Their First Date

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This story was inspired by a real experience provided by an anonymous reader. I hope this brief story measures up in some way.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Tim had been wanting to ask Kimmie Owen out for quite some time. Actually, quite a long time. She was such a pretty girl. Anybody could see that. She was terribly cute. She had sweet blue eyes that just sparkled through her large round spectacles, rosy dimpled cheeks, the perkiest little nose, and very alluring wavy black hair, which she often wore in pig tails. Adorable; she was just simply adorable. Tim would get hard just thinking about her, but then would feel terribly guilty that he was thinking about her in that way. Tim just couldn’t think about something without also worrying about it, particularly when it came to girls.

Frankly, he couldn’t understand why she wasn’t dating someone already. At least, he didn’t think she was dating anyone. His heart would sink at the thought that somebody might take her away, not that he actually ever had her. He knew that he would have to, at least some time, buck up enough courage to ask her out. What would be the harm? The worse thing that could happen would be that she would say no. And, if she did, then he could at least stop worrying about asking her out. He could move on to someone who might say yes.

But, if she did say no he knew his heart would be crushed, and his hopes for the future with her would be dashed, ruined. At least by not asking her out he could pretend that someday they might be boyfriend, girlfriend. As long as his hopes were not dashed he could still have some hope.

But, if he waited too long he would someday see her with someone else, holding another guy’s hand rather than his own. He couldn’t stand the thought of that. He couldn’t imagine someone else kissing her, touching her.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried. He had approached her a number of times. He had even come real close more than once. Last month he had talked to her about some of the new movies that had just been released. It was a good, perhaps even an obvious, segue to asking her out to see one of them together. But, every time there was the appropriate moment it was only filled with an awkward silence. Tim would think about asking her, and then his heart would just start pounding, his palms would become wet, his face would turn red, his mouth would go dry. He would just freeze, and the silence would be deadly. A distraction would occur and the subject would change and he could feel himself instantly begin to relax. Their conversation would turn to something more neutral, less threatening, and he could then just enjoy the presence of her company, until he again started to think about asking her out.

The closest to a date they had come so far were their study sessions. They would meet at the Student Center to study. Tim liked to think of these sessions as actually dating. After all, it was just the two of them, in the evening, by themselves. Well, they really weren’t by themselves. There was always lots of other people around and they would often get interrupted. But, still, it was a scheduled activity for which they were the only two people invited to attend. The same thing could happen at a movie or a dinner. That was also a scheduled activity for which they were the only two people invited, yet they could also run into somebody else at the theater or at dinner that might also join them. So, studying together could count as a date.

But, he knew he was kidding himself.

What Tim did not know was that Kimmie was probably about as interested in being asked, as he was in asking, and was perhaps just as terrified. She thought Tim was so awfully endearing. He wasn’t the usual hunk of a guy. He could never be an athlete or a model, but he had a strong masculine quality, at least to her. Perhaps to others he seemed a little boyish, perhaps even nerdy, but to Kimmie his boyishness was his charm. And, no matter what anyone said, he was good looking. He had such nice wavy dark hair, a terribly sweet smile, and deep, dark, brown eyes.

Kimmie was trying to give Tim cues that she was interested. Whenever he approached her she would stop whatever she was doing and give him all of her undivided attention. She would give him her most biggest of smiles. She even gave him a nickname that she would use when she was trying to flirt with him. She liked to call him ‘Puffin,’ the same pet name Holly gave Hefner on Girls Next Door. He seemed to like it, being equated with Hugh Hefner in the eyes of Kimmie. He had said that he liked the show very much (perhaps for obvious reasons) and so Kimmie began to call him Puffin, at first just as a playful tease. Initially it made him blush, but she could see that he really did enjoy it. Still, it didn’t seem to help. A couple of times she also put her hand on his shoulder and let it stay there, at least for a bit. She liked doing that cause it gave her a chance to feel his muscles. Puffin seemed like such a strong guy.

