I Love This Beach!

Big Toys

I can’t help it, I love threesomes. This story is true except for the ending and that’s because the ending hasn’t really happened yet.


Every day for the past six months, I walk my dog on a quiet bay beach. While the ocean beaches here in the Hamptons are among the most beautiful beaches in the world, the bay beaches ain’t chopped liver. Plus the facts that I can walk him anytime I want as long as I pick up after him (the town has plastic doggie-bag dispensers in the parking area), that it’s close to where I live and that during the week, it is usually empty, makes this beach ideal. Except for the holiday weekends when families fill it, the beach stays deserted. This is one of those places that the locals keep secret. Quite often, locals come down here in the evening for the spectacular sunset and to fish for blues and the occasional striped bass off the bulkheaded dead end of the road.

Sometimes my dog, Buddy, and I walk by the lone topless woman or nudist. There was a young camp counselor who came to the beach on her day off several weeks in a row. She had a fabulous body and liked to sun topless. I loved her thonged butt. We struck up a little friendship but I haven’t seen her lately.

Occasionally, I meet up with a friend and we shoot the shit for a while. On this particular day, I saw Arnie’s car and another car parked along the end of the road. My dog and I hopped out of the car for our walk. I grabbed my water bottle, my bamboo beach rollup and a towel. As we walked (and he went in for a dip), I noticed a couple swimming and off in the distance, Arnie sitting under his umbrella.

As I approached him, he said, “Hey, waddya say, it’s my buddy Ray! Hanging which way, Ray?”

“To the left and loose as a goose, Dr. Seuss!” I said.

“It’s Ray’s lucky day! I have a jay!”

“Enough with the rhyming, Arnie! My brain is slow today.”

We sat on the sand and toked up on his mellow weed. Buddy ran around for a while and then returned to the shade of the umbrella. After a while of talk about the Yankees, politics and pussy, Arnie said that he’d had enough beach and was leaving. We started to walk back together.

The couple were now out of the water and laying out on their blankets. Buddy, a very friendly mutt, ran over to them and sat down in the sand under their umbrella. I bid Arnie goodbye and went over to get him. As I approached their blanket, my eyes popped out of my head as I took in the woman’s incredible chest. They were a little younger than me, I guessed, probably in the mid-fifties. He was a tall handsome guy in good shape, balding and with a three-day beard. She was about 5’4 with reddish-brown hair and a pretty face. Her body was pretty good and it looked like she exercised. She wore a tan one-piece suit that held her D cups up high. I guessed that about half her tits were exposed and the cleavage was so deep you could lose something in there. She had some impressive rack.

I tried to get Buddy to leave but he was noshing on a vanilla oreo that the man fed him. The woman seemed vivacious and asked me to join them.

“While he eats, would you like a cold beer,” she asked?”

“I can’t turn that down. My name is Ray.”

“Hi, Ray. I’m Emily and this is John. We just moved out here a few weeks ago and discovered this beach today. This place is outstanding.”

“Yes, it is. I love this beach.”

“Is it usually this empty?”

“It is during the week. On the weekends, it gets a little busier…maybe twenty people.”

“Twenty people on three miles of pristine beach? That works for me,” commented John.

“Is this a nude beach, Ray?”

“Not officially, Emily, but the law says that as long as a man can be topless on a beach so can a woman – unless it is a ‘family beach’ and clearly marked as such. As for total nudity, I often see people further down the beach sunning naked. Sometimes I skinny dip, too, but way down the beach far enough so I can see anyone coming.”

“John, I think we found our beach!”

I got up to go and couldn’t help but notice a lightly damp spot in her tan-clad crotch. I think she noticed me looking but I wasn’t sure. I rousted my dog and we headed back to our house.

The next day, Tuesday, was as beautiful as the prior day. When we got up to the beach, I saw only their car, a Lexus SUV, parked. We walked down the beach and I noticed that they had set up further away. As I approached, I saw that Emily was topless and on her stomach. John was nude and threw a towel over his butt as I approached. Buddy ran off down the beach.

“Hiya folks. Getting into the rhythm of this place, I see.”

“Yes, this is an excellent beach. You’re the first person we’ve seen in the hour we’ve been here,” said John. “Care to join us?” He offered me a beer.

“Thank you, I will.” I really was hoping to get a look at Emily’s tits.

“It’s hot today…but there is a night light breeze every now and then. No green-head flies either,” added Emily.

“Yes, it is hot today. I’ve been working and sweating all morning and am looking forward to a swim which I intend to do Gaziantep Anal Escort after I finish this beer and this cigarette.”

