Natalie is a Work of Art Pt. 02

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The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person or situation in particular. All characters are at least eighteen. This submission is Part 2 of a short series about a young art teacher coming out of her sexual comfort zone. Reading Part 1 first is highly recommended. There is a little reluctance involved but mostly deals with what I like to call “eventual consensual”. I hope you have fun reading it. Nice or constructive comments are very much appreciated. Rude comments are just mean and will be deleted. Enjoy the fantasy. -xoxo Daphne.


Natalie walked nervously down the main hall of the high school towards her classroom, anticipating all the possible sexual things that she knew could happen to her today. It seemed surreal that only yesterday, her world had been turned completely upside down by someone she didn’t even know. Somehow, a stranger had filmed her topless and had used it to force the young art teacher to dress more provocatively, masturbate secretly in front of her students, be sexually interrogated by her mentor teacher as he finger blasted her pussy, and then be made to suck his huge cock in her own classroom.

All this while being watched by an unknown person who would give Natalie various sexual instructions on her phone.

What Natalie didn’t know was that the person behind everything was me, her mentor teacher. I wanted to get Natalie out of her comfort zone and embrace the naughty girl inside her. Yesterday was a great start, and today things were going to get much more intense.

Natalie’s hips swayed hypnotically as she walked down the hallway in her tiny black fly away skirt. Coming several inches above the knees, it was definitely shorter than what the young art teacher usually wore. She was a petite young lady, so to get her skirt short enough, she actually had to buy it from the local boutique where all the teenagers shopped.

Natalie’s top was a lovely floral print blouse that fit snug around her waist and breasts. Of course she had been instructed not to wear a bra so the outlines of her nipples were very clear. Her black high-heeled shoes and black-framed teacher glasses made her look irresistible as a total sexual package.

What really made Natalie feel exposed, though, were the black lace thong panties I had ordered her to wear. They were so small, snug, and see-through that they were hardly worthy of the name. Most of the time, after wearing panties for a few minutes, Natalie would get used to the feel and not think about them the rest of the day.

Not these panties though.

Natalie could easily feel the fabric gripping her pussy and riding up her ass. She couldn’t ignore that she was wearing them. They made her feel slightly uncomfortable, very exposed, and a little horny all at the same time…which was the idea.

Sauntering into her classroom, Natalie closed the door and turned around to what she thought was her empty studio.

“OH!” Natalie jumped as she saw me sitting at a desk. Her heart was racing and her breasts heaving from being startled. Those lovely nipples were outlined beautifully through her blouse, saying hello to the world with every deep breath.

“Ready for another evaluation?” I asked, eyeing her over. In that short skirt, high heels, and black-rimmed glasses, she looked exactly like the shy sexy teacher at the beginning of an adult fantasy video.

Except this wasn’t a fantasy. This was Natalie, the hot young art teacher who was going to get fucked today…for real.

Natalie got control of her breathing and lowered her voice even though we were the only people in the room.

“Do you mean…’evaluation’?” She asked, moistening her lips nervously.

I smiled and held up my notebook. “Well I’ll do an official one during class…but afterwards I intend to evaluate you more privately.”

Natalie gave a nervous giggle at the euphemism, and she noticed that her pussy was tingling in anticipation.

“Okay,” she smiled cutely. “I…need to set up for class now.”

As Natalie walked over to her desk…the one she had perched on the day before while secretly masturbating herself in front of her class, the young teacher noticed that she already had a text waiting on her phone.

I smiled to myself as Natalie turned her back towards me so she could read her text in private…the text I had sent earlier this morning.

“Good morning, Natalie.” The text began. “Today we’re going to play a little sexual game to see if we can bring out your inner teacher slut. You are going to set up your long work station, placing a table skirt around the parameter so that none of your students can see below your waist or under the table.”

Natalie moistened her lips nervously as she continued to read.

“You will then invite your mentor teacher to hide under the table and try to bring you to orgasm in front of your students while you teach.”

Natalie’s jaw dropped.

“If you are able to resist coming until the class has ended, then I will free you of any future bahis siteleri obligations to me. If he makes you come in front your students though, all of the wonderfully erotic video footage I took of your sexual activities yesterday will be given to your school administration.”

