Xochitl Had a Dream

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A college student dreams getting satisfied by more than one man.

Taylor stared up at the ceiling in Xochitl’s room. The light moved as the curtains shifted with the cool breeze. Xochitl’s black hair glimmered in the morning light on the pillows beside him. He watched her sleeping for a while, enjoying the sight. She moved and shifted in the bed, with a little smile…

“Morning, Tay.”

“Good morning, Xo” Taylor smiles down at her. “What were you dreaming about, babe?”

Sleepily, eyes still closed, “I had a weird dream. I was with you and we were doing it, but then you were someone else, and we were still having sex. Then you changed again. But the other guys weren’t people I knew. And I kind of didn’t want to do it. But then I did want to. Dreams are so weird.”

Taylor smiled. “Caught ya! I could tell you were doing the nasty in your dreams. Was is hot?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” She smiled and flipped over, wiggling her behind against his groin.

“Sorry, Xo, I wish I could stay, but I gotta get to work.” Taylor kissed her and caressed her body a little before getting up out of the bed.

Xochitl mock begged “Oh c’mon… last night you fell asleep early, and now you have to run off to work?”

“You know how Ginnie is about us being on time. She will dock my pay. I gotta go.” He leaned over, kissed her deeply and pulled his jeans on. Xochitl leaned back on her pillow and closed her eyes.

“Okay, but you owe me!” she said.

Xochitl isn’t really getting enough fucking. Taylor works in the lumber section of the hardware store, cutting wood and loading it for walk-ins. Xo is in classes at weird times, so often, they have opposite schedules. Today is a perfect example: he has to work and she doesn’t have a class until 6 pm. She thinks about sex all the time during the stretch when Taylor is working the day shift and she has classes in the evening.

At around 11:30, her phone bings. A text, from Taylor, “get your ass over here babe dress cute for me ; )”

Xochitl’s class is a hours aways, so she pulls on some lacy panties, a cute bra, a pair of her favorite “going out” jeans and a tight tee.

Half an hour later, she swoops in the doors at the store, aware that Taylor’s buddies are looking. She knows most of them pretty well from gatherings and parties. Taylor isn’t in the lumber section, but chilling instead at the counter with a few friends. His boss, Ginnie, is working the register. Taylor greets Xochitl, then nods at Ginnie.

“Taking my lunch break, Ginnie.”

He walks Xochitl through the maze-like corridors at the back of the building. It is springtime, so the place is hopping: everyone is out on the floor helping customers get their wood cut, their supplies for their projects, or working the register. What with the saws, cash registers and all, it’s loud out there.

“I have something special planned for you, baby.”

Taylor leads her back to the night watchman’s room. Since Ed retired, there is no night watchman: Ginnie still hasn’t found the right guy. There’s a platform-like bed, a small sink and a pretty much empty chest of drawers. Wan light filters in through the frosted glass window. The hillside behind the building is overgrown with ivy, and some hanging oaks… no one goes back there because of the poison oak growing at the edges. Taylor explains that some of the guys use this room to nap in.

They burst into the small room, giggling in the sudden silence as the door slams shut. Xochitl feels silly, and naughty, like she did when she was in high school and found some time to get it on. Taylor grabs her from behind holding her wrists tight in his. She squeals and wiggles, pretending to try to get away, to no avail. “Ah, you like that, huh, you little slut.”

He pulls down her jeans, and tugs her shirt up to expose her bra. The clink of his belt buckle makes her want to come right then and there. Her clit is feeling hot and distended. He slips his hand halfway down into her pants, pulls her hips against his half unbuckled pants and bites the back of her neck.

More squealing ensues. Her nipples are hard. Taylor teases her by biting and sucking on her neck. Arching her back, she leans her neck into his biting teeth and her ass into his jeans.

“Don’t you give me hickies! I don’t want all my girlfriends laughing at me!”

“Try to stop me…” he growls, and then whispers “You know you love it… Tell me you want me to keep going.”

“Please…” she whispers, giggling. He likes to act like he’s the boss. She lets him think he is, at least during sex. It’s hotter that way.

He nips at her nipples through her thin tee-shirt, then pulls up her shirt and pushes her toward the narrow bed, while twirling her nipples firmly between his callused finger. She falls on the bed and says “Oh come on, take it out… I wanna see it!”

Taylor lifts his chin, and looks down on her with narrowed eyes. “Say please.”


“Please what?” His eyes crinkle.

“Please, sincan escort please fuck me!” she lisps… Taylor cracks up.

