Twin Summer Ch. 02

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I suppose that I ought to explain that before that wonderful summer’s day when I had such a wonderful time fucking those beautiful blonde Cramwell twins, I had already lost my virginity. The story of losing it might explain the enthusiasm with which I was willing to have my face sat on by the lovely Laura and why I tried so hard to give pleasure to both the girls. I had a really good teacher and I only wish some of my friends would learn the same lessons — they might get on better with their girlfriends — and enjoy the sex more of course!

It was a very cold winter’s night when I lost my virginity, learnt a lot about girls and sex and especially how to give pleasure as well as receive it. It happened like this:

The winters in rural Dorset can be very cold, not getting the advantage of the warm Gulf Stream like Devon and Cornwall and this particular winter, when I had just turned 18, was particularly cold with deep snow followed by hard frosts. My elder sister, Rachael, who was two years older than me had got us invitations to a New Year party in Brillingham, some six miles from where we lived. The invite was from one her old school friends, Sophie Pellow, whose parents were away that holiday sunning it amongst the pyramids and temples of Egypt. There were to be six of us and unlike most teenage parties I was used to, this was going to be a smart dinner party for which we had both dressed to the nines compared to the usual jeans and tee-shirts. I was wearing black chinos and a black-shirt with the bright crimson jumper I had been given for Christmas.

Rachael, who is brunette, like me, has blue eyes and a pretty face, and even though I’m her brother, I’ve got to admit, one great figure. She looked stunning that night in a micro-mini dress that seemed only just to reach down to the top of her thighs and she wore a glitzy top that showed off the cleavage from those double-d boobs of hers. She wore gold bangles and matching gold necklace and earrings. She smelt of some wonderful exotic scent, but I never asked her the name — well little brothers don’t do they?

We had always got on well together — she looked out for me when I was small and then I looked out for her when I grew bigger – I was about 6′ by then and she had stopped growing at about 5’6″. When Mum saw what Rachael was wearing she wasn’t too pleased as the night was really cold and Mum thought Rachael would probably freeze. However, Rachael explained she was driving, the car had heating, Sophie’s house was warm, etc., etc., so, no problem.

Anyway, let’s cut the domestic arguments and move forward to trying to get to Sophie’s. If you have been to Brillingham, you will know it as a quaint old fashioned village of about twenty cottages along a narrow twisty road — a small place where the gritting lorries don’t get to, so the ice tends to stay on the road. Sophie lived about half a mile out of the village in nice cottage set back from the road. It was a reasonable size, but with just three bedrooms (Sophie was an only child). The cottage was built about 1700 of pink sandstone and shale roof.

It was a beautiful frosty night, the stars blazed above us and a three quarters moon made the snow covered landscape shine with an eldritch light.

We drove off the main road and down through the village and nearly made it to the cottage, but about 100 yards from the door, Rachael skidded on black ice and the car went into a spin ending up in the ditch at the side of the road. Luckily neither of us was hurt, but the car was a real mess and was not going any further.

Rachael was a bit shaken, so I got my mobile out and phoned home. It took some convincing to stop Mum and Dad racing out to save use, but I said we would be fine at Sophie’s and there was not much that could be done ’til the morning and we knew Sophie would put us up. Eventually the hot air from down the phone stopped and we got out into the freezing night.

You would think that walking 100 yards would be a

cinch, but Rachael, bless her heart was in her best high heels — and best high heels and ice and snow do not go together. She went over after just 10 feet, falling headlong into a snow drift. I pulled her out and we went another 10 feet before she was down on her backside. There was little choice, I hoisted her up and gave her a fireman’s lift over my shoulder. Wow, that was the worst 100 yards of my life. The road was really treacherous and we both fell over together at least twice more before we got to the door. By this time Rachael was completely blue and couldn’t stop shivering in the sub-zero temperature, her micro-mini was riding up above her knickers, her stockings (nice garters sis!) were in shreds and her glitzy top a damp mess that was no longer mecidiyeköy eskort working as a cleavage holder — we did not care, we just wanted to get through that door!

