Rachel and Sami have a sleepover


It’s been several weeks since Sam and I went shopping and we’re closer than ever. We had reorganised our room, our beds were now adjacent on the same wall and the rest of the room was laid out with a work area: desks, chairs, and laptops around the corner and a soft furnished kick back zone in the middle.Sam was now widely accepted by our school year, her trendy restyling worked wonders. I deny any suggestions that I might have muttered darkly in the odd ear or two. Sam and I were very open and comfortable around each other, often naked or partly dressed and her masturbating skills had come on in leaps and bounds with a little coaching from yours truly. Her pussy shaving became so good we now did each other.So, it’s the weekend, and my parents had decided to spend some time alone at a friend’s cabin leaving us to fend for ourselves for a few days. Naturally, we were taking the opportunity to have a few friends over, pizza, movies and gossip what more could a girl ask for.Returning home from college we headed upstairs to change out of our uniforms, white blouses, blue and grey kilts, and black tights. Yes, we’re 18 but private schools have their own rules and you follow them.I turned to Sam my, step-sister, as I stepped out of my panties, “bagsy the first shower” and ran for the en-suite.“How long till the others get here?” she asked.“30 minutes maybe. No classes for them today so they’re coming from the mall.” With that, I leaned around the door and added, “Sami, come join me. It will be quicker.”45 minutes later were both in tees and sweatpants when the doorbell announced the arrival of Aimee, Lisa, and Charlene. Aimee and Lisa, are tall blonde and athletic, both their parents came from Sweden to work at a local pharmaceutical company. Charlene, “Charlie,” Ingram is the total opposite, her family originated in the Bahamas giving her dark lustrous skin with black hair. All three wearing yoga pants and cropped tees that accented their tight, toned figures, Charlene’s abs rippled with every move.“I’ve ordered pizza and there’s salad in the fridge. So let’s eat and then we can kick back,” I announced once all the hugs and greetings were over.An hour later we had eaten our fill, everyone declaring that they would run an extra mile tomorrow and the plates were the dishwasher.Everybody grabbed a soda and took a seat in the lounge. Sami had only met Aimee and Lisa twice and was still struck by how much they looked alike.“I don’t know if I’m talking to Aimee or Lisa” she giggled, “you two look so much alike is there any way of telling?”“Our close friends can tell. It’s nothing obvious, they just Escort Çukurambar can, ” Aimee laughed back. “That comes from us being both Swedish and as we discovered when we met from adjoining towns. Could just be that we are distant cousins.”Lisa added, “For others, we have made it easier” and with that, they both stood up from the couch, turned and pulled down their pants.We’re were now looking at two firm tanned butts both split by pink satin thongs and each with a tattoo on one cheek. Identical butterflies; Aimee’s on her right cheek facing outwards and Lisa’s on her left cheek. They touched cheeks and the butterflies seemed to meet in a kiss.“Wow!” I exclaimed, “that’s so cool.”“Did it hurt” Charlene asked and then added, “Can I touch?”Kicking off their pants completely they allowed Charlene to run a hand over their cheeks as they sat back down laughing at our surprise and excitement.“Yeah it did sting a bit” confessed Aimee, “but we were there for each other as always.”Lisa adding, “And our mums were there to watch over us, Swedish parents are very laid back.”“Dad would go mad if we did it,” I pointed out as I topped off our glasses.Laughing, Lisa pointed to the several large shopping bags that they had carried in with them. “Who wants to see our shopping?”“We have nail polishes and makeup too,” chimed in Aimee.Ten minutes later there was an array of skirts, tops and stockings spread out over the floor.“I just love these leggings,” squealed Aimee as she pulled them on. They were really tight in a stretch grey fabric that emphasised her long toned legs and tight bottom.“Ahh, panty line!” shouted Charlie, pointing at the offending ridge in the cloth.Aimee just laughed and pulled the leggings off again, and then slipped her pink thong off.“It’s a sleepover. Who needs panties?”Meanwhile, Lisa had slipped into a pair of knitted thigh highs and shed her thong. These two fair skinned beauties totally comfortable with their nudity.“Sexy or what?” Lisa asked.Charlie held up a red silk baby doll. “This is gorgeous.”“Try it on,” an ever more excited Aimee urged “Go on, Strip – strip – strip.”Charlie stood and peeled off her yoga pants and tee. Naked underneath. She slipped the sheer silk over her head and pulled it down. Instantly the thin silk clung to her full breasts, her nipples peeking through. The red offset her dark skin, the gown ending at the waist, her smooth pussy just visible below the hem.“Oh god that was made for you,” Lisa exclaimed, “So hot and sexy, you must keep it.”I should add that Aimee and Lisa have by far the biggest allowance demetevler escort of our year and are generous with it.