The Tree

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Terri had a difficult day at school. As with most days, she was glad to get home and away from nosey girls and crude boys. She dropped her books on the table and made a quick sandwich. She was hungry. The day was sunny and warm as early June can be. She left the house and headed for her private spot in the woods. She loved this spot and would go there whenever she wanted peace and quite.

Terri had just turned Eighteen earlier in the year in February. She had passed through puberty, with the typical fears and misunderstandings about her body. She fought off the nasty boys as they began to notice her breasts developing and her hips beginning to take shape. She always had a cute fanny, and she was used to boys, and even men staring at it, but now she had them looking at her boobs. What a bother. She could not even get her best friend to look in her face when he was talking to her. He was her buddy, but now he was getting weird too.

She stepped off the back porch with a light step. Terri was tall and her legs were still a little gangly. She wore knee socks and a plaid pleated skirt and a white cotton blouse. She walked past the horses, patted them on the neck, and said, “Sorry, no riding today.” She continued through the pasture to the back fence and carefully opened the electric gate, remembering the many time she had been shocked over the years. She continued on down the path as the long branches of the trees, fresh with new leaves swayed in the breeze above her head, breaking the sunshine into a kaleidoscope of color on the soft grasses at either side of the path.

Wild flowers poked their heads up from the grass everywhere and their smell was very sweet. She crossed a field with tall soft fresh grass hay, which would be ready for cutting soon. Terri sat down on a rock and took her shoes off and then her knee socks. She loved the feel of the grass as it caressed her legs as she walked through the field. She kept an eye out for garter snakes, not because she was afraid of them, but because she did not want to step on them and hurt them.

The sun was so warm, she pulled her blouse out of her skirt and let it flutter in the breeze against her hips. She felt very comfortable and loose as she walked. She felt the warm earth under her feet. On the other side of the field, she found the next path next to the creek and followed it deep into the forest. She had visited her hideout a lot when she was just a girl, but since she began blossoming, she had little time for simple pleasures of a girl. Up ahead she could see the tall branches of her tree. The tree, her friend and confidant, had stood there for over a hundred years. Its branches could be seen from a quarter of a mile, waving to her, saying, “Hello.”

No one ever came to the tree and as far as she knew, no one even knew it was there. She walked up to it and said, “Hello mother”. For Terri, the security of the tree and privacy reflected the things she loved about her own mother. However, the tree was non-judgmental. It listened to her private confessions and silly thoughts and listened to her sing without more than a peaceful waving of its gentle boughs. The trunk of the tree was large enough that it took three arm-spans to encircle it. Three branches split out from the trunk nearly at the ground, forming a wonderful seat between them.

From the split, each of the branches extended out nearly seventy-five feet from the tree base. Terri asked the same question she always asked, “Mother, may I sit in your big lap?” The tree always seemed to say, “Yes of course dear, climb on up.” Terri put her hands in the crotch of the tree and pushed herself up until she could slip her knee into the palm cradle of the tree and then she pulled herself up the rest of the way.

The tree branches were broad and she leaned her back against one branch, pulled her knees up in front of her, and wrapped her arms around her ankles. Sitting quite quietly in the lap of the tree, she closed her eyes, leaned her head back, and sighed. She sat like that for a long while and then opened her eyes just a little and saw the leafy green umbrella over her that was blurred by her long eyelashes. She could hear the wind rustling through the branches and the leaves fluttered, catching the bright sun, making the green canopy sparkle against the deep blue sky.

She propped her legs up on each of the boughs, felt the bark of the tree against her inner calves, and began rubbing her legs against the tree. With her eyes closed, she felt the touch intensified. Her hands reached out and found branches and she caressed the branches with her hands, feeling the rough bark. She felt free and as if she was part of the forest. The tree seemed to breath as she felt its warm soft bark. She felt the wind blow against her skin at the opening of her blouse above her top button and felt it gently slipping up under her pleated skirt. She began to feel the warmth build up in her hips. Terri unbuttoned her blouse, first checking to see that she was alone, and of course, she was. This was her private place, her hideout. Her white blouse fell back against the tree and her breasts were open to the spotted sunlight.

