How I Became an African Man’s Wife


I was straight my whole life. I was married to a beautiful woman for 8 years. We had 2 sons. We were divorced for about 2 years.

I was never really athletic. I’ve always been chubby and more into reading books and eating food than sports. It got worse later on in my marriage as I was now in my early 40’s and my metabolism has slowed down significantly.

My ex wife Cheryl and I got divorced because she felt my libido was completely gone and I couldn’t satisfy her anymore. I didn’t argue with her. It was what it was. I knew I neglected her in the bedroom and rarely had any interest in her anymore.

We agreed to be civil and she got the house and the kids but I kept our house but I got the boat and lake house. She got the kids but I got to keep my Prius.

I ended up getting an apartment downtown Toronto where I could commute to work at my office in 15 minutes.

I signed up on Tinder and plenty of fish and even paid extra for E-Harmony. That didn’t really end up going anywhere. I noticed most of the thicker, chubby White girls with pretty faces weren’t interested in me.

They all said they were only into black guys. Some of them had pictures of their kids who were mulatto.

I started to doubt myself. My buddy Todd from work tried to invite me out a couple time to set me up with girls his girlfriend knew, but they all seems to not be into me because of my belly and obvious loss of confidence.

I ended up spending money on escorts a couple time’s just to get my rocks off. I felt empty after.

After 2 years I was still single and kind of disillusioned with women and just spent a lot of time with my kids and buried my head in office work on my computer to keep myself occupied.

I couldn’t even remember the last time I had an erection. I felt like my life at this point was just about going through the motions.

One day I was on the subway train to work and I left my briefcase on the train. I didn’t even realize it because I was just in a hurry to get to work.

All of a sudden, just before I went on escalator I heard a thick African accent as a man yelled for me to stop.

I turned around and saw a tall dark skinned African man smiling at me holding my briefcase saying I’m his accent “sir, you forgot your briefcase”.

I was so thankful I immediately grabbed it and shook his hand. I introduced myself as Walter. He introduced himself as Ezekiel.

He had a very thick accent and I asked him where he’s from. He said he is from Nigeria and has been here less than a year. He works at a diamond mining company.

I for some reason was really interested in him. As he talked I looked at him. He was very attractive. He was about 6’4 and very athletic with defined muscles.

His skin was actually the darkest I’ve ever seen. Most of the black men I have known were from Jamaica and not that dark. Ezekiel was as dark as coal.

He was bald and his head was shiny and I noticed he had really full lips. He also had a really nice smile with big shiny white teeth that stood out. He also had really nice dark eyes that seemed to look right into my soul.

How else can you explain why I’m standing chatting with a complete stranger for like 10 minutes when I’m supposed to be rushing for work.

I ended up telling him I had to get to work. He said to me “Hey I’m new here, I need a friend. How about we go for dinner?”

As he looked into my eyes straight into my soul making my heart race like it hasn’t in years. I said yes and he handed me his business card and told me to text him my number.

I got to work 25 minutes late. I told my boss I lost my briefcase as an excuse and since I was usually never late he let it slide. I grabbed my coffee and got to working on clients files on my computer.

I kept thinking about Ezekiel and how I felt so drawn to him. I didn’t think it was a gay thing because I wasn’t into guys ever.

I have always been into girls and although I never had much luck with girls because they want guys that look like The Rock and I have a build like Danny Devito.

Even my ex-wife kind of made sex seem like a chore because I wasn’t what she wanted anymore towards the end of our marriage .

I remember finding a big black dildo shaped like a cock hidden in her night stand when I was looking for spare keys for the lake house.

Sometimes on our computer in our kitchen I’d see all this BBC stuff on the browsing history, I just assumed she was reading BBC news clips about Africa.

It was all coming back to me now and I remembered what all those girls on the dating apps said about only dating black guys.

I thought of Ezekiel and how he was probably the perfect example of what these women were all going for.

I kept on thinking about how he had my heart racing and so into talking to him. Usually I’m very standoffish when I’m riding public transit.

