Mother-In-Law May I Ch. 01

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This story was partially written by JDC. I completed it and am posting it here, on this memorial account. To learn more, please see the account bio. I hope you enjoy what he started and I finished.

Chapter One

The Proposal

“Well, what about your sister?”

Mackenzie stared at her husband in comic disbelief.

“Would you like to get a second or even a third job to support the baby’s budding crack habit?”

Brian snickered. “Well, I thought maybe if we offered her enough money, she might quit all that and focus for once,” he said nonchalantly.

“She’ll take the money and probably kill herself smoking and snorting before the baby would even be born. Besides, what kind of money do you think we would have to give her after arranging IVF?”

“Yeah,” he mumbled.

They both focused on the dinner she prepared special for their delicate discussion without another word spoken for several minutes.

Brian and Mackenzie recently learned of their inability to have children. She had what doctors dubbed a ‘violent uterus’ which made a viable pregnancy unlikely, if not impossible. That was devastating news and drove them them away from any further discussion about starting a family. Baby fever, however, had its way with Mackenzie. Thoughts of play dates and evening story time plagued her thoughts and dreams. She asked her husband to think of ways they could start a family. Adoption was always on the table, but she preferred to have a child of their own blood, if at all possible. They were to both think on the subject and set their calendars for night where they would have a nice meal and would brainstorm solutions. She was intent to change the ever-growing need in her stomach to an actual growing baby.

Together, they had dismissed all the solutions they brought up one by one. Individually, they came up with many of the same ideas and agreed to dismiss them for one reason or another after lengthy discussion. There was one left that neither wanted to bring up. They both thought about it often, dismissing it as an impossible choice.

Brian was an only child to a loving couple who were living the good life as empty nesters. Mackenzie was one of three children by a wonderful woman who became a widow at a young age, having lost her husband in the line of police duty. They called her a young widow in that when most hear the word ‘widow’, they imagine a gray haired woman who longed for death’s call and could meet her husband once again in the afterlife. At least in their town that was the case. Her brother was obviously not a suitable option for surrogacy and her sister struggled with drugs after the death of her father. Mackenzie had a good relationship with her mother and together, they brought life to many of Mackenzie’s original solutions. What her mother didn’t know, though, was that Mackenzie had a dark thought brewing.

The thought always came to mind whenever she sat and day-dreamed about having a child.

“What if Mom could do it?” she always wondered. Wonderment always turned quickly to abrupt dismissal.

She knew the reality of life, though. She knew it would take several rounds of IVF at her mother’s advanced age before a viable fetus could present itself. Along with that, her mother had few eggs remaining in life. The amount of money it would take at twenty-thousand a pop would probably bankrupt the entire family. There was only one option that remained that she could stomach but she didn’t have the nerve to say it out loud.

Brian, on the other hand, had the same thought but for an entirely different reason. He always enjoyed looking at his wife’s mother. She was a healthy woman who was fit, but remained entirely natural. When you think of mother-in-law, all kinds of images may come forward. Mackenzie’s mother was beautiful in her spirit which made any flaw of her body invisible. At least Brian thought so. She was nearly a middle aged woman and her body reflected that fact, but he loved her smile, her shape and her wit; basically every reason why he married her daughter.

“Twins in a former life,” he always thought of them. He had masturbated a time or two thinking about the woman prancing about nude or even the more taboo idea of her slowly impaling herself on him as he lay watching in awe. He was sure that when Mackenzie reached that age, he would know what it would have been like to fuck her mother. He loved his wife through and through bursa escort and wanted her body and soul. Her mother’s body was his target, though. He knew he would be treading on thin ice if he were to bring up the idea in the wrong way. He was a passive man and with that in mind, he chose to remain silent about the idea.

Mackenzie was out of all ideas except the one and was resolved to either find a solution or walk away from the idea completely that night. She nervously stirred the food around on her plate while staring at the mess she was making of her meal. Baby-fever drove her to say it.

“What about Mom?” she whispered?

Brian heard her just fine but paused and asked, “what?”

She gripped the fork like a child learning to eat with utensils and felt tears beginning to form in her eyes.

“Mom could do it,” she said only slightly louder than her original attempt.

Brian was exploding on the inside at the idea his wife brought to the literal table. Internally, he told himself that everything was playing out perfectly. He just had to play his cards right.

“Be deliberately slow on the uptake and ask probing questions at the right time and you just might get to fuck her,” he told himself about his mother-in-law.

“Yours or mine? I don’t think either one would or maybe even could do it if they wanted to,” Brian asked, feigning ignorance of her intentions.

Mackenzie brightened up at a lack of complete dismissal of the idea.

“Your Mom would never do it because of her religious beliefs,” she correctly assumed, “but my Mom is single and doesn’t subscribe to any structure of belief that I know of which would abruptly stop this conversation right this second.”