Nipples erect and pink, she touched one and began to circle it with her fingertips and then pinch it and then pull on it. She moved her other hand to give the same aksaray escort attention to her other nipple. Hands both pinching and twisting them until they were hard as large pebbles. She began breathing more rapidly. She caressed her new breasts and found them strangely full and pliable. She squeezed them and pushed them around in circles. She pushed one up toward her mouth and stuck her tongue out as far as it would go and could just touch the nipple with her wet pink tongue tip. She pushed her breast and nipple up farther until she could get her lips around the nipple and then sucked it as hard as she could. It felt so good. The sensation was as if she had three clitorises, all connected together. All were equally sensitive with the nerve endings close to the skin surface.

Her hips began to churn and she let her legs slide down the outside of the two branches that were opposite the one against which she was leaning. Her skirt rode up until her white panties peaked out from her skirt hem. Terri moved her right hand down her soft stomach and across the coarse fabric of the skirt to the soft cotton panties. She could feel wetness at the center of her crotch and she traced the wet spot with her fingers. She continued to pinch and twist her nipples with the other hand alternating between breasts. She tried to reach down the top of her panties, but the skirt was in the way and so she unbuttoned it, slipped it off, and then put it under her sweet bottom as a cushion against the tree. Then she put her legs straight up in the air and slipped her panties off, tucking her knees into her chest and pointing her toes. Completely naked to the sky, she spread her legs around the two branches again, leaving her peach, the name she called her sex, open and completely exposed.

She found her clitoris with her fingers and began to trace circles around it as it became hard. She remembered when she had first discovered how delicious her clitoris could feel when she was barely nine years old and knew just how to touch it to get it hard as a rock. She slid her two fingers down the insides of her labia along her clit and then down farther to the pouting flesh at the vagina entrance. She carefully touched her channel entrance. It was still blocked partially by her hymen. She was always careful not to open herself too much, but just one finger was wonderful. She slid her thin finger in and out and could feel her wet juices on her finger. She rubbed her juices on her clit and made it glisten in the sun. Her breath was coming rapidly now, her hips were churning, and she was very close to cuming. She pushed her hips down further between the two boughs of the tree and inside of her knees rubbed against the tree.

The rough bark of the tree added to the sensation. Then she came. It embarrassed Terri a little as cum boiled out of her and forced its way through the small opening in her hymen and squirted out. Moreover, it did squirt out and splashed on the tree trunk and on her sweet round ass, it kept flowing from deep within her vagina, and she could feel the hot flow of juices down the crack of her ass. Her face and neck were flushed and so was her abdomen. She came, came, then shuddered, pulled her legs up to her chest, and then fell limp with her legs apart and her arms hanging down both sides of the branch she was leaning on.

She was startled by the sound of branches snapping and leaves rustling and opened her eyes. At the edge of the clearing in front of her, she saw a boy who looked to be a little older than her, standing behind a small sapling. He was trying to hide, and he looked very funny as he tried to do so. Terri pulled her blouse over her breasts, pulled her legs from the sides of the branches, put her knees together, turned them to the side, and sat up. She was startled, but not afraid, because this was her safe place and anyone in her safe place must be ok.

“Hello?” she said. There was no answer, but she could see him fidgeting behind the tree. She also noticed that he was naked. How odd she thought. She said hello again. This time the young man peaked around the tree to look at her. She smiled and said, “What are you doing here?”

He came out from behind the tree and stood there facing her and displayed no embarrassment at being buck naked. Terri had little experience with naked men or boys in this case and found him wonderful to look at. He was tall, thin, with large blue eyes, and long curly brown hair. His shoulders were broad and his chest muscles sinewy. He had no hair on his body from the waist up. As her eyes ventured below his stomach, she saw his penis, long and perfectly shaped. His legs were muscular and his feet were bare.

Terri asked, “Who are you?”

He walked toward her and she saw how comfortable he was and how at ease he was in the forest. “Hello, My name is Steven. I live her. Who are you? I have never seen you here before?” the stranger said.

“My name is Terri. What do you mean- you live here? This is the forest.

Steven said, “I live in the forest. I was born here.”

Terri asked, “Don’t you go to school? I haven’t seen you there.”

Steven said, “I live in the forest and never leave. I am very glad you came to this spot. You are so very interesting. I do not see many people out her and especially girls.

“So, you topkapı escort were watching me!” Terri said.

