Molested Ch. 10

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Mr. Reed stood there rooted to the spot, his fingers still buried in me; he looked like a deer in the headlights. I felt so anxious, what was going to happen, would he throw me out, tell me I was wrong?

“Are you going to call the police?” He asked looking sick and pale.

“I’m butt naked, in your apartment with two of your lovely fingers deep in my soaking wet pussy; the police are the last thing I want.”

“So what do you want?” His voice returning to normal.

I pointed to his bedroom.

“Take me there.”

He picked me up easily and carried me to the bedroom, he put me down on the bed and stood back, he stripped off his vest and shorts.

I couldn’t believe he was standing naked in front of me, I drank him all in, I felt faint, this was a man, his hairy chest screamed it loud, his fine athletic body made me weak, this was no academic body soft from teaching, this was a strong working body.

I didn’t know what I had unleashed now. He crawled onto the bed like a panther, now it was my turn to be anxious. I could see his dick hanging down between his legs it was hardening up as he approached me.

I swallowed hard as my mouth went dry, I’d poked the bear and now I was the prey. His hand grasped my ankle and he pulled me easily down the bed, his other hand found my other ankle and he spread my legs wide apart; he crawled slowly up between my open legs as I lay there terrified.

He sat back on his heals his strong hands holding my knees wide apart. His hard, hard dick was ready to split me in two. He leaned forward, his body covering mine completely, I was totally helpless. Trapped just the way I wanted to be.

I stared into his eyes as his head dipped and he kissed me long and deep, our first kiss. Our mouths wide and open, our tongues tracing soft outlines and gently licking, he tasted divine to me.

I reached up and ran my fingers through his strong dark hair as he kissed me. I arched my body up and felt the thick pelt of dark hair on my nipples, instantly making them even harder, I wanted him so bad.

Lowering his hips his dick rested between my outer lips and he started to slide his dick back and forth along my slit, I could feel how slippery and wet I was, ready for this man to take me. I put my hand on his chest and pushed him up breaking our kiss. He frowned at me.

“What’s your name?”

He smiled broadly at me, that smile that always makes me weak.


He pushed forward with his hips and his hard dick slid easily into me. I could feel him rest his pelvis on mine, his cock seemed to fill me perfectly, and nothing else mattered.

He lay there motionless for a few moments staring deep into my eyes as we both enjoyed the moment, me gripping him fiercely, he spreading my body open perfectly.

Slowly he pulled back and gently pushed forward. I arched my back, thrusting up under him to take him fully into me, his strong arms enveloping me. I felt so safe, so wanted, so very, very horny.

He built the rhythm gently, with long deep strokes, making my eyes roll close because intensity. Deep animal noises came from my throat as he played me like a musical instrument.

His hand slid down bahis siteleri and covered my breast, his fingers teasing my responsive skin, he’d kiss me then break away to let me breathe as I wound my fingers through his hair and wrapped one leg round him drawing him close.

I couldn’t hold it though and I had to lay back and just give everything to him as he worked that lovely hard dick into me as his hands explored me freely.

I couldn’t hold back another second, as all my muscles seemed to tense at once and I grabbed him fiercely and held him as close as I could as everything went black. Wave after wave of pleasure tore through me. Eventually, I managed to let him go. I lay back on the bed again and looked down my body seeing his hard shaft sunk deep into my willing body sent shivers up my spine I was aware that he’d not cum, I wondered if I could take any more.

Alan pulled his dick completely out of me. I gasped suddenly feeling so empty. He rolled us both over so I was on top of him his hard shaft sandwiched between us.

He lay back and it was my turn to ride him, I hoped he’d enjoy it. I placed my hands on his chest and sat back, shaking my hair off my face. Reaching down I took hold of his thick hard shaft. It was slippery with my juices all over it. I realized this was the first time I’d ever touched a dick in my life. Lifting my hips I guided the tip of his dick to my hole and started to sit down on it, I was so wet it just slipped in completely.

I leaned back completely, my hands resting on his strong thighs. I could move that lovely dick all around inside me. I played with it, rocking backward and forward and circling my pelvis, which sent me a little crazy. Mr. Reed, Alan. Lay there with his hands behind his head, watching me ride his dick, enjoying me wriggling around on his hard shaft, exploring the way it made me feel.

I leaned forward to kiss him and started to slide up and down on his dick trying to milk him with my pussy.

“Are you going to cum?” I asked him.

“Not like this, I have to be on top.”

“Really? Even when I do this?” I clenched my pussy as tight as I could and slowly slid up his shaft squeezing him as tight as I could. He gasped.

Alan lay there blinking and swallowing hard as I clenched my muscles and worked myself up and down his dick. I grinned to myself, who’d have thought I could do that to him so easily.

“You know you’ve done some very bad things to me,” I teased.

“Is that so?”

“You know you took both my cherries don’t you?”

He nodded, as I clenched myself round his hardness.

“And yet, I’ve never even sucked a dick in my life.”

“Well, far be it for me to stop you doing anything you want to,” He grinned at me.

I smiled back at him, dragged myself slowly off him, and kissing my way down his body till his prick popped up in my face. Here it was, the probe that had so often taken me to heaven. I took hold of it with my hand feeling the heat and the solidity of it. It was so slippery and wet, I wanted to see what is was like in my mouth.

I gently licked the whole length of the shaft. Instinct and watching a few girls suck dick on the internet, told me he’d like it if I ran my tongue around the head. Watching Alan go tense told me I was canlı bahis siteleri right. Getting a good grip of it, I slowly brought my head down, ran the tip across my lips, and let the tip of my tongue slide across the slit at the top, tasting him properly for the first time. It wasn’t as unpleasant as I had thought it would be, but nice.

