No Way to Treat a Lady Pt. 02


A note from this author. It would help you with this story, if you read part 1, first. As with part one, all sexually active people depicted in this story are over 18. Some quite a bit older.

As Barb and I continued seeing each other, both working out and socially, we got to be a bit more comfortable with the looks we got from the nosy Nancy’s who were probably envious of Barb, and me. I didn’t let the stares bother me. After a few weeks, and several more dates, Barb, slowly became used to the gawking. Most of the stares came from women her own age, which we both thought were quite funny.

Our sex life kept gaining momentum, with Barb becoming a bit more adventurous, under my instruction. Each time we tried something new, whether it was a true 69 position, which absolutely drove her wild, to her allowing me to softly rub her back door pucker with one finger, which shocked the hell out of me, brought us even closer. I do admit that my finger in her back door met with a stern warning about anything else going in that location.

By the way, I did some research, and found a bit of history about Buster Brown. A cartoon character from the very early 1900’s, that was used by a shoe company starting in 1904. Just adding this as a reference to her use of that name.

One night, just as Mary, her older daughter told her she and Joel were separating, Barb said to me, laying in bed, that she was not shocked. After a great blowjob, and my eating her pussy making her cum, twice, Barb said to me, in confidence, that she had thought Mary was gay. She almost never dated in high school and had more girl friends than boy friends.

It wasn’t more than two weeks that Nan, the younger daughter, announced she and Bill were splitting up. Barb told me she never liked Bill, but I never had that much to do with him.

I had to travel for work, most of the following week, and each night when I called Barb, she always sounded down. I figured it was her daughters’ break ups.

I returned home late Friday night, telling my lady that we would do breakfast, Saturday morning. Agreed, was her response.

When she knocked on my door, I could tell something was up just by looking at her. “What’s wrong?’ I asked.

“Lets sit down,” she responded. Oh, Oh, I thought to myself.

Quietly, she showed me an e-mail, that was in invitation to her 40th high school reunion, in just two weeks time. I looked at the date, remembering I had another work related meeting that lasted through the Saturday of her reunion.

“I won’t go, Jason,” she said, looking down at the floor.

“Nonsense,” I replied, “go and have a great time.” I had to repeat myself before she agreed. Since it was only about an hour away from where we lived, she thought it would be an easy drive.

We had just one or two very nights of adventurous sex the week before my next work trip, with me sensing something wasn’t right. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Since my flight was a very early departure, I got myself to the airport, still a bit concerned. When I got to my hotel, I saw a text from Barb wishing me a great trip. That alone started to ease my mind.

Each night, calling her, I still sensed something was eating at her, so I quietly asked what was up. “Just a bit of nerves,” was her reply.

My last meeting, on that Friday morning, I called, just in time to catch her on her way out the door. She reminded me that she was going early to help the set up committee. I wished her a great time.

When I got back to my house, Mary was waiting outside my front door. She asked me if she could come inside to talk, if I wasn’t too tired. Offering her a cold drink, since I knew she did not drink alcohol, she just asked for a water.

“Are you concerned about mom at her reunion,” Mary asked. I told her I wasn’t, not fully convinced of my answer. Mary told me she had concerns due to Barb telling her an old flame, whom she had not seen since high school muğla escort was going to be there, too.

Saturday morning, I got a call from Barb telling me how glad she was that I had convinced her to attend.

Just after finishing breakfast, my door bell rang, and much to my surprise, there was Nan at the door, dressed like she was a 4 dollar street walker. Skin tight jeans, a blouse with the top three buttons undone, without a bra, and looking like she hadn’t slept in a week.

Pushing her way inside, she looked me straight in the eye and said, loudly, “wanna fuck!” I almost couldn’t believe my ears. Taking her arm, firmly, I marched her right back to my front door, and told her as calmly as I could, “no chance in hell!”

I slammed the door, shaking my head. I have to admit that Mary had hinted to me that this could be a possibility.

This made for a very tense time, as I wondered if I should tell Barb, or wait until she came back, Sunday afternoon. Waiting won out.

The only communication all day was right about dinner time, when I got a text, “Having a great time, I love you”

I honestly could not stop smiling the rest of the night. I spent all morning, Sunday pacing like a caged lion, waiting for Barb’s return. By 4 in the afternoon, just as I started worrying, she texted me she was finally on her way home. I finally relaxed.

It was nearly 7 that evening, just as I was going down to her apartment, when I heard a soft knock at my door. Opening up, I started to throw my arms around he, when I noticed a tear in her eye.