“Yes, I have not seen a girl naked before. You looked so relaxed that I did not want to disturb you he said.

The young man came close to the tree and stopped about three feet from the trunk. His face was beautiful, with clear skin, full lips and a strong nose. It was his eyes that were so remarkable. They were very large and the deep blue looked like liquid pools.

Terri asked, “Do you always run around without clothes on?”

Steven said, “I don’t ever wear clothes. I don’t need them in the forest.”

“But what do you do when it rains or gets cold?”

“I have places to go to for shelter and warmth.” He said.

“Do you have family or friends? Where are they?”

“The forest is very big and my family is a long way from here. I come her to this tree to get away from them.”

Terri laughed, “So do I”

Steven moved closer to the tree and closer to Terri. Terri could feel his bare arms against her legs and she could smell the forest in his hair.

Steven said, “You are very beautiful. Your eyes and your mouth are very joyful and sweet. Your dark long hair looks very soft. May I touch it?”

Terri said, “Yes if I can touch your hair too.” And she leaned forward and reached her hand up to touch his hair. As she did so, her blouse fell open and her bare chest and new breasts were exposed. Her nipples were very hard and large. She watched Steven look at them and he was not like the other perverts, as he drank in her nakedness in awe and adoration, with his beautiful blue eyes. He touched her hair and then traced her cheeks with his finger. As he did so, Terri felt a warm electric shiver course through her body.

Terri asked, “Have you ever been with a woman before?” and Steven said no. She said, “I am a virgin too”

“May I see your thing again? It looked very interesting from the edge of the forest when you were touching it.”

Terri smiled and spread her long legs so he could see her peach. As she did so, she felt it only right that she should drink in the view of his penis. His penis was hard and standing straight up against his stomach. It reached to his navel and was as big around as her wrist. She began to breath hard and she cold feel her juices churn deep in her peach.

He quietly looked at her peach and said, “I would like to touch it in the way you did and give you pleasure like you gave yourself.”

Terri said, “Ok, but first I want to touch your cock. After all you have seen much more of me than I of you.”

He smiled and moved closer. Terri reached down, took the head of his penis in her hands, and stroked her warm hands up and down the sides of his shaft. She could feel the odd combination of hardness and soft skin. She became very hot and flushed. That was the first time she had touched a man.

Then she said, “You must be very gentle with my peach and be careful not to make the entrance to my vagina any larger.” Then she leaned back and spread her legs around the tree trunks again to give him full access to her sex. The young man reached out with his large beautiful hands, placed them on the insides of her thighs next to her crotch, and rubbed them up and down the soft skin of her legs.

Terri pointed to her clitoris and said, “Touch me her. It is very sensitive.”

He moved his hand to her clit, touched it with the tip of his finger, and began to press on it and then he pinched it and moved his finger up and down it over and over again. It grew larger and larger and Terri could feel the fluids in her vagina forming and then flowing to her hot little hole. She could feel her hot sap flow through her opening and down toward her little butt hole. Steven could see the sappy fluid and her moved is finger down to rub it and with his wet finger, her traced around her hymen which was completely visible because Terri’s peach was open as a flower. He rubbed the sides of her peach lips and her juices flowed more.

Steven put his finger into her love channel very slowly and began moving it in and out, at first very slowly and then more rapidly. Terri kept coming with every orgasm. She was heaving and pinching her nipples. Her hips lifted up off the palm of the tree and she pushed her crotch closer to the young man. Another entrance caught the young man’s attention. As Terri’s juices flowed down, they pooled in the little puckered area of her butt hole. Steven moved his finger down and circled the little pink puckered area. As his finger touched it, it tightened and then relaxed revealing a small dark opening. He put his fingertip into the opening and it closed quickly, like a shy flower.

However, he was persistent and kept circling the opening until it opened and let him put his finger inside. Terri’s little butt hole clamped down, involuntarily on his finger and then relaxed again. He pushed it in farther and started to feel the insides. Then he pushed deeper inside, sliding it in and out, as he did with her vagina. He began to rub her clit with his thumb and in a little while cum was flowing out of Terri’s peach and down onto his finger and hand. Terri was moaning, crying, and pumping her hips as the young man brought her to climax after climax.

