Steamy Sex in the Rain

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The night is lonely, cold, and charged with static and I have decided to come to you. A long, flowing black leather jacket protects a lacy top, tight skirt, and black knee-high boots from the falling rain. This dismal weather had come up quite suddenly, just as my desires for you fired up in an instant the moment thunder began rumbling and lightning tore through the night sky. Electricity seemed to be everywhere and my body reacted with carnal need. Seeking an outlet for my needs, I thought of you without delay and dressed in the way I know you’ll react to.

The act of dressing and preparing myself for you was just as erotic as the rain which began to fall earlier tonight. The feel of silk on my bare skin and nylon running up my long legs felt amazing and I couldn’t help but rub my body and adore its curves. The thunder clapped loudly and the lights went out. But it only fired me up more, as I lit a candle and basked in my silhouette within the mirror. How you would have loved to be watching, I’m sure…with my protruding breasts and curvy hips highlighted in the candle’s flickering flame, glowing warmly over my smooth stomach and round ass. I smiled while I pulled the lace top over my head and slid the short, black skirt over my hips. The leather boots fit perfectly, wrapping around my calves and ankles. Before walking out the door, I carefully slid on my long, black leather jacket and blew out the candle’s dancing light.

Walking into the chilly, damp air was refreshing and lightened my step. I’m lucky enough to catch a pause in the rain while I begin heading to your place. The streets are empty, save a few people who got caught in the storm and are rushing home. They hardly paid any notice to me as I walk easily with a smile across my face. I love walking in the cool air with torrid weather all around and find it interesting that most people avoid it. The rain begins to fall lightly again and I don’t mind. Tiny droplets moisten my hair, face, neck, and chest. Pausing under a bridge while the rain begins to pound the pavement, I grin wider thinking of the pounding I might receive from you in due time. The thought of giving in to your greedy touch and taking on your physical strength in the bedroom causes a wettening between my legs which rivals the moisture on the ground.

As I approach your place, I realize my hair has sprung into wet curls from the rain and the water drips from the dark tendrils only to land on my soft, white skin. My heart begins to beat faster as I near your door, no matter how hard I try not to be overly excited. I knock and hold my breath until you appear. The door opens slowly and you grin wickedly the moment you recognize me. Seconds pass without words as you take me in…up and down with your dark, penetrating eyes. It appears you’ve realized why I’m at your step when you look me in the eyes and a deeper, darker countenance washes over you. I sigh and try to gather my thoughts—try to think rationally and not let my urges lead me…

But my rationality fails and when you ask if I’d like to come in, I quickly step inside, pushing you against the hall wall and taste your lips. Your breathe escapes with a moan as your hands wrap tightly around my waist and then my hips. I can’t help but force myself upon you in an attempt to show you how often I have thought about you and how much I want you now. Your breath speeds up and your grip on my body tightens so much I feel as if I might be crushed. Our lips graze and press against each other until finally, our tongues meet when our lips open. You have a way of causing me to open so easily, in every sense.

Unable to be held back any further, you roll me against the wall and now have the outer advantage. Your strength and force leave me reeling as I realize you can overtake me anytime you choose…and silivri escort that is precisely what I came for…to be taken. I can not seem to get close enough to your body and you must feel the same way when you lean in further, wedging one of your strong legs between mine. Large arms and hands surround me on each side and keep me within your easy reach. My hands roam up your chest and around your thick, alluring neck…pulling you into me closer. The lips I dream about hover near mine and you simply grin, unbearably teasing me…

“You walked all this way in the rain…you must be wanting something,” you ask keeping your lips from mine.

“Just you,” I reply.

With that, your hands turn my hips around hastily and my hands brace against the wall for support. Leaning against my back, one of your hands keeps a tight grip on my hip and another hand lifts my hair. I can feel warm breath on my neck and goose-bumps spring up all over my body. Being at your mercy causes me to go weak and gives me a desire to fulfill your every need. Soft lips brush my upper spine and then cover the back of my neck. I can’t help but breathe a bit faster and lay my forehead against the wall to keep from fainting. A long hard bite on the right side of my neck causes me to gasp and writhe.

“No, no….no trying to escape,” you grin as you squeeze my hip.