I wondered how much of me I was tasting. I dipped more and took more of the shaft into my mouth, sucking hard I felt Alan push his hips up slightly and I found I couldn’t take more. I tried but I couldn’t get it all in, so I settled for bobbing my head up and down and sucking hard on each stroke. I was also swirling my tongue around the tip as I came up each time. I drooled all over his cock as I sucked, getting it as wet as I could.

I climbed back up his body and straddled him, taking his thick hard shaft in one hand I guided it slowly to my entrance, my other entrance, relaxing as I had learned I lowered myself onto it, driving him deep into my ass in one steady motion.

“Opps, I seem to have put it in my ass. I’m sorry I’ll take it out,” I started to rise up off his dick.

“Don’t you dare!” Alan gasped grabbing my hips he thrust me back down onto his dick.

I started to wriggle around on his dick working it inside me; it always feels so delightfully dirty doing it that way.

“I’m sorry,” I pouted, “I guess you must think I’m a slut ‘cos your dick went in so easy.”

“The thing is,” I continued, “My boyfriend is a real pervert and he likes doing me in the ass.”

“Really?” Said Alan, “Don’t you mind when he does that?”

I stroked my hands down his chest feeling the strong muscles of his hard body.

“Oh no, I love everything he does to me.” I looked around the room like I was checking to see if there was anyone watching. “I think I might be a slut, his dirty little slut,” I whispered.

“So what else does this boyfriend of yours make you do?”

“I’m not allowed to wear panties, and my school skirt is very short. And I have to use a vibrator on myself every day, and he likes to fuck me on his desk.”

“And what makes you think you’re a slut?”

“I guess mainly it’s because I like it so much, you know I strip every time I go to his office. I want him so badly; I love it when he comes in me. I wish I could make him cum right now.”

“Would you like that?”

“Oh shit yeah, I’d love his cum deep in my ass, but I guess I’ll just sit here and play with myself.”

I ran my hands over my body cupping my full breasts and teasing the nipples, Alan lay there grinning like the cat that’d gotten the cream. I snaked one hand down my body and started to play with my pussy, teasing my clit before plunging two fingers into my soaking wet hole. All the time, slowly working myself up and down his thick hard dick.

“You know Sir, I think I’m going to need more treatments.”

“Is that a fact young lady?”

“Yeah, but I’m also going to need you to fuck me

a lot too.”

“That is not appropriate language Jenny,” He said.

“Really? I’m not allowed to say ‘fuck’?” I asked.

He rewarded me by pumping his hips up driving his dick deeper into my ass. I yelped, more with surprise than pain, it felt so good.

“Oh, I’m sorry Sir, I didn’t canlı bahis realise there was a

punishment for saying ‘fuck’.” Again he jammed his dick hard into me. “I’ll do my very best not to say ‘fuck’ again.”

Alan grabbed me roughly tearing me off his dick and throwing me roughly down on the bed. He pushed my thighs apart with his knees and took one wrist in each hand forcing them above my head pinning me down with his body, swiftly he drove his dick into my flooded pussy, I was amazed at how ready I was for him, it felt so, so wonderful to be full of him again.

He kissed me hard. I felt total helpless, it was simply wonderful.

“Please, I can’t wait,” I gasped.

Alan started to fuck me, his hard dick sliding easily in and out of my willing body, it was hard to concentrate, and he felt so good. He filled me so much better, he held me so close, I couldn’t concentrate on anything everything felt so, so very good. His long slow thrusts stretching me, filling me, driving me up to that precipice relentlessly, I relaxed and gave him every part of me. He picked up the tempo, making me moan with desire.

“Oh yes, please, yes,” I panted, this was perfect. The feeling of his body on mine his strong hands holding me, the smell of him, sweat, heat, and our musky odours all combined to make a whirlpool of energy, which I couldn’t control.

I closed my eyes tight as the first waves of my orgasm hit me, tearing my hands free of his I forced my eyes open and held his head staring into his blue eyes as I panted and gasped with the sensations coursing through me.

I could tell he was moments away from his own orgasm. I tried to clench him as hard as I could, as yet more waves ripped right through me, he came, deep in me. He held still and I could feel him cum deep, deeper than he’d ever been before. He held me; close and tight, as he spent himself completely in me as I came, gripping his dick


We lay there afterwards, Alan holding him self up with his arms as I held his head staring deep into his eyes. He rolled off me laying beside me his body slick with sweat he looked magnificent to me. I rolled onto my side and stared at him as he got his breath back. I reached out to stroke his hairy chest.

“How long have you known what was going on?” He asked.

“A while.”

“And you still came for the treatment?”

I rolled closer too him and propped myself up so I could look him in the face.

“I’ve wanted you for so long; I think I’m in love with you.”

Alan wrapped his arms round me and pulled me very close.

“I love you too,” He whispered.

We held each other for a few minutes before I broke away from him.

“Fuck,” I said grinning like a Cheshire cat.

He smiled and I felt all weak again.

We had sex several more times that afternoon before Alan drove me home. We made up some story about me bumping into him at the mall and some guys being rude and Alan rescuing me. My folks seemed cool about everything. I managed to get over to Alan’s place almost every day during the holidays. We even managed a couple of dates. We had to travel a good way out of the city, so no one would recognise us, but mainly we had a lot of sex. Alan introduced me to a lot of new things, most of which I liked. By the end of the holiday, I was definitely his girl and totally his horny willing slut.

Would you like to hear more of my little story? Leave me some nice comments, I’ll tell you all about it in detail.

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