White Boy in Asia


White Boy in AsiaWhite Boy in AsiaChapter one, Callum is bored;Callum was bored, lately there was nothing unusual about that, Bored was the norm, ever since his mum and dad had divorced and his dad had dragged him of to live a nomadic life style, in the Far East. Callum’s dad works for an international Aid Organization, they went to the Countries where his dad was needed the most, and this subsequently meant that the places he went to live and work, were invariably third world countries where poverty was the order of the day.This City in the south of Pakistan is no different; it appeared to Callum that all the people in this place, are poor and starving, and none more so than the street k**s and the beggars who accost the foreigners. The beggars offered all manner of wares, and sometimes they even offered themselves and their c***dren to the rich foreigners, they would do anything to get money to buy food to sustain themselves and their families.Callum’s dad had warned him not to go into the southern sector of this large squalid city, it is the sleaziest part of town, where the pimps and prostitutes work and live. Rather than scare Callum off it had the opposite affect, like a mosquito drawn to a bright light, Callum drawn to explore that forbidden zone. To seek out experiences that he could not yet put into words.Callum had finished his shower and stood gazing at himself in the full-body length mirror, seductively he rotated his slim naked hips and giggled boyishly as he watched his reflection in the mirror as his small 4 inch uncut penis bounce sexily back and forwards. At thirteen years of age, Callum was small for his age and he was yet to show any real signs of puberty, only a few small hairs had started to sprout around the base of his cock, he’d worried about that, but his dad assured him that puberty was inevitable, the fact that he had blond hair didn’t help as there was very little contrast between his pale white skin and his light colored hair.Callum tugged on his cock which caused blood to rush into it as his cock extended to its full length four inch length, for a moment he was tempted to keep pulling on it until he felt that special build up that would lead to the wonderful feeling when he would cum. Lately he had even started to produce small quantities of milky white fluid. Still he would have preferred that he look older, or at least look his age. Callum stopped pulling on his cock, because he knew that if he blew his load then his courage would dissolve and he wouldn’t have the nerve to go exploring in the forbidden sector, so instead he reluctantly let go of his penis and picked up his bright red briefs, for a moment he hesitated, should he wear underwear? Probably, he pulled on a pair of baggy cargo shorts and his favorite tee shirt, it was a touch on the small side but it was after all his lucky shirt. Finally he pulled on his ankle socks and converse keds, brushed his hair away from his eyes and got ready to leave.Mum used to follow him around the house with a hair brush, his long blond hair was nearly always across his eyes, “how can you see where your going?” his mum would argue as she tried to brush his hair away from his eyes, but Callum liked it best that way, it hid his eyes, not that he didn’t have nice eyes, they were green, but both his parents had the brightest blue eyes and it was the one single thing about himself, that he wished he could change. At least his dad couldn’t care less how he wore his hair or his clothes.It was mid afternoon when Callum finally left the Hotel where he and his dad lived, albeit his dad was away most of the time leaving Callum alone for weeks on end. Callum felt a twinge of guilt as he turned south towards the river. Before leaving the Hotel room, he stashed a small amount of the local currency into his shorts pocket, not enough to be a tragedy if he was robbed but still enough, by Callum’s reckoning, to buy something. He walked along the esplanade which fortunately was not too crowded at this time of the day as most of the locals were still enjoying their midday siesta. He continued on south until he reached the river, he was now on the boundary of his local knowledge in terms of geography, he looked behind him at the large predominant spier of a church, and decided that would be his compass if he got lost.On the southern side of the river the smell and the poverty was far more obvious, bleak faces stared up at him as he walked with purpose towards the southern area of town, here the peoples situation was so desperate that the poor did not even bother to beg. It was much the same for the next mile or so, until slowly Callum noticed that the surroundings were changing, every now and then he saw a cinema or some kind of club and even