Payment in Cum

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When I got home, I could tell the baby was asleep. For once there was no crying. Julia cried all the time, no matter what I did. I had gotten used to the sound of her angry screams echoing off the walls of our house. Maybe the house was too big for a single dad and a young baby. And maybe I should move, I told myself often. But this was the house Julia’s mother and I built together. We bought the land together, she planted all the gardens herself. And my brothers and I built the majority of the house itself, contracting out only when necessary. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted Julia to find a way to be happy here. That’s why I started getting a babysitter.

It didn’t make sense for me to stay home all the time to take care of the baby my wife and I had planned for so long. Not alone. Julia’s mother, she had died of a terrible wasting disease I couldn’t even name, only a month after Julia had been born. I had rejected all of my family’s offers to come and live with them or have them come live with me. I thought I could do it myself, be the man my wife had told me I was. But there I was, every day, with a crying baby.

I started to work again and got a babysitter. I usually worked in the daytime and came home to a crying baby at night. Tonight had been the first time I had accepted my eldest brother’s offer to buy drinks after work. I had to call the sitter first and check and make sure it was okay. The woman had said she would be fine with it, so long as if I was okay with her daughter helping her. She worked hard for me and we both knew it. She had a right to the break and the help. In the end I even told her that if I took too long, she could just have her daughter stay while she left. I was sure the younger girl would be trustworthy and maybe she would appreciate the money anyways. I wouldn’t be there, so I wouldn’t have to listen to the baby crying.

I didn’t resent Julia for her feelings. She’d spent nine long months inside my wife’s body and probably expected to spend at least a few decades with the two of us. Now suddenly she was without a mother, had just an incompetent father, and I just couldn’t blame her for crying. Some nights I cried myself to sleep too, missing my wife. But there was nothing to be done for it and she had told me to keep going, to take care of our child. So that’s what I was going to do.

The house was eerily quiet, but I was so relieved as I locked the door behind me. Even the click of the lock sliding into place wasn’t enough to fill the foyer as I took off my shoes. Everything just seemed nice and peaceful for a change.

I walked around the corner into the front room we were going to use as a tea room, my wife’s idea. Over the last few months I had changed the plans slightly and turned it into a mini daycare, all for Julia. There was a television set, a few sturdy pieces of furniture, a tonne of baby and toddler toys all waiting for her pleasure. And there was a couch. And on that couch right now was a very skimpy dressed young girl.

I felt my dick twitch in my pants though I was more surprised than anything. The girl was wearing a white and blue blouse that tied just under her small breasts. The matching blue bra beneath could easily be seen, its colour like a summer sky or a lake out in the wilds. She had platinum blonde hair and was wearing thick black eyeliner and wet red lipstick. Her hair was in ponytails that were high on her head, and in her current position draped over the arm of my couch on her back, that silky hair hung almost to the floor. Her arms were thrown wide, one along the back of the couch, the other almost hanging to the floor. Her skirt was short, plaid and thrown up slightly over her thighs. I could see the garters that held her half stockings in place, her feet bare where they were lightly planted on the cushions of the couch.

I walked quietly into the make-shift living room, realizing this must be my babysitter’s daughter. The house was sarıyer escort quiet. The other woman must have gone home and left her daughter to watch the sleeping Julia so she could come back tomorrow. It was Friday. Didn’t this hot little teen have something to do besides watch her mother’s charge on a Friday night?

She moaned in her sleep but didn’t stir, and my eyes wandered around the room. There was a collection of DVD boxes on the black coffee table and I felt a blush creep over my round cheeks when I realized what she had been watching. Turning to the television, I realized it was on and had been paused, right where the girl on the couch had fallen asleep I figured. It was one of my pornos, a really hot incest story. The girls in the videos never looked that young but the idea was always hot, father taking daughter. An idea I’d never fulfill of course but still, hot just the same.

None of the girls in the videos ever seemed as real and as vivid as the girl before me though. I moved to the side of the couch that her feet didn’t take up and sat down, wondering what to do. Should I wake her and drive her home? I couldn’t really do that, Julia was in bed and I was not about to wake her up. Should I wake the girl up and have her call her mother? Maybe someone at home would come get her. It was two o’clock and I was one of the last people to leave the nearby sports bar. I had walked home. I wondered if the girl could drive. Maybe I could wake her and she would just return my car tomorrow after driving herself home.