Taylor pulls out his dick, which is hard and practically peeping out from the waistband of his boxers. The head looks huge from Xo’s level. He stops to strip his plaid shirt off, then his wife-beater undershirt. His body is finely muscled, with smooth, skin, browned from the sun. She sits up and leans her cheek in against his stomach, follows his treasure trail with her tongue and breathes on the tip of his dick. She lowers her mouth and gently breathes on the head as it rears. Taylor groans softly in the penumbra, reaching down to fondle her nipples.

“Enough lovey-dovey shit, let’s fuck before Ginnie wonders where I am.” He throws her on the bed, slips on a condom from Xo’s purse and fucks her, but comes too quickly. She fakes it as she sees him coming, because she’d rather have the story be that they both came when they did it at his job.

He lays on top of her, breathing heavily. “Sorry I came so quick. I’m kind of freaked out that Ginnie will come by and find me bare-assed.” He rolls over and removes his condom, ties it in a knot and sticks it in his pocket. “Aw, no problem, babe… but a quickie doesn’t really take care of business.” Xochitl grins up at him.

Taylor’s head whips around toward her as he buckles his belt. “Did you really come? Or did you fake it?” Xochitl buries her face in the firm canvas of the mattress cover and giggles. Taylor throws himself down at her side. “I told you not to do that!”

Xochitl smiles at him. “It’s still good, baby, but it takes more than that to make me come.”

“Hey, remember when we were talking about having a threesome? I told Jenner that you were coming by. He’s so into you. Plus, I think you might have been dreaming about him this morning…” He smiles at her, raising eyebrows suggestively.

Xochitl swats at him. “Tell him to come back here. I’m not done!” she says, half-joking.

“Really? He would be so into that.” Xochitl raises her brows in turn, while biting her tongue between her teeth. They stare at each other for a minute, searching each other’s faces. They both break into smiles and nod at the same time.

Taylor lurches up, hastily buckles his belt and bolts out of the room. Xo is left lying there in the twilight, the sound of the heavy door slamming. She feels excited, but kind of weird, too. They have never had anyone else join them, but she is getting hot just thinking about getting some random. It can get a little boring fucking the same dude all the time.

She straightens her clothes, smoothes her hair, sits up on the bed and crosses her legs. Slips her shoes back on. Steps in the hallway warn her that the adventure is about to begin. Her heart thrums as the heavy door opens and they enter.

“Jenner, can you manage this? Xochitl said she’s down.”

“Hi Jenner. What’s up? Are you cool with this?” She simpers a little and winks, trying to act cool.

“Hi Xo. You sure you up for this?” Jenner looks between Xochitl and Taylor, questioningly.

Xochitl looks at Taylor. “Really? You okay with this Taylor?”

“More than okay, babe. Please. It’s gonna be hot!” Taylor says, “Go for it dude. I’m good.”

Jenner smiles shyly, a man of few words. “Do you have a condom? I don’t bring them to work.” Xochitl reaches into her purse and pulls out a strip of condoms.

Jenner approaches Xochitl, looking down at her. She’s unaccustomed to such bulk… wide shoulders, chest like a mountain gorilla but small waist, long, strong legs. Dark curls, kind of long, and a slow, lazy smile, which he directs her way. “You okay with this?”

Xochitl breathes deeply, then nods. Taylor leans back against the door, folds his arms and watches with a little smile on his face.

Jenner pulls her off the bed, pulls her close, and pulls a long breath in through her hair. Xochitl lifts her mouth up to neck and begins to nip and taste him, as she runs her hands over his muscles. Jenner runs his hands over her hips. They both glance at Taylor. Xochitl feels an intense excitement begin in her groin, almost painful. Taylor smiles and nods, confirming his go-ahead.

They make out for a few minutes, fingers just barely slipping under each other’s clothing. Jenner feels Xochitl’s breasts, softly, then pulls down her tee to reveal her dark, pointed nipple, turgid in the dim light. He takes it in his mouth and pulls at the hard tip, looking up at Taylor briefly, seeing his nod, and then continuing. Xochitl moans and throws her head back, partly for effect: wanting Taylor to enjoy the show. Jenner enjoys her tits fully, while pushing his knee up between her legs. Xo can feel her pussy start to exude wetness on her panties and starts to ride his knee.

Jenner kisses her neck, pulls at her lips with his teeth, squeezes her tits, then flips her over the dresser, pulls down her pants and inserts his fingers sıhhiye escort from behind. Xochitl gasps and moans. Jenner leans over and whispers in her ear. “I knew you would be hot to fuck. It’s like hot lava in there.”.

