop!” The louder I got the faster his hand went. My body started shaking and I was grinding against his hand. I put my hands over my head to push harder using his shoulders. “Fuck, I’m Cumming” I yelled. I grabbed his hand and pushed his finger all the way in me, my body grew tense. My world exploded. I just laid there spent and trying to catch my breath. He was lightly rubbing my arms waiting for me to calm down and ride out the wave as my orgasm subsided.

I moved to lay down and he moved with me. He pulled me close to him and I put my head on his chest running my fingers through his hair. We laid there talking and occasionally I felt him kiss the top of my head. In no time at all I was sound asleep.

I awoke some time later and he told me to grab a shower. “We are going out to dinner” he said.