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For reasons I shall not elaborate, I discovered that a certain woman, with whom I had had intimate discussions on the net, was also someone that I knew socially. After a brief period of mutual embarrassment, we both succumbed to the temptation to meet

She invited me to her apartment on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. When I rang the doorbell, she greeted me at the door wearing a terrycloth robe. Without saying much, she directed me to her living room, handed me a rather potent rum and coke, and seated herself upon an overstuffed chair. I sat opposite her and began sipping my drink, as my eyes became accustomed to the darkened room. It had light coming from a single window, which shone brightly upon her knees. I noticed a mostly-empty glass on the table next to her — evidently she had not waited for me, and had consumed most of her drink herself. Not many words had passed between us, and I had taken several long, satisfying pulls on my drink, when I noticed that her hand had crept discreetly down into her robe, and was wandering about her crotch.

I looked up and met her eyes, and she smiled with satisfaction, knowing where my eyes had been. Then, in one fluid motion, she shifted her hips forward, parting the lower half of her robe, and placing her lower body directly in the stream of sunlight. Her pussy was framed in a luxurious growth of black hair, and it seemed that she had been actually quite busy before I had arrived, because her pussy lips were swollen and glistening with nectar.

She was slowly, and deliberately massaging around her clit. I met her eyes again, and I could see my intense interest reflected in them. I pulled my chair up closer to get a better look. Her eyes had a slightly glazed look from her mounting pleasure, but she was also concentrating on watching my reaction — she was clearly holding herself back from a complete surrender to the sensation of her active fingers.

“That looks nice, ” I said. She said nothing, but continued to smile, her mouth hanging open a little. With her free hand, she reached over and picked up her drink, polishing it off with one long gulp. I decided to get into the spirit of the occasion; I slowly stood up, undid my trousers, and let them drop to the floor.

Standing about three feet away from her, I seized my cock in one hand and stroked it slowly. The appreciation on her face was clearly discernible, and the motion of her hand increased, ever so slightly. My eyes moved between her engorged pussy, and her eyes, which were in turn alternately checking out my face and my cock. She was fighting to keep in control. I reached down and finished off my drink, without interrupting the rhythm of my other hand. I was starting to feel deliciously tipsy.

Kit (for that was her name) pulled aside her robe at the top, exposing a lovely breast with a very erect nipple. She dipped her fingers generously into her wet, wet cunt, and brought them up to coat her nipple in the juice. The invitation in her eyes was impossible to resist — I dropped to my knees and moved in close enough to take her nipple in my mouth, savoring the nectar. She gasped, and I brought my face up to look into her eyes, which were now considerable less focused. She continued to smile, still fighting to stay in control, as she brought her hand up once again to coat the other nipple.

As I moved to suck it with growing urgency, she moaned, pulled away, and pushed me backwards onto the thick plush carpet. Very deliberately, she straddled my face, and, keeping her pussy tantalizingly out of reach of my mouth, resumed stroking it. She was trembling; I could tell that she was very near her climax. Dipping her fingers far inside, she reached down to allow me to suck the juice off of them, replacing them on her pussy with her other hand, without missing a beat.

She was massaging herself very slowly, trying to delay the inevitable, and switching her hands to allow me to lap the juice with something like desperation. Finally, she swung gracefully around, allowing me to bury my face in her cunt, while engulfing my cock in her wonderful mouth. Her self-control was magnificent, because even though she began cumming immediately, in a glorious flow of juice all over my insatiable lips and tongue, she nonetheless applied herself relentlessly to my cock, bringing me to orgasm as well, before her own had keçiören escort come to a shuddering conclusion.

We lay there for a moment, savoring the tastes, and then she rolled lazily off of me. At that moment, we heard the door open, and the overhead light went on, revealing to us a young lady at the door, who was blushing very deeply — because the light was also revealing us to her.

“I’m sorry, ” she stammered, “I didn’t think anyone would be home right now. “

“What do you mean, you live here!” replied Kit. “This is Becky, my roommate, ” she said to me, adding mischievously, “… she hasn’t seen a naked man in a long, long time. “

Actually, I was only naked from the waist down. Kit had somehow managed to regain her robe. Impulsively, I stripped off my shirt. Becky blushed again, but did not avert her eyes. She said, defensively, “It hasn’t been that long. ” Becky continued to look at me. She was a bit plain in the face, but voluptuous, and wearing a provocatively short skirt.

Kit, still mischievous, said to Becky, “Becky, what do you think of this?” Whereupon she sort of slithered over to me and took my cock once again into her mouth. I closed my eyes, and smiled blissfully, feeling her expert ministrations bring me back to full erection. I opened my eyes, and saw Becky staring intensely. Kit paused, and said to Becky, “Would you like a taste?”