“That’s a regular cigarette? Can I bum one,” he asked?

“Sure…and yes, it is a regular cigarette. I haven’t had anything to roll in months.”

“We have a couple already rolled,” offered Emily.

“I love this beach!” I said.

Emily took a long joint from her bag and lit it. As she leaned up on her elbows, I got my first glimpse of her bodacious ta-tas. And they were nice. My mind instantly created an image of my face in them. John sat up and threw his towel over his lap but not before I noticed that he penis was long, thick, circumcised and shaved all over. Emily passed the joint to me. I coughed.

“Wow. This herb kicks ass,” I said.

“Yeah, it’s a bit wacky,” smiled John.

Buddy returned and was now sprawled out under the umbrella, rolling on his back and enjoying himself immensely.

“Do you mind if I sit up,” asked Emily?

“Except for the fact that I’ll probably get an erection, Emily, no, not at all.”

“You can join us if you like,” said John, “I’ll keep a lookout.”

Emily took the joint from John and sat up. Her breasts were very large but fairly firm and did not sag much. Here nipples were large pink buttons. As I assumed, I got hard.

“Come on, join us,” she said, “Get naked!”

I stood up and dropped by shorts. My hard cock bounced as I sat down cross-legged. “Sorry for that,” I said.

“Oh, don’t be silly. Don’t be sorry either. You have a nice looking cock,” she said.

“Thank you,” I replied, “it doesn’t get too many compliments lately.”

“Why not? Aren’t you married?”

“No. I’m divorced and, too be honest, I haven’t seen such beautiful breasts up close in too many months.”

My cock wasn’t going down and as I smoked more, it seemed to want to stay that way. The weed was really affecting me and it made me a bit more loose-tongued, silly and self-conscious. I tried some small talk.

“So, where did you move to?”

“We found a beautiful house just a few blocks away. Where do you live?”

“I’m also just a few blocks away. I’m renting a small place on Jericho Lane.”

“We’re on Jericho Lane, too!” said John. “We bought the modified saltbox next to the big house with the white gates.”

“Oh sure, I know that one. It’s about a block away from me.” I noticed that both Emily and John were staring at my dick.

“I’m going in for a dip,” I said, “maybe this thing will go away.” I jumped up and ran into the water. John did the same and soon, we were swimming in deep water. I saw a car pull up to the parking area, stop for a few minutes and then turn back around and pull away. I took that moment to get out of the water and towel off.

Emily was idly scratching Buddy and listening to her iPod. I looked down at her bathing suit bottom and imagined the rest of her body. She relit the joint, opened another beer and passed them to me. I sat down on my rollup and started to get seriously wasted. John came out of the water a few minutes later, toweled off and applied sun screen. I realized that sitting naked in the sun was not a great idea and I took the sun screen and covered my self. Emily sat up again and we made a little circle as we passed the joint.

“I see that you like the hairless look, John.”

“Yes, Emily and I have been hairless for years.” Visions of her shaved slit ran through my head. “Have you ever tried it?”

“Yes. A few years ago, a girlfriend shaved me. The itching drove me crazy though and I let it grow back. It never did grow back as thick as it was.”

“You have to give it time and continue to shave it until you get used to it,” he said.

It was getting late and Buddy was getting antsy. I got up and pulled my shorts on. “We have to go. I have to stop in town. I’ll see you folks tomorrow. Thanks for the buzz.”

“Wait a moment, Ray,” said Emily, “what are you doing for dinner tonight?”

“I thought I’d have my leftover Chinese food.”

“How about coming over to our place at seven for a barbeque instead? Nothing fancy. Ribs and Sausages, okay?”

“Sounds delicious,” I said. “I’ll see you at seven. Can I bring anything? Wine?”

“That would be nice,” said John. “And bring Buddy, too.”

Buddy and I walked down the road to their house. I wore a light blue Polo and a pair of clean tans cargo shorts. It was hidden from the road by a privet and a long driveway. John welcomed us at the door and took the bottle of Merlot. John was dressed nearly identically. He ushered me in. The house was beautiful with a high beamed ceiling and a wall of windows that looked out to a pool and a beautifully landscaped private backyard. Emily came out of the kitchen and gave me a sweet kiss. She, too, was dressed similarly.