“We need to talk, Jason,” she whispered.

Stunned, I led her into my living room, holding on to both hands. After a few minutes of deafening silence, she started telling me about her weekend.

“Jason, I had the greatest time, with my old classmates,” she told me. “They all thought the pictures I showed them of you were very nice.”

Hesitating, a minute or two, she told me a few of the more catty girls snidely said something along the lines of “he’s awfully young, isn’t he?” My very first boy friend Tom Allen, looked me straight in the eye and asked “does he make you happy?” I just smiled and shook my head, yes. I sensed a but coming, but I let her continue.

“We spent the entire day, Friday, getting reacquainted,” she continued. “The more we talked, the more comfortable we got.”

“Did you spend the night together?”

“Yes, but we didn’t have sex,” she breathed.

“Does he make YOU happy?” I asked. Barb nodded in the affirmative.

“That’s what counts,” I said, truly meaning what I said.

Standing up, she took my face in both hands, softly kissing me on my lips. “I hope we can still be friends,” she said. It was my turn to nod in the affirmative, even though my heart was aching.

As if my parents had some sort of radar, my phone rang a little while later. Mom could tell by my voice something was wrong, so I spilled my guts. With dad listening in, I told them both about our conversation. They were well aware of my relationship with Barb, and mom, being a mother, reminded me that this could happen. I know, I know, I repeated, but it doesn’t make it feel any less painful, I told them.

Just as I was starting to feel better with life, we were paid a visit by Covid-19. I started working from home, only going into my office once a week, just to sign some reports I was creating from home. I do have to admit, I was getting to ‘see’ some of my fellow workers who I only talked with, prior to the virus. One such employee was Blair Thomas, who I thought from talking with her was another older lady.

Only seeing her sitting at her home desk, usually dressed in some sort of Wazzu (Washington State University) shirt, I would kid her about my two schools, both being rivals. We spent weeks and weeks chatting after doing our actual work, about life in general. While never asking her age, she knew I had turned 25. She always referred to me as “the kid from contracts.”

As the conditions eased, we had a meeting scheduled one Monday, which meant we would finally meet, in person. Walking into our conference room, she was already there, sitting with another lady, I knew. I went over to her, wearing my Boise State blue and orange shirt and my Washington Husky purple and gold hat.

When she stood up to greet me, I was a little shocked to see she barely stood 5′ tall, and maybe weighed 90 pounds, ringing wet. Grinning, I said hello, from an acceptable distance, and we continued our meeting. While still looking like a teenager, she was very sharp, earning her place in management.

After we finished, she came up to me, and asked if we could talk for a while. After not having face to face communications for some time, I quickly agreed.

Getting coffee to go, we sat outside in sunshine, enjoying each others company. I found out Blair was 34 years old, single, never married, and very pleasant to talk to.

“Nice to see you in real clothes,” I joked.

“You, too,” she replied.

As we talked, I took notice of her very slight stature, and almost non existent bust line. I observed she wasn’t wearing a bra, and if the weather hadn’t cooled off, stiffening her nipples, I would have really wondered if she was female. She must have caught me starring, and quietly said, “not much to look at, Jason.” “Looks just fine to me,” I grinned.

After video chatting about work, all these weeks, and just chatting online after work, we didn’t want to leave. I suggested taking a walk, but, quietly Blair said I only live a few blocks away. Shall we go to my place, she grinned.

Since I drove, we took my car and went to her apartment, a mile away.

“This is just to talk,” she warned. I just nodded my head, taking her hand and letting her lead me inside.

Entering her nicely decorated apartment, she quickly said she wanted to get out of her work clothes, and dashed into her bedroom. I just took a seat, waiting. In a couple of minutes she came back wearing shorts and a tank top confirming the no bra, and very little need for one.

She had pulled her shoulder length, light brown hair back into to pony tail, and sat at the other end of the couch, from me.

“Word at work is your single, again, correct?”

“Yep, correct,” I responded.

“Looking?” she asked. Not really knowing how to respond, I just shrugged.

Moving closer to me, she took my face in her hands and softly kissed me on the lips. It sort of caught me off guard, but I returned her kiss, placing both my hands on her shoulders. Kissing her, a little harder, even letting my tongue open her mouth, we started moving a little closer.

“I’ve been waiting weeks for this, Jason,” she stated, running her hands through my way too long hair.