Your arms travel the length of my own and then move up to my chest. I feel each of your hands clutch my breasts and squeeze, then feel them reach to slide my jacket off. Slowly removing the heavy leather from my body, your eyes take in my backside. The jacket is flung into the abyss of your living room and you wrap around my waist, only to tease my neck and ears with your mouth again. Your tongue roams over the skin below and around my ears slowly and your teeth bite at my soft ear lobes. My knees kept going weak, but your strong arms hold me up, not allowing me to fall.

You whisper in my ear, “I bet you’ve missed me…” and reach down to my skirt, squeezing my ass and then reaching underneath to find the warm center between my thighs.

I moan weakly, “oh yesss…” as your hand rubs the swollen lips encased tightly in nylon. My head falls back as the waves of pleasure wash over me and the nails of my fingers can’t help but dig into the wall in front of me. With one smooth motion, my nylons are pulled down to my knees by your sturdy and wanting hands.

“Put your hands up higher,” you order.

I raise my hands on the wall higher and your free hand holds both of my hands tightly against the wall with so little effort. Your other hand begins once again massaging the plump lips between my legs and without warning, a finger pushes gently inward. I gasp as my inner lips feel your touch and my urges flare higher while you rub back and forth, over and over. I know you revel in the moans and higher-pitched breathes I release when you touch me and I can’t help but make noise with the pleasurable pressure and rhythm you give my needy cunt. Suddenly aware of how heated and slick I’m becoming, I ask teasingly,

“How long are you going to torture me?”

“You know you like it…” you say with a deep voice.

Your hand leaves my loins and smacks my protruding ass and you chuckle.

“You look so good wet…and taste so good wet,” you say as you gather my hair aside and kiss my neck gently.

I smile and reply, “I love the rain and storms and all the electricity.”

“Hm…” you mumble as you gaze out the window. Before I can comprehend what you’ll do next, I’m lifted and then placed lying on the couch. Your hasty hands remove my nylons and boots. The black skirt is tugged off quickly. Pulling me up to standing with ease, you lift my hands in merter escort the air and briskly pull my lace top over my head and long arms.

“I suddenly feel very exposed,” I smile as I lean in to touch you.

You grab a blanket from the couch and take my hand, tugging me out the back door. The rain poured down and was rushing off the eaves, tumbling to the grass of your backyard.

“You up for playing in the rain?” You ask.


You walk out into the tumbling rain with the blanket and spread it over the moist grass and then indicate with your finger for me to follow you. I walk slowly out, feeling every sensation the cold rain offers—the droplets landing on my damp hair and sliding down my long back, the slippery green grass dancing between my toes, and the chilly air surrounding my skin causing my nipples to stiffen. You come walking toward me and I try to run away from your hasty grasp as you get close. With an abandoned laugh, you chase me over the grass, getting closer and closer to catching me. Eventually, I slow enough to let you scoop me up and force me back to the blanket. The rain falls on my face, lips, and chest as I lean back on the wet blanket and you hover over me. Warmth from your masculine hands causes me to shiver while you rub from my neck to my toes in one stroke. I look up at your face to see not only lust in your smoldering eyes, but a slight smile as well.

It seems like ages until your body covers mine and shields me from the rain, creating a warm center between us. I feel the water running down your bare back, over every crevice from your musculature, down to the top of your soaked jeans. The thick neck I adore is supple and moist, smelling even better than it normally does now that it is covered with rain water.

“My god…” you say as you suck droplets of water off my neck, “this is so much better than I expected.”

My moaning increases when I feel your hands creeping down over my breasts, stomach, and then to my hot center. A finger dips inside, enough to cause small spasms in my wanting cunt. Stopping my wild thrashing, your body presses down on mine and your free hand restrains both my hands above my head. No matter how hard I try, I can not break free and you smile after kissing me.

“Make noise for me…” you say as your mouth lowers to my stiff right nipple.

I let out a high gasp and arch my back while you suck harder and harder. You lick over the sensitive dark pink nipple and then flick with your tongue, all the while pushing your thick finger into my slick opening. The rain continues to pour and sprinkle over our bodies–the cold water running down and over my cunt, arousing me further. I can not understand how you turn me into a writhing animal in so short of time and I can do nothing but give in to your desires when you keep me captive in your strong embrace. You enjoy how helpless you have made me, making me beg for more of your touch. With your free hand, you unbutton your jeans and expose your massive, stiff cock.

