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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, utilizing Microsoft Spell-Check. You have been forewarned; expect to find mistakes.


Checking his pockets, Timmy Knudsen saw he had four dollars. It wasn’t enough for a triple bubble gum snow-cone from the Sweet Oak Sno-Cone stand. It was enough for a double, if he didn’t get the condensed milk added to it.

Stepping up, he placed his order and watched to make sure the girl added enough syrup to the shaved ice. Taking his cup, Timmy then looked around for a place to sit and enjoy the cold treat. He frowned, vaguely remembering the young man sitting at one of the benches.

“Hi Timmy; how’s it going?” the young man smiled genially.

“I uh, it’s going,” Timmy shrugged, trying to remember the man’s name.

“You want to say ‘Jared,'” Jared Pearson smiled easily. “Been out with Cindy a couple of times.”

“Oh, oh yeah! How you doing?” Timmy asked, sitting at the young man’s bench.

“Aw, you know,” Jared said, giving his Styrofoam cup one last scrape with the plastic spoon.

Timmy remembered Jared and Cindy disappearing into Cindy’s bedroom for more than two hours. The bumps and bangs and gasps and squeals that came from Cindy’s room left little doubt to what was going on in Cindy’s room. The noises had drowned out the Grand Theft Auto game Timmy and Rusty had been playing.

Before they’d closed the door to Cindy’s room, Jared had been friendly to Timmy and Rusty, Timmy’s best friend. When Jared emerged from Cindy’s room a few hours later, shutting the door behind himself, Rusty had snickered and asked Jared if Cindy was a good fuck.

“I have no idea,” Jared had smiled, then shrugged. “She is a wonderful kisser; I had a terrific time kissing her.”

“Aw come on dude!” Rusty had protested. “We heard all that noise. You going tell us…”

“I don’t know what you think you heard,” Jared had smiled easily as he walked to the front door of the trailer. “Like I said, Cindy is a fantastic kisser.”

“What?” Rusty just could not let the matter drop. “All that ‘oh yeah’ and ‘oh God’ and you going…”

“Shut up, Rusty,” Cindy had screamed, raw hatred for the pimple-faced Russell Barnes quite evident on her pretty face.

“Hey, Beautiful,” Jared had smiled as Cindy skipped up to him, pulling her short robe tightly around herself.

“Hey you,” Cindy had simpered coquettishly, stretching up for a kiss.

“I was just telling them you are one of the best kissers I’ve ever been around,” Jared had smiled, wrapping his muscled arms around Cindy.

“Kissing, my ass,” Rusty said as the hem of Cindy’s robe had risen, revealing her nude buttocks to the two young men.

When she and Jared had finished kissing, Cindy had whirled around. The flaps of her robe had flashed both Timmy and Rusty her landing strip of brown curls. Neither Timmy nor Rusty could miss the sight of Cindy’s inner lips, puffy and swollen.

“Yeah, right, kissing,” Rusty had chortled, earning himself another hateful glare from Cindy and a solemn shake of his head from Jared.

“So, uh, why you ain’t been back?” Timmy asked as Jared casually placed the Styrofoam cup on the bench between them.

“What makes you think I haven’t?” Jared asked, draping his arms on the back of their bench.

“I, you have?” Timmy asked.

“Your sister is a truly beautiful woman, and a fantastic kisser. I also enjoy talking with her,” Jared smiled easily.

“Yeah. Talking,” Timmy scoffed.

“Oh? And what do you think we do?” Jared asked, smiling as a gangly red headed girl glanced toward them.

“I uh, you know,” Timmy said.

“No. I don’t know. I know we kissed, we talked, we kissed some more,” Jared said, smile growing wider when the red head blushed and looked away.

“Aw come on, dude,” Timmy said.

“Timmy, let me ask you something,” Jared said, now turning to look at Timmy. “Let’s say you and I, we went back to my house. We drink a couple of beers, maybe even bust up a few buds.”

