How I Became a Bitch


How many of us make good decisions at 19? I had always been uncertain about my sexuality, but I finally realized there was something irresistible about a man. Not just their bodies, but the thought of being overpowered by a powerful man who would use you solely for his pleasure. So at this tender young age I decided to explore a little bit.

I made an account on a website that promised anonymous gay hookups, but I had no intention of going that far. I merely wanted to talk. I filled in all the proper questions and set off. Very early on I found an account, that seemed unavoidable. His profile promised that he was an older, experienced dom. I reached out with a quick “Hey there.” Short simple and sweet.

Almost immediately I was met with a reply, “Hey there, SIR.” My heartbeat quickened. Already I was falling for a man I didn’t know. He lacked a picture, like me, but his description was so tantalizing. “I specialize in breaking in young boys. If you message me, you will end up impaled on my cock, bitch.”

I sent back a hasty, “My apologies, Sir.” The game was on. We talked for a little while, with him referring to me by all kinds of nasty names. I got so hard just reading his smut.

Eventually though, he came with a request. “Show me a picture of your hole, so I’ll know where to stick my cock.” I was so horny and sucked in I dropped my pants, bent over and snapped a picture. I barely hesitated sending it, not realizing what was happening. My partner took his time replying, which freaked me out deeply. I realize I had just sent an intimate picture to a complete stranger. I was about to close out the tab when he finally replied.

“I love breaking in virgin holes.” I panicked and closed down my browser. I was trembling even though I knew nothing was wrong. It was all so exciting, it was all I could think about for the rest of the night.

The next day, I was relaxing, on my phone, still thinking about the night before when my doorbell rang. I got up to check who it was. I could clearly see a man through the window. He was older, probably mid-forties to early fifties. His hair was salt and pepper, and he had the slightest bit of a beard. He had a small gut, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t imagine being locked in his embrace.

I opened the door, thinking he was just a salesman, due to the duffle bag over his shoulder, but he smiled evilly when he saw me. “Hello, boy.” He said. I was confused for a second, but then realized who he was. It was him. The man I had been chatting with the night before, but that was impossible.

He pushed past me and walked into the house, surveying it like a potential buyer. “You thought you cold just tease and run,” he started as he turned to walk down the hallway, “But you didn’t read the fine print, if you message me, I will fuck you.” I was stunned, but I followed, my head swimming with things to say. “I reversed your IP address, if you were wondering. I know your type, get a few messages going and then back out before anything serious. Well this time you’re getting the whole package.”

He turned into my room, and I paused before entering. I should tell him to leave, that’s it. I stepped into the doorway and saw him sitting on my bed. I prepared to speak, but he cut me off, “I also found your Facebook, and I know your parents are gone for the weekend. Now you can still ask me to leave, but know that I will be sending all of your Facebook friends a copy of our messages and the little picture you sent me.” He had me, I was undoubtedly in his hands. I was quivering, but it was all so hot.

“First things first, bitch,” he said, locking eye contact with me, “You are going to come over here and bend over my lap.” I stood defiant, but his predatory gaze broke me. I walked meekly over, but paused when I reached him. Was this all real? It seemed it was, and he was in control. I quietly assumed the position over his lap. “Are you clean?” he asked me, placing a hand on the small of my back.

“Yes, Sir,” I responded meekly, having showered early that day.

“I assumed this was your room Bycasino based on your Facebook likes,” He told me as he gently placed a hand on my ass, “If not, it doesn’t matter. These walls are going to have some stories to tell.” Without warning, he grabbed my waistband and yanked my shorts and boxers down. I yelped in surprise, and my legs flailed, but the hand on my back kept me pinned in place. His other hand returned to my now naked ass, gently rubbing it, “You’ve got a big ass for a boy,” he said, almost lovingly, “Just means I’m gonna have more to punish.”

And with that, he raised his hand off my backside and brought it down hard on my left cheek. I cried out in pain, but my unconcealed erection had just fully formed. “What do you say, boy?” He demanded from me.

“Thank you, Sir!” I cried out, my ass still stinging. He brought his hand down again on my right cheek and I cried out again, only this time I called out, “Thank you, Sir!!”

“Good boy,” he said rubbing my sore cheeks, before spreading them with one massive hand. “There’s that little hole, make it wink, boy,” he told me. Without any complaint I flexed my asshole, “winking” at him.

Once again his hand left my ass with incredible speed before returning with force. “THANK YOU, SIR!!” I cried out, tears forming on my eyes.

“You love this don’t you?” he asked rhetorically, “God, you are such a slut.” The next blow brought tears flowing forth. He wasn’t holding back, and I couldn’t help but love it. I wanted so much more.

