The Seduction of Simon: Aftermath

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Miss Prim was constantly horny since her intense wet dream about Simon. She decided to rent some porno movies after work one day to see if there were any really good scenes she could frig herself to. Her patience was rewarded…the last flic she chose had a 20 minute scene which involved 4 men and a stripper at a wedding. The men were fully dressed except for their pants, and they all wore full cut white boxer shorts. The stripper all gave them long, hot blow jobs with their dorks and balls poking out of their boxers, then sat on their dicks one by one until they blew their hot wads in her butt. Miss Prim came 4 times while watching the hot scene. She enjoyed men in boxer shorts and was determined to recreate the same scene at the music school where she worked.

The next day, Miss Prim carried out her plan. She decided on 4 men that were not married and very cute: Scott, 22, 5’10”, 185 lbs., Dave, 26, 5′ 8″, 140 lbs., Hank, 30, 6′ 3′, 200 lbs., and Mike, 25, 6’0″, 180 lbs. In each of their mailboxes, she placed a polaroid picture of a pair of crotchless panties and scribbled a brief note:

“Let’s meet in janitor’s closet at 6 PM tomorrow for some sexy fun. He’ll be at dinner for an hour and we’ll have the place all to ourselves. Oh, and don’t forget to wear clean boxers!”

Miss Prim snuck the messages into their mailboxes in the staff room when no one was looking. Needless to say, the next morning was a very perplexing one for the 4 horny and hunky men. They had gotten the messages the night before, and had no idea what was in store for them. As it worked out, they all wore boxers anyway except for David, who chose white jockey briefs. However, David had recently started to wear white baggy boxer shorts to bed, since they were so comfortable. He decided to casino oyna wear the white boxers under his pants instead of his usual briefs. The day passed by excruciatingly slowly for the four men. Finally, at six o’clock, they all snuck in one by one into the roomy closet. Miss Prim decided to be a little late on purpose, figuring that would add to their horniness. As she entered the room, she could see her calculation was correct: all 4 men had slight, but definite bulges in their slacks.

“Good evening gentlemen” Miss Prim tried to sound formal “I suppose you wonder why you are here. Well, here’s the deal. I’ve been real horny lately and yesterday I rented this super hot porno flic. There’s one scene that was so hot I want to recreate it with you four guys.”

There was a sharp intake of breath among the four men. Finally, Hank spoke. “What did they do in the scene?” As Miss prim described the wedding scene in detail she delighted in seeing the mens’eyes pop and jaws drop. When she had finished, you could have heard a pin drop. David finally whispered “you mean you’d…give us head?”

“That’s right, Miss Prim smiled “with your cock and balls sticking out of your boxers”

The men gasped and muttered under their breath. They had never seen each other in their undershorts, nevermind with their hard dicks sticking out of them. But each young stud was so horny and hard, their pants bulged way out in front, a sight which was not missed by Miss Prim.

“I think I’m going to get more comfortable”. With that, Miss Prim lifted her lightweight dress over her head. The 4 men gasped audibly…she was completely naked underneath!!

“Oh my God” David and Mike exclaimed at once.

“OK, guys, your turn. Step out of your shoes and pants.” Miss Prim grinned slot oyna with glee.

The men grunted and groaned but kicked off their shoes and slowly lowered their slacks. Miss Prim was in heaven as their hairy legs and tented boxer shorts were revealed. David’s were pure white, Hank’s were baby blue, Mike’s were green plaid, and Scott’s had thin red stripes on white.

“Not bad” Miss Prim nodded. “Now at the count of 3 I want you to pull your cocks and balls out of the boxer flies…ready, 1…2…3…!!!

More grunting and groaning as the men pulled their equipment out of their boxer flies. Miss Prim practically fainted. All of the men were very well hung and their balls were enormous! She guessed David’s dick to be about 7 inches, Scott and Mikes’ were closer to 8, and Hank’s was the monster in the penis department with a fat 9 incher.

Miss Prim got on her knees and faced David. “Time for the fun to begin!” She stuck out her tongue and made contact with his slightly hairy balls. The next 2 minutes were pure ecstasy for David as she tenderly sucked his ample ball sacs. Then, Miss Prim opened her mouth wide and swallowed about 4 inches of David’s dick in one gulp. He let out a loud moan that could have been heard down the hall. When Miss Prim felt David leaking precum, she knew it was time to move on. She faced Hank’s monster cock next and gave him a similar deep ball suck followed by tuneful skin flute. Hank’s breath came in shallow gasps and his eyes were tightly closed. Miss Prim then did the same deep throat treatment to the other men, who were in an extreme state of contentment. Although all had jacked off frequently with their cocks and balls poking out of their boxer slits, they had never been blown in them. This was definitely the most canlı casino siteleri erotic thing they had done sexually so far.

When Miss Prim had brought all 4 men to the brink of orgasm, she had them sit down on 4 folding chairs that she had hastily set up earlier. Then she positioned herself on top of David’s lap. She loved the way his cute cock looked sticking out of his sexy white boxers and had to feel it in her bum. David took in a deep breath as she lowered her ass on his dick, one delicious inch at a time. She let out a loud moan when all 7 inches of David’s love pole were deep in her rectum. Then she rode his cock like a bronco bull, loving the feeling of cotton against her buns on each downstroke.

“Sweet Jesus!” David yelled. He had never felt sensations like this in all his young life. The other 3 men masturbated furiously as they watched Miss Prim bounce up and down on David’s cock. In a matter of minutes, David couldn’t hold his load back any longer.

“I’m going-g-g- to POP!!!”

Miss Prim experienced the incredible sensation of her own intense orgasm as David’s cock exploded in her butt. Her cumming set the other 3 men off, and they squirted huge volleys of cum all over Miss Prim’s naked body. After 30 seconds of frantic orgasming, the four men and Miss Prim collapsed on the floor. She reluctantly got up after a minute or so of recovery and put back on her dress, still enjoying the sight of the mens’ limp dicks and balls sticking out of their boxer shorts.

“I assume I will see you next week, gentlemen?”

Miss Prim grinned as she opened the door. All they could do was nod they were so spent, each silently plotting a way of getting their girlfriends to do what Miss Prim had performed with David! As to Miss Prim, she went home and masturbated 4 times thinking about her sexy experience with her hunky co-workers…she was content, for the moment!!

PS- If this story encourages you to have some fun with your husband/boyfriend in his boxers, write a story about it!

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