“Aw yeah!” Timmy enthused. “You got…”

“And while we’re laying there, feeling good,” Jared said and nodded as the red headed girl again looked at him then quickly looked away. “And we blow each other. Hey, just two guys, you know?”

“Do what? I ain’t…” Timmy screeched.

“You want me telling anyone what we done?” Jared asked.

“No! ‘Cause we ain’t never going…” Timmy blustered.

“Hey, like I said, we’re a little drunk, a little fucked up,” Jared said. “It just kind of got out of hand and…”

“That ain’t never going happen,” Timmy continued to protest.

“Okay, it didn’t happen,” Jared conceded. “But, hey, suppose I want everyone thinking you some kind of fag. You appreciate me telling everyone you did?”

“I’d kick your ass,” Timmy threatened angrily.

“Uh huh,” Jared shook his head. “Anyway, you wouldn’t want me telling anyone that shit, would you? Well guess what, dude? Girls don’t like it either. bahis şirketleri They don’t like guys talking shit about them. Even if it’s Easy MacSqueezy, she don’t want hear you been running your mouth ’bout her.”

Easy MacSqueezy?” Timmy laughed.

“Yeah, you know; girl everyone’s fucked, ‘cept you,” Jared said and again focused on the red headed girl.

The girl blushed again and looked away. She pretended to find a green pickup truck extremely interesting. Jared gave her a polite nod with his head when she peered at him out the corner of her eye. She flamed even redder and looked into her cup.

“Course, you find out, everyone’s been talking shit; she really don’t fuck,” Jared said. “But you want to be known as the guy couldn’t get none of that? When everyone knows she does?”

“Huh,” Timmy thought aloud.

“Or, I mean, seriously, your buddy Rusty? Let me guess; he fucks more girls than you’ve ever met in your whole life, right?” Jared asked.

“Just about,” Timmy laughed.

“And you know ninety nine point nine percent of that is just bull shit,” Jared said, getting to his feet.

Timmy watched as Jared brought his empty cup to a garbage can. Jared then walked directly to the red head and sat down on the bench. She froze, spoon halfway to her mouth. When Jared slid a little closer, she quickly jammed the spoon in her mouth.

Timmy watched as Jared playfully showed the girl his deep purple tongue. The girl laughed and displayed her vivid green tongue. Timmy couldn’t hear what the handsome young man was saying, but saw Jared point to the girl’s cup. The girl tilted the cup and showed Jared the contents.

As Timmy watched, the girl playfully held out a spoonful of her snow-cone to Jared. He leaned forward and laughed when she playfully jerked the spoon back. Jared caught her wrist and took the offered spoon into his mouth.

The girl laughed as Jared pretended he’d been poisoned. Jared then scooted even closer to her, draping his arm across the back of the bench, close to her.

As Timmy watched, the girl finished eating her snow-cone. Jared took the empty cup from her hand and brought it to the garbage can. Then he helped the red head to her feet and wrapped an arm around her slim waist. Timmy watched her sweetly rounded buttocks wiggle and waggle as Jared led her around the corner and out of sight.

A week later, Timmy saw Jared again, sitting on a bench at Browner Park. Jared was sitting, facing the swings, seemingly content to just sit and soak up the sun’s harmful UV rays.

“Hey Timmy, sup?” Jared said easily.

“Hey,” Timmy agreed, plopping down on the bench.

For a few moments, neither young man said anything. There were no children on the swings, just one boy on the tall slide a few yards beyond the swings.

“Other day, that, damn man! I mean, dude! You just went right up and next thing I know, you’re walking off with that girl,” Timmy blurted out.

“Melanie? Very sweet girl,” Jared smiled.

“Uh huh, and let me guess, all y’all did was kiss, right?” Timmy said.

“Mm hmm,” Jared agreed. “She’s a very smart young lady. Wants to be a lawyer. Right now? She’s majoring in History at Connelly.”

“But I mean, you just walked right up to her and…” Timmy said.