I never ever stop and chat to strangers and make myself late for work. I also wasn’t in such a great upbeat mood in as Bycasino long as I can remember.

In the afternoon after my board meeting I decided to text Ezekiel my number using the business card he gave me. He replied and asked me if I would try a new Greek restaurant he heard about that he wanted to try.

I eagerly said yes without even thinking about any prior engagements that night. That was uncharacteristic of me.

That night I was supposed to take my older son to his soccer game. But it completely slipped my mind.

I texted my wife and told her I had a late meeting with out of town clients and can’t take him to his game. She chewed me out for it. I tuned it out and hung up.

That night we went for dinner at Grecco’s taverna and ate like kings. I told him all about my failed marriage and my kids and soccer. He said he used to play soccer in Nigeria. He told me that he is 30 years old and has 1 son in Nigeria with his ex wife.

The more he told me about his life the more intrigued I got. Despite our 14 year age difference we meshed pretty well conversation wise.

I noticed when he would say something he would put his hand over mine and it sent electricity through me. I felt kind of giddy around him for some reason and as the drinks flowed I kept looking at him and the more I appreciated his beautiful dark features.

When the bill came he ended up paying for my dinner too. It was a $230 Bill. When I tried to pay the tip he laughed and put his hand around my waist and says “Hahahaha come on we go, I pay.” and when he put his hand on my waist I was shaking from the excitement. What was happening to me?

He flagged down a can and practically pulled me into the cab with him. When we were in the back seat he had his arm around me and was holding my hand. I just thought maybe that’s how Nigerians were, all touchy feely and I let it go because I didn’t wanna offend him. YEAH RIGHT!!

That’s just what I told myself. In reality it felt really good just to be held affectionately for the first time in however long. I actually enjoyed the smell of his cologne and natural scent and I felt content.

When the cab pulled up to Ezekiel’s apartment I tried to pay the $26 cab fair with my credit card, Ezekiel simply put his hand over mine and said “NO,I pay”.

We got up to his apartment and that’s when it happened. We were on his couch and he had his arm around me again and he listened to me talk about my failed marriage and my bad luck with women, ECT…

I looked into his eyes and out of nowhere he put his finger over my mouth and hand under my chin and pulled me in for a kiss.

As soon as my lips touched his I started pecking his lips like crazy. Then instinctively I opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to enter and I sucked on his tongue.

It was huge and invading but being kissed by him blew me away. I couldn’t think straight. I was also harder than I have ever been in my life. Pre cum was oozing out of my dick through my khakis.

Ezekiel stood up in front of me on the couch and took his shirt off. His physique was like he was sculpted out of granite. Shiny black granite.

He had shredded abs and big shoulders and biceps and toned chest. I looked up in awe of this African god.

He walked closer to me on the couch and guided my trembling hands to his torso. I spent what seemed like an eternity rubbing my hands all over his body mesmerized by it’s perfection and superiority.

He said “You want me, yes?” In a confident voice. I couldn’t deny it anymore.

I whimpered and as I was stuttering and couldn’t get my words out, my heart was racing like crazy and all I could do was nod my head frantically. He laughed and said “It’s ok, you are mine now”

He stood away from the couch and pulled his pants down. He had a speedo that barely covered his cock. But I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to see and this is what officially changed my life forever.

He took off his speedo and took his cock out. But his cock wasn’t just any cock, it was gigantic.

He started stroking it in front of me and it got harder. I looked at it absolutely transfixed on it.

He asked if I wanted to touch it, I stuttered “ye ye ye yes ple ple please…” shaking and trembling before him.

He put his hand on my shoulder and smiled and said “It’s ok, touch it”

I reached out for it and started to run my fingers along the tip of it. It was now in my hands as I started to stroke it and squeeze it and just explore it.

I’ve never even thought of touching another man’s dick before yet I couldn’t stop touching Ezekiel’s. I felt it growing in my hand as I squeezed it.

It grew to be about 11 inches. I put my forearm next to it and it was literally as big as my wrist. He asked if I wanted another kiss and I nodded my head and he bent down and shoved his tongue down my throat.

