Kayleen’s Apartment Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

Note: If you haven’t already, read the previous Kayleen’s Apartment stories, which are prequels to this one.

It had been a little while since the last time I’d been able to hook up with either Kayleen or Sara, so I was looking forward to seeing them at the party for their dad, my friend Dave, although I wasn’t planning to do any more than look. It was the end of July, so the party was late in the day in the backyard at Dave’s house and everyone was dressed for the warm weather. It looked like all of the ladies in the family were thinking the same thing because they all decided to wear sundresses. My wife and I saw Patti, Dave’s wife, first when we arrived and her sundress, though short, had sleeves and didn’t show off her ample cleavage. It was easy to see where Kayleen, Sara and their youngest sister Autumn got their good looks, though none of them was stacked like Patti. I wandered a little further into the backyard looking for Dave while my wife chatted with Patti, but I ran into Kayleen first.

“I can feel your cock,” Kayleen whispered in my ear as we hugged, “I hope you’re planning to let me feel it from the inside later tonight.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” I replied, separating from her, “I think it’s too risky.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she continued in a low voice, “I’ll bet you could fuck both me and Sara and no one would even suspect.”

“At the same time?” I asked, wondering about it not for the first time.

“Ick, no,” she replied, “but you’ve never had us both in the same day, have you? Think about it for a while and I’ll bet you’ll be onboard.”

She walked away and I had to remember not to stare, not because I was afraid somebody might become suspicious, but because somebody would more likely assume I was a pervert due to the age difference. The sundress she was wearing was short like her mom’s but had shoulder straps, so she was exposing more skin. That made me consider her proposition, but I never expected anything to come of it in the middle of a party with her parents and my wife there. I moved on and finally found Dave, wished him a happy birthday and talked with him for a bit. I saw Sara moving through the yard as I was talking to Dave, but it wasn’t until later that I had a chance to say hello to her. She was wearing a strapless sundress and I tried not to contemplate what I would see if I just kept pulling down on the hem of it and let it slide down her long, lithe body.

“I expect to feel your cock inside me at some point tonight,” Sara whispered when I was finally giving her a hello hug.

“If you can figure out how to get it there without a single person out of a yard full of people finding out, then I’m with you,” Beylikdüzü escort I replied.

Autumn was also wearing a sundress but, since she was only sixteen, I focused my attention on the many legal-aged women wandering around the backyard. I did not forget about Kayleen’s and Sara’s stated desires as the night went on, but I was certainly not focused on them. I figured it would be too risky to pull off and that it would just motivate both of them to come up with a plan to get together again at Kayleen’s apartment in the near future. I enjoyed the party without being distracted and was having a very nice time with my wife and the many mutual friends we had with Dave and Patti. I was surprised later in the night to exit the bathroom near the kitchen and find Kayleen waiting outside. She led me aside toward the front of the house.

“Where would you go if that bathroom was occupied but you couldn’t wait?” she asked me as we stood near the bottom of the stairs.

“If I couldn’t wait,” I replied, “I’d probably head upstairs to use a bathroom up there.”

“Let me show you where you should go if that situation should occur,” she said and turned to head up the stairs. I took a quick look around and no one was nearby, so I followed her, my eyes on her legs running up under her sundress. She didn’t lead me to the bathroom off the main hallway, but to the one that Autumn and Sara shared between their bedrooms. Inside, she locked the doors to both bedrooms then turned and threw her arms around my neck. My hands went to her waist as we started making out and my cock was growing as she pressed her young, nubile body against it. Of course my hands dropped to her ass and pulled her against my cock as it continued to grow. I knew from experience that she was getting very wet as the anticipation built up and, despite the risk of lingering too long in the bathroom, I still had an overwhelming desire to eat her sweet, young pussy.

I unzipped the back of her sundress and started to slide the straps off her shoulders, so she pulled away from me and let the whole thing drop to the floor. I knew it wouldn’t be safe to spend valuable time just staring at her in bra and panties, so I was quickly on my knees, sliding her panties down. She leaned against the counter as I got them over her feet, then spread her feet apart as I leaned in toward her trim, light brown bush. I immediately slipped a finger into her snug, dripping pussy and started to lick and suck her clit. She reached over and hit the switch for the exhaust fan to cover up the moan that slipped out as soon as it came on. We’d never put ourselves in a position where we needed to be quick and quiet before but I knew her body well enough by then that I was certain I could get her off in short order.

I continued to finger her while licking and sucking her clit as she humped my face and I could tell by the sounds she was making, and by how wet her pussy had been, that she was moving quickly toward an orgasm. When she suddenly started to shake, I kept up what I was doing as she came and her orgasm turned out to be long and intense. I knew her pussy was going to feel awesome wrapped around my tool so, as soon as she’d finished cumming, I stood up and dropped my shorts and underwear. My cock stood straight out and, after boosting her onto the counter, I slipped it into her as she Beylikdüzü escort wrapped her legs around me. Before we went back to making out, I reached behind her to unfasten her bra, but didn’t slide it off; I just slipped my hands up under the cups to caress the soft, smooth flesh and toy with her hard nipples.