I moved my hands to each strap of her tank top, sliding them off her shoulders. When her tiny A cup breasts came into view, I leaned over, kissing one very hard, sensitive nipple. Taking in into my mouth, softly running my teeth over it, she gushed, “I’ll give you an hour or two to stop that!” Grinning, I moved to the other one. It responded, just as the first one did, only quicker.

She moved one hand to my lap, feeling my crotch, rubbing my now growing cock. Whispering to me, lets take this to my bedroom. It didn’t take a second request to get me moving. Falling onto her bed, we began removing each others clothes. I was wearing a lot more clothing than she was. Sliding her shorts down over her cute round butt, I quickly noticed that she must have forgot her panties.

With my clothes in a heap, on the floor, I kissed my way down her body. Paying particular attention to each eraser shaped nipple, eliciting moans with each kiss. I couldn’t believe that her nipples were that big topping such small boobs. Small, but very sensitive. Kissing her soft, slim tummy, and down to her cleanly shaved pussy. Licking up and down her already wet lips, I found her prize and licked it ever so softly.

This brought several guttural moans and the enlargement of her now throbbing clit. It must have tripled in size, and was soaked with her juices. Moving around, she took my cock in her hands, and slowly slid it inside her very warm mouth. With a hand clutching my balls, her head started bobbing up and down my growing shaft. With my tongue buried in her folds, I slid one finger into her sopping wet sex. I then moved my thumb, after wetting it to the entrance of her tiny brown pucker.

As it entered, she gasped, with her mouth full of my manhood, her humming felt wonderful on me. Faster, I licked, farther in her ass my thumb went, farther down her throat my cock went. Both our bodies started shaking. Her juices soaking my face. My cock shooting stream, after hot stream of cum down her throat.

Panting, holding each other tightly.

“Fuck me, that was worth the wait!” she panted. “Damn straight,” I replied.

Moving up, lightly kissing each other. Caressing her rock hard nipples. My hands moving up and down her taut, lithe body, causing her shiver. I asked if she needed to get under the covers, but she said no. Burying my tongue in her mouth, I tasted just the slightest hint of my load she just swallowed. A first for me, but not that unpleasant.

Her hand ventured down my body, taking my semi hard shaft in her hand, slowly moving up and down. Between the feeling of her hand on my cock, and my mouth inhaling her breast, my cock responded, accordingly.

“Round two?” I questioned.

“Condom in the night stand drawer,” gave me all the answer I needed. Slipping one on, she pushed me onto my back, gave my cloaked cock one huge, wet lick, and mounted me, leaning over and gave me a very warm, very wet kiss. With my hands on each hip, up and down the road. Moving my hands from her hips to her breasts, we continued fucking for another twenty minutes, or so, before another body shaking orgasm from Blair. and me shooting a huge load into the condom.

Falling onto my chest, we both just laid there, catching our collective breath.

“Did you ever have an expectation you thought might have been unreasonable, that turned out better than you could have ever imagined?” she asked.

Smiling, “yes, and I think it just came true.”

In the ensuing weeks, as things began opening up, we started actually dating. Yes, most dates wound up in bed, either hers or mine.

One night, we were enjoying a quiet dinner, when I noticed Mary walking into the restaurant with a very cute, light skinned black lady. She saw us, and walked over and introduced us to her girl friend Crystal. After some polite conversation, Mary whispered in my ear, “mom and Tom are coming.” My reply was are they happy? Yes, very, she answered.

At that instant, I saw them coming near us, Barb with a slight look of apprehension. Standing, I moved towards her, kissing her forehead and telling her how beautiful she looked. I wasn’t lying.

Shaking Tom’s hand and introducing Blair to them both. Barb gave her the warmest hug, and told her, softly, “take good care of him, he is a gem.”

As life slowly returned to normal, the 6 of us shared a few more dinners and other outings. To be perfectly honest, with Nan disappearing from the scene, I think Barb and Tom sort of adopted Blair and me into their extended family.

More than once Barb confided in me how grateful she was, that I helped her regain her confidence in dating, again. I too, thanked both her and Tom, for without them getting together at their reunion, I might never have found Blair.

We have sort of moved in together, with me renting out my condo, and starting to banter around the ‘M’ word. Yes, we are discussing taking the plunge. In the future, but talking.

Speaking of that word, we have been invited to Barb and Tom’s wedding, and can’t wait to go.

All in all, I think we have all landed on our feet and have a lot to look forward too.

I hope you all have enjoyed my little story.