The Candy Shop Ch. 03

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Wonka desperately wanted to watch the camera feed from the Candy Shop but He was being heavily distracted. The girl draped over the spanking stool just wanted more and more and who was He to refuse another hard slap. The whole exercise was supposed to have taken just a few minutes and already this had dragged into its second hour. Girls were wonderful, the delight of His life but just sometimes couldn’t they be satisfied with less than His absolute best? After all they came to Him because of dissatisfaction, with life, with love, with sex, with parents, with husbands and always He gave them the medicine that cured all. Yes being a perfectionist He went the extra mile, gave the extra spank and extracted the extra squirt. Somehow recently perfectionism was beginning to cost Him His own pleasure and if that disappeared what was the point of it all?

The girl moaned and bit hard onto the ball gag. The series of double slaps hard to both her Gluteus Maximus had probably been at a code red for her. The flesh had gone beyond pink, even past scarlet and was now starting to show blue and purple. The skill of a good spank wasn’t in its intensity but in placement. The art of the second and third was all in accuracy. Wonka looked at His work and declared Himself satisfied. There clearly defined on each mound was a perfect rendition of His hand print, fingers slightly spread for maximum sting, palm slightly cupped for a nice detonation.

Her back was a slightly different story. He had considered the crop but decided the eight foot walk to the instrument cupboard to be far too long, so instead He had ‘nailed’ her. Eight good deep tracks starting at the shoulder and descending all the way to the curvature of her waist. Again accuracy was key. Each downward path had to be deep, controlled and exactly overlaying the previous. He had used all His perverted genius and the effect was startling and a pure artistic masterpiece.

Initially He had utilized a simple eight inch fairly harmless vibrator in her cunt, starting with a little jollification of her labia before pushing the tip hard against her cervix. Thrusting the bright green toy in and out as He rhythmically spanked was quite relaxing and He had managed to drift into a kind of trance with surprising ease. Eventually the hoarse intake of her breathe, caused by the slightly over tightened noose conjoining to her arms pinioned behind her back bought Him back to reality. A good slap on the clitoris caused enough of an upward spasm of her head to cure the problem.

Almost simultaneously the bell had sounded to indicate an intrusion into His Shop. The three monitor set up on the wall above His head allowed Him to track Bella, Cara and Yui as they searched for Him. It also gave Him an excellent view of the three going at it like cats on heat and an overdose of catnip. Yui was an inventive girl and had no trouble getting Bella’s attention and tongue where she wanted it. He was very impressed at Cara’s inventiveness to slide between and under Bella’s squatting thighs.

Pornography was not necessarily an automatic turn on for Wonka and after all what was being projected was nothing more than a show of free form porn. However the effect on the girl at His feet was decidedly more pronounced and she licked at His pant leg hungrily.

“I suppose you want cock don’t you?”

The question was of course rhetorical but said with a degree of bahis firmaları disinterest that might have surprised the uninformed observer. Grudgingly Wonka removed His good sized semi erect penis from His pants and pushing the ball gag down over the girls chin allowed her to take Him to the back of her throat. The girl started chocking almost immediately.

“Greedy little minx aren’t you.”

Wonka grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her in tighter. The girl’s eyes bulged beautifully. As usual in these situations Wonka went to the long count.

“One one thousand, Two one thousand, Three one thousand. Four one thousand.”

His withdrawal was quickly followed by a good volume of combined saliva and sputum. He thrust deep into her throat again and turned His attention back to the video feed just in time to see Yui squirt hard over the counter, floor and Bella’s face and apron. The way Cara’s legs were twitching and her fingers danced in and out of her gaping cunt He assumed that Bella was squirting too.

“You probably wish we had stayed downstairs now don’t you?”

The girl was almost unconscious so He withdrew again before matters got more serious than were needed.

“Let’s see what effect this has.”

Wonka had picked up the new G Spot slim line vibrator that had arrived just that morning. Shaped not unlike an egg stuck at an angle on the end of a thin tube the toy was guaranteed to produce all kinds of mayhem. Wonka didn’t believe advertising till He saw it in real effect so had been itching to give the instrument a test buzz. The bulb slid into the girls gaping vaginal canal very easily and he used it angled towards pelvic bone first off. The girl started moaning almost instantaneously and then for good measure pissed on His best gray spats. Far from being annoyed Wonka was impressed and rotated the head through one hundred and eighty degrees to pummel the thin membrane between vagina and anal canal.


“That was just too loud My dear.”

Wonka pulled the ball gag back up over the girls chin and into her eager mouth just before she climaxed with such force the vibrator was pushed clear out under the pressure.

“Close to the best ten dollars I ever spent.”

Wonka pulled the slip knot on the girl’s bindings and settled in His high back chair whilst she got her shit somewhat together. Twenty minutes later he led Estelle down the back stairs and having sent her very contentedly on her way slipped back through the trick mirror into the Shops interior appearing magically to the girls like some great illusionist.

“Wonka your back. Where the fuck did you come from? Barn doors open by the way.”

Yui had a wicked look on her face and pausing only for a moment’s consideration Wonka decided to leave the barn door ajar a little longer.

“Had a little business I had to put My hands on Yui. But I doubt you missed me particularly.”

In a rather pointed reply Yui spread her still exposed labia in a show of supreme wetness.

“For a Japanese girl you have some very nasty ways about you Yui.”

“That’s why you love me Wonka. I almost rank as perverted as you if that’s possible.”

Bella returned from the store room just in time to catch the end of the conversation.

“What’s possible?”

“It’s possible that you going to regret fetching both sugar dildos and butt plugs.”

Both Wonka and Yui kaçak iddaa dissolved in laughter and Bella turned a strawberry crush shade of red.

