Taria’s Lust Ch. 03

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I lay face down on my bed in my room above the inn. I tried to process my thoughts about this stranger I had met and what we’d done. It couldn’t be resisted. It was a pull, an urge, one that could not be satiated until I had him. He had been gone for days now and the longing pulled on me, making me writhe. I wondered if he felt the same desperate need as I did. Every time I moved the bed underneath brushed against my chest, sending little shocks through my body. I tried to ignore it and sleep. I couldn’t think and could hardly breathe without him near me.

Eventually the velvet dark surrounded me, quieting my body and letting me rest at last. My dreams though were filled with thoughts of him; the feel of his body against mine was a memory that ran rampant through my mind. As I lay dreaming I felt myself open my legs slightly, as if even in the dream I was laying myself out for him to take.

I felt his fingers brushing down the insides of my thighs to my ankles and parting my legs even more. At first I thought maybe he were sleeping too and we’d found a way to connect metaphysically. I wondered if his body were reacting as strongly as mine was.. I was already feeling unbearably hot and little spasms between my legs. I had to resist the urge to slide my hand down between my legs to ease the aching.

That’s canlı bahis şirketaleri when I felt it… The warmth of his breath over my already burning skin moments before his tongue touched me, tracing along my skin. I parted my legs more and his tongue slipped inside then ran along the outside of my pussy again, stroking softly… I arched my back slightly, trying to get more of his tongue against me. Then it was gone. Moments later his strong hands flipped me onto my back and pushed my legs far apart.

My eyes fluttered open and I realized it was no longer a dream. It was real, he was real. Saultis was kneeling at the end of my bed. He pulled me down the bed towards him and with his hands on the insides of my thighs kept my legs open wide. I could see the glint of his eyes beneath his hood of that robe I loved so much. His dark eyes glowed with a hunger, the hunger that had brought me to him so many times before and kept me wanting more of him.

He lowered his mouth to me, licking along the insides of my thighs, and then to my pussy, licking and kissing. He pushed his tongue inside as far as he could, making me squirm and moan for him. He kept my legs as far apart as he could push them, licking with soft strokes until I was on the edge. Then with a flick of his tongue I came for him, whispering his canlı kaçak iddaa name and shaking. I squirmed as he kept licking, the feelings almost too intense. I almost begged him to stop, but he released me and stood up. He again turned me over, pulling me onto my hands and knees.

Saultis held me by my hips tight and guided his hard cock deep within me, filling me so full, reaching the end of me with more of him still being forced in. When he had forced his cock as far into me as he could, he dug his nails into my waist and started fucking me, slowly at first, then gaining speed.

He drove his hard cock into me hard and fast, holding me in place with his strong hands. I clutched at the sheets below me, moaning so loud for him. He reached up and wrapped one of his hands in my hair and pulled hard, lifting my front half up from the bed. He had me completely captured. It put me at an angle making him able to fuck me even harder, my muscles tightening around his cock. Then I felt him let go of my hair and both his hands come around my front. He pulled me up against his chest, his cock still inside of me. He pulled me up and down on his cock, moaning deep into my ear and biting hard on my neck. Saultis held me by my chest, squeezing my breasts as he held me tight to him, moaning and growling, sending vibrating canlı kaçak bahis purrs across my skin.

He squeezed my breasts tight, his hands brushing over my nipples causing me to moan more. I placed one hand over his and the other I brought between my legs, rubbing my pussy hard, feeling my orgasm building slowly. So slowly but so intensely, it washed over me, a burning wave of pleasure, making me writhe on him and earning another throaty growl from him.

My second orgasm made it so wet between us but made me so tight on him, pulsing inside of me around his cock. He held still for a moment, savoring it. Then he lifted me off and turned me to face him. He brought me down on his cock again and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I pushed his hood to the side and started biting and sucking his neck, tasting him. He tilted his head to the side giving me more room to lick and suck on his skin.

He began lifting me off his cock and bringing me down hard on him. His breath came faster, panting into my ear and making me tingle. His moans made me tighter still, and his voice came quietly begging me to fuck him, to let him make me his. He held me to him, kissing me so deeply, his tongue brushing against mine as he groaned into me, then he moved his teeth to my neck.

His teeth clamped down as he brought me down hard on his cock and moaned loudly for me, filling my insides with his warmth. He kept sliding his cock in and out slowly until his orgasm subsided, then he held me close in his arms and pulled me down onto the bed to cuddle in his arms. My Saultis was home.

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