Huff’s Origin


Huff couldn’t take it much longer. He knew something was wrong with him. He had these feelings. He knew it was wrong, he knew he liked men. He had to keep it a secret. He was too afraid to buy gay porn, but bought several bodybuilding magazines and masturbated to the images. He checked out guys at the gym. He was careful and didn’t get caught. He did however steal a gay DVD from an adult bookstore. He watched it every now and again. He didn’t like it that much, it featured guys around his age; he was 19. His parents were a bit old fashioned, pretty religious. They would probably freak out if he told them what he was going through. Ironically they respected his privacy. He had his own computer and didn’t bother him about what sites he went to, but he avoided gay porn sites. He decided to finally go to craigslist to see what the hype was all about. He had heard stories, but wasn’t for sure to trust it.

Huff looked over the ads on craigslist. None of them stood out. He was about to call it quits when he saw an ad that read: NO LIMITS.

“Let’s see,” Huff whispered to himself.

He clicked on the ad and let out a smile. He read the as. The guy was willing to just about anything including peeing. Huff saw this as kind of strange, but whatever. He was a bit older, 40. But he was willing to take that chance. He typed up a quick reply. He explained his situation and that he was willing to do whatever he wanted to. Huff waited a minute before sending the reply.

“Here goes nothing,” he whispered to himself before clicking send.

He leaned back in his chair and waited a few minutes. He looked around on the Internet some more. He finally went back to his e-mail account and noticed a new message; RE: No Limits. He quickly read it and replied. He included his number in the message.

“He won’t call,” he whispered to himself.

He felt a buzz in pocket. It couldn’t be him. He pulled it out of his pocket. It was a number he didn’t recognize. It had to be him. He looked at the phone for a second and pressed talk. He put it to his ear.

“Hello,” Huff said quietly.

“Is this Huff,” the male voice asked.

“Yeah,” he replied.

“Did you want to come over,” he asked.

“Where do you live,” Huff asked.

“By the movie theatre on River Avenue.”

“Cool,” Huff replied, “you live in the apartments behind the shopping center?”

“No,” he replied, “I have a house.”

“Okay,” Huff replied.

“What all did you want to do,” he asked.

“Whatever you want,” he laughed.

“Did you need a ride,” Joe asked.

“I have a car,” he replied, “what time is good for you?”

“Now,” he replied.

“Okay,” Huff replied, “what’s your address?”

He gave Huff his address. Huff searched for the address and wrote down the directions. He wandered into the living room to see his parents on the couch. He looked at them for a moment.

“Where are you going,” his dad asked.

“Gonna see a movie,” he replied.

“Don’t stay out too long,” his mom replied, “we have church in the morning.”

“I won’t,” he replied.

“Okay,” his dad replied.

Huff walked out the front door and made it to his car. He started it and drove towards his destination. He breathed heavily as he made his way to his destination. He saw the movie theatre and found his way behind it where the guy said his house would be. He parked his car and locked the door and walked to the front door. He rung the doorbell and waited. An average looking man answered it.

“Huff,” the man asked.

“Yeah,” he replied.

“Come on in.”

Huff walked in as he opened the door for him.

“I’m Joe by the way,” he said jutting his hand out.

“Nice to meet you,” Huff replied.

“So,” Joe said as he let go of Huff’s hand, “I can do whatever I want?”

“Yeah,” Huff replied as he looked over his new friend.

“I’m a bit kinky,” he replied.

“Oh,” Huff replied.

“Yeah,” he replied, “take a seat.”

Huff sat on the couch and spread his legs.

“Have you done anything with men,” Joe asked as he sat down next to him.

“No,” Huff laughed.

“First time for everything,” he laughed.

“Yeah,” Huff smiled.

“If you want to get comfortable,” Joe started, “feel free.”

“Could we,” Huff exhaled, “go to the bedroom?”

“That’s fine,” he replied.

He led Huff to his rather dirty bedroom.

“I guess I’ll get comfortable,” Huff laughed.

“Nice,” Joe replied as he shut the door.

Huff quickly stripped off all his clothes. Joe looked over his skinny body. He barely had any body hair; he was nearly rail thin with no defining muscles. He was pleased with what he saw. Huff slowly walked up to him and hugged him. Joe returned the favor and quickly held him.

“Just to let you know I don’t consider Bycasino myself gay,” Joe said as he let go of Huff.

“Oh,” Huff replied in strange tone.