“I need to tend the patch again,” Charlie said running her fingers through the jet black bristles around her mound. “The more I shave the quicker it seems to come back.”“Try waxing,” said Aimee indicating her own bald pussy. “It lasts much longer. Lisa and I do each other.”“Yeah we have home kits, look.” Another carrier bag was opened to reveal more goodies.Sami, who had been quietly watching the goings on, exclaimed, “I shaved three days ago and I’m in need again.”I nodded in agreement, “Me too.”That’s all it took for the others to kick it up into high gear. “Everyone strip, we’re having a mass waxing,” shouted Aimee. ooOOoo In our bedroom some 15 minutes later it was a sight to behold. Three tall, athletic, teenage girls naked on the couch. Sami, Charlie and I while Aimee and Lisa spread towels and heated the wax.“Who’s going to be first?” giggled Lisa.“Guess that will be me,” offered Charlie as she stepped forward to lie on the bed as directed by Aimee.“Across the bed, butt on the edge, feet on the floor with your legs spread.” At this point, Lisa danced forward and lightly dusted around her mound with talcum powder, the pale powder stark against her dark skin.Aimee satisfied with the heat of the wax knelt beside Charlie’s spread legs, smearing a generous dollop across her mound with a wooden spatula. Lisa then applied a cotton square to the goo, firmly smoothing it with her fingers before gripping then edge and ripping it off.Charlie took a deep breath and I could see her fingers grip the towel beneath her. Aimee and Lisa worked with a practiced ease, and in just minutes Charlie had a baby smooth mound. Aimee flipped her over and spread warm wax along her butt crack. Lisa applied the cotton and ripped again.“Ow!” Charlie yelped and wriggled her butt.“All done,” the giggling girls chorused as Lisa wiped Charlie’s pussy clean of excess wax and spread some cooling Aloe balm.Lisa then dipped her head and kissed Charlie on her freshly waxed pussy. “Mmm, smooth as silk girl.”It was such a caring intimate act that as Charlie groaned aloud in response I felt my own lips moisten with desire.Sami’s was next and I watched as she lay across my bed, her breath catching as Aimee and Lisa waxed and ripped. I can still picture her pussy glinting with moisture as her arousal built and I had to slip a hand to my own hot slit.Again as Lisa applied the balm she kissed the denuded lips and as she lifted her head a string of Sami’s juice clung dikmen escort bayan to her lips. Without pause, her tongue flicked out and taking in the nectar.Sami groaned loudly and her loins arched and I am sure she orgasmed at Lisa’s touch. Charlie took Sami’s hand leading her back to the couch, they sat and then it was my turn.As I stood, I was so conscious of my arousal. My pussy was soaked and the blood was pumping through my body. I lay across my bed and spread my long legs wide. I could see Charlie and Sami staring at my pussy, feeling how wet and swollen I was and knew I was letting my friends see everything.Lisa danced her powdered hands around my thighs and lower belly, ensuring that any excess wax would not stick, I bucked and moaned, electrified by her touch.Then Aimee drew a cotton square across my lips wiping them dry. “Oh hunny we should have done this a long time ago,” she drawled, holding the square to her face and inhaling my aroma.As Aimee reached for the wax the bed settled and I could see Lisa’s thighs as she cradled my head against her own mound, I could smell her arousal, strong and tangy.Oh, fuck! A beautiful warm clinging heat enveloped my mound as Aimee applied the wax, followed by the pressure of her fingers as she firmed the cotton square against my throbbing lips. I could feel myself flooding as my insides turned to liquid.“Urrgh” I could hear myself moan as a wave of pain assailed me, Aimee had ripped the square away and Lisa had pinched my nipples hard at the same time. My whole body alight, my every synapse was firing pleasure to my brain. I could see a red haze as they repeated the process again and again and then I was cumming hard. My body pulsing with life, on fire with pleasure; I could feel everything; Lisa’s breath fresh with mint, the roughness of the towel beneath me and I looking down on my writhing body.Slowly I awoke and looked around me. Lisa was stroking my hair, Aimee was smoothing gel into my throbbing mound, little aftershocks of pleasure were firing off.Sami was in Charlie’s arms, their lips locked together their hands tracing each other’s backs.“Wow, I don’t know whether I should be thanking you or apologising for that,” I offered to the others.“There is nothing to be sorry for, it was our pleasure,” replied Lisa still stroking my hair.“We do that for each other all the time” added Aimee.Sami and Charlie were still holding hands and Sami said that it was the most amazingly hot and beautiful thing she’d ever seen. I could see a glint, or was it a tear in her eyes?Aimee stood to address the group. “I have to confess that Lisa and I kinda hoped that this weekend would take off a little.”“Yes we did and if you all agree we can take it further,” continued Lisa.In response to our smiles and nods of agreement, Aimee reached for another bag and announced.“Ok, Prosecco all round and ‘mani-pedis’ while we catch our breath and then the final bag.”ooOOoo