Becky blushed a third time, deeper than before, but came toward me, crouched on the floor beside me, and began to suck me with genuine hunger. I was transported. I was dimly aware of Kit, who had leaned back against the chair, allowed her robe to fall open, and was once again, slowly and deliberately, playing with her pussy. Becky was sucking my cock like mad, and sort of bucking her hips, causing her skirt to hike up. Then I realized that this was not an involuntary motion — she had succeeded in exposing her crotch. She wore no panties. She bent one leg, in such a manner that I knew, that she knew, that I had a splendid view of her cunt.

She had fine and wispy light brown pubic hair, that framed her pussy and continued down the inside of her thighs. Her cunt was fully aroused, and there was a glistening line down the middle where her lips parted, where the juice was threatening to spill out onto the carpet. I looked at Kit, whose eyes were fixed on Becky’s bobbing head and my throbbing cock. I motioned her to come closer, which she did, with a distracted look on her face, and without interrupting her increasingly busy fingers. Then she took note of the feast that Becky was displaying.

I smiled at her, stretched out my hand, and trailed my finger along Becky’s slit, after which I offered it to Kit’s lips. She looked a little shocked and hesitant, but her fingers continued working her clit, and after a moment she opened her mouth to taste Becky’s juice. The surrender to what was apparently a sort of forbidden fruit, sent Kit over the top — she came with a shudder, while sucking my finger with abandon.

Then, Kit seemed to compose herself for a moment. She called out to Becky with an urgent tone, “Sit on his face! He loves it!” Becky paused obediently, hoisted up her skirt, and moved into position. Her cunt tasted like paradise. Although I could not see Kit, I could feel her sucking my cock again, with greater relish than before, and then I felt her lower her cunt on to my cock, and begin to slowly, deliberately fuck me. I felt that I could come again at any moment.

Then, her motion slowed, and I felt Becky stiffen; her voluptuous riding of my mouth came to a stop. I looked up at Becky, and saw that Kit’s hands had snaked around and were coyly cupping Becky’s breasts; Becky was clearly uncertain about this development. But Kit, undeterred, nimbly undid the buttons of Becky’s blouse, and began to toy with her nipples. Becky shuddered and let out a low moan. She began to rub her pussy sensuously against my mouth, with increasing intensity, to the point where she started to cum, over and over, as I lapped and sucked greedily at her cunt. I was lost in the pleasure of devouring her flowing cunt, when suddenly I was cumming myself, as Kit rode my cock with abandon.

We were all sort of dazed for a few minutes, and then Kit suggested we go out for a drink. Becky and I felt amiable, and we dressed; Becky etlik escort buttoned up her blouse again, I put on my jeans and T-shirt, and Kit put on a light summer dress that nicely set off her curly black hair (on her head, as well); I noted that she, like Becky, did not choose to wear undergarments. The three of us sort of staggered out into the heat of the Texas afternoon.

We set off down the street without talking much; Kit seemed to know where she was going. After a few blocks, she smiled mischievously, and ducked into a boarded up doorway. She sort of propped her back against the door, and began slowly bunching up the hem of her dress, until it was gathered around her waist, and her pussy was exposed.

With a wicked smile, she took her other hand and began slowly and tantalizingly rubbing her vulva in a circular motion, saying, “I’m just keeping it warm. ” She had positioned herself so that there was an excellent view, for the benefit of myself, and Becky as well (and perhaps some apartment dwellers across the street). I saw Becky staring intently at Kit’s rubbing; Becky met my eyes, and true to form, blushed deeply. I was hard as a rock again.

Becky reached over, placing her hand on my cock, and sort of whimpered, “Can’t we just go back home?” But with another wicked smile, Kit replied, “There’ll be plenty of time for that. ” Then she dropped her hemline, and proceeded down the street again. I kept pace with some difficulty, my pants being uncomfortably tight.

Before too long, Kit led us into a pub that seemed pretty much deserted, and refreshingly cool inside. We went back to a small room with just one booth, a table and a benches along the wall. A waitress came in, introduced herself as Alejandra, and took our drink orders; she was very friendly, and attractive, if a little slutty looking; she was dressed in a short wrap-around skirt and kind of a frilly tube top.

Kit asked, ambiguously, “Do you have anything nice to nibble on after we have our drinks?” Alejandra replied, equally ambiguously, “But of course. “

Kit and Becky were seated opposite me. As soon as Alejandra left the room, Kit brought her knees up to her chest, once again exposing her cunt, and began stroking it with a grin. Becky, who was so aroused that her inhibitions were long gone, did the same. I sat back to enjoy the view, at which moment Alejandra walked in with our drinks.

She stopped and cooly appraised what was going one; Kit, with complete audacity, reached over and put her hand on Becky’s cunt, and Becky, transported by lust, grunted and arched her back, lifting her crotch to meet Kit’s fingers.

Alejandra, coming to a quick decision, put the drinks on the table, and then walked to the door, closing, and latching it. As she watched Kit go to work on Becky, she slowly unwrapped her skirt, revealing a pair of lacy bikini panties, and turned to me, saying, “You don’t look too busy. ” She walked toward me, and hitched her fingers in the sides of her panties, drawing them up and causing her cunt lips to bulge out around the crotch of the panties. She worked the panties slowly up and down; they were sopping wet in no time at all.