Brian set his fork down and looked up at his wife blankly, allowing lurid thoughts to occupy his mind. To his wife, he was going through the mechanics of the process of asking and executing. Inside his head, however, the mechanics boiled down to missionary or doggy style. He allowed it to drag for just a few minutes before engaging her again.

“You know, I don’t know if that would work. We have enough saved right now for one IV…” he started before she cut him off.

“I know,” she said quickly.

He stared at her again, wondering if she had already gone to the same place he had and knew what would have to be done to prevent financial disaster while keeping their dreams alive. He took a deep breath and tried to read his wife correctly. He knew if he appeared enthusiastic about the idea too soon, it would cause him headaches later.

For a brief moment, he reflected on their sexual history. Neither of them were shy in the bedroom. They experimented with all kinds of mainstream fetishes and even had a threesome once. That was half his concern answered. That act alone was worth the many, many hours they spent researching the science behind additional sex partners and all the possible outcomes of that act. Add in the additional hours spent discussing how to handle those many feelings after the act. They figured it all out, they assumed and dove in. It was a single event they enjoyed and wanted to do again, but not too soon and not too often.

That half of the battle was already won. Brian couldn’t quickly figure out the other half.

“I think I know what you’re suggesting, Kenzie,” he told her suspiciously, “but I feel it’s quite possible my mind went in a different direction than yours.” He paused for mere seconds before adding, “although I cannot possibly think of any other intention you may have.”

Mackenzie knew he was afraid to come out and say it. She wasn’t even all the way bought in on bringing it out into the open let alone going through with it, but she knew it was the only way. She studied her husband’s nervousness and decided to play with him. She stood slowly and sauntered toward him.

“You know you’re thinking the same thing as me,” she said in a sultry tone.

Brian recognized his wife’s behavior and turned slightly in his chair, ready to receive her. She was going to use sex to eliminate any doubt he may have about fucking her mother and he knew it. She always used her body to her advantage that way, especially when introducing ideas she thought her husband might rebuke. He waited until she straddled him to stop her advances.

“Baby, I know you’re suggesting I have sex with your mother to save us the cost of many rounds of treatment,” he said, staring into her eyes.

She nodded bursa escort bayan without saying a word.

He reached around and placed his hands on her butt, only to find she wasn’t wearing panties. It was not unheard of for her, but given the intent of the evening, it was certainly a surprise to him. He had an inkling that she intended sex that evening, especially if she needed to convince him of something or if they had come to a baby-making conclusion. He always allowed her to think she had that power over him, but she always incorrectly assumed his mind changed because of the sex. What she didn’t know was that he was always open to her ideas. The sex was just a bonus.

“You’re not wearing panties,” he said, eyeing her in comic suspicion.

She smiled devilishly and shook her head quickly. He knew that any reservation she had about the idea was being drowned out by her maddening desire to have children.

“So,” he stated authoritatively as his fingers traced her arm up to her shoulders, “you thinking having sex with me right here in this kitchen will make me feel better about having sex with your mom?” He deftly untied the short dress’ strap on one side, signaling he required no answer to his question.

She untied the other side and let the dress fall, exposing her breasts to him. She cupped them in her hand and gently pinched both nipples.

“I think having sex with my Mom with the hopes she’ll carry our baby for us isn’t as bad an idea now than when I first thought of it,” she admitted.

She was initially repulsed with the idea and discarded it until there were no other options outside adoption coming to mind. She had previously written down all the reasons she could for why she would or could allow such a thing to happen as well as the reasons why she hated the idea. She shoved them in her desk drawer and addressed them the following day. She scribbled out most of the negative remarks as they had already been addressed when they invited another woman into their bed. The only one that remained required resolution before she could bring herself to fully commit.

Brian focused on his wife’s last statement. “Our baby,” he thought to himself with the obvious consequence. “It would be my baby, not hers. I could never tell her that, though. It would be her sister, not her daughter.”

“Fuck me right here, Kenzie,” he told her.

She happily obliged him. She fished his cock out of his pants and impaled herself on it. She exhaled happily as she allowed her body to adjust to his mass being inside her.

“She’ll be my sister,” she said as she rose up on his cock.

“Well, half-sister I suppose,” he added. “What would that matter, though?”

He wanted to add so much more to that question, but wanted her to work through the complications one at a time.

“It wouldn’t really,” she said, rising up again. “God, I love your cock inside me.”

Brian smiled and kissed his wife.

“I mean, the baby would still look like a mixture of me and you, so…” she trailed off as she picked up the pace of their intimate coupling.

“Well, yeah, I guess that’s true,” Brian said, allowing his wife to work through the process. He felt her mind might only be on the baby side of the entire process. He needed to know her thoughts on the rest. “This isn’t going to be like our threesome, you know. I’d be having sex with another woman without you.”

