My Wife Tastes Angela


I’ve got a pretty good sex life with my wife Sally. We’ve been married to each other for ten years now and like to experiment and discuss with each other what turns us both on. After making love one night Sally casually mentioned to me what the sensations would be like having two people explore her body, especially having both her nipples sucked at the same time as they are very sensitive. In all our married life we had never even talked about involving another person in our lovemaking, as we had been completely satisfied with each other.

Recently one night in bed I was feeling horny and started kissing Sally. As I nibbled my way down her neck to her breasts and started circling her nipples with my tongue I remembered what she had said previously about having both her nipples being given attention at the same time. I mentioned this to her and said ‘who would you like kissing your other tit then dear.’ Sally did not reply but her nipple seemed to become harder and more engorged as I sucked it in to my mouth. ‘You can tell me’ I said as I carried on sucking on her breast ‘who would you like to help me turn you on?’ Still I got no reply.

As I sucked on Sally’s breast my hand wandered down and under her nightdress and followed her thigh until I brushed the smooth hairless lips of her pussy. Sally groaned as I made contact with her slippery lips and easily inserted my finger into her very wet pussy. I gently pushed my finger in and out massaging her ‘G’ spot deep inside her. ‘Would you like some one to lick you down here as I kiss your tits?’ I said all the time gently teasing her pussy with my fingers. Still Sally did not reply, but she seemed to thrust back against my fingers with a greater urgency coating them with her very slippery wet juices. I carried on thrusting my fingers in to her and I whispered in her ear ‘would you like someone to lick your clit while I kiss and finger you?’ At this point Sally came on my finger and I felt the insides of her pussy spasm and become suddenly much wetter.

At this point my cock was hard and desperate for some release so I positioned myself between Sally’s thighs and thrust forward into her very wet pussy. I entered her with ease, as her pussy seemed to pull my cock in. Sally moaned as I thrust into her. Again I said ‘would you like someone to suck on your tits while I fuck you?’ As I thrust in to her brushing my cock against her clit she answered ‘oh yes.’ I thrust my hard cock faster and faster in to her pussy, and as she was just about to come I asked ‘who do you want to lick your tits?’ As she shuddered as her orgasm started she moaned ‘Angela…I want Angie to kiss me.’ As she said the name I couldn’t hold back any longer and spurted my come deep inside her smooth pussy.

As our passion subsided I was somewhat surprised by what Sally had said as she came. In all our married life she had never mentioned any desires regarding women before, only the fact that she had wondered what it would be like to have both nipples sucked at the same time. I asked her what she meant by saying she wanted Angie to kiss Gaziantep Escort Reklamları her. As we talked Sally explained that for some time she had been wondering what it would be like to have two people explore her body and turn her on, and that she wondered what it would be like if the other person was a woman. She explained that she was a little curious about women and even what it would be like to taste and eat pussy. She explained that I had turned her on so much she had called out Angela’s name. She told me that Angie was a younger girl who had just started at her work, and for some inexplicable reason she had developed a sort of middle age crush on her.

I was a little taken aback by what Sally had told me but at the same time it turned me on to think that my wife would like another woman to make love to her. I started to think how I could make my wife’s fantasy come true.


Sally’s fortieth birthday was coming up soon and I wanted to make it really special for her. I wanted to make it day she would always remember. In order to make it a truly special occasion I had spent the last two weeks planning every minute detail.

The first of my preparations was to arrange a meeting with Angie. I did this one lunchtime and arranged to meet her in a pub round the corner from her work. Angie was 15 years younger than my wife and at 25 looked stunning. She had black shoulder length hair, large brown eyes and a fantastic slim figure with plump curvy breasts. I was a bit worried as I was not sure how this meeting was going to go. I had said I wanted to discus her work away from my wife, who was actually her boss. I had no idea how I could raise the subject of my wife and her lesbian fantasy. As we chatted Angie made it easy for me. She said she couldn’t understand why she kept catching my wife looking and staring at her, as was that something to do with why I wished to meet her. She explained she thought that Sally may be making a pass at her but couldn’t understand this, as everyone in the office knew that she was happily married to me. I explained the situation and what I had happened when we recently made love and the fantasy that Sally had. Angie explained that she was in fact very bisexual and that making out with her boss would really turn her on. She said that even though Sally was older than her she had looked after herself and was still attractive to her. Angie agreed to all my plans to make Sally’s birthday a night to remember. As we finished out meeting I gave her a spare door key to our house so that as we had arranged she could let herself in.

On the night of my wife’s birthday I told her that I had arranged a special night for her and a present later that hopefully she would never forget. I gave her an hour to get ready as I told her I had booked a table at ‘Georgio’s’ which was a local very expensive restaurant. Sally showered and put on the new lingerie that I had bought her for the occasion. I had given her some small white silk lacy panties with a matching bra. She was wearing matching stockings and suspenders with these and looked absolutely stunning.

We made our way to the restaurant and enjoyed a tremendous meal with a few glasses of wine. After the meal I told my wife I was going to take her home and then give her a special birthday present.

