Once Upon a War Ch. 04

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This chapter is in a fictitious setting, but what happens to the character Jordan, pretty much happened to me almost exactly as described. I am and artist and that got me into to some pretty interesting situations over the years, somehow even though people are averse to naked people, naked and art just seem to go together. Beyond that is just plain fun. The deployment to Saudi Arabia went down pretty much as describe, including the unusual trip home.


As Nick and Terri watched Toni drive away. Terri sighed contentedly, she remarked, “Finally, at 20 years old, she’s finally a woman.”

Nick chuckled, “Hey, I was 20 when I did it with you the first time.”

Terri giggled and said, “Yeah, you’re a guy, that’s expected.” Then she looked at Nick queerly, and said, “Okay, tell me about the girl you did it with in the UAE.”

Nick thought, ‘Oh shit, here it is! Is she going to get all mad and move out? What do I tell her? Do I tell her about the baby?’ Finally after a very pregnant pause, he asked, “What do you want to know?”

Terri smiled, putting Nick somewhat at ease. She said, “Well, let’s start with her name.”

Nick answered, “Her name was Barbara Shelton, she is a SSgt and a cardiopulmonary tech who was assigned to the air transportable hospital out of Davis Monthan AFB in Arizona.”

Terri cocked her head and asked, “Was she pretty?”

Nick said, “About like Toni, a bit plain in the face with a nice body.”

Terri giggled, “And you seduced her?”

Nick was starting to feel more comfortable discussing it, Terri didn’t seem to be jealous at all. She seemed really interested of all things. Nick answered, “No, actually she came to me. She wanted it to be discrete, and felt the best way for that to happen was for her to pick someone married and from another base. We were already friends, so she wanted to see if we could be friends with benefits.”

Terri asked a really difficult question, one Nick wasn’t sure he would answer truthfully. She asked, “So, did she come to you before, or after I gave you permission.”

Nick hesitated just enough, that the truth was told before he actually answered, knowing that he was a terrible liar, he answered truthfully, “Before, about 3 weeks before you told me I could fool around.”

Terri frowned for the first time since the conversation turned in the direction of Nick’s indiscretion, after a moment of silence as she stopped to think, she said, “Nick, I don’t mind you having another woman, but I don’t want you doing it without me knowing about it, or without my permission. That said, I swear to you that I will never sleep with anyone else without applying the same rules, okay?”

Nick feeling contrite, said, “I can agree to that. I’m sorry that I stepped out without you knowing.”

Terri smiled again, “Okay, so I’m assuming it wasn’t a one-time thing, right?”

Nick blushed, he wasn’t sure he was comfortable with going into the details. He wasn’t sure why Terri was so interested, He replied, “No, we did it about once a week. I have to admit, it was really a big stress reliever.”

Terry smirked, “Yes! You see? That’s why I gave you permission; I knew you had to have been under a lot of stress and I knew that having sex would help that a lot, I didn’t want you coming home with PTSD. I think you understand now that I’m open to us having a bit looser standards when it comes to fidelity. As long as we give each other permission, or better yet, like with Toni, we share. I think we can do it in a healthy way, without jealousy. What do you think?”

Nick grinned and said, “I think you have a guy in mind that you want to bring into a three-way, like what happened with Toni. I think you want to sample a new cock.”

Theresa blushed like a virgin, she stammered, “Well, um, yeah. The only person I have ever slept with is you. To be honest, I feel so ugly after having Julianna, all these stretch mark scars and how my body has changed.”

Nick took her hands in his, “Terri, you are just as beautiful now as you were before, sweetheart. If anything, you’re more attractive. Your hips are fuller and you’re boobs are a bit bigger. You really look nice, okay.”

Terri blushed and said, “Yeah, you’re my husband, you’re supposed to think I look nice. What about other guys, what do they think – that’s my problem.”

Nick paused, thought about it, then said, “Okay, if you need another man to validate that you look nice, I can do that. We can do it just like we did with Toni.”

Terri turned crimson, and then squeaked out, “Um, uh, I was thinking that Amn Morgan in your office is pretty cute, he looks like a lost puppy.”

Nick chuckled and said, “Okay, I don’t see him that way, but if that’s who you’re interested in, I think I have a way to draw him to your web, my pretty little spider. Jordan is an artist, what if I invite him to come paint you?” Then he grinned wickedly, “In the nude.”

Terri blushed again, but exclaimed, “Wow! That sounds so, um, wicked! kaçak iddaa Awesome! You don’t mind do you? I don’t want to do this if you’re going to be jealous.”