I stared, fascinated, and my cock threatened, once again, to burst the seams of my jeans. It was very uncomfortable. I stood up to unzip, but Alejandra beat me to the punch, dropping to her knees and helping me out of my trousers, while simultaneously taking my cock fully in her mouth.

It was the third exquisite mouth I had felt in as many hours, and I swear that if I had not already cum twice, I would have cum again in seconds. The pleasure was intense. After catching my breath, I looked over at Kit and Becky, who were now visible again. Kit was kneeling, cupping Becky’s buttocks in her hands, and eating her pussy very slowly and thoroughly; Becky had her blouse open, and was alternately lightly pinching her own nipples, and tickling them with the palms of her hands. Her eyes were almost shut, and I didn’t think she could see me, until a weak smile came over her face and she looked me in the eye, sort of stammering, “this is really, really good. “

Hearing her, Alejandra interrupting her blowjob, and hoisted herself up on the table. She stripped off her wet panties and gave me a breathtaking view of her gorgeous cunt. I sat on the bench, she rus escort draped her legs over my shoulders, and I began to eat to my heart’s content.

Before long, I could hear both Becky and Alejandra begin noisily cumming, and I was rewarded by a tidal wave of juice from Alejandra’s delicious box. She seized my shoulders and pushed me upright, and then straddled my lap, lowering her cunt onto my cock. The bench being a bit narrow, we had difficulty moving together, and Alejandra paused to push her tube top down, taking one hand to thrust one of her breasts into my mouth.

After a minute she pulled it away, and offered we the other nipple. As I sucked it, she began to utter little cries, and I knew she was going to cum again. I could feel her cunt muscles rhythmically contracting around my cock, but there was not room to move properly. She cried out in full orgasm, and then I put my hands under her ass and stood up, moving away from the bench.

Over her shoulder I could see Kit and Becky; they had found a rug on the floor and assumed the 69 position, with Kit on top. I could see that Becky had her hands on Kit’s buttocks, straining to push as much of Kit’s cunt into her mouth as she could. She was moaning and sucking for all she was worth, and Kit was matching her efforts.

Alejandra, meanwhile, had braced her legs by wrapping them around the backs of my knees, and was slowly and firmly rubbing her clit and vulva up and down along the length of my cock, while whispering little dirty endearments in my ear. I guided her progress up and down, firmly gripping her ass, and dropped my head down to her nipple again, at which point she began talking more rapidly and in Spanish, until soon we were both cumming, and laughing with pleasure.

After pausing for a moment, I lifted Alejandra off my cock, and put her on the floor. Then I became aware of Becky, who approached me and kissed me passionately. I could taste the familiar taste of Kit’s pussy all over her lips and tongue; I found this arousing, and to my surprise, I felt a stirring in my loins.

Becky rubbed up against me, and from the urgency of her kiss, it was apparent that she had no intention of being the only one of my new-found friends, that did not have my cock inside her that Tuesday afternoon.

Breaking away, she pushed me over on to the bench, and stood before me. For the first time, I saw her fully naked; most would consider her on the plump side, but as far as I was concerned, she just had plenty of what I liked: full, round breasts, ample thighs, and fat pussy lips, which she was now stroking with her finger, watching my reaction. She took one of her breasts, and with a smile, lifted the nipple to her own mouth.

At that moment, we heard a voice outside, saying, “Alejandra, there is no one here — can I take a break?” Alejandra walked to the door and said, authoritatively, “Wait about 15 minutes while I finish cleaning up in here. ” She then walked over to the table, selected one of the drinks (which had gone untouched), downed it in one long swallow, and then seated herself next to me, placing her hand (cool from holding the drink) on my awakening cock.

Becky, who had been momentarily startled, began stroking and sucking herself again, while Kit materialized at her side, and began sucking Becky’s other nipple, taking care not to block my view of Becky’s cunt — Kit knew what I like. Becky was thinking to tantalize me, as she had seen Kit do, but the effect of her fingers, and two sets of lips, was causing her to lose control very fast, and she was careening toward orgasm.

Alejandra could see this, and it was affecting her as well — she leaned over and began sucking me again. I was fully erect. Then Alejandra looked up at Becky, who was quaking with a tumultuous orgasm, and whispered in my ear: “Fuck her now. ”

But watching Becky’s fingers play upon her pussy, I could only think of one thing, which was that of all the cunts I had tasted in the past hours, Becky’s was the sweetest, the most succulent, the most suckable. I moved toward Becky on my knees and pleaded, “Please, let me suck it just a little bit more. “

Becky mutely directed me to the rug, where I lay down, and she once again straddled my face; she seemed to taste even better than before. I sucked her as if there were no tomorrow. Someone, I don’t know which, was sucking my cock again, and then Becky was coming loudly. She lifted herself up, moved back, and then mounted my cock. I could see Kit all over her, fondling and sucking her breasts, and then Alejandra was kissing me, and I was cumming for the fourth time.

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