“Mm hmm. And?” Jared asked. “What? I should have been too afraid to?”

“Well, yeah, I mean, damn!” Timmy said.

“Whatever,” Jared shrugged, getting to his feet. “Come on, take a walk.”

Timmy got to his feet and the two walked along the trail. The sun was broiling hot and Timmy wiped his forearm across his forehead.

“Anyway, Melanie was giving off the signals,” Jared said. “You know, looking over, looking away, looking back.”

“Really?” Timmy asked.

“Mm hmm, but let me guess; you were looking over at the three blondes by the water fountain, right?” Jared asked.

“Well, yeah!” Timmy agreed. “I mean, dude, they were hot!”

“Mm hmm, and a complete waste of time,” Jared said, pausing by a water fountain.

Timmy watched as Jared let the first gush of water spill into the bowl. From experience, Timmy knew that first spurt of water was near boiling temperature. Then Jared took a long sip from the spurting water.

“How you can say that?” Timmy asked after taking his own drink of water.

“Three of them? Together? You’d never get anywhere with any of them,” Jared said. “See, you pay too much attention to one of them? The other two get all pissed off. And they tell their friend you’re an ass hole and she listens to her friends, even if she thinks you’re really cute so you wasted your whole time for nothing and got nowhere with any of them.”

“Huh,” Timmy said.

“But, let’s say there’d been only one of them over there,” Jared offered. “She’s looking over, she looks away, she looks back, you smile, she smiles back, you go over there.”

Timmy tried to imagine actually getting up and walking over to a beautiful blonde and could not envision himself doing it. He shrugged in defeat.

“And you sit down and say ‘hey, how bahis firmaları you doing? My name’s Timmy’ and, really? Timmy?” Jared continued and paused to watch a man and a very young boy getting some hooks wet in the small pond.

“They biting?” Jared asked and the man smiled.

“Nope, not yet. But don’t you worry; we’re going catch whole bunch of them,” the man said. “Right Bobby?”

The boy said something unintelligible. Jared smiled and waved to the boy, then waved to the father then resumed walking.

“See? Bobby. Timmy. Dude, that’s what your Mommy or Daddy would call you,” Jared said. “Timmy. That’s a little boy’s name. Girls don’t want waste their time on little boys. Even if it’s just a fuck, they still want to know you going be up for the job. If you’re a little boy? Well, little boys ain’t up for the job.”

“I, but everyone calls me…” Timmy said.

“Because you told them to,” Jared said. “You’re the one walked up and said ‘hi, my name’s Timmy.’ So that’s what they went with.”

“Huh,” Timmy mused.

“But anyway, you walk up and say ‘Hi, my name’s Tim,’ and she says her name’s mm Jenny. Then what?” Jared prompted.

“I, uh, I don’t know,” Timmy admitted.

“All right, she’s eating a snow-cone,” Jared said. “So, you say, ‘what flavor you get?’ and she says mm spearmint,” Jared coached. “You tell her spearmint? You’ve never had spearmint; is it any good?”

“What? I’ve had…” Timmy said.

“Or she’s wearing a Bruno Mars tee shirt,” Jared cut Timmy’s response off. “You heard he puts on a hell of a show; has she ever been to one of his concerts?”

Bruno Mars? God! He sucks!” Timmy exclaimed.

“Dude,” Jared sighed, shaking his head. “All right, last time, you had on a Dark Throne tee shirt…”

“Yeah! They are so…” Timmy enthused.

“And the only kind of girls into doom metal? Are not into you,” Jared said. “Most likely? They’re into girls that listen to Bruno Mars.”

“Oh,” Timmy reflected on that thought.

“Dude, I know Bruno Mars sucks. His lyrics are stupid and the music is shit,” Jared agreed.

“I mean for real,” Timmy agreed.

“But, hey, you like when people point out how stupid they think you are?” Jared asked and stopped to watch some ducks splashing in the pond.

