More Wet Panties Please!!

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My next story is about what is happening with panties in my life right now:

My friend and business partner, Howard, has a sweet 19 year old daughter called Kelly.

I’ve known Kelly for years.She has always been a sweet ‘girly girl’, but the past year or so,she has blossomed into an absolute beauty, with a stunning body and model looks. She has beautiful olive skin with long dark brown hair and looks like a young ‘Cher’.

Over the past couple of years, Kelly really got into the ‘tease’ stage, wearing very low tops, cut-off denim shorts, that sort of thing. A visit to Howard’s always meant several hours of trying to hide an erection as Kelly would ‘innocently’ bend over in the kitchen to pick up a dropped tea-towel, her stunning ass just a few inches away from my cock.

The other thing she seemed fond of was bending further than necessary to put my coffee onto the low table in front of me, allowing a few seconds of looking at her gorgeous smooth breasts. I was always in a state of arousal whenever Kelly was about!

During this time, my explosive cock has been tamed in a very horny way:

Kelly has a bathroom on the ground floor (her bedroom is upstairs) and after coming in from school she would have a quick shower before getting ready to go out, or go to her evening job. This didn’t always happen, so I sometimes never got my ‘reward’, but if she did have a shower, I knew there was a good possibility of a ‘prize’.

Once she had gone out the front door, I would head off to ‘use the toilet’ and lock myself in the bathroom. A quick look under the clothes at the top of the laundry ümitköy escort basket normally rewarded me with a skimpy pair of panties, just damp and smelling gorgeous. I knew I could never be too long in the bathroom, but with Kelly’s delightful panties stuck to my nose, I would never last long anyway. For my most intense orgasm, I would simply need to softly lick the slightly damp gusset, imaging that it was her on my tongue and I would explode in seconds.

I was always careful to put the panties back where I found them, not to get cum on them etc. so I knew Kelly didn’t know about my masturbatory forays. However, I’m not so sure that this is the case – let me explain:

On several occasions, I stay over at Howard’s, in the guest bedroom, which is alongside Kelly’s bathroom on the ground floor. On this particular occasion, a few weeks ago, we were all playing a board game. Kelly was sitting next to me, wearing her ‘Juicy Couture’ track bottoms and a vest top. Whenever she bent forward, I could see the top two inches of a sexy looking pair of black ‘girl shorts’ with a bright pink band around the top, and whenever she leaned back in her chair and stretched, her vest top would ride up and I could see her beautiful tanned flat stomach with her diamond ‘belly button’ ring and the top of the front of her sexy ‘girl shorts’. To say I was in a state of arousal would be an understatement!

When we had finished, I said “I’m just making myself a cup of tea, and then going to bed”, to which Kelly replied “Yep. I’m going to turn in too. I’ll just grab a quick shower, then you avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort can use the bathroom”. This was nothing particularly unusual, but there was something in her eyes when she said it to me. I sat and had my tea, and a few minutes later, Kelly popped her head round the corner and said “Bathroom’s free!! Night-night!!” I just had time to see she was only wrapped in a short towel, wet hair, shiny wet skin, breasts almost bursting over the top and ass cheeks almost visible underneath, before she disappeared upstairs. I finished my tea, said goodnight to everyone and went to the guest room.

As I got undressed, the image of Kelly remained in my mind and I had to free a particularly hard cock from the confines of my boxer shorts. I really prayed that when I got into the bathroom, somewhere in the hamper Kelly would have left her worn panties and that she hadn’t taken them upstairs with her. I entered the bathroom and locked the door behind me. Because I was the last person to use the bathroom, and because I could pretend to be taking a shower, the amount of time I spent in there could be as long as I wanted.

I lifted the lid off the hamper and strangely, there on top of all the clothes were Kelly’s panties – the black ‘girl shorts’ with the pink edging. Now, I don’t know how many of you are familiar with these ‘girl shorts’, but they are a very small, skin tight version of boys boxer shorts, with a wonderful seam that runs up the middle, effectively pulling up in between a girls pussy lips. They look so sexy urfa escort when on, a definite ‘camel-toe’ opportunity.

So now, here in front of me, with the gusset laid upwards, as if for inspection, were the pair that Kelly had had on all day, pushed tight and snug up against her wet pussy.

The way they were at the top of the pile, with the gusset ‘on show’ makes me think that Kelly had deliberately left them where they could be easily found. As far as I am concerned, no one can be that naïve that they can leave a pair of sexy panties in full view of a horny male without knowing whats going to happen to them.

I picked them up and slowly, (to make this moment last longer), brought them up to my nose and lips. They were soaking wet, and smelled so beautiful, I couldn’t stop from touching my cock any longer, but I had to do it very gently so that I didn’t just explode. The image in my mind, of Kelly pressing them into her pussy before slowly pushing them down her hips and legs, knowing that I would soon be licking them, was almost too much to bear. I continued to inhale Kelly’s beautiful, musky, sexy aroma and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I stood in the shower cubicle and hardly dare touch my throbbing cock. I knew I was on the verge of cumming, so I stuck out my tongue to trace the wet line on the gusset of Kelly’s panties. As soon as the taste hit my tongue, I exploded all over the walls of the shower. I put the panties back into the hamper and then just stood in the shower for several minutes, letting the warm water calm me down.

In the morning, as I was making coffee, Kelly bounced into the kitchen, put her arms around me and said “Oooh, make me one would you honey” before looking me straight in the eye and saying “I really must put some washing on today, I don’t seem to have a single pair of clean panties to wear!!” before turning around a wiggling that sexy ass in skin tight jeans, off to the laundry basket in the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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