I rang the bell and Sophie answered nearly straight away. We must have been a real sight, I was still shouldering Rachael and it was her wet knickers and torn stockings that first faced Sophie when she opened the door. “Oh my God!” she screamed “are you hurt?”

We stumbled into the house and went straight to the living room where I laid Rachael on a sofa in front of the fire. I quickly explained to Sophie about the road and Rachael just being frozen, not really hurt and Sophie said she’d phone the others and tell them not to come as it was obviously too dangerous.

Rachael was really shivering uncontrollably and I hugged her to me to try and get some warmth into her. Sophie got a brandy and said she would run a hot bath. Rachael clung to me pressing me against her nearly exposed breasts. I have got to confess, that my manhood friend was finding this a little erotic, so despite the cold and despite the fact she was my older sister, I was beginning to get an expansion in my crotch and my pants were getting tight.

Sophie called to bring her upstairs, so I gently lifted her again and carried her up the narrow cottage staircase her ample bosom pressing into my back and my arm holding her just below her rather neat backside. We got her into the bathroom and Sophie and I started taking off that once stunning outfit, which was now really only fit for the bin.

The bathroom was a bit of a surprise in such an old cottage, it was quite large, carpeted throughout and had a raised area into which a large double bath had been sunk. This was now nearly full of steaming bubbly water. Rachael stood shaking on the raised platform as Sophie took one stocking and I took the other and started pulling them down. I looked at Sophie and saw that she gently caressed Rachael’s leg as she pulled the stocking down. Rachael murmured and I caught Sophie’s eye. There was a tinge of red that started at her neck and then blossomed up her face. She winked at me!

A little surprised, I stood up and started to help with the ruined top and unclasping the sis’s bra while Sophie started to ease down her soaking pants. Sophie’s hand came around and brushed my hardened crotch as she did so. I gasped. Rachael who was standing a few inches above me turned and looked me in the face. Her teeth were still chattering, her face was streaked with dirt and mascara, but she smiled. “Little bro is growing up I think.” She said though clenched teeth. I pulled away her bra and she waved her double-ds in my face, nearly offering her nipples to my gapping mouth.

I hadn’t seen my sister naked since we were kids and shared the bath and it was, if a little strange, a very pleasant revelation. I started to look at her properly. Her tits were full, her nipples were hard and erect from the cold, her stomach, smooth and flat. My eyes drifted lower towards her pubic triangle where they met Sophie’s eyes coming back up. Sophie was caressing her way up the inside of Rachael’s legs slowly and deliberately, pausing and kissing her when she got to the trimmed pubic hair at the top. She wasn’t shaved as you see so many girls in the mags, but she obviously had had some treatment as she just had a little dark rectangle of hair left.

Sophie pulled herself up, wrapping her arm around Rachael’s back side and again deliberately brushed my cock — this time pausing there. I was mesmerised! “Come-on Rachael into the tub!” she suddenly said and we helped Rachael over the lip into the steaming waters.

I stood still on the lower part of the floor behind Sophie as Rachael carefully lowered herself into the bath with Sophie supporting her. Sophie knelt down on the raised bit and started to lap the warm water over sis’s shoulders and her breasts and Rachael gradually stopped shivering. After a few minutes, Sophie got some bath oil starting started massaging Rachael’s shoulders slowly and gently. She then moved her hands lower and cupping each Rachael’s breasts in turn in one hand smoothed down the softening nipple with the other. Rachael eyes closed and she groaned and moaned as Sophie gradually worked her way gentle downwards, massaging every part of her soft golden skin.

Sophie was also dressed in one of the micro-mini’s so popular with the girls (and boys!) that year. Her stocking were black and diamond patterned. Her top was a bit more sensible than Rachael’s being a green cashmere polo neck. She was a redhead with green laughing eyes matching the cashmere. Her long hair was tied up in a French plait over her head.