though he could not read the writing on the local signs he could tell by the pictures on the billboards that they were naughty cinemas or clubs or XXXX book shops. It wasn’t long before he was accosted for the first time by a local prostitute, brazenly she walked right up to him, smiled sweetly and reached out and placed her hand over his crotch. Callum jumped back in surprise which made the whore laugh. He did not understand a word of what she was saying but he had gotten the gist of it. Suddenly other whores were around him, before long he was in the midst of 4 girls or rather ladies, none of them were particularly pretty or young.Callum was frightened, nothing like this had ever happened to him before, it was far from how he imagined it laying awake at night fantasizing. Their hands roamed over his body, one went under his tee shirt and pinched his nipple, another slid along his smooth hairless legs and yet another hand was squeezing his butt appreciatively. Callum panicked and started to struggle which only made them more determined, clearly they were enjoying humiliating the small white boy. Finally he managed to break free and he made a dash for it, two of the whores gave chase as he ran blindly down an alley which led to another and yet another, he kept running until he felt sure he had lost them and he leant heavily against a wall, to catch his breath.Callum was startled by a voice that came out of the dark and was about to panic, when he looked and saw it was only a small beggar boy, who looked to be about 11 years old. “I don’t understand what you’re saying” Said Callum as the little boy rambled on.The boy saw the blank expression on Callum’s face and realized that the blond boy did not speak the local language, so he tried the little English that he had learnt from watching the rich people play cricket at the oval, he went there sometimes to beg, “You want sexy?” The boy asked..Callum didn’t understand what the boy meant but he clearly understood the sexy word, but he wasn’t sure how this little guy could help him find that which he was looking for, which he himself wasn’t even sure of. “I don’t understand… what kind of sexy?” Callum asked shrugging his shoulders casually trying to appear disinterested.The little boy could see that he had Callum’s attention, the fish was nibbling on the hook, young he might be but he was well versed in the art of seduction, the challenge was to find out what the older boy wanted, did he want a girl? That would be hard for Jamaal, as he didn’t know or trust any girls, did he want to fuck Jamaal? That he could do, after all the white boy was very young and cute and he would like to be fucked by him and maybe fuck him also. Jamaal smiled sweetly up at Callum and then deliberately shifted his gaze to the boys cock, and then back up into his eyes as he reached into his own shorts and fondled himself, he turned slowly around and waggled his tight butt for Callum to see.Callum despite try not to be, was becoming aroused, his cock tented the front of his shorts and his face blushed beet red as he shook his head, “NO”. Unfortunately his tented shorts were stating the exact opposite and the little vixen could clearly see that he was interested.—————– From Callum’s Point of view ———The whores had frightened me! I panicked and ran, now I am completely lost with no idea as to which direction I should go, I have only just got my breath back, ‘ gee I’ve become unfit’, I used to be in the track and field team back at my old school.Suddenly this little k** appears, gosh he’s so tiny and I thought I was small for my age, his skin isn’t as dark Eryaman Escort as most of the locals I have seen so far, maybe he is a half cast or something? Right now being here, doesn’t seem such a good idea, I wish I could just get back to our hotel and be safe. The k** is babbling in the local language, I have no idea what he is saying to me, but I guess he is begging for money so to show him that I have no money, I turn my pockets inside out, the universal signal, ‘I don’t have any cash…’ But he is still persisting, finally he pauses and I think he understands that I don’t speak his language, suddenly he says something which I can understand, something about being sexy? Does he think I am, or does he mean himself? Suddenly I understand, he is asking me if I want to have sex with him, the thought makes me blush, only gay guys have sex with other guys don’t they?I shake my head back and forth, “NO, NO, NO” but he isn’t listening, now he’s turning around and showing me his butt! Despite myself I am getting hard, that happens a lot to me nowadays, I just can’t seem to help it. Dad says it’s normal, I used to love walking around without undies on, but I can’t anymore, it’s too risky if I get a boner. I look closely at the k** and remind myself that he’s a boy but it doesn’t seem to help, he does look sexy and the fact that he is obviously available and that he knows a lot more about sex than me, turns me on, but I wouldn’t even know what to do with him so I keep shaking my head, no!