But, he just wouldn’t ask mecidiyeköy escort her out. She began to wonder if he was even interested in her. She must assume that most any other guy would have gotten the message and, if he had in fact gotten the message, then the answer must be ‘no.’ But, why would he keep coming up to her at the Student Center? She wondered if she should just give up and look for someone else. But, Timmy just seemed like such a good match for her. He was so bright, and they shared so many similar interests, which was really becoming so evident now over the course of so many, perhaps too many, conversations. Maybe she should just ask him out. No, that would be too terribly forward. And, even more terribly embarrassing if he said no.

But, fortunately, Kimmie’s mother stepped in to help. Kimmie’s parents had to attend a parent-teacher’s conference for her little sister, Susie, and they would need Kimmie to babysit for them. Kimmie normally would not object but this was on the same evening on a scheduled study “date” with Tim.

“But mummy, please, no, I’m suppose to study with Tim tonight.” It would just be awfully terrible if she had to cancel. He might think that she really didn’t want to study with him, and what if he found somebody else to study with! This was really terribly awful. “Oh, mummy, please, I just have to study with Timmy, please, I just must! Can’t you just hire somebody?”

“No, honey, it’s too late now. Well, we tried, but our usual girls are just too busy. Now come on, dear, you’ve baby sat for me many times before.”

Kimmie still lived with her parents, as did many of the students of Templeton College. She had wanted to go to Abberville College, where she would be able to move out and live in a dorm. That would make it a lot easier to meet guys. What guy wanted to go out with a girl who still lived at home? Although, if she had gone to Abberville she would never have met Tim. But, still, her mother still treated her like a kid, requiring her to babysit, clean the house, help with the laundry. She felt so often like she was still in high school, when she was in fact a grown woman attending college. She had to put her foot down and let her mother know that she was 18 now and could make her own decisions. “I know mother, I know, but not tonight.”

Mrs. Owen could see that Kimmie was overreacting, to say the least. One missed evening with Tim would not ruin their relationship. But, as her mother, she could also see how much it meant to her.

Kimmie had never been particularly good with guys. She was a terribly shy daughter, and Mrs. Owen blamed herself for that. It was odd though. Her older sister had dated quite a few guys, had even gone steady at least twice, as far as she knew only twice, but Kimmie had dated only a few and certainly had never had a steady boyfriend.

And, she also knew how much Tim meant to her. Goodness, Kimmie was always talking about him, and what she was always saying was that she was hoping that Tim would ask her out. Mrs. Owen had even suggested inviting Tim over for dinner, but Kimmie felt that would just be too much for a first date. Goodness, it would make her so terribly nervous to be on their first date with her parents there the whole time.

Mrs. Owen had a brainstorm. “Well, Kimmie, why don’t you call Tim up and ask him to come over and baby sit with you?”

“Oh no! Are you crazy!? I can’t do that. Tim doesn’t want to baby sit my little sister! I can’t ask him to do that.”

Why do daughters always reject your suggestions out of hand? It was in fact a very good idea. “Honey, she won’t be up late and then you two can have some time together, maybe watch a movie or something, have some popcorn or make some s’mores.”

Kimmie knew that the s’mores was a terrible idea, but it did hit her that maybe the babysitting wasn’t so bad. Once Susie went to bed they would have the house to themselves. It would be real close to a first date, and one in which nobody would interrupt them, and it wouldn’t be like she was actually asking him to come over for a date cause it was in fact an emergency. She had to stay home. She had no choice. And, she didn’t want to cancel on Tim so, well, she just figured they could study at her house just as well as anywhere else. The fact that her sister would be there for awhile wouldn’t be so bad.

“Mummy, it’s an excellent idea! Oh yes, thank you, oh my. I’ll call him right now!”

Kimmie dashed to the phone and called Tim up.

He didn’t sound too excited on the phone. In fact, he sounded rather indifferent, if not disinterested. But, he agreed to come over.

The fact was that Tim considered it to be an outstanding idea but, because it was such a good idea, it was also terribly scary. This was really close to a real date. They would be alone, in a house, by themselves. Just the thought of it made him nervous. He would have to take an extra shower and put on a double dose of deodorant. He sounded indifferent on the phone because the whole kağıthane escort thought of coming over to her house was actually terrifying. This was even better than a date. They might even be sitting on a couch together. He could feel his penis swelling in his pants at the thought of that.

