Awakened PassionsCh3

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She woke stretching slightly colder then she would have liked but stopped when she realized there was an arm over her waist. Robby didn’t sleep like that. Now that she thought about it, she didn’t recognize this room either. What’s going on, she thought. Panic beginning to set in. She rolled a little to see Aaron laying on her side and the last two days spilled back into her mind. Curling up next to his chest she let out a sigh of relief.

She lay their a moment and then wondered were her cloths were and what she would wear for the day, realizing again she would only need stockings. She blushed at the thought while at the same time wetting herself a little at what that would mean.

Everyone would have access to her wet pussy. The servants and ,more importantly, Aaron. She might even give that purvey chef a wag or two, whatever his name was. She was suddenly aware of the hard cock pressed against her ass. She wiggled her hips back and forth coating the entire length of his hardness with her juice.

She suddenly remembered his promise. And she wanted him. Oh ,she wanted him so bad. She got up on her knees, and leaned over him and pulled him into her mouth, the suction around his hard cock making the stiff member throb. She heard a moan come from the head of the bed and increased pace and suction afraid of being deigned what she wanted, the hot sticky candy that he oozed and shot when he was spent. She wanted it, him. All of him. Her hips started to rock back and forth as she moaned into his huge cock. Needing him more and more desperately as the seconds slipped by.

She felt a hand on his ass as she moaned into his cock with a growling ,almost pitch feverish noise. The hand ran down her ass and spread her lips the finger delving into her folds and rubbing at her pussy walls making her buck back and forth. She felt another hand on her breast. He was playing with her nipples now and it was almost to much to take. She hadn’t been allowed to cum by another’s touch in such a long time that she was frantic to reach that cliff were her pleasure was. Not that far but another content away it seemed.

She wrapped her left hand around his cock and started stroking furiously begging “Please,� around his cock while bucking her hips, having to stop every now and then to catch the breath her body was losing form the pleasure she was both giving and receiving. She bucked back her ass one more time, pushing herself over the edge. She rocked on the hand pushing back hard, hands tweaking her nipples and a mouth now over her clit. She was screaming now. She needed this ,she kept telling herself while screaming “MORE PLEASE GOD MORE. DON’T STOP PLEEEEEAAASSEEEE!!!!� She felt her body shutter and shake as she was sent into what she swore was one of the most earth shattering orgasms, she was sure, there would ever be to grace this earth.

She didn’t get to breath though. She was turned around and bend over face down on the on the bed in doggie style, Aaron kneeled behind her so that he could enter her. As he plunged in something else was put in front of her. She realized after a couple of seconds that it was a pussy. And it wasn’t hers for another factor. She didn’t care though. After a few seconds she dove in licking at the clit feverously moaning as she rocked from the violent fucking Aaron was giving her. He was grunting along with her. She knew she had to be doing something right because the girl between her legs was wiggling and saying something her brain wouldn’t function to define for her. She thought about what she would like if the positions were turned and stuck a finger in, then two then three. Fucking the girl with a feverish pitch of ecstasy that she was sure had to be illegal in a few states considering the compromising position she now found herself in.

Suddenly a hand was woven through her hair. She was ripped from the delicious gift before her and pulled against Aarons hot sweaty body as he road her relentlessly.

“Oh God. Are you ready baby? I’m almost theeEEEEEE…� He didn’t get to finish the sentence as Ankara escort the scream tore from his thought and he let loose her hair and wrapped his hand around her waist and thrust a final time while sting after sting was pored into her wanting pussy. She felt herself wrap around him and contrast before she had a chance to do any thing else. She leaned back against his chest, relaxing a moment and watching the girl on the bed. She was beautiful. A blond like Larain. She had large breast like her, She looked a lot like herself, to be honest. The only difference was the strawberry on her hip that Larain had that was missing from this girl. She was close to climax and she watched intently as the girl threatened to find her own release and couldn’t help rotating her hips ,pushing Aaron inside and out making him hard all over again. The she was moaning her legs clamped around her hand in the very ecstasy that had consumed Larain a few moments prier. She had a burn mark across her thigh that Larain hadn’t noticed before though. It looked old but was the only distinguishing mark between the two woman.

“I thoroughly enjoyed that. Were gonna have to do that every morning.� Aaron reached around and tweaked a nipple while placing a gentle kiss on her neck.

Larain got up and the girl on the bed escorted her to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

“Who are you� Larain asked the girl. Enjoying the view of her bent over, and wondering what she would taste like if she were to get down and lick the juice running down her thigh.