————In a metaphoric sense, Jamaal continued to reel in the cute white fishy, he looked up at the boy with an expression of disappointment on his small dark face. Suddenly a thought crept into his mind, maybe the boy would like to see something sexy rather than do something sexy? Jamaal held up his hands with his thumbs up to indicate he understood and then he spoke again, pointing at himself, “I be sexy with my friend” he said as he pointed down the alley, “You look, not be sexy” he said hopefully…It took a little while but Callum was finally starting to understand what the boy was saying, it seemed that he wanted Callum to see he and his friend do something sexy, Callum was mildly interested, after all he hadn’t come all this way to have to turn around and go home empty handed, that would be disappointing. Callum wanted to make sure that the boy understood that he would not be participating in anything himself so he pointed at his chest and indicated, “Callum no sexy” then he pointed at the boy “you have sexy with friend?” he said pointing down the street…They had an accord but they still had not settled on a price, and to Callum this was important. Jamaal had ideas that extended beyond a quick fuck, so he went along with what the boy offered in terms of payment and pretended to be offended, which is the normal modus operandi of any negotiation processes.—————– From Callum’s Point of view ———I wasn’t exactly sure what I was letting myself in for and I wanted to make it crystal clear as to how much I was willing to pay so see something sexy, albeit I had no idea what that meant, especially with in the context of this little guy. None the less I followed him when he took hold of my hand and led me down a myriad of alleys until finally we came upon what appeared to me, to be a derelict building which actually turned out to be some kind of boarding house. The k** led me purposely past a seedy and mean looking guy, who smiled lustfully at me, I felt his wanton stare stripping me naked, his tongue poked out through a toothless mouth and he licked his lips. As we turned the corner I was very glad to be out of his site. Jamaal, that’s his name by the way, led me up several flights of stairs and into a small room which contained only two items of furniture, a single steel frame bed and a metal chair. The bed is filthy but the chair looks ok. Jamaal pushes me down into the chair and gestures for me to wait, I am afraid to be here alone but I figure, why would he bring me here and then leave me and not come back. Jamaal grabs my left wrist and my watch and points, ten minutes, and then quickly leaves, closing the door behind him…———–Jamaal ran as quickly as he could down the stairs and out through the side door of the building, he was careful not to go past the old man who owned the building as that would indicate that the white boy was alone upstairs and who knows what would happen if he was faced with that sort of temptation, Jamaal had seen the look of desire on the old mans face, although he could hardly blame him, the white boy was very easy to look at, those full red lips and the mystical green eyes and his smooth alabaster skin. He ran from squat to squat calling out his friends name until finally he found Ijah. Ijah had the biggest cock that Jamaal had ever seen and he had seen a lot of cocks, the first time Ijah had fucked him he thought he was going to die, he could have sworn that his cock was all the way inside his stomach and when Ijah came inside Jamaal ass, he was sure that if he burped it would smell like cum, even though he knew that to be impossible.Ijah, as usual was surrounded by girls who were always hanging around him hoping to get a glimpse of his huge shlong, but Jamaal knew that Ijah was not in the least interested in girls, he liked boys, particularly little boys and Jamaal knew that he was one of his favorites.“Ijah, Ijah” called Jamaal.Ijah turned at the familiar sound of his little friend’s voice, it was true he liked boys, especially little boys and he particularly liked Jamaal because the sexy little nymph had paler skin than most of the local boys. His skin was a soft warm brown rather than coal black skin of most of the boys he knew…“Jamaal, little buddy, why are you rushing around and shouting so?” asked Ijah as the smaller boy crashed into him and gave him a warm hug…While Jamaal breathlessly tried to explain, Ijah told the girls to go away, and reluctantly they did, leaving behind the curious site of the older, 17 years old and the smaller boy hugging.