But, he had to remind himself that it wasn’t really a date. If he thought it was a date then he would just get too nervous and sweaty and, besides, he might in fact do or say something that would ruin everything.

Tim was to arrive at 6PM. Mr. and Mrs. Owen wanted to meet him before they went out. They really weren’t worried about him. Kimmie would hardly be interested in a bad or inappropriate boy and, besides, the way she talked about him it was clearly evident that he must be just about as shy as Kimmie. Frankly, they wouldn’t mind if a little kissing, and even some hugging, occurred. The problem with Kimmie was not getting into trouble, the problem was never even having an opportunity to get into trouble.

Tim arrived on time, and the compulsory conversation with the parents in the living room before they departed went quite well. It was evident to Mr. and Mrs. Owen that their daughter was safe with Tim. They departed with no worries. Actually, the biggest worry would be that they would return and Kimmie would told them that Tim had still not asked her out.

Even the babysitting went well. Tim didn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, he liked that Susie was there. It allowed him to acclimate to the fact that he was actually in Kimmie’s house, sitting on her couch in their family room, with her on the couch as well, sitting next to him, without having to feel any pressure that he was suppose to do something, say something, or, my gosh, try something. It was like a real date with no pressure. It was really quite wonderful and put him at ease.

The trouble began when Susie did finally go to bed, despite Tim’s repeated suggestions to have a bit more popcorn or watch a bit more TV.

When Susie was tucked in Kimmie came back to the family room. Tim was sitting in the corner of the couch, the bowl of popcorn on his lap. He was furiously eating. He had to do something to squelch his tension, but he was also worried that the popcorn would give him gas. What if he had to fart? He certainly couldn’t fart with Kimmie in the room. He could say though that he had to go to the bathroom or get another cola. Yea, it was okay to eat more popcorn.

Kimmie sat down at the other end of the couch.

They were both quiet for awhile, each trying to think of something to say. The only sound in the room was Tim crunching on popcorn and the voices of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer, talking about what was the appropriate way to kiss at a wedding.

Kimmie asked, “Don’t you think they make a great couple?”

“Yea,” Tim replied. “I liked them in 40 First Dates too.”



“Fifty, it was Fifty First Dates.”

“You sure?”


“Oh yeah, 50.”

‘Damn!’ Kimmie said to herself. ‘Why did I have to correct him? What was the point of doing that?’ “Maybe, yeah, it was 40. I think you were right. It was 40.”

“No, you were right. It was 50.”

‘He’s mad,” she was thinking. ‘He thinks I was just trying to show off, trying to show him up.’ “Puffin, can I have some popcorn?”

“Oh yeah, sorry. I was hogging it.” He slid the bowl of popcorn into the middle of the couch. She had been hoping that he would invite her over to sit by him. This was now even worse, cause if she sat by him, she would be in between him and the popcorn.

“You know,” he said, “I can never understand in this movie why he just doesn’t tell her that he likes her. It’s like that in all of these movies. They just won’t tell each other. I guess though that’s what makes it a good movie, all the tension.”

Now, that was a segue. He was letting her know that he wanted to say it, just like in the movie. She was certain of that. She embraced her courage, got up from the couch, picked up the bowl and sat down right next to him.

Tim’s heart started to race. He hadn’t been intending anything at all by his remark. It was just an observation, trying to make conversation. Her moving, however, was unambiguous, or at least it seemed that way to him. She was sitting right next to him. She didn’t have to sit there. Was she suggesting that he put his arm around her? Actually, maybe she was just concerned about the popcorn spilling. Yea, that was it. She didn’t want the bowl to be just sitting on the couch. If it spilled her parents would really be pissed. All the butter stains and everything. Rather than tell him what a sloppy oaf he was, she just put the popcorn on her lap.

Kimmie took a deep breath, hoping she was right, and turned to him. “I like you,” she said, looking right into his eyes.

Well, that was truly unambiguous. Although, saying you liked someone wasn’t saying a lot. Of course they liked each other. They were beşiktaş escort friends. “I like you, too,” he said.

She smiled at him and leaned her shoulder against him.

She had crossed the threshold. It was now out there; completely and openly out on the table. He could either grab the baton or run and hide.