“I’m Darla.� She said simply. Larain decided what the hell. The girl had pleasured her and it would be rude not to repay the favor. So she got down on her knees behind Darla and started licking.

This was Larain’s first pussy and she had to admit that she saw the appeal of being a lesbian. She tasted wonderful and it was easy to guess what would satisfy her the most.

Darla bent further forward, allowing better access to her pussy as Larain licked and lapped. Larain reached up and spread her lips ,licking at Darla’s inner walls and sending the girl shivering over her. It was then she decided to use her fingers. She wanted Darla squirming.

She stopped for a moment and Darla stepped into the bathtub and held out a hand for Larain. The tub itself was huge. A garden bathtub with jets and a bubble dispenser built into the bathtub. It also had a long shower head nozzle for the spout . The hose dipping into the water for better reach and access to more delicate placing and different settings for maximum pleasurable experiences.

Larain stepped in and Darla tweaked her nipples. Kissing Larain with a passion she didn’t know woman could have for other woman. Larain dipped her fingers into Darla’s folds and found her clit ,rubbing the hard nub energetically. Wanting to cum along with her.

Darla pushed her down on the side of the tub and spread her legs. She kissed her clit and then pulled out shaving cream and a razor. Larain had shaved the other day but though the shave would make her tender pussy feel better and keep the itching at bay.

The shaving cream she used had a cool tinge to it, numbing the area it covered almost automatically. Darla started shaving, making quick work of her pussy and then asking her to turn around and shaving her crack as well so she was completely devoid of hair. Then letting half the water out Darla pulled out a rubber dildo and slid it into Larain. Holding it there she spread her lips and had her hold them that way and grabbed the shower head. She turned it onto a veracious speed then applied it to Larain’s clit. Working the dildo in and out while the spray stayed on her tender nub. It wasn’t but moments and she was ready for the real thing. Darla didn’t stop though. Working at her till she was orgasming. Then turning off the nozzle quickly and attaching her mouth to Larain’s pussy. She worked the fake cock in and out of her furiously. Trying to push all 9 inches inside Larain’s poor battered pussy.

Within moments she was screaming in pleasure shaking violently at the Ankara escort bayan attention Darla was giving her. It took her several moments after Darla stopped to realize there was another presence in the room. She looked up to see a smiling Aaron at the edge of the tub. Cock in hand and a pleased look on her face.

“Thank you Darla,� He said “That will be all for now. I’ll call you if she or I need anything else.� Darla got out of the tub and leaned over swallowing Aaron all the way to the hilt three times before leaving the room. He climbed into the tub sitting on the side across from Larain and smiling boldly at her. She got on her knees and begin to suck him off, remembering the feeling of the rubber cock inside her she began to finger herself furiously. Aaron picked her up by her shoulders turning her around and running his cock over her crack. She was about to push back when she felt what he was doing.

He was pushing against her ass and with a steady and swift shove he was inside of her. She screamed at first the pain almost to much to take and then he started moving. She started to wiggle her ass back and forth as pain eased into pleasure and she was soon fucking him, meeting him thrust for thrust. After what only seemed like moments she orgasmed and he followed filling her with rope after rope of hot sticky wonderful cum.

Sitting down he pulled her with him. Keeping himself berried inside of her. He washed her back and himself and gave her the cloth to wash his legs and her front. The stayed like that for a while. Enjoying the water wash over them and the Aaron suddenly got up. Leaving her feel empty without him inside of her.

“I got business to do,� He said, wiping his cock with the washcloth. “If you really want more you can have anyone inside the house. Just don’t go out without a robe on or the stable boy’s will attack you� He said the last part with a smile on his lips, but his eyes were serious. She nodded and thought of what would happen if she went outside without any cloths on. But was interrupted from her fantasy by Aaron talking again. “ We do have company coming later today. I don’t want you shared with these men. You will be taken shopping later today, your cloths aren’t right for an heiress and I want you to look proper. So Mac will take you in the car. Your to disrobe as soon as you get home. The moment the car is in the garage. I will inspect you to make sure your naked. So as soon as the car is in the garage, start taking your cloths off.� He turned and started walking out the door, looking behind him said “Oh I’ll leave an outfit for you in the inspection chamber.� He turned and walked out leaving her wanting more then he had given her. But she washed her self off and out, having one more go at her new shower head before getting out of the tub.