“I have a business proposition for you, Ijah,” said Jamaal excitedly as he proceeded to tell Ijah all about the white boy and the sexy show. He explained his plan and how they should go about making it happen.“But why do you think this white boy will fall for it?” asked Ijah…Jamaal thought for a minute, “his eyes, I saw it in his eyes, he’s a whore even if he doesn’t know it yet” stated Jamaal.Ijah wasn’t so sure, all foreigners are strange but Ijah, was never one to let an opportunity go by, so he followed Jamaal back to the squat where the white boy was waiting, besides he thought to himself, if the boy was half as cute as what Jamaal described then he would very much like to fuck him…Callum was on the verge of making the decision to leave and to try and find his way home when suddenly the door burst open and in bounded Jamaal. Following Jamaal was an older boy, obviously a local as his skin was almost blue black, at first Callum thought him to be a man because he is so tall and he has a shadow of hair below his nose, the starting of a moustache. But on closer inspection Callum decided that he was most likely 18 or 19. Like Jamaal he was very thin but unlike the boy he was sinewy, Callum was sure that under the loose fitting shirt the teenager was all muscle.Ijah jaw all but fell open as he first lay eyes on the white boy who was sitting on the metal chair. Ijah stared open mouth at the boy, his golden hair shone in the pale afternoon sunlight and his lips, what beautiful lips, so red and full, how he longed to kiss that mouth. The boys skin is flawless, Ijah looked down at his skinny hands folded in his lap, so smooth and Ijah was certain that he did not have a single wart or imperfection on his entire body. Ijah cock began to fill with blood as he drank in the beauty of the boy.The white boys reaction to Ijah was even better than he had hoped for, Jamaal could see the boys white cheeks flush red and he had the ‘fuck me please?’, look on his face. For a long while their eyes were locked together, Jamaal giggled as he glanced at both the boys crotches, Ijah huge log was neatly defined in his trousers like a large snake on a log, the smaller boys penis was tenting his shorts out. Callum smiled cutely as Jamaal introduced them and Sincan Escort they shook hands, Ijah hand clasped the smaller white boys, the contrasting colors of their skin and the way that Ijah tickled the boys palm was about the sexiest thing young Jamaal had ever seen and he felt a sudden pang of jealousy.—————– From Callum’s Point of view ———I was just about ready to leave, it seemed to me that Jamaal was playing some kind of game where either he wasn’t coming back or was waiting until it was too dark for me to find my way home. I was just about to get up when all of a sudden the door swung open and suddenly Jamaal was there. But he wasn’t alone, behind him was a man, or maybe an older teenager, tall and lean he looks powerful. His skin is so black, for the briefest moment I let my eyes wonder over him, his arms and legs are sinewy, and oh my god the bulge in his pants is huge, it must be some kind of trick, because surely no one has a cock as large as that? Jamaal is introducing us and suddenly his hand is thrust into mine, I look down at his hand, his skin is so dark and looks beautiful against my pale white skin, his grip is strong too, much stronger than mine, feelings are stirring inside me, I don’t understand them, I can’t even define them yet, so primal are the urges I am feeling, suddenly I feel his fingers tickling my palm, I blush yet again as my penis springs to full attention. I want something from this guy but I don’t know what, I want him to want me, but I think he already does and we both seem to know it, even though not a single word has been exchanged between us. I hear Jamaal giggle, we have been holding hands for too long and now I am embarrassed so I pull my hand away and smile at him.Jamaal breaks the spell between the two boys by reaching out and taking Ijah’s hand as he pulls him away from Callum towards the bed, he gestures for Callum to once again sit on the metal chair. Ijah eyes are still on Callum. Ijah is facing Callum and Jamaal has his back to him and he reaches up and slowly pulls Ijah’s shirt up over his head, Ijah has to bend down so the younger boy can achieve his goal. Callum’s eyes glaze over as his eyes drink in Ijah’s lean muscled chest; he notices that Ijah like himself is mostly hairless, except for under his arms where a nest of curly black hairs protrude. Jamaal grasps Ijah’s hips and tugs at the waistband of his tattered trousers; he slowly pulls them down around his hips. Callum has his first view of the boys cock as the descending trousers slowly reveal inch after endless inch of the beautiful coffee colored cock.