I reached out and put a hand on her knee, and the sheer white silk of her stockings made my senses jump slightly and my dick lurch in my pants again. Now I was the one groaning. I didn’t know what to do here, but for some reason, my fingers did. Before I could stop myself, I was stroking my fingers down the top of the girl’s leg and adjusting myself so I could slip closer. It was nothing to get her feet to rise up and over my lap. I pressed one sole against my crotch, grinding my hips up slightly.

I hadn’t had sex in a long while. Not since we’d found out we were going to have a baby. Julia’s mother had been very adamant that sex during pregnancy was a bad idea. I’d thought her body got more and more beautiful but she felt ugly and rotund and wouldn’t let me touch her. She also worried about our child. Thinking I’d have the rest of my life with my wife, I thought nothing of it. But as I looked down at the prone body of this young sweet thing on my couch, blue panties exposed beneath that schoolgirl skirt, I realized how very horny I was.

My hand slid down her thigh, not waking her, skirting over that first garter strap towards those panties. There was a darkness there. Was she wet? I had to know. My fingers moved towards her crotch, and I brushed lightly over where her labia would be behind that material. Damn. She was wet. She must have been watching the same pornos I used to jerk off and gotten excited. Her panties were soaked.

In her sleep, the girl must have felt my touch but thought it was something else. She ground unconsciously downwards, pushing my fingers against that blue material, and as I watched, as I allowed her to do this, my fingers pressed harder on the underwear. And they began to become more see through. More transparent for all that sweet pussy juice.

I could have cried as she wiggled her hips hungrily side to side. I wanted nothing more than to satisfy this little harlot. I glanced at the television set and reached for the remote on the table, letting the movie play. The volume was down but I could hear the moaning, hear the wicked words the actors were saying to each other. I reached a hand into my pants but it wasn’t enough, so I just unzipped myself and pulled my dick out.

Now one of my hands was stroking my cock while the other remained still, letting the sleeping girl rub against them as esenyurt escort she wanted. I wanted to pull away, not even sure of her age. She looked old enough to be in college, and who but a college slut would dress like this, all skimpy alluring school girl clothing, meant to turn a man’s mind to mush? I didn’t pull away. I kept my fingers there, letting her rub occasionally against them.

My dick in my hand was so hard, full of veins, precum oozing from its tip. I used my thumb to rub that juice all over the head of my prick. Then I pulled my hand from the sleeping girl’s pussy and smelled my fingers. Oh she smelled so good. I wanted to have more, to taste her. It would only take a little slip. And in her aroused and sleeping state, I doubted she would mind.

I carefully returned my hand to between her slow wiggling legs. The panties were so moist they stuck to her pussy slightly but I managed to pry them aside anyway. And there was her pussy, naked like the day she’d been born no doubt, hairless and perfect. It was soft against my fingers and my dick threatened to cum all over my hand if I tormented myself more. But more was what I wanted.

I pressed the long length of my middle finger against her cunny and felt her whole body shake and shiver. The panties were completely to the side now. I could see the entirety of her slit, see right where my dick would go. Should go. Had to go.

I’d never felt so aggressive before. It wasn’t like me, this kind of horniness. But it had just been too long, and with Julia crying all the time, well, I was under a lot of stress. I can’t explain and justify what I did next. But I did it.

I got up. I took my pants down to my ankles. And I went to my knees on the couch. As I felt my greater weight dent the couch cushions in a way the girl’s slight body never could, I saw her eyes flutter.

“Shhh,” I said, “Daddy’s here…”

For a moment she looked up at me, her perfectly blue eyes going wide for a moment. Then as I watched, realization sunk in. She glanced at the television, saw what was going on there, and moaned. One of her hands reached up and cupped one of her breasts. I couldn’t believe this. I was being all aggressive and practically a rapist, and the little slut was lost in her own horniness. She pulled her top apart, undoing the knot and revealing the full solid cups of her bra. Her tits were so small they barely fit in the thing, and I realized it was probably one of those false push-up bras girls wore to make themselves look bigger, to fool men into thinking they were getting something they weren’t. I didn’t care. I wasn’t disappointed.

I put my hand on her bra and drew that stiff cup aside. My dick was in my hand, being jerked repeatedly by my fist. I could feel the girl’s legs lift and spread around me, and I scooted forward slightly.

“Are you my daddy?” she whispered up to me, biting her bottom lip.