Then he pulled me up without breaking the kiss, he pulled me to him kissing me passionately and picked me up in his arms with Bycasino giriş my legs wrapped around his waist. I felt like a wife on her honeymoon. I loved it.

He carried me to his bedroom this way with my legs wrapped around his waist kissing passionately. He dropped me on the bed and stood in front of me again.

This time he started rubbing his cock in my face again and I found myself not being able to help myself from wanting to worship it.

I pulled it towards me and started kissing it giving it pecks up and down the shaft and tip. The smell of his ball sack was intoxicating. Instinctively I opened up my mouth and took the tip in.

I started sucking it and as I did so he pulled it out and away. I tried to catch it with my mouth again but he pulled it away and then pulled me up to him again.

He gave me a big kiss and pulled my pants and underwear down, then he threw me on my knees again.

I immediately put my mouth on his cock again. Now with my own cock out and hardening like crazy. I didn’t care about my own dick though, I was fixated on Ezekiel’s.

I started getting more and more of his cock in my mouth and slobbering all over it. He started face fucking me. I couldn’t believe how into this I was.

I felt like this was all that mattered in the world. I was more excited and turned on than I have ever been in my life by far.

Ezekiel sensed this and pulled me away from his cock and put his hand on my head and simply said “CUM” and that’s all it took and I started squirting all over his legs kneeling in front of him without even touching my own dick once.

Even though I just came the sight of Ezekiel’s giant black cock all shiny from my saliva turned me on so much I was hard again instantly and hungrily grabbed his cock with my lips.

Within a minute he pulled out and came all over my face. It was like an out of this world experience for me.

He wiped my face off with a towel and kissed me and we cuddled on the bed for a minute and took a breather.

The whole time I was laying in my side kissing him and my hand never went off his cock. It didn’t take him long to get hard again and he said it was time to “make love”.

I never ever thought I’d be fucked in the ass. When I was married my wife wanted to do anal to spice things up and I was repulsed by the thought of taking her ass.

But as I felt his hard cock pressing into my ass cheeks I instinctively started pushing back into it. This gave him the encouragement that I did want to make love.

He grabbed some lube from his night stand and lubed his cock and put his lubed finger in my ass. He wiggled it around in there and it felt pretty good.

He kept kissing my neck and it turned me on and I found my asshole was getting more open. It was all to prepare me for our “love making”.

Our kissing got more and more intense as I found myself pushing my ass into his finger and getting more and more turned on.

He broke the kiss and turned me my side and started rubbing his cock along the outside of my crack in a teasing manner while kissing my neck and nibbling on my ears.

My heart was racing with anticipation and without even realizing it I was pushing my ass into his dick in a forceful way.

That was when he entered me. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, but I definitely felt it. Then he slowly started to push more and more in and it slid nicely.

I didn’t give any resistance, in fact I was pushing up against him. Eventually he was all in and it felt like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

He was fully inside me and I was pushing against him with a perfect rhythm and I felt myself being stretched. I really enjoyed this feeling and realized now why all these curvy chubby white women were choosing black guys.

I felt shockwaves going through my body and my dick was so hard from the excitement that after a minute or so more of our “love making” I came all over the bed.

He simply picked me up and stood up still inside me with my legs wrapped around his waist and kissing me passionately as he proceeded to fuck me standing up.

I was shocked anyone was that strong considering I’m almost 300 pounds. He came inside me and I honestly wished I could have his baby.

We lated in the bed cuddling close with my head on his chest and my hand on his cock. We talked for a few minutes and he was hard again.

I climbed on top of him and sucked his cock some more until he came down my throat. We ended up falling asleep cuddled up like lovers.

The next morning I woke up and immediately started sucking his cock again. We ended up having sex again before work.

He came inside me and then carried me to the shower with him and we showered together.

We got on the subway to work together and we’re holding hands. It felt so right and I didn’t care who saw me.

I couldn’t concentrate on work, the day was just a blur to me. As I sat in my chair I felt the soreness in my ass but it Bycasino güncel giriş wasn’t a painful sore.