—————– From Callum’s Point of view ———He’s not a girl, yet I find his body beautiful and incredibly sexy, slowly Jamaal reveals inch by inch to me as he strips Ijah naked, I get my first glimpse of his cock, at first I can only see his pubic hairs, but now his cock, oh my god its thick as well as long, Jamaal is teasing me, I can tell by the way he is moving so slowly. As each second passes so does another inch of Ijah’s cock! I wonder will it ever stop or will it be as long as his leg! Finally I can see the head and its not that far above his knees, I estimate his cock to be at least ten inches long, which is nearly three times the length of my own. Ijah’s eyes have never left me and now as I look at him in astonishment, he is smiling knowingly, it’s as if he can read my mind, if he can then I wish he would tell me what I am thinking? My mind is completely consumed by the naked visage of Ijah. My cock is straining the front of my trousers it wants to be set free but I dare not, even in my lust filled state, I am still to shy to move.—————Jamaal lifts the monster cock up so that now its pointing straight out horizontally, Ijah is cut and his bulbous cock is weeping pre cum. Jamaal turns slightly side ways so that Callum has a better view of what he is doing, slowly and deliberately his head moves to the cock and his tongue snakes out of his tiny mouth and swipes the pre cum of the end of Ijah’s cock. For a moment he savors the taste then swallows, his eyes close to tiny slits as he smiles with satisfaction. The white boy’s mouth involuntarily falls open his eyes widen and u*********sly he licks those luscious lips, no doubt imagining that it is he licking Ijah’s cock. Meanwhile Jamaal’s left hand is stroking up and down Ijah’s cock and impossible as it seems the cock gets even longer as it stiffens and now resembles an iron bar, it no longer needs to boy to hold it out straight, its not horizontal but its not exactly hanging down either. Jamaal stands up and quickly strips of his own clothes, his body is small and boy-like but the white boy isn’t even looking, his eyes are fixed firmly on Ijah’s abundant appendage.Jamaal stands on his tip toes and places his hands either side of Ijah’s head as he kisses him passionately on the lips, But even during this Ijah is still watching the white boy, he does however return the kiss and his hands move to Jamaals back and slide slowly down to the boys firm rump, he grasps the cheeks in his palms and stretches them open, revealing the young boys puckered hole to the white boy. Ijah’s index finger finds the hole and traces circles around it, Jamaal sighs with pleasure when slowly the finger penetrates him. Ijah’s finger is inside him now all the way to the first knuckle and Jamaal’s small body shudders when the finger touches him in that special place, his tiny erection is poking Ijah’s thigh.Suddenly Jamaal pulls away, seemingly from no where he produces a tube of lubricant, he has a growing need to be fucked, quickly he greases himself down there. Meanwhile Ijah is stroking his own cock in anticipation, as he does this he is watching the reaction from the white boy. At last Jamaal is ready, he turns and is kneeling on all fours on the bed, Ijah is behind him, the white boy now has a side on view of what’s about to happen. Ijah nudges Jamaal’s buttocks with his huge weapon and the boy shivers with anticipation of what is to come.—————– From Callum’s Point of view ———Its really going to happen! He’s going to fuck the little guy, surely its not possible with that monster cock, he will rip the boy apart and cause internal injuries! Jamaal must know this but still he is willing to let the older teen try to fuck him, willing? Jamaal seems almost desperate for him to do so, I want to stop this small boy from being torn apart but I am to horny to think rationally, I want him to be fucked I want to see the look on his face when the cock finally goes inside him, a part of me wants to hear him scream with pleasure as Ijah’s owns him, an even bigger part of me wants Ijah to own me! Make me his fuck toy, I realize that its only my uncontrollable imagination driven by my lust that is making me feel this way, but its safe enough for me to think but not safe to do, so instead I rub my own cock and I keep on watching.Ijah bulbous cock head is now pushing at the boy’s anal rose, unbelievably his hole is widening and suddenly before my very eyes as Ijah shoves even harder, the head of his cock disappears inside the boy. I look quickly at the boys eyes which are firmly clamped shut, clearly he is in pain, Jamaal is biting his lower lip. Ijah waits for the pain to wash over the boy, before he pushes again. Push stop and wait, this is repeated over and