I worried for a moment if I had what it took to satisfy a little whore like this. She was obviously experienced and knew what she liked. She was a hottie, and a horny little slut, writhing on my couch and wanting cock so badly. But I wasn’t that kind of guy, had never been that guy. My wife was my first love and my first time, and I had never had time after her death to think beyond that.

What’s a guy to do with a girl like this looking up at him with lusty eyes and a perfect and sweet young body?

“That depends,” I said boldly, rubbing my dick head against her pussy, feeling the rush of blood through my meat. “Have you been a bad girl?”

“Do you want me to be a bad girl?”

“Tell me what bad girls do…”

She moaned as my mouth descended to tear into that tiny breast, my teeth finding her nipple and tugging until she squealed. And then she confessed everything as I moved from one tit to the other, tormenting and torturing.

She was named Tessa, and she had vivid fantasies of her avrupa yakası escort own father who had left her family. She was a college girl and he paid for her education, but he refused to see her. And it made her so horny, made her want cock all the time. She had never given in to her fantasies before, but finding my porn stash had pushed her over the edge.

She was a slut in some ways, never fucking the boys but always teasing, always tormenting them. None of them were like her father, who was a big strong construction worker. Like me, she said to me.

I felt her hands pushing my shirt free of my body and running through the hair all over my belly. Then she was grabbing my cock and guiding me to her tightness. I felt myself diving into her and it was like leaping off a tall high diving board and into silk jello. It was as tight as a glove and yet it yielded to me, if I pushed hard enough. And push I did.

It didn’t take long before I began to slam in and out of her. She was moaning, crying out and clawing at my body. She was a virgin, I felt that in the first stroke but quickly forgot it when her body gave way to mine. If she stained the couch, I’d clean it later.

I fucked into the strange girl, my body over hers, almost losing control right away. But I wanted more, I didn’t want to give in so easily. And she had given in to this fantasy of her own, and I felt such trust and privilege with that. The least I could do was fulfill it for her.

I pushed myself up off the couch so I could look down her body, her bra pulled beneath the slight curve of her tits, my dick disappearing in and out of her.

“You’re such a bad girl,” I said as I grunted and fucked into her. My dick was slick with wetness every time it appeared to almost draw out of her sex.

“Ohhh Daddy!” she whined to me. “Yes yes yes! Fuck me! I’m so bad!”

I forced myself to pull away and draw out of her pussy, though that was the worst feeling, leaving that tight teen pussy. I flipped my lover over onto her stomach and slapped a hand hard on her panty covered ass.

“Bad girl! Bad!”

I struck her bottom again and again, until when she turned her eyes to look at me over her shoulder, I could see tears. I loved it.

My fingers snatched her panties away from her sexy pussy and I fucked into her. I fucked into her hard, my hands grabbing those heated buttocks. I continued to slap her occasionally but I was losing it, I was losing my mind as I thrust into this strange girl on my couch.

Then I felt her cumming, heard her crying out in pleasure and desire. Her little pussy stroked my dick, pulled on my shaft and dragged me to the edge of orgasm.

“Oh gods!” I howled.

“Daddy! Don’t cum inside me, please don’t! Don’t give me a baby!”

I knew she was saying it for my sake. The porno on the t.v. was saying the same thing, and the girl in that movie wanted nothing more than to take her would-be father’s seed. I wanted the same with my little ‘daughter’ right now.

“Gods I’m gonna fuck you and fuck you and fuck you, you little whore!” I hissed as I released into her cunt.

She sucked up every drop, I swear not a drop left the tight seal where our bodies joined and not even a trickle escaped her little cunny. I pushed her flat onto her belly and held onto her tightly as my dick spasmed in her cunt. Every jolt of electricity through my prick released more cum, and I was sure her little sex could barely hold it. But I swear none came out. She took it all.

I fucked her until the morning, until Julia cried out for a bottle. Then, when she had gone in to give my daughter a bottle and tuck the girl back to sleep, I fucked this college girl in the hallway. I dragged her to the shower and fucked her there, grateful that it was Saturday and her mother wasn’t expected to come until noon.

I rechristened my marriage bed with this tiny girl’s body, twisting her in a thousand glorious ways. And when her mother called to see if she was needed, I told her no, that I’d be staying in bed. When she asked where her daughter was, I said somewhere in the house, probably watching Julia. She chastised me for keeping the girl but reminded me I would need to pay her. I had no problem doing that. This girl took payments in cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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