Human Toilet at the Club Pt. 02

Bbw Milf

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Chapter 4

The bathroom around me smelled like stale piss. The underside of the toilet was stained brown and yellow. All I could taste was the bartender’s salty piss. Despite all this, I found myself excited. The idea of being dominated so completely by these women felt right. I belonged here.

A few hours passed and I had no visitors. Eventually, club music started playing loudly. I could only hear muffled bass, and the occasional group of women yelling in celebration. I heard the clicking of high heels grow louder as someone entered the bathroom. My stall door opened, and a woman leaned over to look at me. She was probably around 18, with long straight blonde hair flowing around her. Her face was beautiful, small chin and piercing blue eyes. Her skin was white, slightly on the tanned side. She wore a tight black dress, which she slipped over her head. “Damn,” I thought, “no underwear or bra.” She put her dress somewhere out of view, and while she was turned around I saw her ass and legs. This woman was tall—easily reaching 6’5″. Her long legs led up to a tight, fit ass. She was completely blemish free, absolutely stunning.

She sat on my face, and I immediately realized how much heavier she felt on me compared to the bartender. It wasn’t painful, but my mouth was instantly filled with shaven pussy. “Lick,” she commanded, “and if you don’t make me cum in two minutes I’m pressing the button.” Quick to comply, I pushed my tongue into her fold, searching for her clit. She tasted cleaner than the bartender, though still tangy and wet. I found her little bump and flattened my tongue against it, gliding it circularly around. She moaned loudly, indicating that I found the right spot. After 30 seconds, she grabbed the edge of the toilet seat and pulled herself deeper into Gaziantep Escort Reklamları the toilet hole. She was crushing my head, pushing her pussy towards the back of my throat. A minute of this passed and she started to gyrate on my face, wiping her wet pussy all over me. She exhaled a deep breath, and squealed a moan of delight. A small amount of pussy juice squirted into my mouth. It tasted like thicker, sweeter pee.

She unclenched from the toilet seat and sat still. I was terrified she was about to press the button, shooting that dildo into me. My erection bobbed along with my heartbeat. Finally, she let out a sigh, and along with it, a stream of pee. I looked up at the underside of her tits as I swallowed her piss. So intimate, yet I don’t even know her name. I licked her clean, and she shuddered at the feel of my tongue. “Must still be sensitive,” I thought, pleased with myself. She stood up, put her dress back on, and left without saying a word. Again, my face felt cold without an ass covering it.

Chapter 5

A few minutes after she left, things took a dark turn. Another lady walked in. Right off the bat I noticed something familiar about this lady. Her perfume was like warm vanilla, and I was positive I smelled it recently. I couldn’t see her face, and she turned around to use me. She was wearing stockings, a red plaid miniskirt, and a black crop top. I recognized the outfit, but I couldn’t place my finger on it. She pulled her skirt down, revealing a white, fit ass. It was firm, pale, and wonderful. I looked forward to feeling it press against my face. She sat down on me so her pussy was pressed against my mouth. Her pussy had a light amount of soft hairs covering it. It was extremely hot in temperature, like she was turned on. She kept her knees together, so I could not see out of the toilet. I could feel her flex her abdomen slightly, and then release a small sigh. Even her sigh was familiar, but I just couldn’t place it. She began peeing, and the stream pooled around my tongue as I swallowed quickly. It was so hot knowing that I was drinking her waste.

I was about to cum just from thinking about it when she stopped peeing and shifted forward. Her asshole now pressed against my mouth, and her pussy was against my nose. I could still breath, but I could only smell the musky scent of her pussy. My erection dropped as quickly as my heart did. Swallowing piss is one thing, but was this woman really going to shit in my mouth? How could she do this to a person? My heart started to race. I felt her asshole against my tongue. There were fine, sharp hairs poking my tongue. The taste was strong, heavy earth tones invading my taste buds. I could feel specks of grime on my tongue, leaving a residue. This was disgusting and unsanitary.

Her asshole quivered against my tongue. She clenched her ass, and a fart hissed out of her, directly into my mouth. I felt a burst of hot air blow into my mouth, immediately filling my senses with the overwhelming smell and taste of shit. I could feel anxiety swell up in my chest. “Holy fuck, she’s really going through with this,” I worriedly thought to myself.

Her rosebud convulsed violently in my mouth, retracting and protracting until it began opening. Slowly, a small log of shit slide out of her and directly into my mouth. It was smooth, and absolutely rotten tasting. It glided against my tongue towards my throat, leaving a shitty stain in my mouth. I was an extension of this woman’s bowels, and I felt sick. I pushed the turd against the roof of my mouth, trying to chew it so I could swallow. It smushed around my tongue, and the texture was vile. I felt the inconsistency of partially digested food and rotting matter. With all of my willpower, I managed to start swallowing. With each swallow I could feel the shit coating my throat with its slimy residue. The taste and smell permeated my entire body, and made my eyes sting. Tears dripped out of my eyes and ran down my face as I choked her turd down.

After what felt like forever, I managed to get it all down. I felt like throwing up, but I didn’t want to drown in my own shitty vomit. The familiar woman happily said, “all done, now clean me.” “oh no,” I thought as my whole body began to cringe into itself. “I know that voice, that’s my fucking sister!” as if on cue, my sister opened her legs and peered down at me. She was smiling, proud of what she put her big brother through. “Hey loser, when I found out the girls wanted you to be the new toilet here, I was thrilled. You were always such a piece of shit. I guess it’s true what they say, you are what you eat.” She laughed to herself as she peered down at me evilly. I was in shock. I had just drank my sister’s piss and ate her nasty shit. I couldn’t believe my own sister would violate me like that. I felt scarred, and started crying. “Hey asshole, I told you to clean me, don’t make me press the button!” In my state of emotional desolation, I managed to wipe my tongue against her shitty asshole.

After a minute of tonguing my own sister’s shithole, she blew another fart right in my mouth. “There’s something to remember me by, loser.” She spoke so coolly, as if what she did was totally normal. She pulled up her miniskirt and prepared to leave, but at the last second, she turned around and said, “you know, you could’ve ate my shit faster. And, considering how important my time is, I’m pretty upset about it.” With that, she pressed the button on the wall, and left. The dildo shot an inch forward, penetrating my virgin ass in one swift thrust. I felt the head stretch my hole painfully, and I started to cry. I wished I never came here. But, if that were really true, then why was I so turned on?

More to come…