“Let me suck on it…” I beg.

Taking my hands and helping me sit up, you work to remove the wet, clinging denim from your legs and then kneel in front of me. Placing the tip of your long cock on my wet lips, I pause to feel the sensation of your sexual skin on mine, and then push it in slowly to my tight, hot mouth. The rain water has made your cock slippery and it slides in and out of my mouth so easily. Focusing on just your bulbous head, you shudder and do your best not to push all the way in. Your breathing gets faster and more forceful as I glide my slick lips over the shaft, in a rhythm getting faster and faster…lower and lower…until my mouth completely wraps around your engorged cock. My hands join mecidiyeköy escort in, ringing around the thick shaft, up and down with my lips. You hold my hair in one hand and touch my neck with the other. Staring down at my lusting eyes while I suck and lick your cock only heightens your excitement and I feet your dick strain and stiffen harder. My mouth revels in the feeling of your ridge and soft head on my lips and tongue…

Pulling my head away from your cock with my hair, you lift my face up by my chin and kneet forward to kiss me hard. Within seconds, I feet my body pushed down to the soaked blanket once again. My legs are separated by your strong, assertive thighs and I can’t breathe as I feel your head pushing inside my slick opening. Just the head at first, slowly spreading the soft inner lips and stretching the tightness within me. It feels like my cunt is a mile long the way you torturously push in slowly! My hands find their way to your sexy back and nails dig gently into the water-beaten skin. Droplets from your hair fall onto my flushed chest and run down my neck. I can’t control the animalistic sounds echoing from my bellows, they just come as you kiss my neck and thrust a little further into me each time. As your cock pushes all the way inside, the walls of my vagina jump and pulse, throbbing for more of what you offer.

My entire body is wrapped around yours—my feet and legs entwined around your back, my arms around your neck and shoulders. It seems I can not get all of you as close as I want. The mental anguish of desiring you for so long and finally getting my needs satiated is enough to send me reeling. Your thick cock strains the walls of my seizing cunt, the stretching creating waves of pleasure throughout my whole body. We pulse rhythmically together, working toward the same goal, faster and faster. The rain floods down in larger, more permeating drops than had fallen before and the rumble and crash of thunder in the sky only urges us on. I can not help but smile as my orgasm gets closer and closer to manifestation and you see my impending release.

“Get on your hands and knees…show me that hot ass…” you say looking into my eyes.

I turn over and stick my ass out for you, revealing the swollen cunt lips you’ve created with your thick cock and rhythmic pummeling. I hear you sigh and spread my cheeks apart, driving your face between them and licking insatiably at my pussy. I can’t help but scream out—the orgasm so close and yet not wanting to let go yet, but your tongue runs the length of my glistening lips and then pushes inside. The thick fingers I dream of at night finally join in, ramming in and out while your tongue flicks my clit.

Getting closer to the edge, I scream out, “fuck me!”

You grant my request by placing the tip of your cock at my entrance and wait…

“Please…fuck me!” I beg and whine.

“You really want it? You want to cum for me?” You tease and run the tip of your cock up and down my entrance.

“YES!” I shout into the moist air.

Your massive member shoves inside my cunt and I squeal loudly and gasp for air. Within seconds we turn into beasts, your dick plowing into my seizing entrance and my hips ramming back onto your groin. Your sweat mingles with the cool rain and drips down, only increasing the wetness between us. My vision blurs as the anticipated orgasm approaches and the muscles in my arms begin to strengthen, then my back. My entire body tightens, becomes rigid as your long, penetrating thrusts push me beyond control any longer and I come with full force. The opening of my cunt closes down around your cock in earth-shaking pulses and triggers your own orgasm shortly after. I feel the fingers of your hands squeeze into my curvaceous hips and hear the release of your own pleasure and smile. I can’t help but laugh weakly and fall onto my chest, with your following on top of me. Your hands reach up to cover mine as your bite the back of my neck and attempt to regain regular breathing. We lie side by side for a while as the rain continues to pour, eventually getting back into the warm, dry house and falling asleep on the couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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