“Yeah,” he smiled, ” I think being gay is wrong. I hate gay rights. I think gay sex is just for pleasure only. I hate seeing men in relationships with each other. But I like being with men. Something about them, I like their smell and taste. It makes me feel more like a man when I fuck a man.”

“I think I’m gay,” Huff laughed.

“That’s fine,” Joe replied, “just remember what I said.”

“I won’t,” Huff laughed as he looked towards Joe’s crotch.

Joe let out a smile. Huff reached forward to his pants.

“Could I see it,” Huff asked.

“Yeah,” Joe laughed unzipping his pants.

His average looking penis flopped out and Huff reached forward and grabbed it. Huff stroked it for a few seconds before kneeling down and putting it into his mouth. Joe let him suck on it for about a minute before he finally dropped his pants. Huff kept sucking and he pulled off his shirt. Joe was amazed at how well he was sucking his dick. He gripped either side of Huff’s head and lightly pulled on his hair. He looked down at Huff and smiled.

“Hold still,” Joe said.

Huff complied and waited eagerly as Joe got himself ready. He gripped either side of Huff’s hair a bit tighter and slowly thrust his penis into his mouth. This caught Huff by surprise and grabbed onto Joe’s legs to steady himself. He thrust into his mouth again. He thrust again and again. Each successive thrust was more and more intense. His penis hit the back of his throat a few times. This gagged him quickly but got used to it. He liked the feeling of it hitting this area. Eventually Joe quickened the pace that he couldn’t take. He was face fucked very hard and had reached a point he couldn’t take.

“Ugh,” Huff exhaled as a large amount of spit and saliva dropped out of his mouth.

“How was that,” Joe asked.


“You down for anything,” Joe asked.

“Yeah,” Huff replied.

“Follow me.”

He led Huff to the bathroom. He got Huff to stand in the bathtub. He slowly forced Huff to his knees. He looked down at him and smiled. Huff looked at his erect penis. Joe breathed heavily for a few seconds and eventually he lost his erection.

“Open your mouth and close your eyes,” Joe demanded.

“Yes sir,” Huff replied as he complied with order.

Huff didn’t know what he was going to do. Suddenly he felt a warm liquid hit his chest. He quickly twitched as it hit him. He felt the liquid quickly creep up his body. He knew what Joe was doing! The liquid eventually hit his mouth. It was urine! He was peeing! Huff didn’t want to embarrass him and kept his mouth open. He didn’t like the salty taste. But he wanted to prove himself to his new friend. He even swallowed a little. He slowly opened his eyes; he wanted to see him doing this to him. The second he opened his eyes Joe quickly changed directions. He aimed it directly at his eyes.

“Ah,” Huff exclaimed as the warm liquid hit his eyes.

“Shut ’em,” Joe demanded.

Huff didn’t comply, but Joe aimed it at his mouth. Huff allowed the urine to collect in his mouth for a few seconds. Joe stopped peeing as the last few drops hit the floor. Huff looked up at him and quickly swallowed the urine.

“Holy shit,” Joe exclaimed.

“Ahh,” Huff said in a labored tone.

“Usually guys freak out when I pee on them,” Joe laughed.

“I didn’t want to let you down,” Huff laughed.

“You didn’t,” Joe replied as Huff stood up in the bathtub.

“Could you do that again,” Huff asked.

“Are you serious” Joe replied in amazement.

“Yep,” Huff shot back.

“Gimme a few,” Joe said as he left the bathroom.

“That was amazing,” Huff said softly.

Joe wandered to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and pulled out a pitcher of water. He then found a cup on the counter and quickly filled it. He gulped it down as quick as he could. He drank 3 more glasses until the pitcher was empty. He quickly refilled it and put it back in the fridge. Joe rushed out of the kitchen and back to the bathroom.

“Still there,” Joe laughed as he saw Huff sitting in the back of the bathtub.

“Of course,” Huff replied.

This time Joe didn’t stand on the outside of the bathtub. He got in it with him. He straddled over Huff and smiled. Huff sat up and quickly kissed Joe’s Penis. He then wrapped his lips around it and quickly sucked it. Joe quickly pulled it out.

“Wait,” Joe let out.

He took a small step back and took a few deep breaths.

“Ready,” Joe asked as his erection finally died, again.

“Yes,” Huff replied.

Joe aimed his penis at Huff’s chest and let go. His strong stream hit him in the center of Bycasino giriş his chest. He quickly worked it up his body within a few seconds. He aimed it directly for his mouth. Huff took in the salty liquid again. It tasted about the same. This time he swallowed a lot more. Joe was able to time his stream much better. He stopped as he watched Huff swallow some of it. He smiled as Huff swallowed it all. He got one more good stream flowing as he aimed it at Huff’s eyes. A little got in his eyes, but he aimed it back at his mouth. He didn’t want his urine going to waste. Huff let his mouth fill up. A bit spilled out.

