The Anals of Academia Ch. 2

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The telephone’s sharp ring awoke George from his erotic daydream. It brought him back to his Vice-Principal Office, and away from Ms. Swenson and her anal teachings. Back in his regal personae, he answered the phone, “George Ballard, Vice-Principal.”

“Hello Mr. Ballard, this is Mrs. Fridley, I wish to speak to you about my Bobby being suspended again.”

::Oh God:: thought George, ::not this lunatic again::. He found himself looking around at the items on his desk as he only semi listened to the harangue of this distraught mother of the little hoodlum.

Yada yada yada, heard it all before he said to himself, but then stopped, as his hand found an envelope on his desk, that had not been there before. While the woman droned on in the background, he opened the envelope. What he saw there caused him to make an excuse and a promise to look into the matter, so he could hang up quickly.

His eyes stared at the note, “I know all about your little games with Ms. Swenson. You two think you are so sneaky, well you aren’t. I will meet you both at Ms. Swenson’s apartment, tonight at 7, and we can discuss how we keep my knowledge silent.” The note was done on word processor, and everyday copy type paper, and of course was not signed. There was a very faint scent of a perfume, but he could not tell which one it was. He quickly called Lila in the library, but Ms. Yun answered the phone. Trying not to sound too out of it, George asked as calmly as he could, “May I please speak to Ms Swenson?”

“Ms. Swenson, how may I help you?”

“Lila! We’ve got trouble!”

“Well it’s good to hear from you too!”

“Ok you can’t talk now, so let’s meet at the next class break, you know where.”

George’s heart was pounding, although the excitement of the fear the note had brought also seemed to intensify the sensations from his butt plug. He walked around the halls, too hyper to go back to his office, and waited for the bell.

As the bell rang, he headed for the storage room, which was locked, but he had made sure both he and Lila had keys. He hurriedly unlocked the door, and rushed inside, closing but not locking the door behind him. Soon after, Lila entered in a rushed fashion as well.

“Ok George! What the hell is this all about? I am surprised Ms. Yun didn’t feel your fear, or certainly hear your whine when I got on the line!”

“Ok, ok, I am a little more relaxed, but here, here is what upset me”, he said handing Lila the note.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he thought he saw the corner of her mouth turn up in an evil type of grin

“Was this all?”

“All, isn’t that enough? Someone knows about us!”


“Please relax George, right now the only thing we know is that this person knows where I live. For all we know it could be some student prank. Let’s not get carried away, and look scared, whoever sent this will be watching us very closely today. Don’t let’s give them anything to fuel their plan.”

And with a strong pat on George’s ass, to push in the plug, Lila stormed out of the room. George waited a minute or so, and when he left, he locked the door. He could still see Lila walking down the hall, and fantasized about that ass that was so well hidden under her frumpy attire. It was just then, as she walked amongst a group of students, he remembered, bahis siteleri the remote for her plug was in his pocket still. He reached his hands for it, pushed the button, and with an evil grin of his own, watched as she tried to camouflage her excitement as the remote controlled butt plug vibrated inside her anus. He could tell, but did not think any of the students could.

That evening, in Lila’s apartment, as the two lovers removed their school clothing, showered, and changed into the loose silk robes they loved to wear at home. They sat together, this time without the plugs. Lila spread her legs a bit, and George could not resist this opening, and leaned in between her legs, and began to feast on her now moist pussy. Lila threw her head back on the back of the couch, closed her eyes, put her hands on the back of George’s head, to guide him as she wished. He was quite content to be led through the erogenous points of her pussy, and one by one, he sucked, bit, and caressed them with his tongue, until he felt the movements in her legs, giving away her ensuing orgasm. He felt her legs closing in on him, squeezing him tightly to her. Her hands were now crushing his face into her soaking pussy. Her hips thrust up, to meet his already crushed face, and he continued with his tongue as best he could, but by now, his face and tongue were just Lila’s tools for her own satisfaction.

Just as he heard her loud “Ahhhhh, Yessssssss! There was a knock on the door. Lila held him tightly still as one, two, and then three final waves released her from her ecstasy and him from her legs and hands.

He rushed to the door, once he was free, as Lila did a little to compose herself. She really wasn’t worried, and wished George would chill a bit. In a way, thought Lila, this could turn out to be fun. With the thought of dangerous excitement, her pussy began a new stream in readiness.

As the door opened, both George’s and Lila’s mouths dropped to the floor. There, standing in the doorway, was none other than Ms. Yun, Lila’s boss in the library! In high, spiked, black patent heels, and a long black leather raincoat, completely covering her to the tops of her heels.

“Are you going to let me in, or stand there with your mouth open all night?”

“Ms. Yun, what are you doing here?” purred Lila.

“Did you not get my message?”

“It was you?” George and Lila in unison.

“Yes, it is me, you fools really think I don’t see what is going on? You must be silly in love, to not realize, that to someone who knows of these things, you are quite obvious.”

“Ok, so what is it you are after? If it’s money, you are quite out of luck.”

“No, it is not money I am after, stand both of you, here, in front of me.”

George and Lila did as they were commanded, and stood before Ms. Yun. She looked at them both, up and down, as she moved from one to the other, much like a general surveying his troops on display. She then moved just between them, and with a rush, sent her hands to each of their crotch.

“This is what I want!” and with this, she threw open her coat, to reveal a beautiful, petite, well shaped naked body. As she let her coat hit the floor, her hands moved to the front of George and Lila’s robes, to open them, and then to let them too, slide off their shoulders and backs. canlı bahis siteleri She surveyed her newfound friends, and was pleased at what she saw.

