You Are Next to Me

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I run my fingers through your soft hair and lean in close to your ear. You can feel me breathing and hear my heart pounding…I whisper, “I want you, ” and kiss the side of your ear softly. My mouth opens and I tug gently at your earlobe with my teeth. I listen as you gasp, still running my fingers through your beautiful hair…I caress the side and back of your ear gently, using only my tongue and lips.

I kiss my way down your neck and across to your chin…Soft, moist, lingering kisses. You arch your neck and my lips dance across the front of your throat up to your lips I grasp your bottom lip gently between mine and play with it, teasing you with my tongue until you run your hand to the back of my head and pull me closer for a long, deep, passionate kiss…One that tastes and feels so sweet, we never want it to end.

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My hands move from your hair to your back, my fingernails tracing light, feathery circles on your skin through the fabric of your blouse. They get more daring yenidoğan escort and move to the front, caressing your nipples as they stiffen in my warm hands. Again your neck arches…again I kiss, this time nibbling and tasting the sweetness of your skin.

My hands fail me and I fumble slightly with the buttons. You smile and calm them with a kiss that feels like a whisper. You keep your hands atop mine while you look into my soul with those deep eyes. You can see only yourself there.

Meanwhile, my fingers have renewed their task and completely unfastened your blouse. My lips quickly rain soft kisses against your skin and I reach around to your back and unfasten your bra, freeing your breasts… which, in turn, receive the undivided attention of my lips and teeth and tongue. You moan softly as I encircle each nipple with my warm mouth…The flick of my tongue sends chills down your spine as you moan yet again.

I gaze lovingly, longingly into your soft eyes as I work my way back and forth between each breast…And then slowly, painfully slow, I work my way down further still…My hands and fingers guiding the way for yenikent escort my mouth to follow…

I undo your shorts as you pull my shirt over my head…Grasping them between my teeth, I pull them down, off of your silky legs. I kiss and massage my way back up, teasing you by just barely grazing the soft skin of your inner thigh with my fingernails. Your back arches almost as a reflex as I brush against your center. Your breathing has become shorter as your desire mounts, so I ease off, allowing you to calm.

As soon as I notice the change back to a steady pattern of breathing, I slide my hands inside the elastic of your panties, caressing your backside as I ease them over your hips. You assist me in their removal by pulling your legs in high, ensuring that they slide off quickly and with ease. Your fingers entwined in my hair, you pull me closer, until you can feel my warm breath on the insides of your thighs. You start as my tongue and lips touch you almost simultaneously, sending shock waves throughout your body. My tongue centers in on your swollen clitoris and begins to touch and tease, graciously allowing my lips yenimahalle escort to caress you too. Hesitantly, I part you and run my tongue the entire length, listening, feeling for a reaction. Hearing you moan again and feeling your fingers grasp my hair more firmly, I continue, alternating between short, firm strokes against your clitoris and long light ones your entire length. As I sense your orgasm building, I focus entirely on your clitoris, keeping it in place by lightly supporting it with my teeth while I lick quickly and firmly until I feel your body tense for one long, sweet moment of ecstasy and then release as it subsides.

I undress as you recover and you take me gently in your hand and guide me over to you. Your hands grasp my shoulders and pull me on top of you and inside of you. I pause, savoring the warmth of the core of your being before starting to move. I slide completely inside of you and then almost entirely out. Building into a long, languid rhythm. You can feel me stiffen in response to your desire, as we begin to move faster and faster.

You wrap your arms around me as we both begin approaching the climax. Holding me tight against your body, the only sound that can be heard is our rapid breathing, as if we are the only two people in existence. Finally we can hold back no longer, and our passionate union explodes in unison in one blissful, everlasting moment. We kiss sweetly as we each recover, relaxing languidly in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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