“Well, no,” Timmy agreed.

“I mean, right now, you got on that Mortal Kombat tee shirt,” Jared said and watched as one of the ducks dove to try to catch a fish. “And this girl comes up and says ‘Mortal Kombat sucks. You like that? Dude, Candy Crush is a million times better. You’re so stupid for liking such a stupid game.’ How willing would you be to put up with her? Especially if she’s not really all that cute?”

“I’d tell her suck my dick,” Timmy agreed.

“Uh huh. But, same girl. Not all that cute. I mean, she’s okay; she doesn’t make blind kids cry or nothing, you know? And she comes up and says, ‘Mortal Kombat? Man! I tried playing that other night? I just, I was so lost! You show me how play it?'” Jared said. “You’d be pretty willing go back to her place and show her how to play it, wouldn’t you? And she leans over and gives you a kiss. You’d kiss her back, right?”

Well, yeah,” Timmy agreed.

“Well, girls are the same way, man. ‘Bruno Mars sucks? Well, fuck you too.’ But, ‘Bruno Mars puts on a great show? No, I’ve never been to one of his concerts, but I watched this show on Netflix?'” Jared said, pausing by a nondescript car. “Got to get to work. Catch you later.”

Tim Knudsen saw Jared the next day, leaving Cindy’s room. When Jared greeted him with ‘Timmy,’ Tim smiled and said his name was Tim.

“Awesome,” Jared smiled. “

“Hey, just let me take a quick shower then we can go, all right?” Cindy said, not bothering to close her robe for the short walk from bedroom to bathroom.

“Take your time; I’m hanging with my man Tim here,” Jared agreed.

“Timmy?” Cindy scoffed. “Yeah, whatever.”

“So, not Timmy no more, huh?” Jared smiled, sitting on the couch next to Tim.

“Nope,” Tim said, pausing his video game.

“So, you go up, you say your name’s Tim. Then what?” Jared prompted.

“I, uh, well, I mean, she’s got on an Adele tee shirt; you know Cindy listens to that shit?” Tim said.

“Mm hmm; can’t stand her,” Jared agreed. “But that’s fine. But let’s say she doesn’t have anything like that. She’s just wearing a polo shirt, not eating anything. What does Tim bring to the table?”

“I, what you mean?” Tim asked.

“Well, Tim, what can you offer her that no other guy around can?” Jared asked. “I mean, you’re not packing a ten inch monster, are you?”

“I uh, no, I, shit, not like I measure it,” Tim lied ineffectively.

“You’re not independently wealthy, are you?” Jared asked.

“I, no,” Tim agreed.

“So, why should she put up with your, dude, ever hear of ironing? Your clothes look like shit; you sleep in that?” Jared asked.

“I, huh?” Tim asked, looking at his well-worn jeans and his Korn tee shirt.

Jared had on a pair of khaki shorts and a bright yellow pullover shirt. kaçak bahis siteleri When Tim had first met Jared as Jared was leaving Cindy’s bedroom, Jared had been wearing a pair of cream colored cargo shorts and a bright red button up shirt, untucked. His feet were jammed into topsiders. When they’d been at the Sweet Oak Sno-Cone stand, Jared had worn a red pullover shirt and a pair of faded black jeans. His tennis shoes had been clean, stark white. At the park, Jared had been wearing a short sleeve button up shirt and a pair of slacks. His belt had matched his shoes and the shoes had looked polished.

“I uh, yeah, like I can afford dress like you, huh?” Tim argued hotly.

“Hmm? Most of my clothes? Goodwill on Roberts Drive,” Jared smiled.

“Huh?” Tim asked. “The Goodwill’s on…”

“Roberts, in Oakleaf. The rich side of town?” Jared suggested and smiled as Cindy playfully flashed him a glimpse of her 30C breasts and neatly manicured landing strip.

“But what about the one on…” Tim asked.