“Damn,” Joe laughed.

Huff raised his eyebrows as he slowly closed his mouth and swallowed the liquid.

“Yummy,” he replied as he looked up at Joe.

He quickly regained his erection.

“You should rinse off,” Joe said.

“Yeah,” Huff replied as he stood up.

Joe quickly left the bathroom and allowed him to take a quick shower. Huff quickly rinsed off and toweled off and walked with Joe back to his dirty bedroom. Huff jumped on the bed and Joe pressed play on the DVD player. The gay porn quickly came back on. Joe reached into his dresser and pulled out a bottle of lube. Huff quickly jumped on the bed. He sat up as Joe walked up to him.

“Dude,” Joe started, “get on your back.”

Huff followed his instructions. He laid down on the bed. Joe walked up to him and grabbed his ankles. He pushed his legs high into the air. He spread them wide and looked at his tight asshole. He smiled to himself and let go of his right leg. It fell on his shoulder as his mouth crept closer to his asshole. Huff grabbed his leg again and held it up. He quickly ran a finger across it. He sniffed his asshole quickly. It smelled clean. Joe had tasted some nasty ones in his time. Huff looked down at Joe and prepared for his mouth.

“You ready,” Joe asked as he stared at his asshole.

“Yeah,” Huff replied.

Huff exhaled as Joe’s tongue finally made contact with his ass. Joe dug his tongue slowly into his ass. Huff gripped the sheets as Joe worked his tongue in farther. Huff had never felt this sensation before. He trashed about as Joe quickly tonged and licked his ass.

“Oh my god,” Huff yelled.

“You like that,” Joe asked.

“Hell yes,” Huff replied.

Joe smiled and leaned in forward and continued his handiwork. He licked and fingered Huff’s ass for a few more minutes. He wiped his face off and looked over his new friend’s naked body. Huff let his legs slide down and his feet dangled off the side of the bed. Joe walked to the dressed and pulled out a large bottle of lube. He stood over Huff and poured the liquid into his hand and began to stoke his penis.

“Ready for the real thing,” Joe asked.

“Yeah,” Huff replied before biting his lip and shaking his head in the yes fashion.

Huff lifted one of his legs up. Joe lifted the other up revealing his asshole.

“Shouldn’t you wear a condom,” Huff asked.

“I never wear one,” he said as he propped Huff’s legs up a bit more.

He slowly inched his well-lubed penis towards Huff’s waiting ass.

“Please,” Huff begged.

“Not going to make me change my mind,” Joe exhaled.

“Why don’t you wear one?”

“Since it’s your first time,” he started, “I don’t want anything to come between us.”

“Well,” Huff smiled, “you only live once….But would you please, this once.”

Joe wrapped his hand around Huff’s neck. He looked deep into his eyes.

“Listen you faggot,” he started, “do you want to get fucked or not?”

Huff gripped both of his ass cheeks and pulled them apart to reveal his asshole. Joe let go of his hand.

“Hell yeah,” Joe laughed.

Joe slowly inched his erect penis into Huff’s tight asshole. Huff exhaled as Joe made his way deeper into him. His asshole got used to having something put into it for a change. The stretching feeling was amazing. Huff looked a bit in discomfort. He bit his lip as he pushed deeper into him. Huff reached up and gripped Joe’s shoulders as he pressed deeper into him.

“Feel good,” Joe asked.

“Yes,” Huff replied.

Joe pulled out quickly and slid into him slowly. Huff exhaled quickly as this happened. Joe pulled out of him again and slid back in. He was preparing his ass for more. Huff got kind of annoyed with this routine. He just wanted him to fuck him.

“Just go for it,” Huff said.

“You sure,” he asked.

“Fuck yeah!”

Joe pulled out and slammed into him hard.

Huff looked up at Joe as he slammed into him repeatedly. He saw him gritting his teething and mouthing words to himself. Huff closed his eyes and let him go to work.

“I needed this,” Joe said out loud.

Huff paid no mind and let him fuck him. He got lost in the moment. Each Bycasino güncel giriş time he slammed into him he felt it. He loved the feeling. Being split open for this man was what he needed all this time.

“Yes,” Huff exhaled as Joe slammed into him.

“You know you’re going to hell,” Joe said as he slammed hard into Huff.