“What’s going on?”

Cara returned from her sojourn in the restroom with her panties still in her right hand.

“More like what’s going in Cara from the look of you.”

Wonka was feeling in fine form and wasn’t missing a stroke.

“You got any of those love hearts you so fond of handing out Wonka?”

Willy slid behind the counter and opening the till offered the girls a small tin box.

“Take one if you willing, two if your desperate.”

Each of the girls took two.

“Sit down on the divan over there and I will get us all some of the special orange soda.”

The girls sat down quite thankfully, all their legs were still in orgasm mode and quite shaky.

“Any special requests from the patrons?”

“Would love some chocolate Wonka.”

There was something about Yui’s tone that made Bella and Cara glance at each other.

“I might just be able to do something about that Yui, let Willy work His magic.”

By the time Wonka returned with the tray of four orange sodas the girls were fully occupied under the miraculously carnal effects of Willy’s special Love Hearts. Bella and Yui were attempting to suck each others epiglottis and Cara was fully engrossed in fitting a lime green sugar butt plug in her ever ready sphincter. Willy placed the tray on the counter and taking His own glass sat on the large leather covered wingchair opposite the girls. He flicked open the top of the right chair arm and within a few moments ten separate cameras were recording the action from every conceivable angle. He took a contented slurp through the barber striped sherbet straw enjoying the pop of the heavily syrupy mixture as it sloshed against his gums and inner cheeks.

Raising the chairs right arm He activated the forty inch flat screen television mounted on the wall above the divan. Flicking channels Wonka surfed for something suitably entertaining, finally settling on a girl on girl wrestling match, He settled back to enjoy His soda in comparative peace awaiting the climax of the contest when the winner gets to anally fuck the loser with a frighteningly long and thick strap on dildo. Willy grinned wickedly. Amazing how sometimes fact and fiction just seem to coincide.

Cara had the sugar plug bedded beautifully, trouble was try as she may the thing was already sticky and wouldn’t rotate the way she liked. Her favorite drill was to turn the plug with one hand while rubbing her urethra with the other jammed deep in her cunt. She was perplexed. To make matters worse when she looked to her left Bella and Yui where still lip locked and fingering each other frantically.

Dammit this just isn’t going right.”

It was then that the low whistle grabbed her attention and looking across the room saw Wonka indicate to her with a finger to join Him. Not needing a second invitation she slid seductively from the divan and started to crawl on all fours across the divide. Bella and Yui stopped diddling just long enough to catch a perfect glimpse of Cara’s lime green plugged asshole swaying sensually as she progressed.

“Fuck that’s hot.”

The words barely made it out of Bella’s mouth before Yui’s tongue again snaked down her throat cutting of any further communication at source.

Wonka slid forward on the kaçak bahis leather cushions in preparation for Cara’s arrival. His decision to leave the zipper on His pants open now made perfect sense. Her tongue touched the few inches of bare skin showing at the ankle above the tabi socks He was wearing with His favorite indoor geta sandals, then her head rubbed its way up the inside of His left thigh to rest against the open fastener. He could feel her hot breathe through the thin silk underwear He preferred and was fully erect in a moment. Cara reached up to unfasten His waistband and managed to draw both pants and underwear down with one smooth tug with no assistance from Willy apart from a slight raising of the hips at the appropriate moment. Thankfully she took the trouble to remove the clothing completely clear of His legs and Wonka was able to adopt an appropriately wide sitting stance.

Cara positioned herself comfortably between Wonka’s thighs and leaning forward and using the very tip of her tongue carefully coated the mushroom head of His penis with saliva. The head glistened under the fluorescent light above and she sat back admiring the deep ridge that separated glands from shaft for a moment. Leaning forward once more she poked the very tip of her tongue into the gash in the very tip and was happy to taste the slightest hint of precum oozing out. She had Wonka’s full and undivided attention.

Bella was glad for the extra-long false nails she had had fitted a few days before. The length allowed her to reach deep enough into Yui’s tight vulva to touch the soft contours of her cervix. Yui gasped as the edges scraped across the tender inner flesh and Bella was more than happy to feel her hand covered in wet sticky discharge. She removed her hand just long enough to be able to taste the wonderful goo before thrusting it in again hard and deep.

Yui was busy squeezing and flicking Bella’s incredibly large clitoris that protruded from the cover of her hood even when soft. Now when it was hard and throbbing the love button was quite the impressive size. Bella had started to orgasm the moment Yui first pinched her and was now on a steady ascent to squirt land. Her inner thighs were already heavily coated with fluids and her concern for her costumes care had totally flown the building.

Cara had her lips clasped tightly around Wonka’s shaft just below the glands. She remained perfectly still for what seemed an eternity before slowly sliding her mouth down and down till the tip thudded hard against the entry to her throat. She held Him there for what seemed an eternity till she felt her lungs totally devoid of any oxygen then slid upwards slowly to regain her starting point and breathe.

Wonka’s eyes shifted from Cara to Bella, From Bella to Yui and finally up to the television screen that showed a close up of the wrestling victor buggering the loser with impressive aggression. He had totally forgotten about the phone call He had made when fetching the Orange Sodas and was momentarily surprised to see Monique standing in the inner doorway of the Shop.

Monique was quite stunning, standing six foot six tall in her black patent eight inch heeled stilettos. She was wearing a calf length black PVC trench coat that made her creole complexion seem exactly the shade of milk chocolate.

“Yui your chocolate had arrived.”

This time it was Yui’s jaw that dropped to the floor.

Monique slowly unbuttoned her trench coat and let it slide to the ground revealing not only that she was totally naked underneath but was already equipped with a large and very filling strap on dildo.

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