“Now, both of you sit down, legs in front and open, feet down, knees up.” We did as she commanded. She reached for the bag that she had brought with her, actually a large black leather satchel. From its depths, she pulled out the longest double headed dildo I had ever seen. A thick semi clear three foot, life like double ended dildo!

She dropped this monster in between us, and reached again into the satchel. Out came a bottle of some kind of oil. She picked up the dildo, and made her way between our feet, so she stood just between our faces, as we were sitting face to face. She began pouring her oil over the two ends of her dildo, and I watched her hands as they stroked each end as if it was a real cock. The reverence in her strokes told George she took her sexual desires quite seriously and he knew he was in for a wild ride. As she continued to lubricate the two ends of her dildo, she began pushing her ass into George’s face. He eagerly brought his tongue in contact with her cheeks, and followed their roundness in between them. There with a long slow upward lick of his tongue, he finally felt the little puckered opening, and his tongue began to dance a caressing dance all around it.

“Mmmmm, nice George, you keep that up now, as I bend down to ready Lila.” As she spoke she bent down and pushed her lovely ass right into George’s face, giving him a much better shot at rimming her cute hole.

George could not see, with his face buried in Ms. Yun’s ass, but he could sure hear Lila’s moans of approval at whatever “readying her,” meant. He could smell the oil, and figured she was liberally applying it to some of Lila’s most sensitive areas. The loud gasp, mixed with a load moan, could only mean the dildo had somehow been put to use. I could hear Ms. Yun’s soft voice.

“Now, there, there, baby, you relax and take Soo Lin’s big dick into your ass. Yes, baby, yes, feel how good it is as I slide it up, and up?”

“Oh Yes! Shove that thing up my ass Soo Lin!” George heard Lila scream.

“Okay George, it’s your turn.” Soo Lin moved her ass from my face, and put it right in Lila’s for her to continue on with my work. ” Now, you must sit back just a bit, and let Lila lock her legs under yours. There, that’s right, now you both give support to the other. Now, let’s get to work on you George. My, I see you enjoyed eating my ass, look at how hard you have become George!”

With that, she poured some of her oil over George’s hardon. He loved the sensation the oil gave, it must have just a touch of some herb like menthol or something to give that beautiful warming, tingling sensation. Soo Lin, used both her hands to stroke his standing cock with her oils. “Mmmmm George you will have something for me later.”

With that, Soo Lin moved her hands, and pushed away George’s sac, so she could now get at his ass. She once again poured her magic oils and now, stuck her oiled fingers in and out of his ass. “Mmmmmm” groaned George, as he figured out where Lila’s lustful sounds had stemmed from.

Soo Lin’s fingers were expert at their job, first one going in, then another, then two, then another one. Soon she had three well-lubricated fingers canlı bahis stretching out George’s hole.

“I see Lila, you have just begun to teach this one of the joys of anal love.”

Of course Lila’s answer was her head nodding, up and down Soo Lin’s crack, for she did not want to take her tongue away from it’s sweet target.

“Okay, George, you are now ready.” And with that she grabbed the other end of her monster double dick and pushed the cock head of it right to George’s opening. With practiced precision, she soon had her tool inside George, and was now working it up further into his canal. The feel of this large thing inside him overwhelmed George, yet it did feel so good. He opened his eyes, and though he could not see Lila’s face, as it was buried deep into Soo Lin’s ass, he could see the other end of the schlong as it entered Lila’s wet ass hole. He could see she had taken a large part of it deep inside her ass. Her hands were busy working her clit and pussy, and he could tell she was in a frantic state of wanton desire.

“There George, now you are ready.” Said Soo Lin as she removed her shoes. She stood up, and by moving us up a bit, was now able to have Lila licking her ass, while George was face deep in her pussy. Her hips were grinding back and forth, first into Lila, then into George. All the while, one of her feet rested in the middle of the large dildo, and she was able to hook her foot into some strap there, and actually move it in and out of them a bit.

Lila was the first to go, and her orgasm filled her body with jerking, exaggerated movements as wave after wave of sublime ecstasy ran through her entire being. To celebrate her orgasm, she had moved her mouth from Soo Lin’s ass, so she could lean back her head, and become almost parallel with the floor as she leaned into her orgasms power.

Soo Lin, inspired by Lila’s erotic show, was soon to be the next, and George did his best to keep his face, mouth, and tongue buried into her soaking pussy. He felt her body’s first wave hit, and her body’s jerking contractions. Her hands now moved behind George’s head, and pulled him into her, as she ground her hips into him. With a scream, she suddenly lifted one of her legs and wrapped it around George’s neck, bringing him to her, and her to her pinnacle. Her pussy jerked, and crushed into his face, filling him with her flowing nectar, which George was eager to lap up.

Lila had come to a bit, and as she watched George getting Soo Lin off, she scooted herself over so she could take George’s ragging hard on in her mouth. As she sucked his hard cock head with her hungry mouth and pumped his shaft with her hand, she could feel Soo Lin’s body as her orgasm was exploding from within. This intensified her efforts and soon George was screaming and filling Lila’s mouth with his hot cum. Lila stayed with his hardon, as spurt after spurt erupted, and then she felt the velvety smooth skin of Soo Lin’s face next to hers, as she too wanted some of George’s cum. As Lila gave way, for her new lover to get her share, she looked at this beautiful woman, who was now part of their life. As Soo Lin, finished the last drop, she looked over at Lila, saw her staring with desirous love, and reached over to kiss her. Their tongues lashing about, trying to find the other, and mixing their mouth with George’s cum.

As they finally relaxed, fell in a heap is closer to the truth; they fell into each other’s arms, and smiled.

“So, we have been found out, I do believe I am going to enjoy the hush payments.” George managed.

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