As we arrived home in the taxi I opened the door for my wife. As we came inside I embraced her and kissed her deeply, my tongue intertwining with hers and exploring the inside of her mouth.’ lets go upstairs’ I said, as I want to make love to you. Sally walked excitedly up the stairs in front of me. Her bottom gently swaying as she went quickly up each step. As she opened our bedroom door and went in Angie was laying on our bed dressed in only a skimpy black panty and bra set ‘happy birthday love’ I said ‘here’s your special present!’

Sally turned and looked at me open mouthed and in surprised shock as she realized what I had arranged for her. Angie whispered seductively ‘I’ve been getting wet waiting for you, come here boss lady’.

I told Sally it was all right and that I wanted her to have a good time and that as she had wanted we were both going to make love to her, and give her so much pleasure that she would never forget her 40th birthday. I slipped her evening dress from her shoulders and motioned for her to join Angie on the bed. Sally lay down on the bed next to Angie and as they embraced Angie moved forward and gently kissed Sally. I watched as their kiss gradually became more passionate, as they softly pressed their lips together and joined their tongues as Sally experienced her first french kiss with another woman. As they kissed Angie reached behind and unclipped Sally’s bra letting her breasts swing free. She gently massaged the soft mounds of flesh and pinched the nipples between her fingers making them swell. Angie broke of the long lingering kiss and Sally lay back breathless on the bed. Angie removed her own bra letting her tits also swing free and moved down to take Sally’s nipple in her mouth gently biting it and rolling it between her lips. I moved to the other side of the bed and took Sally’s other nipple in my mouth. Sally groaned with the new sensation. ‘Is this what you wanted’ I said, the only reply I got from Sally was a low moan.

We both suckled on Sally’s nipples pulling them between our teeth and massaging her tits. I let my hand brush down to the front of her new silk panties. Sally keeps a tuft of hair above her pussy but shaves round her lips. I brushed against her pubic hair and felt that the flimsy panties were soaking wet beneath my fingers. I slipped a finger in side the panties and rubbed it up her soaking lips bringing an even louder groan from her lips. As I had planned with Angie she then got up and stood by the side of the bed and slowly pulled her black knickers down only inches away from my wife’s face. She slowly revealed her hairy pussy (as unlike my wife she doesn’t shave) and showed it to my wife. I could see that in between the hairs her lips were gradually parting and beads of slippery moisture were appearing on her pussy lips. Sally looked at another woman’s pussy for the very first time and licked her lips in anticipation.

Angie moved to the bottom of the bed and as I continued kissing my wife she ran her fingers over my wife’s silk knickers feeling the smoothness beneath. This action brought a whimper from my wife. Angie pulled Sally’s white silk knickers down exposing her smooth wet pussy. Sally lifted her bottom from the bed so that they could come right off. She then lay there naked and exposed for the both of us. Angie lightly ran her finger up and down my wife’s pussy teasing her and feeling the wetness oozing out from her. ‘Finger her’ I said dominantly as I kissed my wife. I felt her tense and shudder as two of Angies fingers delved deep in her pussy thrusting in and out. As I kissed her and played with her tits Angie went to work with her fingers, thrusting them in my wife’s pussy and playing with her clit. It wasn’t long before Sally shuddered as she had her first orgasm on Angies fingers.

As Sally’s orgasm subsided Angie lay back down on our bed and opened her legs exposing her hairy pussy and open wet lips. ‘Come and eat me Sally’ she said. I then watched as my wife crawled up the bed and positioned herself between Angie’s thighs in front of her open hairy, wet pussy. She seemed to breathe in the heady sexy aroma and then tentatively poked her tongue out and gently lapped at Angie’s wet slit tasting her very first pussy. I watched as Sally licked up and down Angie’s pussy gradually opening up her lips and probing deep within her hole with her tongue. Sally gently nibbled Angies clit and as she licked Angie coated her mouth and chin with a shiny mixture of her sexy hot love juice.

As she worked on Angie with her tongue I moved behind Sally and lifted her bottom in to the air. She looked fantastic with her smooth pussy wet and open from the fingering Angie had given her. Her love lips were hanging down covered in her wet juice. As she carried on licking out Angie I positioned myself behind her and gently slipped my cock in to her very wet pussy. Sally moaned as I pushed all the way in to her and filled her up with my hardness. As I thrust in to her the movements were transferred forward via her tongue to Angies Pussy. As I developed a rhythm of thrusting so Angie got the benefit as my wife licked her with the same passion. As I thrust into my wife I watched as Angie pinched her own nipples and urged my wife’s tongue on to make her come. I was nearly close to coming myself and with one last thrust pumped my load deep in my wife, and at the same time Angie came off on her tongue, and Sally groaned and whimpered as an orgasm also ripped through her.

As we lay back on the bed exhausted and sweaty from our lovemaking I looked at my wife and saw that her face, lips and chin were covered with Angies shiny wet juice. ‘Did she taste good to you’ I asked. Sally nodded back.

My wife will always remember her 40th birthday, and it has certainly opened new experiences for us. Angela now visits us on a regular basis to fulfill my wife’s lesbian desires. And we all spend the night fucking each other. Maybe I ought to write some more and describe other adventures we have had with Angie.