As she massaged my sister I was really in a state escort bayan of shock, just standing there, erect cock wanting freedom and teenage brain not knowing what to do. She was working her way down Rachael’s thighs by now and as she moved, she raised her ass in the air in my direction. I could see the frill of her suspender belt holding up her stockings and I could see the white of her pants. There was a thin darker line of dampness where the knickers were tight against her vagina. She leant over sis and started kissing her breasts. I couldn’t believe it as she gently took one nipple in her mouth and started to suck and tease it with her teeth. One hand went between Rachael’s thighs and worked its way up, her other came out of the bath back between her own legs where she started rubbing herself through her panties, making them even damper. Dumbstruck, I watched as she teasingly revealed her cunt to me, rubbing it around with her fingers. I had never seen between the legs of a girl before except in some soft porn mags — certainly not a live girl like Sophie just two feet in front of me and I was surprised how red and inflamed it looked. I forgot about Rachael as I watched Sophie play, rubbing herself and groaning in pleasure. I could see the vagina gradually open, like the opening of a pink flower. She rubbed around the edges and it glistened with her juices. She lifted her head from sucking Rachael’s tits turned and looked at me for a long time. Then she asked “Can I trust you?” I was dumb and I couldn’t answer. After a minute looking at me with an absolutely wicked expression on her face, she whispered: “Kneel down and lick me — you’ll like it, I promise!”

My cock was as hard as ebony and I just wanted to release it from its cage and to plunge it into between those pink glistening lips. Instead, I knelt down, pulled the white panties aside and for the first time put my tongue into and tasted the honey that is a girl. The taste was slightly salty, but incredibly more-ish and quickly my tongue was darting deeper and into Sophie’s cunt while she and my sister caressed over the bath. This was a drink I had never imagined having on New Year’s Eve and I tried to get more and more of my mouth into that pink fleshiness and suck as much of that juice as I could get. In a few minutes, I became more adventurous and started to use my teeth to tease and nip. Sophie began to buck and cry out and I pulled back worried I had hurt her. “She straightened up and said “Wow — one fast learner.”

She turned around, pulled up her rather damp cashmere over her head, showing me her breasts cupped in a black lacy bra. “A tongue like yours needs exercising!” she said, pulling down the front of the bra cups and offering her nipples to my mouth. It was all the invitation I needed and opened my mouth wide to take one of her breasts into it. “No!” She said, “Gently lick around the aureole and make my nipples hard.” So with her guiding me I started using my tongue first on one nipple and then on the other, watching them swell and harden as they had my full attention. I was still standing and I started to push my aching groin into her body.

Whilst I was doing this, a much recovered Rachael suddenly called “Hey, Rick!” “What are you doing with my best friend?”

“Sssh! I’m teaching him how to treat a girl.” said Sophie, “He is really very cute.”

I stood there agape and red in the face — “My God,” I thought, “that’s my sister! She must be a lesbian, this is obviously her girlfriend and I’m standing here in front of sis with my zip fit to burst and sucking her girlfriend’s tits – how embarrassing can you get?”

Sophie simply stood up smiled and started taking off the rest of her clothes. She undid her bra and her gorgeous firm tits came free. Not as big as Rachael’s double-ds, but rounded and the size of small oranges. She undid her suspender belt and then bent and rolled down each stocking in turn. She then removed her panties, leaving her completely naked in front of me, her trimmed red gold bush shining in the bathroom light.

“Rick,” Sophie said “you know after all that falling about in the ice and snow, you could do with a bath too. Would you like me to undress you?”

“But, Rachael!” was all I could say.

“That’s OK, she’ll promise to close her eyes when you’re naked, won’t you Rachael dear?”

Rachael giggled. “No, no,” she said “I’ll just get out and leave you two alone to get to know each other better. Can I get into your bed?”

So Sophie gave Rachael an enormous fluffy towel and my sister left the steaming bathroom, with just me and the naked Sophie. “If you want to have the best time of your life” she said “you just follow my lead and learn — OK?”

I think my mouth was bayrampaşa escort open again and I stood there and nodded.