Her pussy felt amazing as I pumped my cock rapidly in and out of it. She was so wet and slippery, as well as being quite snug, so the pleasure I was feeling was immediate and intense. Because I was fucking her hard and fast, I had to drop my hands down to her ass so I didn’t knock her across the countertop with each thrust. It didn’t take long to decide that there had to be a better way. After just a few minutes, I ended up pulling out of her and having her turn around and lean on the counter where she’d been sitting. I guided my cock back into her from behind and took her by the hips while going back to fucking her hard.

Despite barely having any meat on her bones, I was still making her ass jiggle as I bounced my hips off of it. I imagined I even had her small tits swinging so I reached around to fondle them again as she slipped a hand between her thighs. She was pushing back against my incoming thrusts and it didn’t surprise me at all when, just a couple of minutes later, her body started to tremble as she came again. I continued to fuck her hard as she rode out her orgasm but, when she’d finished cumming, she stopped me and had me pull out of her. She was quickly on her knees in front of me as I turned to lean against the counter and my cock was immediately engulfed in her hot mouth.

I leaned back and watched as her mouth traveled up and down my tool while she pumped the base in her petite fist. Her skillful cocksucking had my orgasm building quickly and with a high level of pleasure. I was glad that the fan was still on when I exploded into her mouth with a grunt that I couldn’t restrain. She swallowed down my load and only let my cock fall from her mouth once I was completely spent. She smiled up at me then reached back to refasten her bra. As she retrieved her panties and started slipping into them, I pulled my own shorts and underwear back up. I watched her body until she’d pulled her sundress back on and it was covered, then I zipped her back up. After checking her appearance quickly, she did a quick reconnaissance of the bedrooms and hallway before indicating that the coast was clear. She sent me downstairs first and I headed right outside. I didn’t even see when she rejoined the party.

Not only did no one wonder where I’d been as I went back to mingling, I’m not sure anyone even noticed I’d been gone. I did make sure to drink and eat right away so that no one detected the scent of pussy on my breath. As I considered what we’d pulled off, I was less paranoid about the possibility of getting caught if Sara and I were to slip away and, quite honestly, the idea of fucking her and Kayleen in the same evening was extremely enticing. I don’t know if they had me under surveillance, but the next time I headed inside to use the bathroom, I found Sara waiting for me outside when I was finished just as Kayleen had been. We didn’t even need to say anything; we just headed upstairs to the same bathroom once the coast was clear.

Once we were locked in and the fan was running, we started to make out as Sara Escort Beylikdüzü worked on getting my shorts open and I squeezed her toned ass. As my shorts and underwear hit my ankles, Sara had me sit on the closed toilet and raised the hem of her sundress. I slid her panties down her long, athletic legs, revealing her trim, blonde bush. She kicked her panties aside and, still holding her dress up above her waist, straddled me on the toilet. I guided my cock to her approaching pussy and she lowered herself onto it. We both moaned as I held her by the hips until my cock was fully embedded and she was sitting on my lap. She let go of her dress and braced herself on my shoulders while starting to slowly ride up and down on my tool.

My hands were still under her dress but had moved from her waist around to squeeze her ass as it bounced up and down. Her pussy was incredibly hot and wet so she’d clearly been quite worked up in anticipation of this moment. She quickly went from riding me slowly to humping my cock hard and fast. We made out a little bit but it was more difficult the harder she was riding me. My attention was drawn to her bouncing titties, so I brought my hands around from her ass and pulled the top of her sundress down, exposing a strapless bra. I went ahead and unfastened that then just watched her tits bounce for a moment before running my hands over them.

I could feel Sara’s pussy getting even hotter and wetter the longer and harder she rode me and was surprised when she slipped one hand under her dress because I didn’t think she’d need the additional stimulation to get the rest of the way there. Maybe she was concerned about spending too much time because it was just moments after her hand went under her dress that she gasped and dramatically slowed down her pace. I could feel the tremors passing through her while continuing to fondle her tits but, once the long, intense orgasm had passed, she stood up. She immediately dropped to her knees before me and took my cock in her hand, pumping the base as she lowered her mouth over it. As with Kayleen, I just leaned back and watched as she put her oral talents to work and I immediately felt my orgasm begin to build.

Rather than rushing and just sliding her mouth rapidly up and down, Sara used her abilities to draw out my orgasm quickly while also providing me with a great deal of pleasure. I was amazed at her age that she was so skilled but I was also grateful that I’d had many opportunities to help her hone her technique. My cock was soon swelling even more under her attentions and, when I started spurting into her mouth with a groan of pleasure, she easily swallowed my load and continued to nurse out every last drop of cum I had. She smiled up at me as she let my spent cock fall from her mouth then grabbed her bra and slipped back into it before pulling the top of her sundress back in place. I reached for my shorts and underwear then stood as I pulled them up while Sara slipped her panties back on. Once we were presentable and Sara had made sure it was safe, we headed separately back downstairs.

“See, now wasn’t that exciting?” Kayleen asked when the three of us were together later but not close enough to anyone else to worry about anyone overhearing us.

“I admit that it was,” I confirmed, “but remember I’m old and I can’t handle too much excitement.”

“Says the guy who wants to do both of us at the same time,” she replied.

She had a point but, if it came down to having limited opportunities to see each of them separately, I was willing to take one for the team and try to take them both on simultaneously.

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