His next strikes were aimed at the point on my thighs where my cheeks started, the so called “sweet spot.” The pain was mixed with undeniable pleasure, and I felt precum form on my cock. This went on till my ass was screaming in pain, but I was screaming in pleasure.

Finally the barrage stopped and his hands were lifted. I heard the zipper of the duffle bag next to him open, but I couldn’t see what he was rifling for. The sounds of searching stopped, and I heard a squirt. I dare not look back for fear of further punishment. This was my master, after all.

His hand returned to my back when I felt a sudden coolness touch my anus. The sensation made me jump, but once again he held me down. He rubbed what I knew was lube on my asshole slowly, letting me savor the feeling. “Have you ever fingered your asshole, boy?” he said, commanding an answer.

“Yes, Sir,” I answered truthfully. This was it, I was going to lose my virginity to a stranger, and I couldn’t be happier.

“You little slut,” he chuckled, before getting more lube. His finger returned to my ass, and pressed at my hole. I groaned when he broke in, his thick finger stretching me out more than mine ever could. He purposefully traced my prostate, bringing out another groan. He plunged his finger deeper, lubricating the walls as much as he could.

I felt a second finger at my entrance, and my knees buckled when it entered me. It hurt a little, but it was all so disorientating and pleasurable. “What is this hole for, slut?” he demanded.

As if I were reading a script I knew the answer, “Your cock, Sir.” He chuckled as his fingers stretched me out.

“Good boy,” he said over my increasing moans. He slowly pulled his fingers out of me and dried them on my taint, applying as much pressure as he could. My body felt weak, he knew what he was doing. He rustled through his bag once again, and this time I felt an odd shape at my hole. It must be a butt plug, I thought, as it entered me. It was on the smaller side, but it still stretched me very well. “On your knees, boy,” he said, giving me little time to comply.

He looked down at me on my knees with a smile, before grabbing my shirt and yanking it off, “This won’t do.” He pulled several things out of his bag and turned to smile at me. I could see several things sticking out of his large hands, but I couldn’t tell what any of it was. He crouched down, and reached for my neck. I realized he was placing a collar on me, what I later learned was that it read “SLUT” in big letters. He then reached down to my nipples Bycasino giriş and rubbed them gently till they were pert. I let a small moan escape, I had always had sensitive nipples. Smiling at their erect state, he reached for them with nipple clamps. I yelped in pain when they were applied, noticing that they had small weights chained to them. It hurt so bad, but it still felt so good. Sir’s smile made it all worth it.

He reached into his back pocket, and before I realized it, he had his phone out. The phone clicked as it took a picture of me fighting off intense pain and pleasure. “Perfect,” he said, putting the phone on the bed. Sir stood up, and looked down at me possessively. I knew what was going to happen. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his shaved genitals. They looked so amazing up close. His thick veiny cock, and heavy balls made my mouth water.

He approached me, his eyes revealing that he knew he was in control. He lifted his sack and placed it on my face. It expanded slightly to encompass most of my face. Without needing to be told a took a deep inhale of his scrotum, smelling his manly, pent up need. I heard another picture click and looked up to see his phone above me. There was nothing I could do to stop him.

“Open up, slut,” he commanded. Without hesitation I obeyed. His large heavy nuts filled my mouth and I tasted his sweat and skin. I could barely move my tongue, but I did what I could while sucking. His thick cock was laying on my face and slowly raised up getting hard. “Stop,” he said, before pulling his nuts out of my mouth. Saliva trailed between us. My mouth was still wide open and Sir celebrated this with another picture.

The next thing I knew his cock was in my face, precum dripping. “I almost forgot,” he said before moving to reach into his bag. “Put these on behind your back,” he demanded, handing me leather cuffs. It was slightly difficult, but by crossing my arms I got the cuffs on. Now I really couldn’t resist him. At this point my nipples were starting to strain against their clips, and my ass was stinging just a little bit less. I looked up at my master expectantly, and he placed his hands on either side of my head, having put his phone down.

He slowly guided my head toward his cock, and my heart was skipping wildly. This was it. His large head finally entered my mouth and I closed gently around it. My tongue swirled at the tip, lapping up his salty precum. This man, old enough to be my father, was about to facefuck me, and I had no regrets. He kept sliding his dick, which was definitely larger than average, into my mouth until he hit my throat and I gagged. He softly moaned and pulled back. I was breathing deeply through my nose while he slid his cock back into my mouth, going deeper this time, forcing out more gags.

His gentle demeanor did not last. His pace picked up slowly, his cock forcing its way to my throat repeatedly, fiercely fucking me. Tears streamed from my eyes, and breathing became hard, but his absolute pleasure made it worth it. Eventually he slowed down, till his momentum stopped and he held his cock in my mouth, painting the walls of my mouth. He grabbed his phone to take another picture, and I didn’t care. I was his.

