My Best Friend’s Dad

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My good friend was home from college. He was 18 and so am I. I was still in high school though. We have known each other since we were kids. He was my best friend. I couldn’t wait to see him.

Let’s be honest here. Yes, seeing my friend was a bonus. I didn’t know what was better. Seeing my friend or seeing his dad. Honestly I see his dad at least 3 times a week. I used to do sleepovers at his house.

One night I couldn’t sleep. I was really horny. My friends older sister wasn’t home that night. So I snuck in her room and found where she kept her panties. She had lots of sexy ones to choose from. I was young and curious. I slipped a purple thing on. It barely kept my dick and balls covered. The back string went right up my ass.

I loved the way the silky fabrics felt on my shaved balls. I was standing in front of her mirror checking myself out. I rubbed my very hard cock through the fabric. I bent over to check out my bubble butt.

“Wow you where those better than my daughter.” My friends dad Jeff had caught me. I tried to cover myself. I didn’t have anything to say. All I could do was stand there. I was embarrassed.

“No need to try and hide now.” He explained. “I have kaçak iddaa been watching you for a good five minutes.”

“Oh” is all I could mutter. “I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry. I’m just going to fuck you now. Since you modeled for me. It turned me on.”

“Fuck me?” I asked. “What do you mean?”

“Well you look really good in that thong. Since you know what you are doing is wrong. I figure I can fuck you and it would be our little secret..”

I agreed and him and I had sex right on his daughters bed.

So you see since that one time him and I have been having an affair. I would visit three times a week most weeks depending on my schedule and his.

So you see. My friend being home is awesome and I can’t wait to see him. However it also gives me a chance to be with his dad.

Jeff had just bought me a new pair of panties. He says he likes the way my ass looks in boy shorts. I slip them on. Then my boxers. Then my pants. Chris would be getting home in the next couple hours. His mom and sister were picking him up.

I knocked at the door. Jeff answered. Zack it’s so good to see you. He let the door shut behind me. Then leaned in and gave me a kiss. kaçak bahis He grabbed my ass and pulled me in close. You should go in my bedroom and get changed. I will be there in a moment.

I did as he said. I pulled my pants and shirt off. The only thing I had on were the panties he bought me. I sat on the bed where he has fucked me more times than I can count. It turned me on that he slept next to his wife every night on the same bed.

He walked into the room with a glass of water. He handed it to me.

“Now let’s have a look at you.”.

I stood up and turned around slowly for him. He stopped me and told me to bend over. I did as he asked.

“Yes. I like that. Your ass fills those panties nicely.”

He met me next to the bed. He leaned in and kissed im. His hands one on each ass cheek. He spread my ass apart and his fingers pressed against my tight hole. We lay in the bed together. I kissed down his smooth chest and pulled his shorts down. His Cock sprung up.

I put my mouth over the tip and sucked him. My hand wrapped around his nine inches. I took him as deep down my throat as I could while stroking him. I used my saliva as lube. I stroked him and sucked him for illegal bahis almost ten minutes.

He guided me up so I was on my knees. He was behind me. He slid the panties over exposing my ass and pulled out my shaved cock and balls. I felt his hot mouth as he took my balls in his mouth. He sucked and licked them then moved to my tight hole. His tongue licking my boy pussy. Making me nice and wet.

He pulled my cock back and licked and sucked that too. I felt his fingers as he pressed them into my hole. I know they are just fingers but I moaned with pleasure as he fingered me. He stopped licking me after he felt I was wet enough to take him.

He pressed the tip against my tight wet hole. I felt my hole stretch as he pushed his way inside of me. He slid all nine inches in.

“Fuck me Daddy.” I moaned. He liked when I called him daddy.

That’s all he needed to hear. His pace quickened. He slid in and out in and out. I moaned with pleasure.

“Cum inside me Daddy. I begged.

I felt him get bigger right before he exploded inside me. His hot cum filling me. As he pulled out I could feel his hot cum drip down to my balls.

We lay there together after. He softly kisses me.

“So are you excited to see Chris?” he asked.

“Yes” I answered. Though I was more excited to see you.

“We still have a couple hours before everyone gets home. Let’s make the best of it.”

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