Xochitl breathes in his scent as he leans over her back, working his fingers in and out of her. Totally unlike Taylor’s smell, though they both have the undertone of freshly cut wood and clean sweat. Jenner pauses to slip a condom on. As Xo waits, her chest wells with a excited nervousness because she is fucking another dude in front of Taylor. Meanwhile, her body burns with arousal.

Jenner grabs her shoulders and pulls her back up against his chest with one huge, buff arm. With the other, he pushes the head of his cock against her pussy lips from behind. Xochitl is eager to really fuck. Part of her is worried that Taylor might not be cool with this, but that part is not very loud right now. Feeling sort of reckless, she wants to come with Jenner’s thick dick inside of her. He pushes in slowly, just a little, then pulls out, and repeats. Xochitl moans and gasps as he makes inroads into her pulsing pussy.

The breadth of his dick is awesome. She’s never felt anything like it. Like a Coke can that sat in a hot car all day! She pushes back on Jenner with her hips as he pushes in and begins slow, steady strokes. They move to the bed, he lays on top, stares into her eyes and begins a rhythm of shallow thrusts with an occasional deep plunge, drawing sharp intakes of breath from Xochitl. She matches his rhythm, pushing her hips up to meet his as he fucks her. Pleasure suffuses her body. “Please don’t let this stop.” Xo thinks while moaning and gasping.

“Is that good, Xo?” Jenner says, looking over at Taylor, “Taylor, your girl is so hot.”

“Right, man? I told you!” Taylor says, smiling widely now.

“You wanna help me out?” Jenner looks at Taylor as he keeps up the smooth, rhythmic strokes of his thick dick.

“Yeah, I will dude, but I gotta get back soon or Ginnie will kill me.”

Jenner motions to Taylor with is head, while he shifts position. Jenner gets on his knees between her legs. Xochitl adjusts her position so that her knees are in the air. Jenner starts to rub her clit with his fingers as he slowly fucks her. Taylor plays with her tits, and talks dirty to her.

“Oh, you are just loving this, huh, you little slut. Is she wet still, dude? I can’t wait to see you come with Jenner’s dick up your snatch…”

Taylor leans down and takes her tit in his mouth while stimulating the other nipple with his fingers. Xo thrusts her tits in the air as Jenner continues his relentless strokes in her pussy. She is feeling like a sex goddess, on fire, but in the back of her mind she is aware that someone could stop by at any moment. At the same time, the surrealism of the moment threatens to overwhelm her. She didn’t imagine having a threesome at Taylor’s work today.

Taylor starts to kiss her neck and suck on her lips and tongue, while Jenner leans over and sucks on her nipples, first one, then the other, keeping his fingers moving inside her as she writhes and moans in pleasure. She rubs her clit slowly, trying not to come: this moment is too incredible to end so soon.

After a few minutes, Taylor says, “I gotta get back to work, you guys. But don’t let that stop you. ” He stands up. Jenner stills for a second.

“Are you sure, dude?”

“Yeah, dude. Just don’t have too much fun without me.”

“Bye, baby.” Xochitl waves her fingers at him from her position on her back on the bed. “I’ll miss you” Smiling, she winks, wrinkles her nose and sticks her tongue out as she wonders if Jenner is cool to be alone with.

The door slams with a bang. Jenner smiles at her and pushes her back against the bed. Xochitl feels Taylor’s absence as she faces Jenner alone, looking at his slick dick above her.

The moment passes. Jenner inserts his cock back into Xochitl and starts his rhythm again. Slow, deliberate, he throws his head back and groans softly. He’s fucking her like a carpenter hammering in nail, relentless.

“Oh yeah, don’t stop… c’mon, c’mon…” Xochitl’s fingertips and toes start to tingle, the blood rushes toward her clit. Just then, Jenner starts to breath roughly and comes, pulsing his upper body and silently roaring. Xochitl was almost right there. She feels a surge of disappointment as she fakes it once again. At this rate, she might have to use her vibrator at home to get off.

“Oh my god. That was so awesome. Did you like it?” Jenner smiles that slow smile.

She lies. “Oh yeah, that was the best orgasm ever!”

She hears footsteps. “Taylor must be coming back.”

The heavy door opens once again. Xochitl has a mental disconnect for a second as she lies there, with her panties around her leg, pants off and shirt up… it’s not Taylor in the doorway, but Pablo, one of the other guys from the lumber department.

Jenner jumps up. Pablo subayevleri escort doesn’t shut the door. He stands and looks incredulously at the pair. Xochitl pulls down her shirt and jumps behind Jenner.

“What’s going on here, guys?” Pablo stares into their faces.

“Dude, get out of here. This is none of your business.”