Nick said, “Well, I have to admit I like you all to myself, but with what’s happened already, it is nothing but fair. I’ll get him here, I get him interested, or your nudity will probably get him interested. But, you’re going to have to be the one to seduce him. All I can do is grant him permission at the right moment, you’re going to have to be the one to get him to dip his wick.” Then Nick added, “Since you’re pregnant again, there isn’t an issue there. We have to be careful Terri, I don’t want to have to raise someone else’s baby.”

Terri had just had her first visit with her Obstetrician and confirmed what the couple already knew, Theresa was pregnant again. It was a little earlier than they planned, but they knew they wanted another baby, so it wasn’t unwelcome news. Based on the math, Terri was pretty sure it was during their fantasy play in the doctor’s office when she conceived.

Nick looked somber; Terri knew that something was on his mind, something he hadn’t told her. She looked into his eyes and said, “Okay, out with it. What aren’t you telling me?”

Nick took his time trying to think how to tell her without blowing it, finally he said, “Um, after the war started, the real war part of it, Barbara came in for a visit to the clinic. She was a basket case and needed to, um, uh, you know, comforting.” Then he took in a deep breath and let it out, “Well, it seems that she was a little lax in taking her birth control. Anyway, it got her pregnant. I just found out a couple weeks ago that she had a baby girl. She and her husband have worked it out, and they are going to raise Nichole as their own.”

Terri’s eyes got huge, then she squeaked out, “Really? You have another baby? Oh gawd, now I’m jealous! Oh shit, this is a bit much to take.” She sat down hard on the sofa.

Nick grimaced, “Okay, now I’ve pissed you off. I’m so sorry.”

Terri giggled halfheartedly, “Why, it wasn’t your fault. You were doing what I gave you permission to do. If I’m mad, it’s with this woman, Barbara, right?” Nick nodded confirming her name. Terri continued, “I feel like she took advantage of the situation. She should have been more careful! She had a baby that was by all rights was mine!”

Nick pulled out his wallet and from the back of his picture folder, he pulled out the only photo he had of Nichole. He handed the picture over to Terri. Terri sighed, “Oh my goodness! She’s such a little doll!” Then she looked at Nick, and then at the baby and said, “This Barbara, she has dark hair didn’t she?” Nick nodded that she did. Terri resolutely said, “Nichole has her mom’s dark hair, but she has your features. I wished we could bring her here and raise her.”

Nick shook his head no, “No, I think the best place for the little girl is right where she’s at. Barbara is a good woman, even though she might be scatterbrained by forgetting to take her medications. She will be a good mother for Nikki.”

Theresa sighed again, “Yeah, you’re probably right. But, I still think Nikki should have been my baby, not hers.”


Nick set about getting Jordan Morgan invited to Terri’s lair. When he had a chance he pulled Jordan aside and asked, “You’re an artist, right?” Nick knew full well that he was. He was using the question to break the ice.

Jordan grinned and said, “Yeah, I’m an artist. It was my thing in high school. I’m from a small town, and I was the ‘town’ artist. Anyone needing an art project called me to do it.”

Nick was glad the kid was in bragging mode, it was going to make his request that much easier. He asked, “So, do you paint?”

Jordan smiled and said, “Um, yeah, I sure do, in oils, watercolor, and acrylic.”

Nick smiled back and said, “How about portraits, do you paint people?”

Jordan nodded smugly, “Yes, I’ve done a few. They’re harder than landscapes or still lifes, but I can paint people. Oil is the best, you can keep working it for days with the right mixture of linseed oil and paint thinner.

Nick was on a roll, “Cool! I was wondering if you were willing to paint a portrait of my wife, her name is Theresa.”

Jordan said, “I’ve met her, remember you introduced her to me last month. I hope I’m not out of line, but your wife is really pretty. Anyway, sure, I’ll do it! It will be fun.”

Nick asked, “How much would you charge?”

Jordan answered, “Oh, wow, I don’t know, a couple hundred? I would be doing it more for the practice than the money.”

Nick smiled, he actually wouldn’t mind a portrait of Terri if it was done well. He agreed, “Okay, I can spring for a couple hundred.” He hesitated and then dropped the bomb. “What we would really like is for you to do a nude of her, would you be willing to paint her naked?”

Jordan’s mouth sprang open, he never thought in a million years that he kaçak bahis would be invited to paint a naked portrait. He stammered, “Um, uh, yeah, sure! Is your wife willing to pose that way?”