Natalie’s heart was pounding.

“No!” she thought to herself, “It would be the end of my teaching career!”

Quickly, she looked over the instructions twice to make sure that she had read them correctly.

“I can’t believe he’s going to make me do this!” The young teacher paused, unable to process what was happening. Then she noticed the postscript.

“PS – Don’t even bother bitching to me about how you ‘can’t do this’. We both know you will. During the class, you may NOT prevent him from having access to your pussy. You’re going to show your inner teacher slut to your mentor starting right now. For your sake, you’d better be convincing.”

Natalie swallowed hard, trying to contain her nervous breathing and gather the courage to go through with it.

“I can do this…I can do this.” The young art teacher held her phone to her chest and whispered to herself.

Determined like never before, Natalie whipped around to face me and put her hands on her hips.

“Slight change of plan,” she said trying not to sound too nervous. “Could you help me with this table skirt?”


I got up and helped Natalie attach the large length of fabric to the long table. Natalie made very sure that the cloth went all the way to the floor so there was no chance anyone could see under the table. We joined the two ends of the cloth in the middle of the backside of the table, right where she was planning to stand.

Natalie then placed a canvas and various art supplies on the table in front of her.

“Now,” she said setting a bucket filled with brand new brushes of various sizes on the floor next to her. “I’d like to try something a little…naughty.”

When she said the word “naughty”, Natalie peered at me over the top of her glasses with those gorgeous blue eyes.

I played dumb, raising my eyebrows questioningly.

“While I’m teaching my senior art class,” she explained. “I want you to hide under this table and try to make me come while I try to resist having an orgasm. Neither of us can let any of my students know what you’re doing to me.”

I gave Natalie a sly glance. “What do I get if I win?”

“Oh fuck,” Natalie thought to herself. “I hadn’t considered that.” She realized she’d better come up with something quick.

Natalie spoke trying to hide her nervousness. “If you win, you get…” The young teacher couldn’t believe she was actually saying the words. “You get to fuck me…however you want.”

“Natalie,” I was actually impressed that she had offered herself to me on her own. “You bad little girl. What brought this on?”

Natalie felt a little guilty that she wasn’t honest with me about being forced to do this by an unknown voyeur. She didn’t want to risk telling me though. She barely understood it herself, so how could she explain it to me? So, she decided to play the game, and tried to sound convincing.

“You…you made me come so hard yesterday,” Natalie said softly. “I’ve never had anyone do that to me before. I love how you took control of me and made me do things I’d never done. I want to feel that way again, and I wanted to do something a little more…dangerous.”

I could tell that she was nervous, very nervous. Despite being forced into sexually degrading herself in front of her own students, though, she seemed to be perversely turned on by the idea.

Before either of us could say anything else, the class change bell rang.

Natalie parted the fabric on the back of the cloth skirt and hurried me under the table. “Come on, the kids will be coming in!”

Concealing myself under the workstation, I sat and waited for the students to get settled. Listening to Natalie’s black-heeled shoes click on the floor as she circled the room, I could almost feel how nervous she was with every step.

“Remember we’re supposed to be working on our sketches for the first fifteen minutes.” Natalie reminded the class as she set her timer for a quarter-hour. Walking over to the workstation, she hesitantly took her position behind the table, directly in front of me.

Natalie’s legs looked amazing in those heels and that short black skirt. At this angle, all I had to do to see underneath it was lift her skirt a little. She looked down at me nervously as she prepared for the game we were about to play.

As her students got to work, I patted Natalie’s inner thighs to make her spread her legs. She moistened her lips nervously as she complied, giving me perfect access to her most private areas.

Slowly I lifted the front of her skirt and got my first close up look at the panties she was wearing today. They were black, lace, and definitely tiny. Her pussy was barely covered, and the material that did cover her was practically see-through. Natalie canlı bahis siteleri jumped a little when I reached around with both hands to grab her firm ass cheeks and discovered that her panties were indeed a tiny thong.

“Nice, Natalie.” I thought to myself as my hands began to explore underneath her skirt. “What a good little teacher slut you are.”

I could feel Natalie tense up as I slid both my hands under the thin strings of her panties at her hips. Then, sliding one hand around to her front, I softly caressed the young girl’s quickly moistening pussy.