“Hmmm. It might be my business. Does Ginnie know what you two are up to? What about Taylor?” Pablo pauses. “I bet this might interest him, too.”

Xochitl turns red and stares. She has only met Pablo a few times. They were both at a bonfire at the beach with a bunch of people the other day. She noticed his nose like an Aztec, bronze skin glowing in the firelight. His thick black hair hung over his eyes, but was trimmed in a neat fade in back.

Jenner says “Dude, just go. This has nothing to do with you.”

Xochitl says “Please don’t talk to anyone about this.”

Pablo stands still for a few seconds, then grins. “My silence has a price, princess. I think you know what it is.”

Xochitl stares at Pablo. “What do you mean?”

“Use your imagination, Xo.”

Jenner pulls on his workpants as he stares at Pablo. “Xo, you don’t have to do this. Dude, what the hell?”

Xochitl jerks with sudden realization. A tremor goes through her body, a rush of blood suffuses her pussy as she realizes what Pablo means. In return for fucking this guy, she would help Jenner and Taylor keep their jobs.

“No, fine, I’ll do it. Whatever. Jenner, just go. Don’t tell Taylor anything.” Jenner turns and slowly leaves. The door slams again. Pablo stands there looking at Xochitl.

He comes over to her. Looks down at her with his chin in the air. “Slutty pocha, can’t keep your legs together, huh?”

She stares up at him, eyes narrowed. “Can’t get any on your own, huh?”

“Nah, I got one or two honeys. I just couldn’t resist the look of that wet snatch and those hard titties.”

Xochitl hisses “Fine, let’s get this over with.”

Pablo cracks a smile. Then reaches for Xochitl’s waist. “Mira esa cinturita, mami.”

He lightly rubs his palm over her nipples, which stand at attention. His calloused skin catches slightly on the cloth of her shirt.

“Oh, look at that. You’ll do anyone, huh? Did you actually just fuck Jenner here at work?”

“Just shut up and do what you have to do.”

Xochitl is amazed to find that her pussy is still pulsing with desire. She suddenly feels a rush of reckless abandon. She needs to come. She pulls off her pants and shirt, and throws herself down on the bed, looking up at Pablo.

He pulls off his canvas work pants, boxers and shirt, dropping them on the floor.

“Put a condom on.” Xochitl says tersely, trying to keep her eagerness to herself. No reason to let this jerk know that she is actually not totally opposed to fucking him. Her clit is feeling swollen as she anticipates the release of an orgasm.

He tears the wrapper, pulls his dick up and rolls the condom over it. Drops the wrapper on the floor.

“First let me feel you.” Pablo rubs her clit lightly, then firmly as she pushes her legs open and lifts to meet him. Then he inserts two thick fingers into her pussy. “Oh, yeah. You are thirsty all right.”

He finger fucks her for a few minutes, in silence, then leans over and pulls Xo’s lips with his, inserting his tongue into her mouth. She jerks back. Jenner didn’t even try to kiss her.

Then, that reckless I-don’t-give-a shit feeling comes over her again. She starts to kiss him back.

“Oh that’s hot. Now I want those lips on my dick.” He stands up, pulling Xo to a sitting position. He stands above her. “Open up.” He pushes his thumb in her mouth first, and then the head of his cock. Xochitl loses herself and starts to suck. She moves her tongue against the bottom of the head of his penis.

“Oh, look, the pocha has practice.” Xochitl gives him a brief stare as he takes his dick out of her mouth. “Oh, now you want me, huh? Tell me you want me, loca.” Pablo smiles at her, not unkindly. Xochitl has to admit that he is totally hot.

“Okay. Just do it.” she growls.

Pablo lays her back onto the bed, lifts her knees and then pushes in hard. His cock is not as wide as Jenner’s, but almost, and not as long as Taylor’s, but almost. She feels like Goldilocks… this one is just right. She is so wet and hot that it feels almost as good as an orgasm. He pulls out and then inserts the head of his dick in slightly. She pushes against him. He pushes in again, laying his upper body on hers while he looks at her face. He withdraws while caressing her breasts roughly.

“Want some more?” Pablo whispers, black hair making a curtain around their faces.

Xochilt nods and Pablo pushes deep inside her, staring at her face as he does it. Suddenly, it is like her body is out of control and moving in a rhythm with Pablo’s body that she has never found with Taylor. She strives to meet his thrusts. Her mouth opens as she leans back. Pablo kisses her, their tongues entwining as she bites at his lips.

“Oh damn.” he says. “I needed this.”

He encloses her upper body in his arms, which are heavily muscled and darkly tanned, lifting her slightly. She can smell his sweat, like iron, musk, sawdust and cologne mixed together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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