Terri’s eyes sarıyer escort closed and her body went limp. Steven removed his finger and took hold of his cock and began to stroke it with one hand as her stroked her clitoris with the other. In a short while he came and his semen spurted up onto Terri’s stomach and on her sex and trickled down to her ass, mixing with her own cum juices. He shuddered, laughed, laid his head on her stomach, and kissed her repeatedly. They both giggled endlessly.

Then Terri said, stop making me laugh, I gotta pee.” The young man smiled mischievously, and began to tickle her sides and her stomach. Terri wiggled and squirmed and hollered and then sure enough, she began to pee. Great sprinkles of pee came out of her like a little fountain, wet her thighs, and soaked the tree trunk as it fell. She kept peeing for a long time and they both giggles as they watched the fountain. When she was done, and the last hot droplets were flowing down her, the young man went over to the stream nearby, brought his hands full of water, pored it on her, and washed her all over. The cold water made her pee a little more. Then he went for more water and realized he had to pee too and he stood about twenty feet from Terri as he peed a long stream out ahead of him into the woods. Terri had never seen a man pee before. Boys yes, but not a grown man and she found it interesting and a little funny. He came back with more water and finished washing her peach.

Terri closed her eyes and let the sun dry and warm her. When she opened her eyes again, the young man was gone. The sun was climbing high into the sky and the day was getting warmer. She closed her eyes again, thought of how strange the young man was, and she wondered where he went.

Not for any specific reason, she opened her eyes again and saw a man in front of her. He was older than Steven and wore animal skins around his torso.

He was smiling and said hello. “Are you the wood nymph, my younger brother told me about?” said the man, with a very nice and sexy voice.

“Hello. I am just Terri and until recently I had no idea what a nymph was, but I think I am getting the hang of It.” she quipped.

Terri found the man very handsome and strong. She thought about pulling her clothes over her naked body, but decided it was a little silly at this point. In truth, she welcomed his appraising eyes as he looked at her. It was clear he was lusting for her and it turned her on. She pulled her feet up closer to her, bent her knees out, and looked at him over her stomach and between her spread legs. She thought about what the view of her looked like to him. Her nipples were getting hard again and she could feel that her cheeks were beginning to flush.

The man came closer, she could see his eyes more closely now, and his face was framed with a long dark beard that matched his long hair. His chest was fury, as the animal skins he was wearing.

The man said, “I have seen you here many times before and thought you were too young and childish for me. But now, though you are still young, I cannot help but be attracted to your beauty in a carnal way. You are so sexy and your treasures are very ripe and ready for me to take. Will you share yourself with me?”

Terri thought for a moment about how she, only minutes before was regretting not having sex with the younger man, and then said, “Will you disappear like your little brother did?”

“No, I want to stay with you for ever. I will marry you. I will give you children and be a good father.” he said.

“And will you go hunting and leave me alone for a long time?

“I will hunt to bring food to our table and make you happy.”

“Then, will you be gentle?”

“I will be gentle and careful never to hurt you. I think I have always loved you, even when I first saw you when you were a young teenager.” He said.

“Then I want you right now and will love you too. Will you kiss me and let me feel your soft beard against my face?” she whispered.

The man came close as Terri leaned forward, their lips touched, and their arms held each other. Terri’s nipples and breasts crushed against the man’s furry chest and it ticked a little. When she moved her chest against his, it made a delicious friction and heightened the sensation on each nipple. His tongue parted her lips and entered her mouth. He tasted sweet and wet. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and met his tongue with hers and their tongues danced together, entwining like little love snakes. The man felt her back and each of her ribs as his hands roamed over her warm flesh. He moved his hands now and felt the small of her back and then further down to her pretty round ass. Terri felt his hands pushing her hips toward him and she slid forward until she felt his animal skins against her peach. She could feel his hardness beneath the skin. She felt the muscles of his chest and then the hardness of his nipples as she played with. She moved her hands down to his hips, loosened his skins, and let them fall to the ground. His cock was standing rigid and she felt its head and length as she had with the man’s younger brother. She felt his balls below and squeezed them gently. Terri traced kisses down the man’s neck and chest and tight stomach until she felt his penis touching her chin and then she engulfed him in her mouth. She took him all the way in to her throat and pumped her head up and down on his shaft, while he pinched her nipples. She nearly came at the joy of freely sharing her body with this man of men, who loved her and would stay with her forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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