Natalie froze, bracing herself for what she knew was coming.

“Breathe, Natalie.” She thought to herself as she felt my fingers working their way between her pussy lips. “Don’t forget to breathe…”

I smiled, watching Natalie try desperately to maintain control as I gently rubbed her already erect clit. She closed her eyes and softly bit her bottom lip.

“Ohgod I’m so horny right now.” Natalie thought to herself. Her pussy was so wet and her hard nipples were straining through her blouse. She wanted nothing more than to give into the pleasure.

“I can’t…” Natalie’s inner voice of reason reminded her. “I can’t let myself come!”

It was then that I slipped a finger past her pussy lips and into her cunt. Natalie’s eyes opened in surprise and her entire body shuddered as she felt my probing digit inside her most intimate area.

“Oh fuck!” She cried out in her mind as I inserted a second finger into her depths. Her pussy was warm and moist, and her legs were trembling. When I began gently stroking her clit with my thumb, Natalie suppressed a yelp and grabbed onto the table for support.

“Don’t come, Natalie.” She thought to herself. “Ohgod please don’t come.”

Then, something I hadn’t expected happened…Natalie began pumping her hips against my hand.

I smiled as the young teacher humped my probing fingers in quick little thrusts, searching for more pleasure.

“You little slut, Natalie.” I thought to myself, impressed that she was willing to risk her job by trying to make herself come. Her primal sexual urges were starting to win out over her rational thought.

“Keep humping, slut. Keep humping my fingers with your cunt.”

Natalie glanced around the room at her students, trying to see if anyone had noticed what was being done to her.

“My students have no idea that I’m being finger fucked right now.” Natalie thought to herself. “Ohgod that’s hot.” Giving in to the lust, Natalie spread her legs a little further apart as her pelvic muscles thrust back and forth against my torturous fingers.

“I can’t!! I can’t let myself come!!” Natalie’s voice was silent but her mind was crying out for release. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Just as Natalie was about to throw her head back and scream at the ceiling in surrender…


The fifteen-minute timer bell rang and snapped Natalie back to reality.

“Ohmygod!” She thought to herself, getting weak in the knees. “I almost came! Nat, what the fuck are you doing?”

“O-okay everyone,” Natalie’s teacher voice was shaky. “Close your…your sketchbooks and let’s get out your canvases and brushes.”

I felt Natalie’s pussy muscles unclench from around my fingers. She was so close to coming that I could feel the walls of her pussy quivering as I pulled out of her. Natalie’s panties were soaked, and her clit was so sensitive that she was moments from a screaming orgasm.

That wasn’t my plan though, at least not yet. I wanted to torture her more. I wanted to really push Natalie to her limits.

As the class gathered their supplies for the next activity, I moved my hands to Natalie’s hips and gently began sliding her panties down. Realizing what I was doing, Natalie quickly put her hands over mine and glanced down at me in complete embarrassment.

“No, don’t…” The young teacher whispered trying to pull her panties back up.

I gave her a stern look and pushed her hands away.

Realizing I wouldn’t take no for an answer, Natalie placed her hands back on the table and didn’t resist.

As Natalie felt her panties being taken from her, she looked around the room at her students who were now all waiting for her to start the next activity.

“Mygod,” She thought to herself as she discretely stepped out of her tiny lace thong one leg at a time. “Do any of them actually know that I’m being robbed of my panties right now?!?”

Placing Natalie’s tiny thong in my pocket, I pulled out my mobile phone as the students all gave their attention to their now pantiless teacher.

“Okay everyone, let’s get our acrylic medium and paints out.” As Natalie tried to give instructions, she immediately noticed my phone disappearing underneath her skirt.

“Ohmygod!” Natalie thought to herself. “He’s taking pictures!”

Panicking, the young teacher tried to close her legs but I held them apart while I began taking frame after frame of her young beautiful pussy.

“Ohgod, this is so humiliating,” canlı bahis Natalie thought to herself as she stood helplessly while I photographed the most private areas of her body. What made it even more embarrassing was that her pussy lips were swollen and her clit was erect. She couldn’t deny that she was unbelievably horny, and that by showing it, she was encouraging me to torture her even more.