“One on Pembroke? Who donates to them? The people that live here. The people make same kind of money as you do,” Jared patiently explained. “You really want their leftovers? You really want the stuff they’re throwing out?”

“You know she’s going take forever,” Tim said, nodding toward his sister’s door.

“And?” Jared said. “Why I stopped kissing her and told her I’m taking her to Bully Burgers.”

“Kissing her,” Tim shook his head.

Tim had heard the grunts and moans and squeals coming from his sister’s room. Tim had heard Cindy scream out more than once. He had even heard her beg Jared to stop, it hurt, please pull it out. Those entreaties had been followed by declarations of ‘Oh God, you’re killing me, oh God yes, yes!’ He knew there had been a lot more than just kissing going on in that room.

“And, new invention,” Jared went on. “Called a razor?”

“Hey, man, come on, huh?” Tim asked, rubbing the scraggly wisps of hair on his face.

“Who else has that fuzz on their faces? Guys like your buddy Rusty. And no matter what your buddy says, he is not getting more ass than a toilet seat,” Jared said and perked up when Cindy’s door opened.

“Trying find my top,” Cindy explained as she slid open the bi-fold doors of the trailer’s washing machine.

Jared and Tim both watched as Cindy rooted around in the small dryer. Her naked buttocks were visible as the hem of her robe rose up. Her sweetly rounded hillocks of flesh wiggled and waggled as she rummaged through the contents.

“Sweetheart, be a lot quicker if you just dump everything into that basket there,” Jared suggested.

Cindy shot a wide smile Jared’s way and did exactly that. A moment later, she located the top in question and closed the door of the washroom.

“And my butt still hurts,” Cindy announced before she closed her bedroom door again.

“But it’s still a beautiful butt,” Jared complimented.

“Her butt still…” Tim mused out loud.

“And get a haircut,” Jared went on. “No one is impressed with that bush.”

Tim was about to argue, then clammed up. His older sister had always been a bitch for as long as Tim could remember. Cindy was only eleven months older than him, but had always acted like she was eleven years his senior. And when Tim had failed the ninth grade, had to repeat that grade, Cindy had delighted in teasing him without mercy.

Cindy had always been a bitch to any friends Tim had brought into their trailer. Their mom did nothing to stop her daughter, did nothing to correct Cindy’s attitude.

Part of the animosity, Tim was sure, stemmed from the fact that Tim’s father had broken up the marriage between their mother and Cindy’s father. Glen Blanchette, Tim’s father had been a co-worker of Johnathon Timothy Knudsen, Cindy’s father and had loudly and proudly announced to their co-workers that he’d managed to seduce J.T’s wife. Peggy, their mother had not denied the accusations. And naming Tim after J.T. did not soften J.T’s heart. But Cindy had heard the stories, and had harbored a grudge against her brother because of the stories.

But when it came to her own relationships, Cindy had few friends; few girls would put up with Cindy’s scathing words and haughty demeanor. Cindy had rarely had any boyfriends; boys tended to shy away from her demanding attitude. But, Jared, if Cindy’s words could be believed, had not only managed to fuck Cindy, multiple times, but had managed to somehow coax Cindy into Allowing Jared to have anal sex.

Tim looked at Jared’s neatly trimmed hairstyle, Jared’s smooth face, his neat, clean clothing. Jared was handsome, in a bland way. There was nothing truly remarkable about Jared’s brown hair or brown eyes.

“All right,” Jared smiled, getting to his feet as Cindy approached them. “Damn you look good.”

“Whatever,” Cindy said, but smiled at Jared’s praise.

“Hey Tim?” Jared asked as he slipped his sunglasses on. “Why did Adele cross the road?”

“Oh God, that’s so stupid,” Cindy rolled her eyes, even as she giggled.

“I uh, shit, I don’t know,” Tim shrugged.

Tim was about to say ‘To get away from her shitty music’ but something in his bitch sister’s giggle stopped him. Even though Cindy had said it was stupid, she still giggled at Jared’s question.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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