Hot Waxx


White votive candles, set along the fireplace hearth, illuminated the darkness as I closed the front door and entered the room. Shadows danced on the walls. Soft music floated through the air. It felt warm and inviting.

Celeste had sounded excited when she called me at work.

“Hurry home, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

I’d had a long day, not counting the hour commute. I walked over and plopped down on the couch. It felt good to sit back and relax. I wondered what my partner had in store for us since her call. It’s our special night together. A time randomly chosen, away from the busy lives we led. Celeste had become quite good at planning our trysts.

On the oak coffee table laid a single lavender envelope. I picked up the envelope, and opened it to read the contents. Her handwritten note instructed me to wait patiently, that she’d be out soon.

Shortly, I heard our bedroom door open and close. I looked behind me and watched Celeste saunter into the room. Her full breasts swayed slightly as she walked towards me.

She wore nothing but a black leather thong. She stopped directly in front of me just beyond my reach. I caught the scent of a sweet flowery aroma and recognized the perfume I’d bought for her birthday. “Hi, babe,” she huskily whispered. “Are you ready for something special?”

I swallowed loudly. “You know I am.” I watched, as her nipples became hard little buttons. I felt my pussy moisten.

“Good. And you trust me, right?”

“Of course I do, sweetie.” My adrenaline raced. This was the first time she asked me about trust.

“Ok. I want you to put this on.” From behind her back, she revealed a leather blindfold.

“Before you do, Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort take off your clothes. Fold them neatly and put them over there.” She pointed over to the rattan table next to the kitchen entryway that was usually a catchall for everything. It had been cleared.

I ripped off my clothes, threw then onto the chair. Hey, she’s the neat one…and stood there in the nude; the cool breeze from the air-conditioner chilled me. Goosebumps appeared, in tough competition with my raised nipples. Celeste stepped closer and I reached to touch her.

She rested her soft hand upon my shoulder, which kept her at an arms’ length away.

“No. Not yet.”

I stood there patiently, as she held the soft leather against my eyes, while she pulled the elastic band and slid it over my head.

“No peeking. Can you see anything?” She asked.

“Blind as a bat, darlin.”

“Okay, then, wait a sec’.”

I heard her walk to the kitchen and open the refrigerator door and heard her make a lot of noise. I could only imagine what Celeste had in store. She returned and sat down at the table.

“Okay, Syd, have a seat.” She guided me onto the bare wooden chair.

“Place your arm on the table, palm side up.”

I did.

She held my wrist in her left hand ran her fingertips up and down my forearm. The hairs on the back of my neck rose. A chill ran down my spine. The flesh around the base of my nipples tightened.

Then she stopped. I was still thinking about how her touch felt when she touched me again. The cold was a shock to my system. My body quivered. Now I recognized the noise I heard earlier. She ran an ice cube over my arm a few times then stopped.

I took a few deep breaths as I waited for her next move. I couldn’t hear anything except for the music that seemed louder than before. I concentrated on the steady beat that seemed to match the pulse of my heart.

Again, Celeste held my hand in hers.

This time, a small ripple of hot liquid ran down the length of my forearm. My arm jumped against the tabletop, but she had a vice grip hold on me. I wasn’t going anywhere. Again she ran a piece of ice along my forearm, traced the heat until it cooled.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I raised my other hand to remove the blindfold.

“Oh, no you don’t.”

“Where’d you get an idea like this? Jeez, Celeste.” I didn’t like not being able to see; I started to feel claustrophobic.

“I figured I had to do something with all of these candles,” she explained.

I envisioned a devilish grin on that pretty face of hers. Her blue eyes sparkled when she smiled.

“Remind me to think about this, next time I want to buy you a present.”

Celeste answered with another cascade of candle wax and ice, and another. The pattern of cold and hot became enjoyable, my endorphins stirred. A sense of euphoria washed over me. I felt giddy, lightheaded.

I slid around on the bare wooden seat of the chair. It was slick with sweat. I tried to envision Celeste perched there at the table, with a handful of ice in one hand, and a lighted candle in the other. It turned me on.

“Stand up.”

I took hesitant steps as she led me back to the living room. The carpet felt soft on my bare feet. Celeste sat me down on the recliner; the coolness of the leather upholstery contrasted with the warmth of my body, which chilled me. She pulled the lever and leaned me back to a reclined position.

Before I could say anything, her soft wet lips kissed me, while she poured another hot trail of wax around my breasts. I inhaled sharply.

A piece of ice cooled the rivulet of wax.

“Breathe, honey.”

I could hear the smile in her voice.

I wanted her. I didn’t know if I could wait any longer. My juices flowed. My temperature was on the rise, both inside and out and I became frustrated as she moved away every time I tried to feel her soft skin.

“Not yet, babe. Right now, you’re all mine.”

“Come on, baby,” I pleaded, “I’m so hot for you.”

That was an understatement and we both laughed. In the midst, Celeste continued with another trickle of wax from below my breasts, down to the top of my trimmed bush. I moaned with delight. The trail was cooled by a handful of ice. Little drops of water ran down into my crotch.

I reached for her again. This time Celeste let me touch her. I felt her leather thong with the back of my hand. I turned my palm upward and found her wet. I wanted her even more.

Celeste moved closer and I slid my fingers into her pussy. She moaned and she squeezed her thighs together. I almost came right then.

She released her thigh grip and moved beyond my reach. I brought my hand up to my mouth, and savored her fresh scent.

As I relished my treat, Celeste placed an ice cube directly on my clit, which contrasted with her hot breath. I dug my heels into the seat as I arched my back in ecstasy. Celeste exchanged the ice for her warm tongue. Holding a piece of ice, she entered my pussy.

I draped my legs over her shoulders, and held onto the armrests for dear life. My body surged, every muscle tightened as I…

I could see heaven.