over again until at last he has all of his huge cock buried deep inside the boy, I look down between the boys thighs, his lower abdomen is distended by the huge appendage which is inside him. I look at his face, the pain has gone now his eyes are glazed over, he seems to be in a world all of his own, one where unbelievable pleasure is slowly creeping in.Ijah slowly pulls his cock back out of the boy and for a moment I think that Jamaal’s insides are coming out, golly, he’s going to pull his intestines out with him? But then his cock slides out all the way to the head, I can see the distended tummy flatten as the appendage leaves his body, Ijah pushes in again and slowly starts to fuck the boy. I take my eyes of the monster cock for a moment and look at the boys face and I see complete rapture, he’s in heaven and mumbling to himself words that I cannot relate to because they are in his native tongue but I can well understand his meaning.Ijah Etlik Escort pace is slowly increasing and now the boy has tears streaming down his face and he is moaning almost non stop, my own hand is on my cock I am rubbing it furiously in tune with the fucking that Jamaal is receiving, I feel my own sexual intensity building, I know that soon I am going to cum, so I deliberately slow down wanting to prolong the moment until the two boys on the bed have climaxed.Suddenly Ijah gives the boy a powerful shove that flattens him down onto the bed, Ijah is on top of him thrusting wildly, faster and faster he pumps the boy, his eyes are fixed and his hips are a blur, suddenly mid thrust he lets out a scream of pleasure and stops as his whole body stiffens as he climax’s. Rope after rope of hot cum flows into the small boy until it can no longer contain it and the hydraulic pressure in his tight butt hole causes it to squirt out of the sides, I can only imagine how it feels, the cum flowing up into his guts are to much for his small body to handle so its forced out of his bum hole, I sigh loudly as my own small cock explodes in my pants, My cock squirts three four times, its more than I have ever cum before and with far more intensity…———The two boys on the bed collapse exhausted while Callum sags in his chair. Jamaal had cum twice as he was fucked by Ijah, now he lays on his stomach with Ijah on top of him, as slowly Ijah pulls his semi hard cock out of the boy, as he does his juices flow copiously from the boys butt hole and splash into a growing puddle between Jamaal’s legs.Now that their lusts have been slaked the two boys on the bed seem anxious to complete the business end of this transaction and Callum also is anxious to be away from this place, after the fires of lust are no longer burning there is only reality and the reality of this squalid stinky room is too much for him. Jamaal dresses quickly, not even bothering to wipe cum from his butt, he walks over to Callum and holds out his hand for his money!—————– From Callum’s Point of view ———That was the most awesome thing I have ever seen, but now I feel dirty, I mean am I a faggot for having not only seen them fuck but enjoyed watching it? I want to go home I want to be away from this place. The small boy is holding out his hand and asking for his money, well heaven knows he deserves to be paid. I reach into front pocket of my cargo shorts for my cash, which I had put in there before leaving the hotel, the clasp is already undone, that’s unusual I think to myself, I was sure I had done it up when I left home? I reach inside but there is nothing there!!! This is impossible; I definitely had the money what happened to it? Suddenly I remember the whores. Oh my god they stole my money the must have pick pocketed me as they were groping me, I see a worried look on Jamaal face as he utters something to Ijah in their native language, only now there is not a shred of friendliness in their voices.“My money is gone! I think the whores stole it!” I declare and once again pull my pockets inside out to show them that I am not lying.The small boy is enraged, he slaps my hand away and suddenly his hands are searching me, he even shoves his hands inside my boxer shorts to see if I have stashed my money there, then he pushes me onto the bed and pulls my shoes off and looks inside them, my socks are not far behind. I am more afraid then I have ever been in my short life, little Jamaal seems transformed. Ijah looks on amusedly but does nothing, I look at him pleadingly but suddenly Jamaal slaps me hard in the face and my cheek stings and despite trying not to I start to cry. He raises his hand to hit me again, I plead with him to stop.“I’ll do anything, please don’t hit me, I promise I’ll bring you the money lots more than we agreed, tomorrow I promise”. Unfortunately for me he did not understand a single word of what I had said.