“It’s my Mom, Brian,” she said sarcastically. “It’s an awkward situation, for sure, but it’s no romantic affair. Besides, what makes you think you’ll be there without me?” she added with a wink.

“You’ll be there?” he asked, burying his face in his wife’s neck.

“Let’s just say I reserve the right to be there while you impregnate my mother on our behalf.”

“That’s fair, of course, I just wouldn’t think you would want to see your mother having sex, with me or anybody else,” he told her.

“You keep missing the key point of this whole endeavor, my love,” she stated loudly, pulling back from him slightly, “you’re not just going to be fucking my Mom, dumping your load inside her and coming back later for more. The two of you will have a job to do.”

“What if…” he started without thinking. He stopped and opted to stand, bringing his mounted wife with him and walked toward the bedroom.

“What if what?”

“Eh, it was an incomplete thought,” he lied.

“Brian Alexander, you know I hate it when you lie to me,” she scolded.

He escort bursa snickered, “Well, it wasn’t really a lie if I never said it, right?”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “That wasn’t the lie.”

Brian exhaled loudly and sat on the bed, still buried inside Mackenzie.

“What if I like it?” he asked cautiously.

“That’s kind of the point, no? I suspect if you didn’t like it, you wouldn’t be able to finish,” she said. She eyed him closely before cautiously asking, “Or are you suggesting you might want to have sex with her on a regular basis if you even do it once?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say a regular basis, but…” he said, shrugging his shoulders.

Mackenzie separated herself from her husband and sat across from him, thinking about what he proposed.

“I want to make sure I understand you correctly. You’re saying that because you have sex with her one time, you may want to again?”

“I mean, if she’s good at it, I think it would be only natural to want more of it, right?”

“Brian, that is not what you’re suggesting. You want me to give you permission to have sex with my Mom beyond the original purpose,” she said, pointing an accusatory finger at him with an unreadable face. “…if she’s good at it.”

He searched the room with his eyes trying to find a response that won’t negate the progress they’d made toward him fucking his mother-in-law even once.

“I want to know what you would think of the idea is all,” he said.

“Good response,” she said, narrowing her eyes again but allowing the corners of her mouth to turn up slightly. She re-mounted him and nestled comfortably in his lap with him inside her.

“Brian, can we see if she is willing to even go to step one before we go down that rabbit hole? I’m afraid the whole idea of having a baby of our own is the only thing allowing me to let this crazy thing even be talked about. Is that okay?”

Brian pecked his wife on the lips and nodded happily. “Of course it’s okay. This whole concept is as new to you as it is to me and I can understand your position completely. I imagine I would feel this way if you suggested I have sex with my Mom.”

As Mackenzie rode her husband’s cock slowly up and down, the image of him and his mother engaging in those intimate acts came to mind and found the origins of a new fetish taking root inside her. She repeated the same sentence over and over in her head.

“He will be fucking my mom.”

Each time she repeated it, she became more aggressive in her movements. Brian soon realized she wasn’t present in the moment.

“Babe?” he asked, using his strength to slow her.

She focused her vision once again and stared into his eyes with lust. IT was in moments like those that words would be said that neither of them would be brave enough so say when they weren’t drunk on sexual bliss.

“Fuck me like you would fuck her, Brian. Show me how you would do it. Call me by her name,” she demanded.

Brian knew exactly what she wanted and took control. He pushed forward, forcing her onto her back, allowing his prick to slide out of her. She stared up at him waiting.

“Open your legs, Grace,” he said, pushing them open and moving between them.

Brian took the extra step and looked to an empty chair in the room.

“I’m going to give your mother our baby,” he said before returning his gaze onto his wife and inserting himself inside her again. “Do you like this, Grace? How hard do you like it? When you cum, pull me all the way inside you. I’ll dump my seed so deep.”

Mackenzie’s breath shuddered as she pulled her husband deeper and said, “There better not be an ounce left in your balls when you’re done.”

Together, they experienced a strange new sexual experience that night, even going so far as to fuck several individual times. They talked at great length about the idea they essentially agreed to and worked out the most likely scenario that would result in sex between her mother and husband. Almost every detail was discussed but they both would laugh and say they were planning it all for nothing because nobody could plan such an event.

At the end of the night, Brian had only one question that continued to linger in his mind.

“Would you really watch us have sex?” he asked her in the dark room as they both tried to sleep.

She turned to face him and put a hand on his face. It was a question that she had thought of many times that night while they fucked. He reached back to the one threesome they had and thought deeply about the relationship she had with her mother. She exhaled lightly.

“I might help,” she said before rolling over. “Why do you get to have all the fun?”

A coy grin grew on her face in the darkness.

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