“We could do an ad for Ralph Lauren!” she said. She ushered us out through the cook’s kitchen onto the back deck. Standing there and looking out on their backyard was a trip. Mature trees and flowering shrubs curved around the perimeter. The pool was bordered by large slate tiles leading to a covered cabana at the far end. The deck was big enough to host a good-sized party and it wrapped around the side of the house where it joined a long screened-in porch filled with potted plants. There were three doors that opened onto the deck; one from the kitchen, one from the dining room and one from the master bedroom which adjoined the porch. At the corner of the deck near the bedroom was a large, round hot tub/spa.

“This is some beautiful home,” I commented. “You must love it.”

“We really do,” said John. “We looked for about five years for the right house to come on the market and when this did, we jumped on it. We’ve moved out of our Upper East Side apartment after thirty-five years and are living here full-time now.”

“And we’ve never been happier,” said Emily, handing me a glass of wine.

“Good luck to both of you and welcome to paradise.” We toasted.

Dinner was excellent and the conversation was warm and friendly. Buddy liked the house and anointed the grounds several times. He especially enjoyed cleaning our plates. We sat at the table for a couple of hours chatting about the East End and polishing off two bottles. We all cleared the table but Emily pushed us back outside with a tray of pot, rolling papers and an old water pipe which John filled with Sauvignon Blanc.

John and I were quite buzzed when Emily returned and in short order, shed caught up.

“This sure is good pot,” I said. “I haven’t been able to get any good weed since my friends moved down south. One was a Southampton cop, one was a surfer/bartender and one was a Shinnecock who had a hydroponic growing house on the rez. I miss good weed.”

“My son, John Junior, gets it for us. In fact, he’s coming out with his girlfriend this weekend and I’ll ask him to bring extra.”

“That would be awesome, John. Just tell me how much cash you need. I’d love some good smoke.”

“I’m so glad we met you, Ray,” said Emily. “Perhaps you’ll help us get the lay of the land.”

“It would be my pleasure, Emily.” Buddy was spread out on the deck and snoring away. “Speaking for Buddy, it would be his pleasure, too.”

“He’s a very sweet dog,” she said, “friendly and good natured. Like his master.”

I smiled and thanked her. She asked me about my history on the East End and I told her about the houses I’d owned during the thirty years of my marriage.

“Ooh, you owned a house on the water! That must have been a wonderful place.”

“Yes, it was. We had great times there and I raised my children there. I really miss that house. It had everything, including a dock into the bay.”

“You can’t get a dock permit anymore, you know.”

“I surely do, John. I wish I still had that house but I was forced to sell it in the settlement.”

“Did it have a pool?”

“Yes, a beautiful tear-shaped pool with a black bottom that reflected the sky. I had an old-fashioned redwood hot tub, too. I think I miss that most of all.”

“Well, ours isn’t redwood but it has lots of jets and it feels wonderful. John, what do you say? Shall we?”

John pulled the cover off the tub and started the heater. “We need about fifteen minutes. Just enough time for some more of the water pipe.”

Fifteen minutes and several long tokes later, the tub was ready for us. Emily went into the bedroom and returned in her robe holding towels. “I’m ready,” she said as she set the towels on the chair and dropped her robe. Immediately, my eyes were drawn to her shaved vagina. There was a small butterfly tattoo on her pubes. For a woman of her age, she was in damn good shape. Even her little belly was sexy. She slid into the tub and turned on the bubbler. “Well, what are you two waiting for?”

John and I were naked in seconds. The tub was big enough for six and we slid in. I thought John would take a seat on Emily’s other side but I found myself in the middle. Right away, the hot swirling water melted me and let out a deep, satisfying groan. “I sure have missed this. After my divorce, I rented a place on the bay in Noyac. I had a tub there, too, and it sure helped my dating!”

“Do you have anyone these days,” Emily inquired.

“These days, Emily, I couldn’t get laid in a private girls school if there wasn’t another man for a hundred miles. Sorry to say, my only significant other is my hand!”

“Why is that? Do you suppose it’s your age?”

“I’d have to say that’s a big part of it, John. I haven’t met anyone I wanted to date in a long time. Another problem is that I had a bunch of girlfriends that were much younger than I so I might have set the bar too high. And finally, I’m pretty broke these days and you have to have the lean green to date women out here. It’s an expensive place, you know.”

“So what do you do.” asked Emily?

“What do I do? I look at a lot of porn and I masturbate a lot, that’s what I do?”

“Have you ever thought about expanding your options and being with a man? There are a lot of single gay men out here.”

There was a long silent pause as I considered how to answer that question.

“Have I made you uncomfortable, Ray? I’m sorry if I did.” She turned to me and took my hand. Her large breast nestled in the crook of my arm.