Nick had him! He answered, “Um, well, it was her idea to begin with, I think it gets her aroused to thing about posing that way. Anyway, yes, she’s willing to pose naked while you paint her.”

Jordan grinned, “Great! When do you want to start?”

Nick replied, “Well, we need some time when my sister-in-law isn’t around. I’ll have to figure that out and get back with you. I would like it to be soon though, so do you mind staying flexible?”

Jordan grinned and looked like a dog being teased with a piece of meat, he said, “Oh yeah, I can stay flexible. You get it set up, and I’ll be there.”

Nick thought to himself, ‘Damn, Terri isn’t going to have a hard time getting this kid in the sack at all. Just the thought of seeing her naked is making this kid drool.’ He smiled and said, “Soon, really soon; hopefully in the next day or two.”

The next day was Friday, and to Terri and Nick’s delight, Samantha announced that she was going to be staying over with a friend for the weekend. Terri was her guardian after their parents died in a tragic aircraft accident, but she only loosely supervised the teen. Terri still had melancholy spells over the loss of her mom and dad. Samantha did too. Sammi could be found crying off and on, missing her parents horribly. The 16 year old really took it hard.

Finding out that Sammi would be out of the house, Nick picked up the phone and called Jordan who lived in the barracks. The Air Force was allowing single airmen to have phones in their rooms now as long as they paid their bills on time. Jordan answered on the third ring. Nick told him that things were ready, to come on over to their house.

Jordan arrived 15 minutes later. He looked as nervous as hell, Nick could see him trembling in anticipation of seeing his wife naked. The two of them had been introduced before, that’s how Terri knew she he was cute in an innocent way and that she decided she wanted to test him out in bed as her ‘boy toy’.

Nick reintroduced Terri to Jordan; Nick was amused that Theresa was as nervous as the young man. Terri and Jordan shook hands, very businesslike. Little did the kid know that Terri planned on having him become very un-businesslike by having him stuff his cock up inside her vagina.

Nick asked him, “So where would you like to set up?”

Jordan said, “Anywhere is fine, right here in the living room would work if that’s okay.” Nick said that would be fine. Jordan took his art supplies and got them laid out. He set up a portable easel and then got out an assortment of pencils and charcoal. He said, “Tonight, I would like to do a series of drawings, just to get a feel for Terri’s form. I want to capture her personality before I figure out how to pose her for the portrait. You don’t mind that this might take several settings to do that and paint her portrait do you?”

Terri blushed, but answered for the couple, “No, that would be fine. We can have you over for as many, um, settings as you need.” She was hoping that would translate into a few layings worked in with the artwork. She could feel herself moistening up just thinking about it.

When Jordan was set up, he asked, “Um, do you want to go in your room and undress, you can wear a robe out here before we start and stay in it until I’m ready to draw you.”

Terri gulped and blushed again, she answered, “No, I’ll just strip here, it’s just the three of us, no need for all the modesty.” Addressing Jordan directly, she added, “You’re going to see pretty much everything I have anyway, right?” Then she proceeded to strip.

Right in the middle of the living room, Terri pulled off her top. Nick watched her flush prettily as she unhooked her bra. She held her cups against her boobs and took a deep breath and let it out. Then she pulled the bra away from her breasts. Terri’s nipples were hard as cherry pits. Nick noticed that Jordan looked like a kid in a candy store with a dollar to spend.

With her top off, Terri reached down and unhooked her skirt. She had strategically dressed to make it easy to disrobe. She unzipped the side of the skirt and let it drop to the floor. She gulped and said, “Wow, this is harder than I thought it would be. I hope you don’t mind that I’m a little embarrassed. I’ve only stripped in front of Nick before.”

Jordan, with his eyes drinking in the glorious view in front of him, mumbled, “Oh, I’m sorry, take your time. I’m not in a hurry.”

Terri giggled and said, “Well, here goes nothing. She grabbed the waistband of her sexy panties that she was wearing for the occasion and slowly tugged them down over her hips, thighs and knees. Then she let them drop to the floor and she stepped out of both the panties and her skirt, standing wonderfully naked in front of the young airman and her husband. She was almost ready to cum she was so excited. She may have been embarrassed, illegal bahis but she was also delighted to be naked in front of her prey.