He wondered, however, how to get his arm over, around, her shoulder. It was now firmly ensconced against her side and his. There wasn’t enough room to slide it out and up around her.

He leaned against her in turn as he reached for more popcorn with his left hand, but as he pulled back he realized that this was too ambiguous. Well, she had crossed a line, he should share the burden and do so as well. He shifted his right hand from his own lap and rested it on her leg, just above the knee, and then waited, wondered, and worried what she would do.

Kimmie’s heart was now pounding. Timmy actually had his hand right on her knee! He was touching her, and not just any random or innocent touch. It was in response to her saying she liked him, and it was on her couch as they were sitting close to one another, very close, her leaning into him. It was now or never, or at least it seemed that way. Mimicking the movie they were watching, she turned to him and said, “Do you want to kiss me? Tim didn’t answer verbally, he just nodded his head. Kimmie closed her eyes and leaned forward, puckering her lips.

He left his eyes open and did as well, meeting her lips with his own.

It was a terribly awkward kiss. Frankly, he could tell right away that this was not the right side, for him at least. He was right handed and she was sitting on his right. He needed to kiss her from the other side. It wasn’t like it was impossible. It’s just that it was a bit clumsy. He couldn’t tell which way to tilt his head.

But, they kissed for quite some time. It was a rather bumbling kiss. They kept shifting their lips, trying to find the best connection. Still, it was their first kiss and that made it terribly wonderful, terribly special. It was clumsy, but nevertheless outstanding, awesome, sensational. They could keep this kiss going forever.

Tim even brought his left hand to her shoulder. He had to do something with his hand. His right arm was still trapped between their bodies as they leaned into each other. His right hand really couldn’t do much more than just lay there, and it was weird to keep his left hand resting in his lap while they kissed for so long. Most importantly, he heard her sigh as she felt his hand come to her shoulder, and she even brought her own hand to his thigh, just above his knee and gave him a little squeeze. His cock was swelling in his pants. He surely hoped that she wouldn’t notice it.

They finally broke their kiss. Kimmie was breathing heavily, her little breasts clearly rising and falling beneath her blouse. “That was wonderful, Tim,” she whispered. “You’re a great kisser.” She knew it was always a good idea to compliment the guy. Her mother had told her that. But, she actually did think he was a great kisser. It was a great kiss. He wasn’t a great kisser, but it was a great kiss.

Tim really wanted to get on her other side. “Here, let me get the popcorn out of the way.” The bowl was still sitting on her lip. He could have just laid it on the floor, but he got up to put it on the coffee table at the other end of the couch, using the brief time as well to shift the position of his cock in his slacks with his left hand, out of her sight. He was wearing boxers. He so wished that he had worn his tight briefs. He really hadn’t been expecting that they would actually be kissing.

After he placed the bowl on the table he turned back to Kimmie and sat down on her left side. Now he felt comfortable, at least with respect to where he was sitting.

He asked, “Can I kiss you again?”

She actually preferred that he not ask her. She would prefer that he just did it. But, she certainly did want him to kiss her again. The kissing had been so awesome. “Would you like to touch me?”

She shocked Tim, and herself, at that remark. But, she felt like her breast was yearning, throbbing, to be touched. Her nipple was so stiff, and felt so aroused. She would touch it herself, if Tim wasn’t there. She pushed out her chest to encourage him.

Tim leaned into her and kissed her once again, at the same time bringing his right hand to her breast.

She gasped at his touch. A boy, Tim, was actually holding, grasping her breast! She never felt so happy, so excited.

She could not have been more excited than Tim. He was equally thrilled at the thought that his hand was now actually placed on the breast of a girl. He had to look. He had to see it for himself. He broke from their kiss and looked down at his hand. There it was: grasping, holding, the breast of a woman.

He squeezed her tit. It felt so terribly good, so soft, so pliant, so full. He moved his hand around, exploring its fullness, its roundness, and, when he reached her nipple, its stiffness. He rubbed the perky little stiff nipple around and around in the palm of his hand. It was like she had her own little stiffie, poking out through her blouse, and, even better, her bra. He wondered what her bra might look like. His cock was straining in his pants.

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