“Emily sometimes doesn’t edit herself, Ray. She can be very uninhibited.”

“Yes, I can see that, John. Emily, I will try to answer you as honestly as I can. You see, I love a woman’s body and I have always been a pussy hound. Since my divorce, I have fulfilled most of my fantasies and one of them was bisexual sex. I have been with a couple of men and, to be honest, I enjoyed sucking cock. I just didn’t enjoy them. I have been in a bisexual orgy and I enjoyed that and I have been in several threesomes and I enjoyed those very much. I decided that being with men one-on-one didn’t do it for me and so I haven’t pursued that direction.”

Now, there was really a long silent pause. I noticed that Emily’s nipples were hard and at attention. I looked at John and he was smiling.

“Do you find that amusing, John?”

“No, not at all, Ray. You misread my smile.” He got out of the tub to refill the water pipe. He was sporting an impressive erection. He returned and got back into the tub, this time a little closer to me. “I was smiling because having a threesome with another man has been a long time fantasy of ours. It’s been a part of our bedtime talk for years.”

“It’s true, Ray. We’ve never done anything like that. Oh, we’ve been to all nude beaches and we really like being naked but we’ve never introduced another person into our bedroom. We’ve talked about going to an adult swinger resort in the Caribbean and we’ve talked about placing an ad online, but we’ve always chickened out.” Emily was quiet as she admitted this. She was also becoming more uninhibited as her body touched mine a lot more.

“Have either of you had any experiences at all?”

“Not since college, Ray. I fooled around with my roommate a few times and Emily once had sex with one of her teachers. All the rest has been watching porn together and talking about it.”

“My affair with my teacher wasn’t very good. I think she enjoyed me a lot more than I enjoyed her. Except for John, I’ve never had any other partner. But I sure do have a lot of fantasies.”

All of our hands were under the water. I placed my hand on Emily’s thigh and I lightly stroked it. I slowly moved it up until I moved it up and across her pussy and then back down. She took a sharp breath.

“Tell me one, Emily.”

“Okay. We sometimes watch gay porn. Ever since John told me that he and his roommate used to suck each other, I find it hot and something I would like to see. Sometimes we play when John sucks on my dildo.”

“And how about you, John?” I placed my other hand on John’s thigh and caressed it as I moved slowly up to his penis and stroked it. He put his hand on mine and did the same. With my other hand, I took Emily’s hand and also brought it to my penis. She was surprised when she felt John’s hand there.

“I haven’t had a cock in my mouth since I was a sophomore but I really liked it. I’d do it again but only with Emily beside me. You know, beside my own, yours is the first cock I’ve touched since then. I feels nice.”

We sat touching each other for several minutes until it became too much. Since we’d been in the tub a long time, we were becoming prunes. I suggested we get out and cool off. The three of us got out and jumped into the pool. We got out and toweled off. Emily poured more wine and John refilled the pipe. Emily led me into the screened porch. Buddy followed close behind.

The porch was decorated like a Persian tent, with carpets, deep couches and lots of pillows. We sat on the carpet and passed the pipe around. Emily’s vagina was dripping wet. She leaned over and kissed me. I kissed her back and opened her mouth as we frenched. John watched and smoked as I placed my hands on her tits and caressed them. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds in my palm. I felt her fingers wrap around my cock. John took a deep hit and began to cough. We broke our kiss to see if he was all right. It took him a minute or two to recover.

“Wow. That was some hit!” he said, “that dazed me.”

“Are you okay now, honey?”

“Yes. You can go back to what you were doing. I was really turned on watching you.”

“No,” I said. I gave Emily the pipe. “Here Emily, you work on this while I work on this.” I took John’s cock into my hand. “John, come here and stand in front of me. I want to suck your cock while Emily watches. Then we’ll switch, okay?”

He didn’t answer. He just stood up in front of me. His cock waved at my face. I leaned forward and licked the head. Emily moaned. I licked the head a few times and then licked down along the bottom of his dick until I got to his sac. I nuzzled his large hanging balls and gently licked them. I lightly sucked one into my mouth and then worked my way back toward the large plum-shaped head. I took his shaft in my hand and slowly fed the head into my mouth. I sucked him like this for a bit and then took more into my mouth. I looked over at Emily who was watching intently and pinching a nipple. I began to suck on him in earnest. He had reached his maximum length of around nine inches and I couldn’t get much more. His dick was fat and it filled me. I went back to the head and sucked on the soft, spongy meatus and then withdrew.