Nick watched as the still wet behind the ears airman posed his wife. The young man’s hands were all over Terri’s naked body as he pushed, pulled, and tugged her around to get the pose he wanted. She ended up in a classic pose, her fingers up under her chin, one leg spread out to the side with all her weight on the leg underneath her. She was posed as a Greek goddess. Nick was totally amused to see that Jordan’s pants were tented out in front of him from an obvious hard-on. Terri didn’t miss it either. Terri’s question of ‘was she desirable to other men’ seemed to be answered in the moment.

Jordan asked Nick to time him for 5 minutes. Jordan was doing quick sketches to get the flow of her body, and warm up his drawing hand. At the end of each interval, Jordan would change Terri’s pose, taking his time handling her naked skin doing it. Nick noticed that each pose got Terri’s pussy a little more exposed. It was noticeable that Terri was getting really aroused from the experience. Her pussy was glistening with wetness, demonstrated in full when Jordan had her sit in the lotus position, which spread her open like a flower, for a 30 minute drawing. Jordan drew her pussy in great detail, obviously fascinated in seeing a real pussy up close and personal.

Nick was amazed at the detail that Jordan could capture in a half an hour. When Nick called time, he went over to admire the younger man’s work. Jordan had captured Terri’s likeness perfectly. He asked, “Um, do you mind, can I keep this one?”

Jordan smiled and tore it off the page from the pad. He gladly handed it over to Nick. He smugly said, “Um, I’m glad you like it.”

Nick took the drawing over to Theresa and showed her as she worked out the muscle cramps from staying stationary for so long. She thought the drawing was awesome, but commented on the details of her genitalia, “Ewww, that’s so ugly!” then sensing a faux pas on her part, amended her statement, “Um, not the picture, that’s wonderful, Jordan! I just think my vagina is ugly, I don’t see why you guys get so excited over them.”

Terri excused herself to go to the restroom. Nick took the opportunity to plant a seed in Jordan’s mind. He told the airman, “Jordan, I think Terri had the hots for you. Did you see how wet her pussy was?” This embarrassed the hell out of the young man, but he nodded that yes indeed he noticed. Nick continued, “Well, if she gets too hot, she might want to play around a bit. You wouldn’t mind if we take care of business if that happens do you.” Nick knew this was the risky part. If Jordan was going to reject Terri, it would be right now.

Blushing, Jordan said, “Um, uh, no, I don’t mind. Wow!”

Terri came out of the bathroom and looked at Nick for approval, then at Jordan. She said, “Wow, it’s kind of stuffy in here, why don’t the two of you make yourself more comfortable. Nick and she had pre-planned ‘the everybody’ naked thing, Nick said, “Yeah, it is hot in here. Jordan, why don’t we strip down too? It would make Terri a lot more comfortable posing nude, if we were naked too.”

Jordan turned crimson, but said, “Um, sure. You don’t mind me that way do you?”

Both Terri and Nick assured him, “NO, not at all. Feel free.”

Nick and Jordan quickly took their clothing off. Jordan folded his things neatly on the love seat. What he was really trying to do was get his hard cock to go down. Finally, he gave up and turned around; his penis was standing at attention like a flag pole on the 4th of July. Nick ignored it, but Theresa grinned and commented, “Nice!”

Jordan got Terri posed for another 30 minute sketch. About half way through the sketch with Terri lying out on the carpet seductively, Nick told his wife and Jordan that he needed to go in and work on a report due at work. It was just an excuse to leave Jordan and Terri alone together; it was an opportunity for Terri to move things along. Nick was pretty sure that Terri was going to be able to seduce that 18 year old without a problem. All her worries about her not being attractive had flown out the window. Nick found a place in the hall where he could watch the show without being noticed.

10 minutes later, Jordan said the sketch was done. It was another lovely rendition of Terri in a very seductive pose. Nick, from his vantage point decided he was going to have this one framed and hung in their bedroom and ask for that kind of a pose for the portrait. It captured Terri’s playfulness perfectly. Nick was getting horny just looking at it from 15′ feet away.

That’s when Terri said, “Oh my, my muscles are cramping up. Would you mind giving me a massage Jordan?

Nick sprung back as Jordan gave a nervous look down the hallway. He asked, “Um, only if you think it would be okay with Nick.”

Terri made a dismissing gesture with her hand, “It’s okay, Nick won’t mind at all.” She grabbed a bottle of lotion she had pre-staged for just this event. She handed the lotion to Jordan and laid down naked on the carpet. Terri had checked the lotion in advance to make sure that if it got inside her pussy, that it wouldn’t burn or be poisonous.

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