It was more like when you workout in the gym and your muscles are sore but it feels good because you did something right for yourself. That’s how it felt. I wanted more.

That night I had my kids again and took them to the mall and was supposed to take them to the movies like I promised. But that was before I got a text from Ezekiel saying he wanted to hangout.

I called my ex and told her I had a work emergency and had to take the kids home early. I literally could not wait through a whole movie for Ezekiel to fuck me again.

My ex went off on me for bailing the second night in a row. But her bitching didn’t faze me.

I was in my own world of BBC bliss and for once felt happy. Nothing could change that. I dropped my disappointed kids off at my ex’s then called Ezekiel to see where he wanted to meet.

He said he was out with some work colleagues at a local bar near his apartment. I went to meet him there.

When I got in there he was with 3 other Nigerian men who all looked similar to him in age.I all of a sudden felt very turned on and loose and for some reason was all giddy like a school girl who has a crush.

I hung off of Ezekiel like a groupie giggling at all his jokes and was acting like a total bimbo. It was really weird but I felt so turned on. His friends kind of gave me a knowing smile like they knew I was hooked on Ezekiel.

At one point I was standing with him behind me with his arm around my waist and my ass pressed into his crotch rocking back and forth grinding to a 50 cent song.

Anybody that knew me would never believe this was happening because it was so out of character. But the more giddy and ditzy I acted the more loose and free and turned on I was getting.

When we sat down at our booth I was in Ezekiel’s lap and rocking back and forth on his hard cock through his jeans. He whispered in my ear that soon we are going home to make love.

When we were outside with his 3 Nigerian friends waiting for a taxi I was in his arms with my head on his chest and his hands on my ass. The other 3’s cab arrived first and they all came to say goodbye.

Oddly enough I acted all girly and said “aww omg you guys, I like totally liked meeting you tonight” and hugged them and they all hugged me and grabbed my ass and gave me a kiss on the lips. I loved it.

When me and Ezekiel finally got home we made love all night and all the next morning. But I’m the morning he fucked me harder than before and something weird happened.

I felt him hit my wall and it sent shockwaves through my body and my ass started pulsating and my ass muscles were literally squeezing his cock without me even realizing it was happening.

My ass extracted every bit of cum and we kissed and showed together. I really enjoyed soaking up his body and seeing how shiny it got. I also loved how lovingly he soaped you my ass for me and cleaned out my crevices.

It was pointless though because as soon as we got of the shower he fucked me on the counter and came in me again.

After that for some reason I decided I wanted to serve him, not just sexually but in all ways. I told him I was going to call in sick to work and stay home and prepare a nice meal for him while he’s at work.

I literally wanted nothing more than to be his little house wife. Pretty weird considering I was straight 3 days ago.

I called in sick and got chewed out by my boss. I used up all my sick days so this one was coming off my pay but I didn’t care. My main focus right now was to go to the grocery store and get the right ingredients for the special dinner I was going to cook for my “husband” tonight.

I spent the entire day cleaning his apartment and preparing the dinner and lighting incense candles and making it all romantic. When 630 rolled around and I heard him coming through the door my ass started twitching.

He came in and smelt the food cooking and said it smelt wonderful and wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and started kissing me. I started pushing my ass into him with more desire to be fucked than ever.

He turned the stove off and grabbed me and put me on the counter. He pulled my pants off and ended up fucking me missionary style right on the kitchen counter cumming inside me within a minute.

I kissed him passionately sucking on his tongue as he grabbed my raging hard cock and squeezed it and said “you please me very much. I love you.”

I replied so fast blurting out that I loved him too and wanted to be his wife. He laughed and kissed me and squeezed my dick really hard and released it and I came just from him doing that.

We then had a romantic candlelight dinner and then skipped dessert and went and made love all night.

This was what I wanted. This is who I was now. His loving and devoted wife. The only problem was I still was a father and had a job and life and responsibilities.

I needed to figure out a way to get away from it all and be with my husband. I loved cooking for him and pleasing him.

I wonder if I could get tomorrow off work too? And even worse… what am I going to tell my ex to get out of seeing the kids this weekend?