The Pool Hall

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Chris sat on the couch watching his favorite show Carnivale, as summer walked into the room.

“Why don’t we actually go out and do something for a change?”

“Well, would you like to go and play pool or something?” said Chris.

“Sure, I need to get out of this house, lets get going.”

Next thing they knew, they were in front of the building. Chris walked in through the door, stopping a moment to keep it opened long enough for Summer to walk through. Reaching for her hand, Chris walked into the main area where all the pool tables had been setup for customers to play with.

Chris smiled over to Summer and said, “Lets play at this table, rack em up.”

Summer gathered up all the pool balls and placed the rack over them and centered it on the table.

“I’ll let you go first, because you know I’m going to own you.” Laughed Chris.

Summer glared, walking around to the front of the table to prepare her shot, Chris crept up behind her and quickly spanked her ass.

“Why don’t we make a bet on who wins huh?” Summer asked.

“Well, we know I’m going to win, but what is it you’d like to wager hmm?”

“If I win you don’t get to have any of me later tonight.” Replied Summer.

“Figures you’d go and use yourself against me, but I’ll take you up on that bet.. if I win, we get to do whatever it is I can come up with” grinned Chris.

Summer broke canlı bahis the rack, positioning the balls scattered around the table. Chris moved up to take his shot, taking aim then shooting in the blue solid into the pocket. Smiling at summer, Chris took aim again then shooting in the red solid next to it.

“Maybe we should be on our way now, I may not even let you get a shot off.” he laughed.

She walked over to him and rubbed her ass against him for a moment then said; “If you want some of this, you’re going to have to finish this game.” she winked.

He slightly became aroused, trying to line up his shot, shooting and missing terribly.

He decided to grab a couple cokes for them “Be right back hun, I’ll go grab us something to drink.”

She nodded as he walked away over to the counter. “Thanks, keep the change.”

Walking back over to the table, he noticed that half the stripes had been downed.

“What is this? There is no way you made all of those in, in one turn.”

“Maybe you should quit complaining and get to work on beating me huh?” she ran her finger tips along his stomach, down to his waist and back up.

“If you keep this teasing up, I may just toss you up on this table and take you here.” He smiled.

Summer laughed, “You wouldn’t ever do such a thing with all of these people here.”

Chris walked up behind summer, reaching around her bahis siteleri waist and hugged her against him. Slowly, he rubbed his hips against her tight blue jeaned ass. He gently pinched her nipples through her black top and whispered something into her ear. Some of the people in the pool hall started to take notice of this little scene we had going on, and the noise began to die down. Summer grinded her ass against his now hardened dick inside of his pants. Reaching down in front of her, he played with the button to her pants.. then unzipping them slowly.

“If you’re going to start this, there’s no way I’ll let you stop Chris.”

He smirked at her, moving the flaps aside and rubbing his hand into her pants, against her panties gently. Slowly rubbing up and down, feeling them slightly moist. She lightly moaned, practically everyone in the place had now noticed what was about to unfold. Moving his hands further down, he began to play with her pussy, trying to press his fingers inside her through the fabric. Leaning her forward, she laid her head onto the pool table, while he began to slowly pull down her pants. The material had been pulled down just below her ass, leaving her ass visible to the pool hall. Her black lace thong was barely covering her tight ass. He slowly pulled it down, Chris wanting so bad to slide his dick into her.

“Oh baby fuck me please, I want you bahis şirketleri inside me right here, right now!”

Chris reached into his pants, and pulled out his hard dick, rubbing it against her ass cheeks. Summer reached behind her, and spread her ass for him. He could see she was very wet, and ready for his dick to be put inside her. Teasing her, he placed the head of his dick against her pussy.

“Please don’t tease, put it inside me baby.”

He nodded, as he thrusted his dick into her pussy, not giving her the chance to get used to the length. She let out a loud moan, slightly feeling pain but mostly pleasure. Chris started moving his dick in and out of her quickly, while placing his hand down on her back. He bounced his hips off her ass, as he pumped into her hard. Her pussy tightening around his dick, feeling herself about to cum. Summer screamed as she came, his dick becoming easier to slide in from the excess moisture she gave. Chris breathed heavy, feeling the precum drip off his dick inside her, wanting badly to cum deep inside her. His stomach slapped against her ass as he pushed into her quickly. He then started to cum inside her, causing her to reach another orgasm. The cum started to fill her up, and slowly dripped out of her. Chris slowed down, and rested against her for a moment, before opening his eyes to see that everyone was staring at them. He smiled slightly, pulling summer up off the table to catch eyes with everyone.

“Well it looks like I win anyways, and everyone seemed to enjoy the show as well.” He grinned.

“You just wait til next time, you’ll be sorry.” She said.

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