Tommie’s First

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I lived in a really old neighborhood in a house built during the Civil War to hide slaves on their way north along the Underground Railroad. So there was a tunnel with an entrance in my downstairs bedroom that went to the house next door for slaves to escape thru. There was a little room in the middle of the tunnel between the two homes and my best friend Rickey (who lived in the house next door) and I had brought a TV/VCR, a rug, and an old couch down there and we would hang out and watch movies sometimes.

Well, Rickey moved away and I was really pissed ’cause he was a good friend. But the family that moved in after them had a girl named Julie who was exactly 3 months older than me and rockin’ hot. We were both 15 when they moved there and so we got to be good friends. Our family had a pool in our backyard so she would come over and swim sometimes.

About a month after I turned 18 we went swimming and she was wearing this absolutely TINY string bikini. She didn’t have gigantic breasts, but they were really nice anyway and her legs and butt were totally awesome. I was getting quite an eyeful and lovin’ it; she knew it so she was putting on a show by wiggling her rear end and swatting me on the behind and generally showing off her bod.

I was really tall and strong for an 18-year-old but at school I was kinda geeky so I hadn’t ever had a girlfriend. In fact I hadn’t even tongue-kissed a girl before; this was the horniest I had ever been and I was getting really, really excited. In fact, my cock was stiff and I wanted to jerk it.

Julie left the pool and went home and I watched her through a hole in the fence. Instead of going inside, she walked out onto the porch in the back and took off her bikini to sunbathe. She was quite a ways away so I couldn’t really escort şişli make anything out but just seeing her untie the strings and take her bikini off turned me on like you wouldn’t believe. I watched her for a while and then she must have sensed something ’cause she put her swimsuit back on and started walking around the yard.

I knew I needed to leave before I got caught but her legs and tits were bouncing around so pretty that I couldn’t and before I knew it she was looking back at me through the fence. “Liking what you see, Tom?” she asked and I was too startled to do anything but nod. She asked me if I wanted to see more and I thought she was going to go back and sunbathe topless again but instead she told me to meet her in the tunnel at midnight. I didn’t know that she knew about the tunnel but apparently she did.

Well, our family stayed up late watching movies that night and I was really, really antsy ’cause it was 11:30 and they wanted to watch another film. So I pretended to be sick ’cause I knew they would let me go to bed and wouldn’t bother me. At 11:50 I crawled into the tunnel and shut the door behind me and she was waiting for me.

I remember it so well; she had a tank top on that was really, really tight and a pair of gym shorts that showed almost all of her gorgeous legs. I told her I was kinda nervous but she said that was okay ’cause she was a virgin too but that she loved me and wanted to have sex with me. She ran her fingers up and down my arm and I felt tingly all over and then our lips met and it was like I had reached 7th heaven.

I started Frenching first and she responded right away and was pushing her hips up against mine. My cock was throbbing and swelling in my pants and I was starting to breathe really heavily. merter escort I started kissing her on the neck and shoulder and slid the strap of her tank top down. She had a cute lacy bra and I pulled her tank top down over it and started kissing her right underneath her beautiful breasts.

She was laughing and pulled my shirt off and started kissing my chest. I pulled the tank top that was wrapped around her waist down around her gorgeous legs and ran my fingertips over them. She was making lots of noise like she really liked it and even though I hadn’t done anything like this before, I knew what to do.

While she started pulling off my pants I tugged at her shorts with my teeth and pulled them off; my cheek brushed up against her leg and I almost fainted right there. She had a beautiful little pair of dark, dark blue panties that were all satiny. She slid her hand down into my boxers and started playing with my balls. My cock was really, really large even though I was only 18 – almost 7 inches then- and it was harder than it had ever been.

Julie was rubbing it up and down and then she pulled off my boxers. She unhooked her bra and let it fall down and I kissed the tip of each of her tits and then picked her up and set her down on the old couch. She slid her panties down around her legs and I looked at her whole naked body. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

We sat together on the couch and felt each other up for a while. I had never got this far with a girl and having my hands all over her bare tits was almost enough to make me cum and when she began pumping my dick, I came right away. She licked it off her hands and swallowed it, then sucked the rest off my dick and it got a little stiff again right away, but she kept sucking istanbul escort it and got it hard in another minute.

This time I got on top of her and started rubbing my cock up and down her gorgeous little pussy. She was sweating and moaning and jerking back and forth and she grabbed my head and pulled it down toward hers. I thought she was going to keep kissing me but instead she just whispered, “put it in me, put it in me” and before I knew it all 7 inches of my rigid dick was inside of her. It went in really, really easy, unlike what I had heard; I guess it was that we were both sweaty so it was quick and easy. Her cherry popped and she jerked once, but then she cried out and said, “Oh, Tom, that’s so good,” and I kept going in and out and in and out and I felt like my whole body was going to explode. She came right before I did and her whole body stiffened and she yelped as tears came to her eyes.

It was beautiful – she was crying from how good it felt and her pert breasts were standing up so nicely and she pulled my head down and kissed me hard just as I came. It felt like both of us had jumped 2 feet off the couch when I came. We were both crying and kissin’ and layin’ in each other’s arms as I pumped her full of cum. We fell asleep with my cock inside her and woke up about an hour later. We fucked again and fell asleep again.

We woke up at 5 AM and realized how late it was so we French kissed naked for about five minutes before we got dressed. We both went back and went to bed but every couple of nights we snuck into that room to make love to each other for the next 2 years.

Now we are both going off to college together and still our parents don’t know that we are going together. She told me that she had been on the pill for a couple of weeks before because she had wanted to have sex with me. I proposed to Julie a few weeks after we first fucked and she said yes. We set the date just a month ago. I love her so much – she’s the only girl I’ve ever fucked and that’s how it first happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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