She walked into the room and found that there was another person in the room. He was tall lean and was wearing a butler suite. He walked up to Larain and pushed her to the bed. Pushing her face first into the comforter. She struggled at first, wanting to get up and dressed, but stilled when he swatted her ass. He pushed her legs apart and ran a finger up and down her soaked slit. She moaned as his finger bumped against her clit.

“My my, aren’t we a naughty little slut?� he let go of her neck and she heard his pants unzip. She tried to scramble up on the bed, away from the butler boy but he grabbed her legs and pulled her back down. He grabbed both of her thighs sinking into her folds in one thrust, she realized that he was a lot larger then she was used to and she was scared she was going to rip in half. As he started moving she couldn’t help moving with him. She was enjoying this. He talked to her like she was trash, calling her slut tramp whore, but she didn’t care. He was filling her to the brink and fucking her so hard she thought she would die form the orgasm that threatened her. She picked up her legs and rocked back against him again and again and again. Pushing harder and faster every time. Getting more and faster and harder, abusing Escort Ankara her poor pussy. Finally she could feel him grow another in and was shaking in response to his impending orgasm. As he hit the back of her cervix the last time she shutter with him. Sitting up and impaling herself on his huge cock with little effort. He reached around supporting her with one hand and tweaking a nipple roughly with the other.

As she got up to clean herself off another man walked into the room

“No!� She said forcefully “I’m not fucking you. I’m already sore from what I’ve done earlier if you really want something I’ll give you a blowjob but nothing else till I eat.� The man looked at her with concern and then started to laugh heartily at her comment.

“I’m not here to fuck ye lassie.� His Irish rouge thick and pleasant to her ears. “I’m here to take ye to breakfast. The master is wonderen what kept ye. I can see now though it was our bonny fellow Curtis. Curtis get down stares before the master has ye head for stretchen out his lassie!� The boy nodded and ran out the door and the Handsome Irishman snapped his fingers and Darla appeared. “The mistress needs cleaning. Please her if ye like but hurry up about it. She’s wanted in the dining hall and she’s not even dressed.� He watched as Darla got on her knees and smiled as she went to work licking “Mistress� as handsome Irishman had called her. Larain moaned and squirmed at Darla’s skilled tongue but wasn’t allowed to cum as she wanted to but instead she stopped just at the edge, patting her leg in response for her whining.

She walked over to the cabinet at the other end of the room and grabbed a pair of thigh high stockings and slid them over Larain’s leg and helped her up. The handsome Irishman extended her an arm like they were at a ball and she was being escorted down a hall in a fine dress. The thought made her giggle and she looked down at her body to keep her mind off of the subject. As they interred the dinning room he pulled out her chair and turned to walk out the room Aaron saying “thank you Mac� on his way out. Mac nodded leaving the room giving Larain a wink at the door.

She couldn’t help but blush at the thought of riding to town with only him in the car. And the thought of pulling his pants down to see how big he really was excited her a little.

She managed to stop herself surprised at how easily she seemed to be slipping into this life. She sipped a strange fruit juice as she looked down at her plate. A bacon, tomatoes, cheese, onion, and hash brown omelet. With extra bacon, toast and a great fruit on the side. She sipped her fruity drink and then took a bite. After about twenty min at the table she started to feel tingly between her legs. She didn’t understand why and then she felt herself nearing an orgasm. Just as she thought she was going to make a puddle on the chair she felt herself being lifted up and put on her back on the table. A large cock entered her and she screamed out a howl as it started to slide in and out of her.

She managed to open her eyes to see Aaron standing over her. One hand tweaking her nipples, the other rubbing at her clit furiously. She needed relies. She wanted it so bad she could taste it. And just as she thought she would have died if she didn’t she exploded into a world of white hot light. It spread through her till all she could feel was a numb tingly feeling resounding through her body. The orgasm just below the carfare of that feeling.

As Aaron continued to fuck her she felt a pair of arms, were they arms, she thought, no legs startle her face. Then she felt a pussy being placed over her mouth. She drew it to her. Spreading the lips she found the nub she wanted, taking it in her mouth and licking sucking and gnawing on the piece of flesh and after a few moments slurping and lapping. She felt her body rise again and she couldn’t help cumming again. Then feeling hot wet strings of something hit her body. Only to have someone lick them up.

“Wow.� she panted. “What a day this is going to be� She smiled to herself. Leaning up and kissing the pussy above her one more time before laying back down and breathing heavily.

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