He pulled his dick out of my face, and looked down at my drool soaked face. “Not bad for a first-timer, but we’ll get you deepthroat eventually.” He slid his camera to video mode, “What are you?” he asked loudly.

Following his volume I called out in a raspy voice, “Your slut, Sir.”

He grinned broadly behind the phone, “Who owns your holes?”

I swallowed whatever precum had accumulated in my mouth before responding, “You do, Sir.”

He ended the video with a simple, “Good boy.”

“Stand up, slut,” Sir commanded me, and I complied. He looked down at me approvingly, and finally unclasped my nipples. I let out a sigh of relief as he reached into his bag. He pulled out a permanent marker and gave a sinister smile. He went around my body, marking me. On my left facial cheek he wrote “WH” and on my right he wrote “RE.” My Bycasino güncel giriş open mouth was the “O.” I felt his marker on my lower back and sensitive rear. I later learned that he wrote “SLUT” on my lower back, and “CUM” on my left asscheek, while my right read “DUMP.” I had been claimed.

“It’s time, whore,” Sir told me, and I knew what to do. He had told me how he likes to skewer his boys the night before. I laid on my back with my legs as far up as they could go. He climbed on top of me, and pressed his weight down. He reached behind me and undid the cuffs, but to my surprise, he kissed me. His stubble scratched against my face, and his thick tongue explored my mouth. After my hands were cuffed above my head he sat up, and grabbed my chin. I opened my mouth, so he could spit a wad of saliva into it. I gratefully swallowed, bringing a laugh out of him.

I wanted it at this point. It would hurt, but I needed his cock deep in me. I was his slut, his plaything, I was an object. Sir reached down and slowly pulled out the butt plug. I had become so accustomed to it, it made me moan as it left. I looked up to see the camera filming me again. “What are you?” Sir demanded.

“Your big ass cumslut, Sir,” I said, knowing he liked the size of my ass.

“You do have a fat ass, don’t you, slut?” he said, getting a good view of it.

“Yes, Sir,” I replied, “I’m just a whore. with a big butt who needs to be stuffed.”

His grin was wide behind the camera, “You want my cock in your ass, slut?”

I called out louder this time, “I need it, Sir! I’m just a willing hole that needs to be stuffed full of cock! I need your big dick to pump seed into my holes! I’m a cum dump! A fat assed cum dump! Stuff my big, fat, ass with your dick, Sir, please, I need it!”

This was not a performance. I was just a slut with a fat ass begging for cock. Sir turned off his camera and assumed his position. He pulled the lube back out and applied more to his cock. “Didn’t I tell you we’d end up here, fat ass?” he said with a victorious smile.

“Yes, Sir,” I responded, “My big, fat butt has belonged to you since I reached out last night.”

I felt his wide head at my hole and gasped. “Good boy…” he cooed as he broke past my entrance and pushed a couple inches into me. I cried out, in pain due to his thickness, and in pleasure as my cock jumped. He slowly, but surely pushed his dick all the way into me. I was in tears, but I LOVED IT. I groaned like a bitch in heat. His cock was shaping my insides, pressing down on my g-spot hard. He slowly pulled out, before sliding back in.

I was crying out like a desperate slut, pleasure crashing through me. I had cum from my fingers, but this, this was what I had always needed. A strong man pushing his way into me, while I was powerless to resist. His hands snaked up to my nipples and grasped my sensitive bits, before he slammed into me deep.

I cried out, not caring if anyone heard. This was my destiny. Sir thrusted deep into me, picking up speed, “I’m going to pound this fat ass, and you love that, don’t you you little whore?” I my insides were exploding with pleasure, my cock was unsure of what to do, but felt cum rushing into it.

“YES!” I cried out, “Oh yes, Sir, please breed my fat ass, dump your cum into your little slut. Please, oh please, oh please!!” This a his cue to pick up the pace. His experienced tool hit every nerve I had, bringing me to scream in delight.

He grabbed my hips for leverage and bashed my ass with his pelvis, “You fucking slut. I knew you were a cum dump.”

A rising feeling came into my cock and I could barely see straight any more. I screamed loudly as cum shot everywhere. My ass clenched down on his thrusting dick while I saw stars. Sir pumped away like there was no tomorrow before grunting, “You want my load, bitch?”

My head spun, but I knew better than to not respond, “Oh please, Sir, make me your little cum whore.” His hips slammed once more into my ass, and I felt a heat suddenly in my insides. He pumped out the rest of his load before pulling out of my needy hole.

Sir stood up, admiring his work, cum seeping out of me. “I think I’ll spend the weekend, slut. See if we can’t get ten more loads into you. Sound like a plan?” he asked.

My head lolled towards him, “Anything for you, Sir.”