——————Jamaal was enraged, he thought he was going to make a lot of money out of this white boy but the white boy had lied to him and ripped him off, at first he wanted to get his knife out and cut the boy, cut him bad, but common sense took over and he realized that could buy him a lot of trouble, killing or maiming another street k** was no big deal but this boy is a foreigner and lots of people had seen Jamaal with him and Ijah too, its not that he was afraid that they would tell the police but rather he knew they would blackmail him.Jamaal paced around the room angrily, wondering what to do, then suddenly an idea dawned in on him, he had expected to make money by letting Ijah fuck him in front of the boy, and putting on a show, well maybe he could make money by making the white boy put on a show, he knew by the way that Ijah looked at the pale boy that he would be up for it, he also knew that Achmed, the whoremonger that owned the cat house not far from the river, would pay handsomely to watch such a show. Achmed liked boys too, although having a house full of female whores, who could blame him, Jamaal thought to himself…Jamaal explained his plan to Ijah who couldn’t agree fast enough, his cock had instantly become erect again and he rubbed himself in anticipation. Jamaal knows that Achmed speaks English and that he has a way with words so he can explain it to the boy. He points to the discarded socks and shoes and gestures for Callum to put them back on, which the boy does rapidly, clearly Callum sees this turn of events as a good sign, after all if they were going to kill him then they wouldn’t bother telling him to put his shoes back on.After all three boys were dressed Jamaal grabs hold of Callum’s arm and shove him out the door and down a side stair away from the front of the building; soon they are out in the street and headed back towards the river. They pass through the same alleys and just when Callum thinks that he recognizes a street they turn in the other direction, he tries to turn back but Jamaal holds him tightly and pushes him towards another dimly lit alley way. Quarter of an hour later Callum is once again lost and disorientated, no matter how hard he looks he cannot not see the cathedral spier. Suddenly they stop in front of a three story building where Jamaal orders Ijah to hold onto Callum so he cannot escape whilst he goes and knocks on the wooden heavy door.—————– From Callum’s Point of view ———At first I was sure that they were going to hurt me bad if not kill me, I could not get them to understand that I did not deliberately rip them off and that I had every intention of repaying the money which I owe them. When Jamaal ordered me to put my shoes and socks back on I was relieved because I didn’t think they would do that if they were going to kill me… Then we all leave the building together and my hopes for a good outcome swell, especially when I started to recognize streets leading back towards the river. All of a sudden when I finally worked out how to get back they turn me in another direction, I try to resist but Jamaal hits me again and I am sure that if I resist that he will hurt me badly. We walk for ages and ages until suddenly we stop in front of yet another run down building, although this one seemed less run down than the one which we have just come from. Jamaal goes to the door as Ijah hold me firmly by my arms. There is a long wait and then suddenly the door opens and an old lady scowls at Jamaal whilst he pleads with her. She seems about to close the door in his face when Jamaal points towards me, she looks at me mildly interested and then back at Jamaal, the two of them are having an animated conversation of which I understood nothing, suddenly she turns around and closes the door behind her. I think that Jamaal will be angry but he turns around and smiles at us.A minute or so later the door opened again and the same old lady is there, she gestures for us to enter, waving at Ijah and I, who pushes me forward towards the door and when I hesitate Jamaal cuffs me hard on the ear and so I follow him into the building. The door leads into a dimly lit corridor that smells of incense and something else which I can not place, at the end of the corridor is what appears to be some kind of meeting room or reception, we are ordered by the old lady to wait here. The old lady leaves the room, but this time when she comes back there is a man with her. He is very fat, almost as round as he is tall and his color is more nut brown than black, almost the same color as Jamaal. His beady black eyes widen with interest as he looks me over, I don’t know what is going on here but I don’t like it, I would very much like to leave but realize that there is no chance of escape.