Pleasure for the Traffic Cop Ch. 02

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This story is a response to “Pleasure for the Traffic Cop” by Dreammaker623.


Its always the same way with Aimee and I. We meet for anonymous sex, go our ways, and I try to forget her. I try because I have so much to lose. But I can never stop thinking of her and the things that she can do to me.

I called her on Saturday because I couldn’t stand it anymore. It had been weeks since we had been together. Weeks of trying to make things work at home with the wife. I was feeling very pent up.

I usually never call Aimee on the weekends. She usually has something planned. It was the same this time: a night out at the bar with her friends. She offered to cancel. I just asked her what time she was going. She said, “Eight or so.” Then I hung up.

I drove to Aimee’s subdivision. I knew that I shouldn’t because it was way outside of my assigned area. Oh yeah, I’m a cop. No, you cannot call me “cop.” To you I’m a police officer. I was so far away from my area that neither my radio nor my in-car computer worked. Way outta range.

I watched Aimee’s house. I could see that her bedroom light was on. But her family was home too. Goddamn them.

I thought about how Aimee and I met. On the Internet. Its crazy, I always tell people not to meet anyone on the Internet. Oh well, its worked for me. I went looking on the net because I was wasn’t getting enough satisfaction at home. I don’t understand why. I’ve been told that I’m good looking, and God knows that I work out all the time. Nothing at all wrong with my body.

Truth is, I stay in shape for the wrong reasons. I make this show at work of being an intellectual, a “good” cop. I went back to law school on my own, I work tons of overtime to buy expensive, designer clothes, I read philosophy. Truth is, at heart I’m a thug. I love to chase some punk kid half my age and catch him. And then administer a beating. Its perfect because no complains about the beat down after a 1/2 mile foot chase.

Of course, bursa escort I know what my wife’s excuse is. I’m too big. I really have no way of knowing if my cock is large or not, but I’ve had two wives and they both claim that it is so big that it hurts. Hell, my current wife and I go to the same doctor. The doctor, a female, told my wife that I was awfully big. I’d say that she’s an expert.

Oh yeah, I was watching Aimee’s house. She finally walks out and gets in her SUV. I follow her as she pulls out.

I follow for a few minutes. Hand on the one and three, the switches to activate my emergency lights. I shouldn’t do this, and I know it. Aimee changes lanes. She obviously wants me to go by. Fuck it, I activate my lights.

I sit in the patrol car for a few moments. Normally, I’m right up on the car that I pulled over, going through the routine. “I stopped you because you’re a shit head in a no shit head zone. License and registration. Where you going? Where you coming from? Step out of the car.” This time I hesitate. There is still time to back out.

I finally step out. My cock is rigid, pressing against the thick wool fabric of my pants.

I walk up and see Aimee. She is trembling, scared.

I ask her if she knows why I stopped her. What the fuck, I never use that line! She doesn’t. I tell her that she was driving a little fast. Its a lie and she knows it. She is smiling now. She recognizes me even though she has never seen me in uniform.

I ask her where she is going. She says that she is meeting friends at the bar. I tell her to exit her car so that I can search.

I take her arm with my hand and “help” her out of the car. I push her against the hood of her car and lean in. My cock is pressing against her firm, round, thighs. The woman has curves like you wouldn’t believe. Ass, breasts, everything. I lean and whisper in her ear that I’ll be right back.

I actually search her car. There are condoms and a “toy” bursa escort bayan in her purse. No surprise. Her cell phone has pictures of her naked, of a couple of guys naked. Again, no surprise. I don’t find anything illegal, not even a little weed. Oddly, I’m a bit surprised.

I walk back to her and tell her that I didn’t find anything but that I’m going to have to search her. This is where it is going to get fun. I have it all planned out: a little pat down, playfully put the handcuffs on her, put her in my patrol car, then drive to a quite spot where we can take care of business. Fun.

She obviously have other ideas. She walks up to me and grabs the front of my pants, my zipper, and start unzipping. I’m surprised because she never takes the lead. I tell her to stop and that its too dangerous, but I don’t mean it.

Aimee drops to her knees right on the road. She has my zipper down, but it is impossible to get my hard cock out with all of my equipment on. She thinks that she is in control, but I quickly remove my gun belt and undo my pants belt. I let her think that she is in charge.

Aimee undoes my pants and lets them fall to the ground. I groan as she strokes my cock with both hands. Damn, I am so hard that it feels like my cock will split. Her hands are so strong but so soft. She strokes at the perfect tempo, and I moan again. I can barely keep from cumming already, but I want it to last.

I look down at Aimee and see that she looks like she is praying, on her knees, hands clasped on my cock. I put one hand on the roof of her car and lean forward.

Aimee knows me well and knows what I want. She flicks her tongue on the head of my cock, licking it and kissing the tip. She is so good that this feels better that most full out blow jobs. She strokes my shaft with one hand while licking the head. I begin to rock my hips into her as I feel her other hand grab my ass. She pulls my ass forward and my cock to her mouth.

She bursa bayan escort slides my cock into her mouth and down her throat in one slow, smooth motion. I nearly erupt. No one, not even Aimee, has ever been able to take my whole cock. Of course, this is the first time I have had Aimee on her knees because we are usually in a car.

She gags a little and begins to slide my cock out of her mouth. I am disappointed but I can’t blame her. But she surprises me by pulling my cock back into her mouth and into her throat. I gasp and thrust my hips forward, jamming my cock down her throat. She gags again, and I realize that I like it. I rock my hips back, but she pulls my ass forward again. I ram my cock into her mouth again. She gags, but I realize that she likes this too.

I feel like I am really losing control now, but I don’t care. I grab her hair with my hand, two handfuls, and pull her mouth onto my cock harder. Not only does she not resist, she drives her mouth onto my cock harder and harder.

We go on like this for a few moments. I am fighting not to cum, and Aimee is getting wilder and wilder. I feel her hand slide off of my ass and reach further around. I am too out of control to stop her or say anything as I feel her fingers touch my asshole. She caresses it lightly while I drive my cock into her mouth.

It all feels so good, but I see headlights out of the corner of my eye. I don’t care, but I hope that Aimee doesn’t see. I have to cum before we stop and I don’t care about passing motorists.

At that moment Aimee slides just the tip of her finger into my ass. That puts me over the top. I cum into her mouth, so hard that I have to pull out of her mouth. Cum sprays on her face and breasts, all over her torso. Its a mess. She just smiles and wipes her face with her sleeve. I look over and see a car with three college age females drive by. The driver looks disgusted, but the other two are smiling and clapping. God, I love this country.

I pull my pants up and tell Aimee, “I’m gonna let you off with a warning. But I’ll be watching this area from now on so behave.” She plays along and gets back into her car.

As Aimee drives off I think to myself, “Now that is gonna be one hell of a patrol car video.”

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