“So are you,” Huff replied as he pulled out of his ass.

“Maybe,” Joe laughed.

“This is amazing,” Huff said nearly out of breath.

“Fuck,” Joe exhaled, “I don’t have the stamina I used to have.”

“It’s fine baby,” Huff replied standing up.

“Back in the day I could go,” he laughed.

“Take your time,” Huff laughed.

Huff leaned forward and kissed him. Joe paid no mind to that, he’d been kissed before. He grabbed Huff and turned him over and bent him over the bed. Huff reached out and grabbed a pillow as Joe spread his cheeks apart. He looked over his friend’s looser asshole. He shoved a finger in quickly and licked above it. He pulled his finger out and licked his asshole a bit more. He slowly stood up and placed his penis inside of his ass. This time he didn’t slowly put it in. He forced the length of it into him with one big thrust.

“Oh,” Huff exhaled in slight pain.

Joe pulled back and rammed into him harder. He slapped his ass a few times before slamming back into him. He thrust into him a few more times. Huff enjoyed each thrust of Joe slamming into him. He loved it, the feeling of his ass getting stretched out. He wanted more. Suddenly Joe began to lose control.

“Dude,” Joe exhaled.

“What,” Huff let out.

“I’m gonna cum,” Joe let out.

“Where you gonna do it,” Huff asked as Joe slammed in him.

“In you,” he let out.

“Yes,” Huff exhaled.

Joe slammed into his ass hard. He slowly pulled out. His penis was nearly out of Huff’s ass. But he kept the tip in. He pushed Huff’s face deep into the pillow. Huff waited patiently as Joe began to let go. He bit his tongue as the first wave of sperm flew out of Joe’s penis. The warm liquid entered him. He pressed Huff’s head deeper into the pillow as he ejaculated again. Huff loved the feeling of him unleashing his seed into him. A tear slowly slid down Huff’s cheek.

“Shit,” Joe let out as he ejaculated again.

Huff muffled something. Huff bit the inside of his lip. He felt the tear finally land on his lips. Joe slapped his ass hard.

“That was great,” Joe said as he kept his penis inside of him.

“Yes,” Huff replied as he took his face out of the pillow.

“I need to cum again,” Joe said nearly exhausted.

Huff tried to push him off.

“No,” he said sternly.

Huff complied. He could tell Joe wasn’t completely hard. He placed his head in his hands as Joe finally got erect again. He gripped his hips and got back to work.

“Shouldn’t be too long,” Joe laughed.

“Okay,” Huff exhaled as he slid into him.

Joe got the full length of his penis in Huff’s ass. Huff gripped the sheets hard as he pushed into him. Joe slammed into him as hard as he could. Another tear fell out of Huff’s eye.

“Shit,” Joe let out.

A weak stream for sperm flew into Huff’s ass.

“Did you cum,” Joe asked as he pulled out of him.

“No,” Huff said out of breath.

“Can you sit down,” Joe asked.

“I think so,” Huff replied.

Huff slowly maneuvered around the bed. He was able to sit down with little problems.

“My ass hurts,” Huff laughed.

“Figures,” Joe laughed.

Joe slowly walked up to him. And got on his knees.

“You deserve this,” Joe laughed as he grabbed Huff’s penis.

“Thanks,” Huff exhaled as his mouth wrapped around his penis.

“Wow,” Huff exhaled as Joe worked his mouth up and down his small penis.

Joe sucked him for nearly 30 seconds before he let go. Huff came quickly. His seed flew into Joe’s mouth. Joe cringed for a second and swallowed it all.

“Uh,” Joe said quickly, “you need to work on your cum’s taste.”

“I do,” Huff asked.

“Yeah,” he replied, “I only swallowed it because you let me cum in your ass.”

“Thanks,” Huff said in a sincere tone.

“Just to let you know,” Joe said with a straight face, “if you want to meet up again, I’m going to be a bit more aggressive. I took it easy on you.”

Huff quickly jumped onto him and hugged him.

“I had a good time,” Huff replied letting go of him.

“You’re welcome,” Joe laughed.

Huff made it to his car and drove home. His parents were both asleep and it was nearly midnight. He made it into bed around 11:50. He woke up the next day and went with his parents to church. They didn’t ask him about what movie he saw or what he did the night before. He knew they respected his privacy. They found seats near the front of the church. Huff didn’t pay attention to what the sermon. He was quite bored with the whole church thing. He looked around the chapel at about the halfway point in the sermon. He looked toward the exit and saw Joe sitting a few seats away from it. They smiled at each other quickly.