“OK” she said “first you need to learn about my clitoris. It’s here.” She sat on the platform and spread her legs on either side of her leaving her cunt fully exposed. She licked the tips of her fingers and started to gently rub the upper part of her split, just above the gaping vagina.

“Come and lick and learn.”

I knelt between her outstretched legs and lent forward to put my tongue where she had indicated. It was like a hard knobble and she groaned and gasped as I played I with it, my tongue lapping it up and down and side to side. Fancying a quick drink, I started to also dart my tongue back into her cunt to taste those juices again, replacing my tongue on her clit with two of my fingers. She grasped my shoulders and started massaging me as I worked away. Her hands came down and lifted my jumper and I had to pause in my work as she pulled it over my head. My face went back down between her legs and she gradually undid the top buttons on my shirt and her hands went inside and started tweaking my nipples. She couldn’t reach all the way down, so I again straightened up and pulled my shirt off.

Sophie leant forward and started to rub my hard cock through my trousers. Then cupping my balls in one hand started to work on undoing my belt with the other. I sat back as she undid the top of my chinos and carefully freed the world’s hardest hard on. I was reasonably well endowed and she pulled the front on my pants down under my balls leaving my circumcised cock standing proud and free.

Glistening at the end was a small patch of liquid. “This is the world’s best lubricant, pre-cum” she whispered, putting a finger on the top of my prick and gently smoothing the oily substance around the bulging crown. It felt amazing. I didn’t know I even had such a gift. More was oozing from the top and she again put her finger there, this time taking the oil and rubbing her clit with it. She lent back against the edge of the bath as moaned as she played with herself. She took more with her other hand and applied it to her pussy lips, pulling them gradually apart and revealing a dark pink tunnel. Her hand went back another time and again she rubbed the oil around the red red top of my prick. She then pulled it gently towards her cunt and for the first time ever I felt the warm moist grip of a hot steaming vagina.

Her muscles gripped me and released me and we soon established as rhythm. I on my knees, trousers half way down my legs with her cunt open in front of me on the raised platform, her legs spread to either side. I wanted to pump wildly, but she held me back and we slowly fucked with me thrusting deeper and deeper. With one hand Sophie held my balls and with the other she again rubbed her clit.

Suddenly dhe shouted “Suck my tits!” and my head bobbed down to her chest to oblige. I was going to cum, but didn’t know if I could inside Sophie. I didn’t know if she was on the pill or anything and we certainly had no condom. I pulled back before it was too late, Sophie’s vaginal muscles releasing my cock.”

“Phew!” she gasped “I could do with more of that — were you about to cum? It would have been OK.” I nodded. She stood up and pulled me up in front of her. With the platform between us we were about the same height and she pulled her mouth onto mine and we ground my cock between her legs as we kissed, tongues moving from one mouth to another. Eventually she pulled back and started to bend her knees until her mouth was beside my cock. “Mmmm! More lubricant!” she chuckled and licked the pre-cum from the top of my prick. She then took all eight inches into her mouth and sucked and tongued me. I nearly came again, but Sophie knew her business and stopped just in time. She then pulled my chinos and underpants right down so I could step out of them.

“Time for another fuck” she said. She turned again and bent down with her legs apart and her ass pointing back at my cock. Her open cunt was too inviting and I moved forward and plunged in. She let out a little scream and I rammed home.

Her hand again went to her clit and and she rubbed harder and harder as I fucked her harder and harder. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she screamed and we became like wild things.

Suddenly her cunt went very tight and she started her orgasm — it triggered mine as well and cascades of hot sperm went spurting deep inside her. I had heard of a simultaneous orgasm, but thought they were rare events, but here I was on my virgin plunge doing the ultimate in sexual experience. It went on and on hot streams of pleasure coursing through both our bodies until finally we were both spent.

Sophie crawled forward into the bath releasing my softening cock. “Come on big boy!” she said, taking my hand and pulling me into the water beside her “End of lesson one.”

That New Year’s Eve was a long way from over, but the rest of the night is for another chapter.

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