“First,” Natalie tried desperately to focus on her class. “You’ll need to get the canvas wet.”

As she took a large brush from the table, I took one of her brushes from the bucket on the floor beside us. The brush was brand new and its bristles were very soft…perfect.

“Take your brush and spread medium all over your canvas.”

As Natalie began brushing her canvas with medium, I took my clean, dry brush and began lightly caressing her pussy with the very soft bristles.

“Oh!” Natalie jumped slightly as the bristles brushed back and forth across her already sensitive pussy. The young teacher quickly recovered but her voice was shaky.

“M-make sure you get the canvas v-very wet.”

I brushed her soaked pussy with little tiny circles, causing sudden jolts of pleasure to fire through her body. Somehow, Natalie managed to stay relatively still, determined to keep control as her beautiful cunt was stroked again and again.

“That’s it,” Natalie nodded her head, now talking to me just as much as to her students. “Keep doing that…get it really…REALLY…wet…um!”

I smiled to myself, continuing to tease around Natalie’s labia with the brush, her hips giving cute little wiggles as jolts of pleasure fired through her.

“She’s trying so hard not to come.” I thought to myself. “She wants it really bad though.”

Time to up the game.

Taking a second brush, I placed the handle at the entrance to her pussy.

Natalie froze in mid sentence, dropping her brush on the table and gripping the side of the workstation to brace her for what she knew was about to happen.

“OH!!” Natalie yelped as she felt the brush handle suddenly push between her pussy lips and into her love canal.

“Miss Natalie, are you okay?” one of the female students asked.

“Um hmm…” Natalie nodded quickly, unable to say actual words as I began thrusting the brush handle up and down inside her. She was so wet that the brush moved in and out of her pussy easily, which just encouraged me to pump her faster and deeper.

“Yes, don’t worry…I’m okaaAAAAAYYYY!!” Natalie jumped as I hit her g-spot with the brush handle.

“Mustn’t come…mustn’t come.” Natalie kept thinking to herself over and over as she felt the brush handle moving rapidly inside her pussy, masturbating her in such an unnatural and embarrassing way…in front of her students…AND whomever was making her do all these perverted things in the first place.

Whipping her hair back and using every ounce of willpower to maintain control, Natalie addressed the class, all while I was stroking her pussy with the bristles of one brush and pumping into her cunt with the handle of another.

“Y-you’re going to s-spend the rest of the period working on a landscape painting…UM!”

Her hips wiggled in desperation as she endured the torture. “Ohgod! Please don’t come!” She whispered to herself.

“Start with the sky and horizon…AH! Then work y-your way forward t-to the trees and bushes. I’ll be here if you have any…UM!…any questions.”

“OH!” Natalie gave a quick jump when she felt me pull the brushes out of her. As her students turned their attention to their projects, the young teacher glanced down at me with a look of embarrassment that said “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

Putting down the two larger brushes, I picked up a small liner brush and smiled slyly at the art teacher.

“What in the world is he going to do with that?” Natalie thought to herself.

Moving one hand underneath her skirt, I spread the lips of her pussy apart, exposing young girl’s swollen, erect clitoris.

Natalie’s jaw dropped and her eyes went wide as my other hand glided the liner brush under her skirt and began gently stroking her clit with the tiny soft bristles.

Natalie’s knees buckled beneath her as she was taken to a new level of torture. She gripped the side of the table tightly with her hands to brace herself. She dare not move. If she surrendered, the unknown voyeur would certainly show her administration every sexually inappropriate thing she had done yesterday. She couldn’t sacrifice her career, and she wasn’t allowed to deny me access to her pussy, so she knew she would have to endure the torture.

“Oh…fuck…” Natalie whimpered in her mind, closing her eyes and laying her head back as the most sensitive part of her amazing body was continually stroked.

“Ohhhhhgod…” Natalie’s proud breasts jut out as she arched her back. The young teacher’s nipples were as hard as drill bits, clearly straining through her top. Unbeknownst to both of us, a few of the senior guys had noticed and were discretely checking out their hot teacher’s rack.

“Oh fuck! This torture is insane!” Natalie began rolling her hips in a futile effort to escape the strokes of the liner brush across her ultra-sensitive clit.

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